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Yorick Build Guide by Zombiethekid

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zombiethekid

Yorick - Death Dies Hard (A Dominion Guide)

Zombiethekid Last updated on January 2, 2012
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Who Requires My Services?

This is my first Yorick guide. Since I've been playing him, I've been growing very fond of his playstyle. He is nasty to go against 1v1 if you aren't careful with him. He has great harass, sustainability and he hits massively hard. Also, he has a guardian angel on roids (only you die after some time). I'm making this guide to show other people how I play Yorick. If anyone's interested on how I play Yorick, please keep reading. Also, please try the actual build before down voting. This build is primarily to go bottom with, but use it anyway you please.

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Great damage output
Good amount of health
Great harass
Good sustainability
Beats people with a shovel

Tend to get targeted quickly
Mediocre in team fights (at least in my build)
You WILL get ganked (its just unavoidable as Yorick)
Ultimate takes good timing to use properly
Walks like egor

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I use greater mark of desolation to get rid of that pesky early game armor. Rule of thumb, the more armor penetration you have, the harder you hit your opponent.

I use Greater Seal of Armor to boost my pesky early game armor. Also, I think flat armor seals are good because a lot of early game damage comes mostly from auto attacks.

I use Greater Glyph of Magic Resist just for the defense. This build negates defense a bit, so I try to counter my lack of defense with a little defense...does that make sense? Yes, I take flat magic resist runes because I'd rather have a good early game defense a Karthus than have a weak late game defense against a fed one. But hey, that is just my opinion. Everyone loves options take Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist if you prefer it.

greater quintessence of desolation I can't live without them. Though, if you want Greater Quintessence of Health that is your choice, not mine. I've had good success with my greater quintessence of desolation.

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Summoner Spells


This has by far become one of my favorite summoner spells EVER! I remember first starting out playing LoL and thinking "I don't see why I would need this spell" Turns out I was VERY wrong. I take it with most of my picks besides Riven. Its a great finisher and helps you when fighting Sion after using his ultimate.


Also, great summoner spell. Keeps people from getting away and places a nice damage debuff on them. Although it's great for catching someone, I usually don't sure it for that. Omen of Pestilence and Omen of War already let me catch my enemies. I mainly use it for that darn Tryndamere after using his Undying Rage


I wouldn't really recommend this spell for Yorick. He has a good amount of sustainability from Omen of Famine that you don't really need this ability. I guess you could use it for healing when your at 20hp and kill whoever it was you were fighting. Other than that, I don't really recommend this for Yorick.


Yorick is pretty mana-hungry, but you should really have no use for this spell if your using your abilities properly. Yes, he does need his abilites to fight, and yes they can be a bit expensive early game. But if you aren't over-using your ghouls to farm, than you shouldn't have a problem with mana.

Most underrated summoner spell EVER. It would take me forever to explain how many times this has saved my turret from a creep wave and how many kills I've gotten with this spell. It is excellent in Dominion, especially since it knocks enemies off your turret. It's just as great defensively as it is offensively. LeBlanc at 100hp turret hugging? Garrison it and finish her off. I recommend it for ANYONE going bottom.


AH, the flash of Dominion. You'll easily see 4 out of 5 people in a team take it. It's one of the best spells you can take in Dominion since speed and ability to defend points are everything in that mode. It's not my usual spell, but it gets results when I do take it.


Giant anti-turret minion? Not bad at all. Not only are these roid-ions hard to kill early game, they completely heal siege minions. You can see how annoying that gets after a while. It's worth looking at.


Great spell. Can get you out of a hairy situation if you use it right. I see a lot of people take it, and sometimes escape me before I bury them. It's a spell worth looking at. The only thing I don't like about it is the CD on it. It's a little long for Dominion for getting one "I might get away" free card. I don't take it but that's just me. If you feel you need it, by all means, use it.

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Your Toolbox O' Ghouls

Unholy Covenant

Fitting passive for a champion like Yorick. For each summon active, he takes 5% reduced damage and dishes out 5% more damage. So if you have all 4 of your summons active you take 20% reduced damage and deal 20% more damage. Which, to say the least, is pretty good for our favorite grave digger.
Omen of War

Great ability is all I can say. It gives you fantastic damage, and helps in a good chase >:D muhahaha. The bad thing about gotta hit something or else your stuck with shiny hands holding a shovel and we don't want that now do we. Pair this up with Sheen or Trinity Force and you've got one nasty smack with this ability.
Omen of Pestilence

Good ability, I love it. If it scaled of AD (Which is what this guide is pointed towards) I would abuse it. It gives initial damage, plus a slow that is ongoing to nearby enemies. That means SCREW YOU Mercury's Treads. Good for chasing just like your Omen of War and very usable even without AP items.
Omen of Famine

My favorite ability for Yorick despite it being the most expensive ability he has. It gives him great sustainability especially since your on your own bottom. The best part about it? ITS RANGED!!! So while your opponents are going "OMG I GOTTA GET OUT OF HERE" and use their ghost at 5hp. You can say "NOPE" and deal the killing blow with this ghoul.
Omen of Death

Awesome...pure awesomeness. It's awesomeness on a button. It counts towards your passive Unholy Covenant and gives you a damage dealing summon who brings you back to life if you die within it's time limit. It's a great ability, gotten me many kills beyond the grave (pun intended).

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Which Ghouls Are Important?

With my skill sequence. I make Omen of Famine my main priority. I love the heal and it has a 1.0 scaling with bonus attack damage on top of it's base damage which is 55 at its first rank. So that means right out of the box you deal 75 damage with it because of your prospector's blade. It doesn't sound like a lot in dominion since you level so fast, but constant harass with it will make your enemy leave you alone. Plus, it heals you for a percentage of the damage it deals. On top of that, it heals you for a percentage of what damage the ghoul itself does.

My second priority is Omen of War. Simply because it hits REALLY hard. It has a 1.2 scaling with attack damage. No, not bonus damage. It counts your base attack damage also. It also has a base of 30 damage. So at rank one you deal 210.4 damage all in one hit. That is not counting if you have other ghouls out. Let say you have your other ghouls out, Famine and Pestilence. That increases the damage you deal by 10%. That makes your total damage with the other two ghouls equal 231.4 damage. Thats EVIL!!! Not to mention your ghouls are also hitting your enemy on top of your auto attacks which equal about 82 counting your prospectors blade.

My last priority is Omen of Pestilence. I use it only for the slow, the ghoul, and passive. It's not a primary source of damage for me. Thats what my other two ghouls are for. But it does help me catch people who realize that I dominate 1v1 and try to run away. Pesty here keeps them from doing getting away too quickly and thus I must account a good amount of kills to this ability.

Omen of Death...What can I say other than it's simply amazing. I can't tell you how many times I've killed someone because they try to capture a point after I die, only for me to comeback and get my vengeance. Use it in situations when you think you might die. Not only does it count towards your passive, but its awesome life insurance in case you DO die. I must account many a double kills to this ability.

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A Shovel Isn't All You Need.

Items to Consider

Trinity Force

One of my favorite items on Yorick. It's a monster when paired with Omen of War and a bunch of attack damage. Lets do math (yay) with this item with Yorick without ANY other AD items at Level 18. Yorick has a base damage of 115. Omen of War has a base damage of 150 plus 1.2 of Yorick's damage. With Trinity Force your damage will be 145. Add 150 for Omen of War's base plus 1.2 of total attack damage AND 150% of base attack damage. It equals 360 AD. Not really hitting hard at max level if you ask me. BUT, that is without ANY other AD items.

Sunfire Cape

Good amount of HP and armor. This will make people want to stay away from you at melee range. You will literally be doing constant damage with this item plus your ghouls and auto attacks. You'll see numbers rolling like Teemo and his darts. You don't necessary NEED this item, but I think it's a good investment.

Frozen Mallet

I can see why this item would be good on Yorick. It gives a MASSIVE amount of health, second only to Warmog's Armor. Also, it give's AD and a perma slow (sweetness). Couple this with Omen of Pestilence's ongoing slow and Omen of War's speed boost and that Malzahar won't be able to escape you. Two things I don't like about this item is the fact that I already have a slow from Trinity Force. Another thing, to build this is pretty expensive for not a lot of damage. It's all your choice though and I still like the item which is why it's under the "Good Items" section.

Atma's Impaler

Yorick is already pretty beefy. Add this to Frozen Mallet and you're a force to be reckoned with. With Frozen Mallet and Yorick's base health you get 55 Attack Damage. not bad. This item also gives armor and crit chance. Recommended if you don't want to follow the guide completely.

Sanguine Blade

Life steal plus damage? Do tell. This is THE core item for my (I say again, My) Yorick build. It gives him life steal meaning after a fight, I can slap a few creeps and be ready to fight again. Not to mention the stacking damage and life steal on the same target.

Frozen Heart

I'd be a liar if I said this item sucked on Yorick. In my personal opinion, it is good enough for me to say a few tings about it. The 99 armor on it is excellent, second only to Thornmail. The Cooldown Reduction is also very usable on Yorick since he is dependent on his abilities. The 500 Mana does not go to waste with Yorick. Overall, a good item IMO.

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Lets Wrap This Up Already

So, basically, you'r big, your scary, you hit hard, and you can heal. Yay!!! Yorick is fun to play, and is an amazing skirmisher. I have yet to find someone who can out-do me bottom lane when my Yorick goes a limping (Yes I've even gone against a Heimerdinger). Though, remember, being over zeleous WILL get you killed. Let them commit and then you go on the offensive. Don't run in like a hungry zombie and eat minion damage on top of your enemy's damage. Harass them and wear them out. When you feel the time is right, finish them off and take their turret for your self.

Thank you for reading my guide and I will add things as I learn how to. I'm fairly new to Mobafire and I'm still trying to get the hang of adding those nifty tool tips the other guides have. Take care, and remember, Death is only the beginning.


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Special Thanks

Special thanks to JhoiJhoi and her awesome Making a guide guide. It REALLY helped me making my guide and made my guide look like child's play. I will continue to fix my guide depending on feedback and more experience as Yorick

Also, thanks to Searz for the templates. Searz's informative and awesome looking guide template. Check it out, helped me a lot.