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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jaycawbz

[Yorick] I Ain't Afraid of No Ghost

Jaycawbz Last updated on July 10, 2011
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Hi there.

This is my second guide on MOBAfire, and for a champion that's quickly become one of my favourites, Yorick.

Originally, this place was where I told you how underpowered Yorick was, and that you shouldn't pick him up because he's a piece of ****. Now, he's actually somewhat overpowered due to the recent buff. So, he's a viable hero, and a very good tanky DPS addition to just about any team.

June 28th, 2011: Yorick and lanes. Also, fixed a few typos.
July 4th, 2011: Added a 'Possible Item' section to the item chapter
July 5th, 2011: Added some more info about using Yorick's W and his ultimate.
July 9th, 2011: Updated several things due to his buff.
July 10th, 2011: Added a 'show-off' section, and added a few possible items.

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Pros / Cons


A really fun character
Strong tanky DPS hero.
Can burst VERY well.
New mechanic: GHOULS.
Even though he's tanky DPS, he can still drop rather fast if focused.
Focused a lot.
Ghouls still don't really do that much.

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Greater Mark of Desolation Greater Quintessence of Desolation

Originally, I had these on due to his weak stats, and while they're still somewhat viable to have (you'll probably pull off about 160 armor and magic resistance at the end of the game), it's also nice to have mana regen seals. But, I'd usually stick with this. It's really nice.

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I take 9/21/0 due to how squishy and weak Yorick is early game, so I find he needs it. But, feel free to experiment. I've seen people take 10/12/8, and get away with it. Like I said, I prefer to go with 9/21/0 for the defense, and the cooldown reduction and magic penetration is nice on him (as his ghouls do magic damage).

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- A good item for Yorick, since he has some mana problems. It builds into Sheen, and so it really helps us build into our core item (Tri-Force).

- With my build, this is one of the core items. It helps Yorick's Q do around 300/400 damage at level three, and also works well when you're spamming all of his spells together to burst someone down.

- The core of Yorick altogether. Yorick's biggest item is this, as he gains from 95% of the things in this, so it's definitely a good buy.

- A good item for Yorick, since he seems to be naturally focused due to the 'weak' reputation that everyone has given him. That, or they don't like necromancers/or Yorick's annoying ghouls. Anyway, it's obvious why I put it here; block spell = ability to stay in the fight longer = more damage you can do.

- Another decent item on Yorick, since it gives him the most AD (provided you get the fourty kills for 100 AD, and provided you stay alive!)

- The best item for raising your health, no doubt. With all of the runes, and other items, and masteries, you should have around 120 magic resist and armor, which makes you somewhat tanky, so you want to start building up some health. Not only does it help you out with the health, it gives your ghouls 411 bonus health. Neat, eh?

- Good item since you'll have just under 4k HP, which gives you a good amount of AD. It'll also make you more tanky, and the crit chance is good, too.

Possible Items

Philosopher's Stone - A good item to build into when you first start out (in the case you decide to build this, start with a regrowth pendant and a health potion, and on your first back you should have it). Helps with mana problems if you occasionally spam your spells for whatever reason.

- Another amazing item for Yorick, and while I do think it's amazing, it's not something I like building often. But, once again, it is an amazing item. If you want to build into it, I suggest building into it immediately, and then into Tri-Force. If you're like me, and want your Tri-Force immediately, then I would suggest building it after your Bloodthirster, and forget Atma's.

- A nice item for Yorick if you like leveling up his E over W and Q. Healing bonus really helps Yorick stay in lane, and really, I don't think you'd ever have to leave your lane if you had Visage on. Even if you don't level up your E first, it's still a nice item to make him even more tanky.

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I'm 'eh' on this passive. I don't really notice much of a difference in how much damage I deal, but I really like how it increases the ghouls life and damage based on your health.

The best skill that he has in my opinion. An easy 250 damage burst nuke with a rather strong ghoul (compared to his others), and it has a four second cooldown, WITH a speed-boost. Mind you, the ratio on it is amazing. With a Tri-Force, and only a Tri-Force, you will likely hit for 500 with this at level five.

A good slow, and a decent AoE. It doesn't do that much damage, and the ghoul kinda sucks. But, it's a ranged AoE with a slow, so I can't really complain that much. Another good thing about this is that you can drop it in-front of you in order to block a skillshot, or use it to look in the fog of war for a few seconds.

I hate this. It's an okay skill, but I really don't like leveling it up, as it's pointless in my eyes. At about level one, then it'll hit (with nothing else attacking it) about four times, healing you for twenty-four health each time. With the cool-down, it's upsetting, and it doesn't do much damage. While it has the biggest range out of all of his skills (besides his ultimate), it doesn't exactly do ANY damage. It's only good for the lifesteal, so I take this last.

Before, this ult was pretty useless, but I still liked it. Now, it's pretty good, since it's basically a free Morde ult, but for your team. The key to this is that you need to use your ult on your carry. Priorities here: Carry > you > everyone else. There are a few exceptions, however. For example, I've always had luck using my ultimate on Lee Sin. Not too sure why, though.

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Yorick and Lanes

Yorick's kit is rather deceiving, as it seems to scream 'jungle with me'. Yet, he can't seem to jungle well with his current stats. Due to this, I would suggest laning, and this is what this part of the guide is about; him and lanes.

Yorick's very sensitive when it comes to mid, as he can easily dominate, but also easily fail when it comes to it, considering how weak he is to kiting. A lot of this should be obvious, but for reference, I will post a list on who he's really good against, and who he is bad against.

Urgot is one of the -worst- mids you will ever go against as Yorick. With a shield, a slow, and a spammable ability, it's really annoying to go against him. While he's rather squishy, he can kite you very easily, so it's best to stay away from him. Take a sidelane, man. Trust me. The first few games I had with Yorick, this Urgot destroyed me mid, and hunted me down to sidelanes.

Katarina is an easy one to go against, considering she lacks the ability to harrass like you can (she has one, you have two). In the event she shunpos to you, she'll likely be destroyed by your shovel'o'doom. Possibly the easiest mid that Yorick could go up against.

Malzahar . . no. NEVER.

Xin Zhao is a good one, but he also can pose an a rather big threat to you if you don't play carefully. Keep with your harrass, and he'll start losing a lot of health. Zoning him is also very important, considering his passive. A decent mid to fight against.

All four of these champions are the bane of Yorick's existance. Considering how squishy, and how reliant he is on getting near you for hisOmen of War, it's nearly impossible to fight a highly mobile hero and win the fight. Another bad one is those who can poke you repeatedly and do large sums of damage over a short time. Basically, never try against these guys. It's like trying to fight Malzahar. (no . . never).

All of THESE champions are also deceiving. Usually, they can kite you very well and make you pay for your silly desicion to go mid. However, this is where it gets interesting; they can easily be killed. Ashe, in particular, is incredibly weak when she makes a mistake against Yorick. as she can drop very easily to one burst of his full combo. It may seem bad, but it'll work well, trust me.

Duo Lane.
The most common lane you will be dropped in. This one is pretty difficult, as this is pretty dependant on your partner in lane. If the enemy team has someone that can destroy your partner in-lane, then you're going to drop with them. Because of this, Yorick can usually go do his best in a lane with a tank such as Shen, or Singed. Garen is another notable one, but not as good as the other two. I've never tried him in lane with a support, but I imagine it's pretty godly due to his ability to already stay in lane pretty long, but with a Sona/Soraka on you? Awesome!

Solo Lane.
A pretty good lane for Yorick, since, with a little turret hugging and some help from your Omen of Famine, you'll likely never need to leave lane (unless for mana). If you're against someone else solo laning, and they're pushing you pretty hard (see: every Morde solo laning.), then you'll likely be able to get an easy kill (and possibly their turret) with a gank from your teams jungler. I'm pretty sure that this is Yorick's strongest lane, but it's up for debate.

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Skill Sequence

This is the most important aspect to Yorick, as a lot of people end up doing it wrong. I've seen too many people try to level up Yorick's and . I personally find that Yorick's strongest move is , as it can end up with you dealing around 400/500 damage with only Trinity Force! That's more than the damage that both of his other abilities. Even when those two are combined in a combo, his does more damage. I find that Yorick is very underrated, as his and do little damage. But, experiment. If you find yourself to be a rather passive, careful player, then you probably want to go with the above, as Yorick needs to be right infront of his target in order to use . But, as I said, experiment. This is just my playstyle, as I'm pretty aggressive, so rushing at someone isn't exactly a bad idea in my eyes.

Let's talk about why I prefer to level over . The reason why is because of how small the lifesteal from his ghoul is, and considering it only lasts for such a small duration, it's really not worth it, in my opinion. Don't get me wrong, though. It's a good skill, and it's saved me from some ignites, but it's not worth leveling up in my eyes. I prefer leveling Pestilence due to the ranged AoE damage it does. Sure, the range is slightly smaller than on Famine, but it's AoE! Plus, the slow on it is more useful for getting in range for your

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Summoner Spells

The Good

Possibly the best Summoner Spell in the game, always pick it up, no matter the situation.

Another good one, but it's up to preference here. I'm personally a big fan of running away, and not even trying to fight back. But, if you are . .

Then this is for you. I know a lot of people prefer to use Exhaust over Ghost, but it's, as I said, up to preference. If you're clueless, then give both a try, and I'm sure you'll find one you like.

If you like adding something extra on while you burst someone down, then here you go. It's useful, but I don't like it. I usually only put it on to counter a certain bird pokemon . .

If you see that the enemy team has a lot of crowd control, then this may be for you. Or, if you're a big-time normal player, and you're paranoid of CC, then this is for you!

The Bad All of these are pretty bad on Yorick, but there are some exceptions (you feel you need to use teleport in case someone tries to back-door? Pick up Teleport.) Leave just about everything here to supports, and tanks.

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That concludes my second guide! I hope you all enjoyed reading it, and please give me suggestions on how to make it better! I'll be sure to update this occasionally. Thanks!

Some people have screenshoted their games with this guide/build, and posted it in the comments section. Here are a few: