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Jhin Build Guide by lawmatrix

ADC You Know Nothing About Jhin

ADC You Know Nothing About Jhin

Updated on January 9, 2018
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League of Legends Build Guide Author lawmatrix Build Guide By lawmatrix 8,888 Views 2 Comments
8,888 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author lawmatrix Jhin Build Guide By lawmatrix Updated on January 9, 2018
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Arcane Comet
Manaflow Band
Gathering Storm

Cheap Shot
Ravenous Hunter


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


Threats & Synergies

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Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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Alright, there's 2 reasons why you have come to this guide: #1) You suck and Jhin and wish to better yourself. #2) You think you're good at Jhin but actually suck and wish to better yourself. Whatever reason you choose, you've made it to the right guide. So buckle up buddy because once you get good with Jhin there will be no "I'm just gonna play for fun." or anything of the sort. Also Jhin will most likely end up to be the only champion you play if you dare to complete this guide. So before you continue to read this guide ask yourself, "Do I have what it takes to bring honor to the greatest champion in the game?" And if that answer is "No." You better strap on your boots and take a hike, but if your answer is "Yes." buckle up and get ready to become a God. (I just realized I had you buckle up twice, but that's needed because this guide has the potential to blow you away and as my mom always said, up until she died during a parachuting accident, "Safety first.")
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Basic stuff here for the Runes. Comet is good paired with your abilities so you'll land that smashing rock like 95% of the time (which can result in a quite amusing kill). Manaflow Band is really strong on this guy. It helps a lot in lane because your mana pool is pretty damn small to beginning with so it helps you stay in lane having it. You could substitute it for Ultimate Hat if you wanted, but you should take my advice since I'm the one writing the guide. Transcendence gives you that CDR at level 10 which is important for Jhin since he has to reload. Having the CDR will let you squeeze in some more abilities in teamfights (which you're not gonna believe this, results in more damage! I know, I know its crazy, the more abilities you use the more damage you deal). Again you can substitute Transcendence with Celerity if you want to (same deal, I wrote this guide and main Jhin), but you can get that burst of Adaptive damage when you crit and get extra movement speed. Gathering Storm is just the strongest out of the three options there, you could take scorch but Gathering Storm helps later in the game. Cheap shot is like the jelly to your peanut butter with your W. That's an abstract way of saying it's good with your W. You just root 'em and you crit 'em with the 4th shot. That simple. But it's not that simple, and that's why you're here, remember? (We will get into combos in the "combos" section.) Lastly, Ravenous Hunter is like the best out of those 3 options. Movement speed doesn't really help you because it's out of combat, and CDR on active items is a waste of time. You're and adc pal Attack Move and win, none of this **** with active items or whatever ekko mains complain about these days.
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So you've made it this far....quite impressive. Normally noobs like you leave after the first sentence. Well to start you can pick up the Doran's blade or Shield. Both are very good, just depends if you feel like you want to be the one trading. Usually if the other ADC is a pokey champ pick up the Shield otherwise the Blade is good. As usual grab potions and the warding trinket. For your first back, after you are winning lane because you know you have such a good teacher (me), pick up the B.F. Sword for juicy damage or do the Serrated Dirk if you want to go Ghostblade first. Also get boots because then you are fast and get a control ward because help of your support, he's hated on enough and you don't wanna die to that cat that jumps outta the bush and one shots you and makes you pee your pants and look like a noob. Just get the control ward pal. For your core items it's common sense probably. Infinity Edge for the crit damage, Rapid Firecannon for those meaty one shots, Ghostblade for the speed and Lethality, Boots of Swiftness because they're the best, and Farsight Alteration because you're an ADC. Situational Items depends on....wait for it....the situation! Pretty much they are your more "defensive" items if you will. Guardian Angel if there is a Zed, Maw of Malmortius for that freaking fed Fizz that your mid laner lost to and is now constantly complaining that he didn't get a gank and it's not his fault (Spolier Alert: it is his fault Fizz is fed). Mercurial Scimitar if the other team has lots of CC. Mortal Reminder if there is a Warwick or Aatrox usually (anyone with heals). The Black Cleaver if they have tanks like Renekton or Illoai. And Essence Reaver if you want the mana reduction to help in the early-mid game.
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Skill Sequence

Of course we will be maxing our Ultimate ASAP, because we aren't Udyr, so for these skills I will only be talking about Q, W, and E. Just always get points in R when you can and then continue what you were doing originally. Max Q first for sure. It's good poke in lane, deals good AOE damage in teamfights, scales real nice, and helps noobs with CSing. Next to focus on W. This is mostly because you don't need your traps (E) like at all, and with a high level W you can get more damage from your combos. Max E last, in fact I only get a point in E pre-7 (meaning before level 7) if I'm getting camped by the enemy jungler. E gives you vision and can slow the enemy. It also scales hella nicely with AP if you want to troll, but this guide isn't "How to troll with Jhin" so forget it buddy, max E last.
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You. Are. An. ADC. If you haven't realized it by now, the only too Summoner Spells ADC's take are Flash and Heal. This is because you need Flash to get out of situations because you are a baby and can be killed by the Scuttle Crab in the river. Heal is needed to survive ganks and keep your noob support alive. I did however play Jhin with barrier in Season 7 to have stronger duels, however Heal is the best option.
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Pros / Cons

- you are gonna win
- you are the coolest champ

- if you miss your skill shots, you look like a Lemon
- you will also be called "Scripter, Hacker, Try-hard, etc"
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Laning Phase

The game has just started and you're excited, but don't know what to do because you haven't finished reading the guide. Idiot! However, give your jungler a leash (help them with their buff because they can't take care of themselves) but leave immediately after you use your 4th shot. The movement speed will get you to lane sooner than the enemy. Then you can AA like one minion, and by that time the 3 siege minions should all be low. Q them and you kill them all. The rest of laning phase is easy. Don't constantly be using your Q otherwise you won't have mana. When you get level 2 get W right away and look to root the enemy ADC and when they're rooted AA them and drop a Q on their head. Boom right there is pretty much your basic combo. Jhin's only trouble is farming under tower because he has to reload so control your wave by soft freezing and pushing it (look in the Wave Management chapter on how to do this). Once you get to 6 get your Ult and only Ult when you can kill them! DO NOT ULT IF YOU CAN'T KILL THEM IN LANE. So if their support is full health, don't ult because he will just tank them all and they will be on their merry way. Do your combo until they are low enough to ult and kill.
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You've made it buddy. You're at the combo chapter. Ready for your combo? AA first to bring up your mark. W to root them. AA them. Q them. AA them. BAM the combo! Try and start the combo with 3 shots. Why? Well if you're good at math you can see we AA 3 times, so if you start with 3 shots, your last shot is your 4th shot. Also Dancing Grenade's range is the same as your AA range (550) so there's no range advantage. Remember ONLY USE W WHEN YOU CAN ROOT THEM. Unless you can get the kill with W it really doesn't do enough damage and it is way more effective to use it to combo off of. Another combo you can do is AA-W-R but only be Ulting if you can get the kill in lane. We will take about Ult's in teamfights in the next chapter. If you want to continually use your basic combo (AA-W-AA-Q-AA) in lane and/or use your Q to CS in lane, I highly recommend rushing Essence Reaver so you can actually have mana.
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So you've made it to the Teamfights. Hopefully, your tower isn't down and you've actually done some stuff and have your core build. For teamfights, it gets tricky because of your single target abilities and your reloading. Positioning is key. What is key? POSITIONING. If you do not position well, you will die and lose and cry. How do you position like a pro? Glad you asked because I am a pro. First, be behind your tanks (that means be closer to your base than they are). Second, get close enough to be in range with your damage, but far enough back so rengar doesn't just jump on you. Third, constantly be moving. It is so important for an ADC to always be moving because then you can instantly reposition and be constantly setting up for a better position. Now that you're positioned, what do you do? You can either engage or end with your Ult. If your engaging with your Ult you shoot the enemies to get vision and slow them so your frontline can get on top of them and start the engage. If you're planning on using your Ult at the end, you better murder one of them pal. It isn't hard to end with the Ult and kill, because you will have already done enough damage so you can 1 or 2 shot them all. But now you ask me, "But how do I know when to engage or end with my Ult? Help me." Well it's all situational. If your team can't catch them you can engage and slow the enemy, if they are squishy you can engage with ult, if your team has lots of CC engaging with ult is smart. End with ult if they are better trading champions, but not sustaining champsions. Ult's aside, in teamfights you shoot the closest target that is a threat to you. I don't care if you get flamed for shooting the Renekton that's literally right on top of you instead of popping the Caitlyn that's hurting your frontline. Pop the Renekton and Kite back! If you die you do no damage. If you're not being murdered and are not being targeted, try and focus their carries if it doesn't put you in danger. Use your abilities in between your beginning AA's. This way you will deal the most amount of damage and when you start to reload, your abilities will be coming off cooldown. Example: AA-Q-AA-W-AA-AA and then your Q and W should be coming back up.
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How to play if you're behind

First off mate, you shouldn't be behind. You're Jhin and you're following my guide. Second, if you do manage to get behind, don't worry. Focus on farm and helping your jungler gank when you can. CS is the most important thing to an ADC even if they are ahead so it's 100% more important if you're behind. Also get an early point in E so you can throw down some traps for vision and slows when they all-in you. If you are still behind, don't buy Infinity Edge first, that item is more effective if you're ahead, so focus on Ghostblade, Rapid Firecannon, or Essence Reaver. You want to look to help your jungler gank so you can pick up some easy assists and kills, but don't roam far, mid lane is your maxed distance because first priority is CS.
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Pretty much went over this. Don't constantly Q to CS minions. Try and bring 3 minions down to low health with AA so they will die when you Q them, and then try and set it up so the grenade will hit a champion on its last bounce. This is some seriously good poke, easy CS, and makes you look cool.
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Wave Management

Ok so all I'm going to explain here is the Soft Freeze and the Push. Super easy stuff that most ADC's don't know and you will win so many games if you do this. Soft Freezing lets you choose where you want the minions to crash and fight. This is great, because the enemy jungler won't gank as much if you are closer to your tower. So try and Freeze the lane closer to your tower. To set up a Soft Freeze all you have to do is follow the 3-4 minion rule. All you have to do is keep 3-4 more enemy minions than friendly minions on the field. I should say the 3-4 minions is based on health so it should be a total of 3-4 minion health, so if the minions are low HP you might leave 5. Letting the enemy have these extra minions will make the wave crash closer to your tower. Once the enemy's new wave hits the minion fight, you can repeat the 3-4 minion rule. Also it is important that you are last-hitting all this time. This means that you only AA when the minion is about to die. This prevents pushing. If you want to take it a step up, let your minion fire its execution shot at the minion and then kill it. This will waste your minion's time resulting in a longer freeze. Also your support or sometimes you if your support sucks will sometimes have to tank minion damage to stall the enemy minions until your new wave gets to them. Do not take minion agro if you will take champion poke. A freeze is not worth unnecessary poke. Alright, now we will talk about the Pushing. To do this, all you do is you constantly auto and Q minions. The wave will push if you are using more damage on minions than your enemy is. Try and set up a Soft Freeze and when your wave gets built up bigger than the enemy's and/or you want to back, Push your wave all the all and shove it under tower. This causes the enemies to lose out on XP and gold and you should always try to shove your wave under tower before you recall.
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