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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Yone Build Guide by arcanejhin



Updated on September 30, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author arcanejhin Build Guide By arcanejhin 75 8 185,973 Views 3 Comments
75 8 185,973 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author arcanejhin Yone Build Guide By arcanejhin Updated on September 30, 2020
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Runes: main

1 2 3
Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Ravenous Hunter
Eyeball Collection

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+8 Magic Resist


1 2 3
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
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Champion Build Guide


By arcanejhin
-update. I got the clips! TY for being patient :).
Yone montage ->
Hello, Welcome to my Yone guide. I go by ARCANE, I am currently a Platinum player. My highest rank was P1. I hope by the end of the season I could reach Diamond.
Here is a link to my youtube that consists of clips and champion specific videos. Follow it for support!
This link is for Yones abilities and combos ->
I highly suggest you watch this gameplay
This will help you understand how to pull of his combos and how to trade with him. Its one thing to read, but its better to understand and see the combos in action! :)
Yone is Yasuos older brother who was labeled to be killed. He has come back with a vengeance in patch 10.16. He is a part of the spirit blossom event along with 9 other champions. His playstyle is similar to Yasuos. He is a swordsmen meant to scale with skill and hard carry games.
The best rune would be Conqueror. I do not really see how any other rune would work with him. Fleet would give him some healing for lane, but I feel like for late game this means nothing. Conqueror grants him healing and increased damage to sustain longer fights at max stacks. [12 stacks max, 6 autos / abilities landed on champions]
This will grant you health upon killing a champion and grants you additional gold. The best out of the other options.
Most of the time you should run Legend: Alacrity for the attack speed stacks. However, the other ones are good options. Legend: Tenacity would be alright for a lot of CC but I do not recommend. If they are tank heavy, Legend: Bloodline grants you a lot of life steal which will help you sustain long battles. I like going this when I see the enemy team pick 3 beefy champs. Just make sure you grab more attack speed items for CDR like shiv or PD with bork.
This is for his second tree. Ravenous Hunter should be 100% used for it provides healing every time you land an ability. I would say Eyeball Collection second for the increased damage. However, having Taste of Blood is nice for some healing in poke heavy lanes, but its nothing big.
The second option for the second rune page. Bone Plating will allow you to take a couple more hits with reduced damage and Revitalize increases overall healing and shield effects. This is better for early laning against champions that like to hard trade with strong abilities who look to kill you lev 2 like talon, yasuo, irealia ex...
The first two are essential bonus runes. One for attack speed and one for damage. For the third one go Shield against AD lane or Circle against AP lane.
You will always want to use this spell. Whether to flash for the last hit or to flash away from a gank / trouble.
The second spell to use. It will burn them to finish them off and to stop against healing champs like vlad or sylas in lane or even ADCs.
I would only run this if you do not feel confident that you will be able to lane with him or you are going top. This will help against lane bullies that will punish you for trying to get cs and allows you to get right back to lane or fights if you have to recall or die.

If you have trouble dodging CC or its a champ with point click CC like ryze, I would go cleanse instead of ignite.
This is his passive. It gives you double critical strike chance, but the damage is also reduced by 10%. For ex. if you build two critical items such as Infinity Edge and Phantom Dancer you will have 100% crit, when normally it would be 50%.
Every other auto attack, will deal half MAGIC and half PHYSICAL damage. So if it was 300 normal, it would do 150 of each type. HE DOES NOT SCALE off AP, It is a percentage of his AD.
Yones Q is similar to yasuos Q. It has two parts, the first part is a stab in front of you that deals damage. Upon two stacks, you can activate it for a dash wind knock-up. You dash for about 50 units and the knock-up wind goes for another 50 for a total distance of 100. The cooldown of this gets reduced by the amount of attack speed you have and caps at 1.33 seconds.

You can use this to jump over some bigger walls
His W is a slash in front of him. This will give him a shield and deals a percentage of the enemy champions health. The shield increases in size with the more enemies hit. The damage is half AD and half AP. The AP is converted from AD, HE DOES NOT SCALE WITH AP. I would use this when you want to get close enough to trade or to poke down champs from a distance. This moves CD also scales with attack speed and the max CD is 6 seconds.
His E enables him to dash and leave his body behind. You could also dash over some walls with this. His soul is still targetable. This move could last up to 5 seconds, or could be re-casted to pull him back sooner and you will return to the place where you casted it. When you are in the soul form, you receive increased movement speed. The other effect is a percentage of damage that you do in this form will be dealt back to the enemy champion upon completion. It could also be used for a quick tower dive or to buy you some time before your team arrives. Mostly will be used to quick trade or do full combo for max damage.

tip-don't use if you do not have to cause you might have to shoot back to your body and miss out on a kill.

It does not work against towers, monsters, minions. This can go over small walls.
This is his ultimate. When casted, he will charge up for .75 second and dash in front of him, knocking up and grouping all champions caught in the area, Dealing half magic and half physical damage. The area is pretty big so you should not worry about missing it, useful to group and damage enemy champions. Could also use it as an escape if needed.

To secure you will land this, land Q2 then immediately press R or wait for team to cc.

IF YOU R BEFORE GETTING CC THE MOVE WILL STILL GO THROUGH. -this means if you are about to get hit with something, using this would be nice cause it will bring you near the enemy, but you will still be CC, just closer.
I would start Q - E - W
This will let you try and get a trade off at level 2

However, if the enemy keeps poking you from wave, I would start Q - W - E first to get the minions without losing too much health.

I would max Q - E - W. You will be using the Q the most and would want it to be doing the most amount of damage. The E second because it reduces CD and increase the percentage of damage that will be dealt after its complete. Last would be W. Giving you more % damage.
This will be the first item for him. This gives him health, damage, and some life steal. Accompanied with potion, healing you for 150 health.
Basic boots to get. You should try to buy them on your first back if you have enough money.
This will be your main pick for boots for the amount of attack speed that they provide. This will help with the CD of your Q and W.
Only time I would consider this item would be when the enemy team is full AD. You might need to build another attack speed item depending on build.
I would only get this if the enemy has at least 4 AP champions and a lot of CC
This will be your core item needed in every build. It will give increased critical chance and damage.
The second crit item, YOU ONLY WANT TO CHOSE ONE. Personally I like to go Phantom dancer for the shield it provides, but some people like the damage passive from shiv and increased attack speed. You could also go Storm razor.
This item is my first choice for it gives you a shield and allows you to go through minions and gives some movement speed to chase people down.
I would go this if you are need more attack speed because you have the Legend: Bloodline rune or different boots. Also provides damage that chains to nearby enemies at 100 stacks. Stacks build up over time by moving , using abilities, or autoing.
This is definitely an interesting path to chose and I really do not suggest it. The major drawback is that you will be lacking in some attack speed if you go this route and the item costs more than the other two. However, it provides damage and a slow which is nice to use to slow enemies from running away, but you could just grab frozen mallet instead and save the 600 gold. I would only get it if your team is really ahead and are trying to do a max damage build for fun.
Id only get one. Maybe 2 if really tanky teams and you are not getting hard focused.
I personally really like this item. It over heals you with a shield and gives you a lot of healing when you auto. Good for 1v1.
This is a really strong item to run. It gives you a great amount of auto and ability healing damage. The passive of this item stops you from getting one shot for it will create a bleed effect for some of the damage taken. It also includes some MR and armor. Useful against assassins or champions that can one shot. Used more commonly if there are a lot of skirmishes.
If the enemy team has a lot of health and you are in long fights. The passive deals 12% of a champions health with autos which will help you cut through tanks. It also has a slow activation with some life steal.
Get this if they have heavy healing like soraka. You can even buy it early for lane if you are against someone like vlad.
Same as above, get this to finish off the executioner item. Finish it as a 4th item if they have heavy ARMOR, 5th / 6th item if not that much.
I would get this as a 4th or 5th item if the enemy team is building straight tanky and going full health and armor. EX. at least 3 tanks like garren top, sej jg and naut sup and have 3 items of armor.
I would get this item whenever you realize that the enemy team is hard focusing you and saving ults just for you.
If the enemy team has annoying CC that you want to negate like leona, annie, or morg or even a spell that hits for a lot like veigar. This item will block the first ability landed.

I would get this item so you could remove cc effects, allowing you to continue fighting. EX. if you get hit by malz ult you could just activate and get out of it.
I personally like this item the most. If the enemy champions keep running away and you want to slow them and get a lot of health with decent damage, then this is a great choice.
This item gives you a decent amount of health as well as giving you some attack damage. It is useful to run this item because the passive triggers when you are below 30% health which gives you a huge shield, tenacity, and some extra damage allowing you to survive burst champions. This item gives you a chance to survive and heal up.
This item provides a great amount of sustain for fights. It will increase all healing received and gives some magic resist along with a good amount of health. I would get this as 5th item if they have some AP and you want to heal up a lot in fights.
So you wanna start with Doran's Blade and a healing potion. You have a lot of different types of build paths and when you want to build things.

First off, whenever you see the enemy healing become too much I would get Executioner's Calling.

Build path will mostly look like this ->
boots, usually berserkers greaves for attack speed. Then a mix until you get both phantom dance and infinity edge. Then the healing item. Then health item. Check if you need any situational. If not, another healing or health item.

If you are behind and your team is ahead after getting PD, IE, and boots, you would want to go health item -> healing -> situational / healing / health item.

If the enemy is NOT playing passive in lane, I would full rush Berserker's Greaves. This will give your moves lower CD so you can use your abilities more frequently in a fight. If they are playing passive, like under tower, and you have 1300 gold, I would grab B. F. Sword. The reason for this is that once you are ready to all in, you will deal more damage in a smaller amount of time, but will have longer CD. Then I would get boots after.

Try to grab a Dagger whenever you can till you have enough for items. Usually need three.
If I have PD or IE full built, I will try to grab Cloak of Agility first before finishing the next item.

For your first item, it would be one of the three Statikk Shiv, Phantom Dancer, or Stormrazor. In my opinion, going phantom is the better option for the shield it gives you. However, if you want a little more damage and need attack speed then you can go shiv. AND if you want REAL damage, but lower attack speed go stormrazor, just be aware that this costs more and I really do not suggest it.

100% Infinity Edge. This will give you full crit and a lot of AD

So far you should have Berserker's Greaves, Phantom Dancer, and Infinity Edge. Having these three items before the 20 minute mark means you are on a good pace for the game. Anything later and you are behind, anything earlier and you are ahead.

This is a draw between Death's Dance and Bloodthirster. If you will be 1v1 more id say go Bloodthirster. If there are a lot of skirmishes and they have high burst, go Death's Dance. However, if they have a lot of health on their team, go Blade of the Ruined King. EX. 3 tanks.


You will definitely want one of these items, maybe even 2 if your team does damage. Rare cases all 3

I would get these items if you want to be a bit more beefy and not die in one hit.

I would go Spirit Visage if the fights are going on for a long time and you want to increase how much you are healing.
Sterak's Gage is also a great option for it provides you a big shield and some extra damage and health. I would get this when they have high burst so you get the shield passive, allowing you to fight on a little longer.
Frozen Mallet. Now this item is really strong for it gives you some attack damage and a LOT of health, personally my favorite item to run. I like getting it when the enemy team is very elusive and keeps trying to run from me so I could chase them down with the slow passive. Only time id get all 3 is if your team is doing a LOT of damage and you want to have a lot of health to tank for them.

For the 5th, and 6th item, you will be looking at Lord Dominik's Regards and Mortal Reminder. Only go lord dom if they are building a lot of armor, whenever you see two champions that have 3 ARMOR items. If they have a lot of healing, then you should be fine with only having executioners till later. If they do get tanky early, finish off mortal as soon as possible. ONLY GET ONE AND THESE BUILDS ARE SITUATIONAL

If you are getting blown up in fights, you will need to consider going Guardian Angel to get a second life. Get stopwatch as first item of this build to survive.

Mercurial Scimitar. I would get this if you find yourself constantly being hit with any CC like morgana Q or Rammus taunt, malz R, annie, etc..

If the enemy has a point click stun like annie or an ability that is going to do 1k damage, I would grab Edge of Night to save yourself from that ability in a fight.
Since there are two procs to Q, I will call it Q2. Also land autos in there whenever you can.

For most of these combos you should have max CDR from attack speed items.

Q2 - auto - W - auto - Q - leave. This is a combo you could use in lane if you want to save your E to doge skill shots or its on CD, but it leaves you open.

Q - Q - E - Q 2 - W - auto - Q. This will be your standard combo. Try to get your q passive to be ready on minions so when you engage with E you will already have the knock-up ready.

E - W - Q - E This is for quick trades. You will want to dash in, and W to get some shield first. Then either normal Q or Q2 them and E back to body for some quick poke in lane.

NOTE you can start your combos and engages by using your E to dodge abilities making it easier for you to full combo the enemy. Or Save your E in fights to dodge CC.

E - W - Q2 - ignite - Q - R - Q - E - Q2 - W
This is the hardest but the best combo. So you will start off by dashing in with your Q knock-up ready. You will W first to deal damage and get some shield. Then you will knock them up and close the gap. Throw autos in when you can. Then ignite for damage and Q again. R for another knock-up if they are trying to run / flash or more enemies appear to group them. Q one more time so that you will have Q passive ready. You will Fly back to your body with Q2 ready to re-engage back into the fight with a dash knock-up and your W should be off CD to use again. This one is long but best suited in fights. You could also Q2 one more time in spirit form {E) if you think they will die before you E back to your body.

E - Q2 - ignite - R - Q - W - Q - E2 - Q2
Same variation as the one above, With damage and a re-engage after E2. However, you will be using Q2 to engage and close the gap. Could also use R to close the gap if you do not have Q2.

E - Q2 - R - W - Q or E - flash - Q2 - R - W - Q
This combo would be a very long dash to catch an enemy if they are far away
- could also do E - R - Q instead

Once again I do have a video linked at the top showing his gameplay and combos and I highly suggest you watch them to visualize the combos.

You can also get a Q2 ready and E away if 2 people are on you or two trick the enemy. Then E back to your body to Q2 combo. This will help you survive for a little longer in hopes your team comes or to outplay others.

You could also Q2 or R as a way to re-engage or escape once you E back to your body.

Hold R if you want to bait out some ones flash.
You could use R or E - R from a bush to catch multiple people at once.

When fighting tanks, if you do not have a lot of life steal yet, you will have to kite them. Run away and keep hitting them with Q and when they are low enough fight them.
This part will be to talk about trades and cs. You will want to try and do one of those quick E trades whenever the enemy champions uses an ability.

Try to always have Q2 ready for it will give you a gap closer.

I like playing passive until level 3 and let them push into tower. Allowing me to chase them down and kill them.

If the wave is frozen near their tower, You can E from your tower and safely farm up some minions and then E back if they try to poke you. This will help break a freeze without worrying about getting killed.

You can also save your E to dodge a crucial abilities in lane if they are being aggressive and maybe E back to your body, if you dodge backwards, to poke them for being aggressive.
-EX. you E to you tower so u dodge a stun, the enemy walks over your E body, You E back to damage them.

you should be able to farm from a nice distance with your Q. If they are semi aggressive, then W. IF THEY ARE being FULL aggressive, then just stay under tower and last hit minions with W or Q and hopefully wait for a gank or opening.

Always look for the trade if they cast a spell like anivia Q. If that Misses you can pressure them for using that ability.
You will most likely be waiting for your team to engage before you jump in. This will give you time for the enemy to use their abilities on someone else and not you. Once the fight begins, you will start by trying to activate your Q passive and get it ready.
Once it is ready, you could do two things, fight the tank, or wait for an opening on the squishy to go all in. Once their carry appears, mid / jg / or adc, you will want to do your full combo. Look to try to E and flash to them, then Q2 to knock them up, auto, then try to activate your R and get as many enemies as you can to group them all together, then W them all for shield and damage, begin q cycle again.

If done correctly, this will group up their entire team so that when you W, you will gain a bigger shield and the enemies will all be close together. This will make it easy for your team to focus the carry with you if they survive. You will be also be able to Q multiple people at once.
So if you E - R -(that grabs 3 people) - Q2(you had knock-up ready) - W - Q - Q.

That should deal a LOT of damage to everyone if you can pull it off and they will be CC for a good amount of time.

You could also try to use E as a double skill shot dodge. EX- You use E to dodge anivia Q and then E back to your body to dodge VI Q.
Thats about it. Thank you for reading :D. Any questions or comments please let me know so I could update and make the guide clearer. Enjoy the Day and may the wind guide you!
do not fight him whenever he E. you could prob get a trade on him after his 3rd Q. His R takes awhile to proc so it should be easy to dodge.
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