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Yorick Build Guide by Chaotic Bliss

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Chaotic Bliss

Yorick Mori: Digging your Grave

Chaotic Bliss Last updated on July 26, 2011
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Hello again. Chaotic Bliss bringing you another guide. As most of you know, I tend to look a lil deeper than most people when making a champion. BUT sometimes even I have to build around the obvious. So for the first time in my chaotic career here as a theory-crafter, I bring you an obvious build. The effectiveness of this build is maddening though. I love it.

Id like to start by saying that, this build reminded me of a standard build. But why would I build with HP items and no heavy AD? Well truth be told, it gives my ghouls some longevity since they scale off my HP. But they also scale off my dmg. So what better way to make use of HP than with Atma's? Thus my ghouls benefit from my HP in two ways.

But enough rambling, its time to enter the madness.

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Pros / Cons


1. Insane dmg when all minions are out. 5% per minion is 20% more dmg. 1 minion per skill.

2. Great synergy with items. Every item benefits Yorick and his ghouls, and compliment them-selves.

3. Invaluable in team fights. With a ghoul to slow enemies in range, a ghoul to boost movement, and of course a healing ghoul, you want to have him on your side.


1. He must be able to farm. He can be a beast, but if he is denied farming, he will struggle.

2. Vulnerable to CC. He doesnt really have a defense against hard CC. Stuns and roots can really cause issues for him.

3. Not as bursty as most other builds. This build doesnt main stream Triforce so he can burst people like those that do.

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Masteries & Summoner Spells

For my spells, I take and . I take these to add to his slight CC and mobility. Its one of the better combos I use, but here are some others.

/ : These are great for pushing a lane and of course the CC. Great for team fights and slowing down stragglers.

/ : great for longevity and of course picking people off for the kill. Good lane time, and with his ability to leave people at low HP, lighting them on fire and watch the true dmg tick.



Tier 1: I love have the Cripple. The debuff is great early game, and I take the crit since he has no AP scaling at all.

Tier 2: I take the CDR. This helps make his skills a lil more spammable.

Tier 3: 15% Mpen. 2/3 of his skills deal magic dmg, so this will help them hit a lil harder.


Tier 1: Since I build him as an OT, I take the defensive stats for MR and armor.

Tier 2: I take the HP regen based on mana since I farm Tears before I make .

Tier 3: I take reduced physical dmg and reduced minions dmg as a filler.

Tier 4: Gotta have Vet Scars. All HP is good HP.

Tier 5: Ardor is great for the AS boost. Since I dont take any AS from items, this is good to have.

Teir 6: 4% reduced dmg is always nice to have.

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Skill Sequence

All players have their preferences and here is mine.

My 3/5 skill is . The dmg is great and the movement is great at early lvls. I can get Tier 1 boots and be ok movement wise.

I take next. The heals are great for longevity and in fights it can make a difference between get or giving up a kill.

is more of a support skill. It slows enough for me and my team to stay on top of the enemy, so I skill this last.

is one of the more trippy ults in the game. You can target your-self or an ally. If they die, they come back to life for a short time to smash some face. The only many confuse it with 's ult and run. It can make or break a fight. The up side is it gives you a minion, which increase your dmg via , anyone that is revived by it will be able to continue to fight (with the ability to use their skills. Great on bursty champs), and its just a lot of fun.

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As painful as this is for me to say, I choose some standard OT items.

is one of the better items on Yorick. With his ability to spam spells, farming mana isnt an issue. But this is also a good item since he gains AD from it.

for a few reasons. The CDR helps make spamming his skills and keeping his minions up. After all, is what makes Yorick a beast.

is great for bulk and the slowing effect. Is it a lil redundant since Yorick has a ghoul that slows? Yes, but the slowing ghoul has the longest CD and if it dies, FM keeps people slowed until you can drop the slowing ghoul again.

is another great OT item, but it synergizes well with FM and pestilence. The longer things are closer to you, the more dmg they take. Armor and HP are always good too.

only to make the best out of your HP. It allows you to be OT but still dish out some punishment.

is another classice OT item, but the mana and HP give you AD thanks to Atma's and MM.

Tid bits

I crunched some numbers on MM. If you just sit and farm tears of the goddess, you would have to cast 250 spells in order to get the 1k mana cap. And thats not too bad. Now when you complete MM, you gain 20AD from the 1k mana from tears. Now since MM has the farming ability too, you can gain another 20AD from the 1K mana you farm from MM.

With the 18% CDR from boots and masteries, the CD and durataion of are about the same. So when your ghoul times out, not being killed by players, it should come off CD so you can cast it again. The same goes for . Optimal healing and busrt dmg.

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Item building and starting items

Starting Item I like to take HP, AD, and LS are nice to have. Many people take the shield, but I find that DB helps with HP regen than DS. Also, it gives a lil more power on his Q.

First recall and . If you have enough to get TotG than get it over the boots.

Second recall Tears if you havent got it. If you have than get x2. You want to sit on Tears as long as you can. You will start building from here.

Third Recall if you dont have enough to get FM. If you can get FM, get it and head back out to dig more graves.

Fourth Recall This is where you start building based on the situtation. Finish and then work on if you need MR or are getting focused or if you need a lil bit of armor. is more of a luxury item, but if you need a lil help farming, this is great to have.

My personal order is as follows: > > > > > .

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There are 3 types of farming you will be doing.

1. Farming minions. Yorick has great farming potential. With all of his skills can be used to last hit. Famine is a ranged skill, so it can be used to last hit from a distance. And it heals you.

War is great to burst minions too.

Pestilence is great as an opener on big creep waves. This can be used to deal initial dmg and use Famine and War to clean up.

2. Mana. With tears of the goddess, you will want to sit on it as long as you can. The more mana you have, the better off you are.

3. Buffs. Yorick does well with buffs. If you dont have a jungler, get buffs as often as you can. Be sure to check your enemies jungle for buffs too. If they cant get the buffs, you have a slight advantage. Assuming you are evenly matched.

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Team Work

Yorick has two skills that can turn the tides of a fight.

Pestilence is great for slowing down enemies, and Death makes a 5v5 and 5v6. And if the one targeted with Death dies, they have chance to come back and clean up. Sometimes its ok to use it on your-self,BUT if you are not built enough to last in a team fight, use it on someone that is.

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This isnt as chaotic as most of my builds, but it works for me. I find that building Yorick as a HP OT, Ive had better success in both 3s and 5s.

This build can do well in a 2v2, 2v1 solo top, or solo mid/top. It can provide great slowing CC for the team, while still doing some great dmg. With the ability to deal burst dmg, self healing, and the power to give someone a second chance to bring the pain, HP OT Yorick is a great asset to the team.