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Yorick Build Guide by B3nd3R

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author B3nd3R


B3nd3R Last updated on July 4, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Who in the hell said that Yorick is a tank or an offtank??? He should be damned!!!
Yorik is an excellent dps and i like to play him as pantheon... as an AD caster. His passive as his Ghouls are improved and improve you thanks to the AD.
I'll show you how much strong Yorick is played in this way!

P.S. Building this i've got inspired a lot by this fabulous guide:
I suggest you to give it a look.

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Time to explain runes and to give you some different choise:

Greater Mark of Desolation i don't think you will get problems to choose your marks armor penetration are the bests.

Greater Quintessence of Desolation same of top.

Greater Seal of Replenishment I took 6 clarity and 3 replenishment to get some more mana regeneration in early game and then totally solve mana problems in late game but you are free to take full flat.

Ok now... you can take these glyphs or Greater Glyph of Replenishment that are great on yorick... you know, he has a lot of mana problems.

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A lot of people like to use defensive masteries on yorick... I don't really fit them.
I use Utility cause they offer you spells improvement, more mana regeneration, more experience, and cooldown reduction and movement speed that is a great lack on Yorick.
I combine utility with offensive tree getting other CDR and armor penetration to be more aggressive but if you like to play a more resistent yorick go for the defensive one.

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Summoner Spells

You can't know how much i love that spell, it is very usefull, it helps in ganks, escapes, supports... That spell should be a must.

I see ghost much usefull too on Yorick 'cause of his very low movement speed. it let you to follow an enemie, to reach faster a place or just to run away.

Other goods choises may be that works such as a sort of shield and sword or that is purely offensive.

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Early Game

This is a perfect item to start give you damage, life steal but mostly survivability: those 100 more HP will make you very hard to beat down also thanks to your that helps you on lane standing.

After your first return you should have enough money to get boots depending on the situation. But i would try to get too so as make more damages. If you didn't get eoungh money to get both buy just boots and wards if needed(map control is always a good choice).

This item on Yorick is just amazing it gives you almost all what you need: armor penetration AD and CDR. Rush for this item faster then you can.

I love so much Mercury's Treads cause they can save your life in a lot of situation, i'd suggest only instead of them but just if enemies team is composed by 4-5 ADs champs(and that's really hard to happen).
If you are asking why i didn't get in the choice you should stop reading that guide(NO PLEASE DON'T I WAS JUST JOKING I NEED YOUR VOTE AND OPINION XD), the answer is that you don't really need that 25% more attack speed... ok yorick don't have much attack speed by himself but believe in me you'll prefer survivability, and as you will see later will solve your AS problems.

Mid-Late Game

B.F. Sword
As you finish to build your boots you should be in the middle game(unless you got fed or you fed them lol), so it's time to increase your damages buy a B.F. sword and you reach your purpose.

> >
Now you should rush for Trinity Force that is just great on Yorick: that item will totally solve your movement speed prolems giving you a lot of other incredible bonusses and passives.
To begin to build Trinity I suggest you to begin with Phage that will give you more healt AD and the possibility to reach enemies even with your low speed thanks to Phage passive together with your . Then take sheen that works great with .

This should be your late game: you are beginning to do some heavy damage thanks to the Trynity Force and you should not be so easy to take down. That's the perfect time to complete your B.F. Sword: you can get(depending on the situation) the cleaver,to solve your attack speed problem and get some AD and armor penetration, or the bloodthirster, to get more AD and life steal. Anyways if you first get the cleaver get immediatly a .

If you feel that you could get in trouble without it take it immediatly after taking or the otherwise go on with the other damage item depending on your first choice.

To end your build you can choose to finish your brutalizer taking the Youmuu's or selling it to take a Frozen Mallet to be more tanky.

Other good Items

Very good and cheap item: depending on the situation should replace , it offers the same magic resist of the veil but sometimes its active results more verrsatile then the veil's passive.

Hey Yorick is the king of the underworld he can decide to resurrect how much he wants XD
Jokes aside that item is just amazing: grants you more resistence and a great passive.
Actually i don't know what happens dieing after using while that passive is active but I'll it test as fast as possible.

This item will save you a lot of time if buyed in the right situation.

There are a lot of other defensive items that you could choise but they change with the situations so I will not list them all you should recognize what to buy >.<

Manamune: Why not??

Here we are... i saw a lot of builds including let me explain you why i didn't get it. This item will solve for sure your mana problem during the early/mid game letting you to spam with more tranquility for an extremely cheap price... IMO that price will not pay you back, Yorick has an extremly low mana that won't let you to get too much AD from its passive. To get a decent ammount of AD from that item you'll have to modify the entire build and getting mana items building an Urgot steroetype: PLEASE DON'T DO THAT!

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Ultimate usage

For a correct ultimate usage you need a right timing, so you need to know some things.
Your ultimate is just amazing, it can change the result of a teamfight use it in the right moment and in the right champion... use your ulti on the most powerfull AD champion of your team as soon as your team engage or use it on a dying member to let him continue the fight.
ABSOLUTLY DON'T USE IT TO LET THE TANK RESURRECT! It will be useless: he won't continue to tank cause he will lose very fast his healt, let a carry resurrect letting him to do massive damage: so choose someone like veigar or leblanc that could oneshoot.
You can use your ulti to destroy turrets too, you will make a fast and easy work.
A last thing: remember that you can use your ultimate to escape too, making enemies to wrong the target.

Ghouls usage

Ghouls are your most important feature: use them well and you will own.
Here I'll give you some example of how to use them.
Ghouls can:

-Block skills.
-Farm for you.
-Harass enemie champions even if you don't cast skills on them(ghouls infact have champions priority).
-Reveal enemies in bushes(just cast in the bush and if there is an -enemie in it the ghoul will attack him).
-Make useless Teemo's and Shaco's .
-Give you vision.

Laning mate choose

If you can get the solo lane in order to farm and exp more, but if you can't choose a powerfull AD champion, in order to make a good use of your ultimate, or a support champion, in order to stay more in the lane.
Remember if you can you MUST lane with or , they are your perfect mates. Laning with shaco will let both of you to make 2 shaco copies making the duel a 4v2. Laning with Vayne instead will let you to express the real potential of you ultimate infact... YOUR ULTIMATE'S COPIE CLONE ALL THE PASSIVES SKILLS OF THE TARGET!!! That means that Vayne will apply his extremly faster doing an insane ammount of damage.

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Here the screen of some game. You can send me yours too i'll post them.
Thank you for reading Rate and Comment >.<