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Lulu Build Guide by ratMANN

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ratMANN

You are all Cupcakes! (A guide by a B4 player)

ratMANN Last updated on March 13, 2013
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Into to the Cupcake filled guide.

Hello guys, this is my first guide on Mobafire. I possessed a high rated guide on a troll build for jungle Gragas on a site called Leaguecraft. So please be kinda to me, this is my first serious guide :). I would like Helpful feedback (For the love of Teemo's blowgun! don't down vote this and leave something stupid in the comments like "I LOL'D, POOPED IN MY PANTS AND FORGOT WHY I WAS HERE")

Lets Dance!-Lulu the cupcake filled maniac

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Pros / Cons to Lulu

- Good bait with ult heal and shield
- Good shield
- Nice support for whole team, not just ADC.
- Good Pre lvl 6 poke
- No heal(unless you count her ult which is 600-800HP)
- slow without Whimsy (why we take 9/0/21)
- Squishy early game
- shield scales nice, Not that great early game.

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Common used terms

GP5s- Gold per 5 seconds(Example: philo's stone, lucky pick)

ADC- Attack damage carry(hahaha this is a joke, they aren't carrying **** without you)

Leash- Where lanes go help out the jungle by helping him speed take-down his blue/red(as well as protecting him and his blue from invasion)

Dmg- Damage

Support- a funny role where you help others, take a black eye, and still get raged at.

Exchange- Hard to explain this one. A encounter or fight between two or more champs on different teams where they trade damage.

CD- Cool Down, CDre = Cool down reduction.

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Summoner spells

Like all champs, there are a few summoners that you can get away with choosing and some you will be outright laughed at for using.

Ignite-I personally never use it. it's not very good late game, it works based on lvls and a support is normally behind in lvls. But i guess it can be used for some support dmg.

Heal- According to Heal on lulu is only used about 2% of the time. Which i don't really understand why, Heal is a nice spell for group fights, and it's pretty damn cool to save someone like a pro Heal, Shield from E, Ult. Makes for some nice baits as well as saves.

Exhaust- Pretty cool spell, nothing bad to say about it, in the lane with the ADC this spell is nice to have, an exhaust at the right time from a support could win the exchange for your ADC. Only thing i really have to say about this spell, is that i see alot of people using it as a chase tool. THIS IS NOT WHAT IT SHOULD BE USED FOR. This spell can pretty much shutdown any ADC's or AD bruiser's dmg within a team fight, as such, should be saved for the team fight.

Flash- Use and efficiency depend on the user. But it's close to a must i have to say.

Clairvoyance- A decent spell, Not worth it though compared to the others. If you do you job right, and ward the **** of of everything, you won't need this spell. But not a bad spell if you can make good use of it.

Clarity- EHHHH, no comment on this spell. You lane with a Adc though who shouldn't be that mana hungry, and late game pretty much no one is mana hungry.

Teleport- I like this spell, go to protect vs BDing, helps get into team fights or get back to your lane faster, and can even be used to gank. Not bad, but again we are supporting.


Barrier- You're a support, if it doesn't help anyone but yourself, don't pick it up. The enemy team doesn't focus Supports normally either

Ghost- You already have a speed boost and are pretty damn fast. And with your ult,Q and W. this spell doesn't seem to do much.

Smite- However Lulu can jungle, We're supporting.

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Skill Sequence

I focus on W and E as a support. However which one of the two I focus on maxing first depends on how my lane is doing. if we are ruling the tides, I'll max my W out for better cupcake time. If we are experiencing a harder time within lane, I'll max my shield for my ADC's sake. The reason i max glitterlance last is because the slow is always the same, the duration is the only thing that changes on it, the 80% slow and 7sec CD remains the same for all 5 ranks.

Glitterlance < Whimsy < Help, Pix! < Wild Growth

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Warding like cool kids.


I will post A map once i figure out how too do so!!

Important ward places are by Dragon, lets you see them WAYY before they enter lane, allowing you more time to run then if you had placed it in the bush next to river. Also gives view of Dragon and the Walkway to the Blue buff.

Warding blue buffs is also a good practice to pick up about 20mins in.

Warding all buffs is ideal about 25mins in.

Keeping rivers and buffs warded should be easy enough if you grabbed the ruby sight stone.

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Playing as a cupcake monster

Early game - Lulu is or can be aggressive in her lane. But she can also be a nice Defensive lane mate. (Refer back to the Selection on W vs E in the skill selection) W for aggressive. E for any hard harass against you. During any trade, try going with using Your W on a ADC, cupcake the little tryhard.

Mid game - In any team fight,cupcake the carry, mitigated the oncoming dmg. Keep the Rivers warded!!

Late game - You should be tanky. Keep the support rolling, Hang around the ap carry So she is able to harass Better with the help of your W. Team fights, Use your ult in a verity of ways, Use it to save low Hp carries(who most likely have a good number of enemies on them) or use it for engaging with the engage. Example - say Your best bud Malphite is about to engage, after he ults, hit him with your ult, double the knock up and prevents the escape of who ever is hit with the slow on Lulu 's ult

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Best buddies!

Just a small list of Buds that are really nice to duo with and/or have on the team.

Volibear- 700 bonus hp do the math to what it adds to his bite. on top of it all, double speed boost mean that he can be in the center of battle for a nice Lulu ult, meaning that all the enemy team is knocked up and slowed

Malphite - Your ult and his ult. Need i say more?

Olaf- You make him a death machine.

Any tanky with a Dash is nice

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I think this video really says how supporting works. Please excuse the cussing. This is Sky a platinum ranked player who had a few words to share about Supports.

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This is MY guide and my opinions on Lulu, the cupcake monster. This is my first guide on Mobafire, I would love to have some Nice feedback. Please Don't downvote. i plan to work on updating this guide Being that it is my first guide. I plan to add videos and such pretty soon as well as other visual Aids.