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Yorick Build Guide by Exas4000

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Exas4000

Yorick the grave digger

Exas4000 Last updated on September 28, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Here is a guide about yorick.

Many have tryed and failed, leaving him alone, building legend around him and told that he is a cursed champion. Well i'm here to explain thing about yorick and how he is played.
prepare your coffin to the summoner rift!

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Pros and cons of yorick

Pros / Cons

Great harrass / Mana hungry early game(can be inder harass potencial)
great 1v1 / early gank can cause problem to is mid/late game performance
Ult that can change the battle tide. / If yorick die the potential of the ult is denied for ally (all gouls die upon yorick death)

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Masteries and Runes

those are mainly buff for yorick.
and are similar to 1 fairy charm and more. 3 + (0.55 x champ level) mana regen per 5 second. contering yorick mana hungryness. Gold efficiency of 180 + ( 20 per champion lv)

will give you 15% tenacity and can be improve whit mercury tread for 50% crownd control. most of the slow, stun, snare and blind will be decreased in effeciency.

and increase your health by 30 + ( 6 per lv). gold efficiency of 79 + (16 per level.) it give a total of 138 hp and a GE of 365 gold

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In any situation, you will have to face one of the 115 champion, since lucian.

Here my oppinion. you may have other way of viewing these. those are categorized from positive advantage, low advantage, rivals,low disadvantage , counter. There will be a feed back after every of my game if possible.
champion whit BroCk3n are champion whit an high win ratio.
Riven (lane top)
whit her dash and shield, she always beated me up. She was my first pvp unconter whit yorick inside twisted treeline. whit her mobility and her shield she can take the lead early game and turn yorick into the '' i want to stop playing him'' phase. If possible she need to be ganked in priority.
Singed(lane top)
By planing your move in Accordance whit is poison cloud, he will run of mana, and potion before doing any harm to yorick. Depending of the gut he is he may charge at you... Use war to tell him who is the real lane master. When he fling, he is open for your entire combo. just stand back, then rince and repeat.
Annie(mid lane)
she is has strong has you and can poke you realy hard if she stun you. You should keep distance whit her and last hit the minion whit your gouls. Caution for the jungler has he can turn the fight in favor of annie. If you know how to use your spell, annie will have to wait for tiber to initiate you.
Renekton (top lane)
You will have the advantage in most trade, but he will do around the same dammage in return. you will need to be wary of the jungler position if you dont want to be in trouble. his stun will allow him to deal large ammount of dammage.
Fiddlestick(the jungler)
He has the cc to break apart your try and the drain to support your poke. he should be priorize to follow his movement and to have a ward ready in the river bush. if he is at lv6 every gank will be a death for yorick. flash should be spare for is arrival but if you dont see him, even your ult will not save you.
Caitlyn(bot lane carry)
This is the first carry i faced in a bot lane position. she is poke heavy so has long has you have some gouls, she may run back to avoid them, leaving around 1-2 sec of securised farm for your carry (i was the sup XD). Taking shot is not a problem has long has you dont dive in dummly, remember to use omen of famine for more security. At level 6 and more, omen of death Can block caitlyn ult saving the life of the targeted unit.
Thresh (bot lane support)
He is surprisingly easy to poke and his only chance to harm you, or helping is carry is to dive into you. He will be force to use is lantern to get the souls of his passive and omen of pestilence will deny him from camping in bushes. If you are confident you can flash in his bush and kill him if he has low hp. But such move would be better to forget if both the carry and him are in the same bush.
Kind of a war of poke. he will not has much dammage on you early game. All depend of two things: is combo and the farm he got. If he use is baleful strike to stack ap, he may be a problem late game and is stun can easely alloy the jungler to have some hit on you for free. Play safe and last hit with omen of famine.

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Item are a champion extention. would you try to play a game only using consumables?
Mostly, all those item have a different impact depending of the team faced.

Blade of the ruined king
you may never build this item for is AD or attack speed, but the 15% life steal and the active may be the key in surviving team fight or reducing the tankyness of a champion. The active is currently famine,pestilence and war blended toghether.
70-100 ad + 12-18% life steal. This item alone is an option, you shoudn't abuse of it becose of the 3200 gold that would be better spend in other item. Once you got a fair ammount of health you can maybe pick one. It add 70-100 damages to famine and 84-120 damages to war.
Black cleaver
55 AD, 200 hp, 10% cooldown reduction and some armor reduction. This aggressive item is mostly use to deal furthermore dammage yourself and for your team. This offenssive is recommended if the ennemy team is building armor against your carry. The only treat to this item is a thornmail. where you deal more damages, thus being dammaged more. Those kind of player should be taken down whit at least another ally or with gouls(not war).
infinity edge
70 dammage, 25% crit chance and + 50% crit dammage. it is less usefull than you may think and should be only bought has the sixth item. 1 quarter of your attack will deal 250% the normal dammage. Worth it? if you have the trinity force its 35% chance of criting. still not a good choice. has the team may need a tank and not an assassin.
manamune and muramana
These item will be an involontary core, has yorick need a tear of godess to be manasated. 4-750(1000) bonus mana, 25(+2% max mana) and 7 mana regen per 5 sec. unique passive number one, get 4 mana every basic attack and spell cast (4 sec cd) and evolve into a muramana at 750 mana, increasing the mana pool by 250 and giving a toggle. consume 3% of your current mana to do twice in physical dammage.

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This list is still upgraded

This is not finish, there is still 108 champion for the counter list and an equipment explanation to be added.