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Vayne Build Guide by OhBigOne

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author OhBigOne

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OhBigOne Last updated on August 15, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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After 2 years of playing league of legends, I started to main ad carries. Out of all my ad carries that I played, I found Vayne to be the one champion that I had alot of fun with. I want everyone to improve or learn to play Vayne effectively. I know I'm not the best Vayne player, but please upvote or downvote my guide so I know what I'm doing that is right or wrong. Thank you for taking your time to read my guide.

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Pros / Cons

Pros / Cons


+Great kiting
+Amazing late game damage
+Huge AD steroid with
+Ability to chase down enemies
+1 of the 2 ad carries with stun(other than )
+Kills tank REALLY fast.
+Stealth, not alot of champs have that.

-Dies very fast if not protected.
-Weak until you have two items.
-Has problem surviving teamfights against high cc team (e.g )
-Is an ad carry, which means you are required to have good positioning+cs.
-Can easily be one-combo'd by strong ap bursters ( , , ,etc)
- takes practice and can/will mess up easy kills or gank if used incorrectly.

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Summoner Spells


This summoner is what I bring 80% of the time on Vayne. It's a great summoner especially if the enemy team has tons of cc's to stop you in teamfights. It's also a great summoner to have in lane to use to cleanse or , but also cc's that can potentially kill you like , and .

I tried using this summoner a couple times, and I didn't like it at all. It's a summoner spell to finish off enemies that you couldn't finish, which is usually not the case for Vayne because you can keep chasing down your enemies. I highly recommend you not to bring this spell because it is a waste of a summoners.

Again if you cannot time your , you should consider bringing heal for the heal baits or just using it when you're low in teamfights. This is the summoner I suggest you to bring if you do not like cleanse.

Overall best summoners for anyone, this spell is really important for positioning in teamfights or escaping ganks when laning.

Do not bring this summoner, you have your for a reason.

, , , , , , Just...just no

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Skill Explanations

Skill Explanations

  • Night Hunter(passive): Vayne's passive is the reason why vayne is such a good chaser and assassin. This skill only gives the MS buff when you are facing towards an enemy, so it does not apply when you are running away. Use this skill to your advantage to chase down low enemies in teamfights, but do not get too close to bruisers or people who can cc lock you.
  • Tumble(Q): Tumble allows Vayne to tumble towards your cursor, which empowers her next auto attack based on an ad ratio that scales off rank. I generally max this ability first to lower the cd by 1 second every level.It is also your only escape tool. This skill is what makes Vayne so powerful. Use the tumble wisely, as there is a 3 second cd after you attack with your tumble. That 3 second cd means it's harder to avoid skillshots or making distance against their tanks. If you believe your team has the damage to kill their team without your extra damage, then use it defensively. If your team is falling behind, then use your tumble to do extra damage, but your tumble on cd means its a high risk high reward situation.
  • Silver Bolts(W): Silver bolts is a passive mark/trigger skill. Your auto attacks "marks" a target like Xin Zhao's . 3 auto attacks towards that marked target, including that one that marked the target will deals true damage that does base damage+ percentage of target's maximum health. This skill is why Vayne can kill tanks super fast, especially ones that has damage reduction like or .
  • Condemn(E): Condemn is a single target knockback that does damage before the knockback and does damage again along with a 1.5 second stun after the knockback if the target hits a terrain. This skill is a very tricky skill to use, as it requires angling the shot so it stuns the target. In the teamfight however, it is not as much as a skill to pin the carry to the wall than it is getting the off your back or repositioning so he does not ult your entire team. As many possible ways to use this skill, a good Vayne player should know when/where to use this ability because it can change fights. It also has a long cd so it might be only used once maybe twice in a fight.
  • Final Hour(R): Pretty much a super steroid for Vayne that gives her a 1 second stealth on tumble( really good against lock-on spells like ). Just turn this on in teamfights and you won't even notice it.

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Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

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  • + x3 We start off with boots+ 3 pots. ALWAYS! I cannot stress how important it is to go boots and pots. It's extra 50 movespeed to escape early jungle ganks and extra 450 hp for sustain as oppose to doran blade start. To summarize, avoid starting with a blade that gives absolutely no sustain and get boots 3 pots.
  • As a good early game item,I suggest you pick up 1-2 blades and start focusing on your end-game build immediately.
  • + Your next trip of buys should be this two items for two reasons:sustain and attack speed. Many people would go in for an early zeal, it works but that would mean you need 1645, and you should just pick up a early
  • With enough sustain, you should be saving up 1650 for a bf sword. At this point of the game, you should start asking yourself which path of build you should take. I know my build says go for a bloodthirster, but that might not be the best choice depending on the situation. Oh, I forgot to mention this but, DO NOT buy a straight up bf sword. I see so many people falling for the same trick, but 2 dorans is actually stronger than having only a bf sword, so only pick up a bf sword when you have at least one blade with you.
  • You should only pick up a black cleaver if you're smoking really really hard. I say only get this item if you can get it before the 20 minute mark. If you can't, I strongly advise you to go for either a or .
  • Usually the safest path for most Vayne, it has the ad for the harder chunks on the tumble, but I only recommend this item if you can get this item before laning phase ends. As for going bloodthirster first, you will not have the damage on-par to most of the ad carries like or
  • Falling behind and need more damage for teamfights? IE is usually the answer. If you build infinity edge the only setback is that your lifesteal is only that of a vamp scepter, so be careful in a teamfight because you will not be able to lifesteal as much as you would if you had a bloodthirster.
  • Not much to explain here. It has movement speed which is better for kiting enemies. It provides attack speed to be able to shoot faster for the proc. And it gives critical chance, this is essential for ad carries to crit for bonus damage.

    After your two big items, you need to think about what to build next. Do you want to build some defensive items because you're dying in the first five seconds of the teamfight? Or go for more offensive items because you haven't died in the past fights and believe building more damage will lead your team to victory. Either ways I cannot tell you what to get next because it depends on the team comp and how the game seems to be at the moment.
  • All your fights have been really even? What better than Vayne coming back alive right after the whole enemy team just blew all their ults trying to kill you. This is the only defensive item I suggest that gives armor, so keep that in mind because if you have a fed is on you, then its best to get some armor as well as grab that extra life.
  • One hard cc can mean your death. suppress, flash ult, or maybe just to cleanse an . QSS is the most useful item to have in any type of team comp.
  • This item has fallen out of favor since QSS and GA is more suitable in many cases, but banshee's veil gives hp, mr and some mana. But most importantly, it can block a single spell. The flash to initiate? you across the wall? Banshees can save you in ways that qss and ga cannot. Take it into consideration because it is still a very helpful item.
  • Finally, if you haven't picked it up yet, get a last whisper. This is the item that you need to destroy the tanks as it takes out 40% of their current armor. It is entirely up to you to get either , or last. By the item you have all 6 items, the only thing to remember is to stay behind your tanks and watch the enemy team get shredded by a full build Vayne.


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Ranked Play

Ranking with Vayne

Honestly, I hate ranking with Vayne. She is too weak until she gets her items unlike other carries like . The only time I play her is in ranked team because the team has to be built around Vayne for her to be most efficient. But if you really like Vayne and you want to try her in ranked, then I can tell you details to order to win with her.
So what is a good team that is built well around Vayne? Well if Vayne is the only one dealing damage on the team, she will be #1 priority for the other team(not that she isn't already). One key thing to remember if you want to choose Vayne is focus. Will the enemy team be focusing you, or will they be distracted by the that just assassinated the other ? It's very important to have a balance between tankiness and damage on your team so there will be people keeping the bruisers off your back as well as having another focus for the other team other than just yourself.



  • Synergy=10/10 Probably one of the best supports for Vayne, alistar can stop engagements from enemies, as well as became a tank for offensive tower dives. Alistar can also along with and that buys time for Vayne to land a perfect for a longer stun.
  • Synergy=6/10 Really good support if you're winning. If you're not, then rough luck because he provides absolutely nothing to help you. Avoid laning with a blitzcrank unless you're sure you will win lane.
  • Synergy=8/10 Safe support for Vayne. You won't be able to snag as much kills, but you certainly will be able to sustain lane and farm longer. Be careful of soraka using her on herself because that would make you very vulnerable until the cd is off.
  • Synergy=9/10 One of the supports that works with any ad carry at bot lane. provides great dis-engagement, provides extra ad along with a shield, and her allows you to escape/chase. Overall good support for anyone thus a good support for Vayne.
  • Synergy=8/10 Another all-around support that provides great aura. Has an aura that gives a nice amount of ad from , decent sustain from ,speed buff from and a aoe stun from . Great support for Vayne in any stage of the game.
  • Synergy=8/10 Amazing support for Vayne. for the sustain, for less poke from the other ad, for setting up ganks and for more ad.
  • Synergy=3/10 Probably the worst support you can have for Vayne. Leona is simply going all out on the other bot lane with stuns, which isn't that great. If you don't lose, you'll probably have no chance for getting back into the game unless your jungler camps bot lane really hard.
  • Synergy=7/10 With the skill on you that gives a nice amount of attack speed, it allows you to proc your on your enemy alot more often. He also has a little attack speed/move speed debuff with . Otherwise, he's just as good as any other support.
  • Synergy=8/10 Uncommon, yet a really good support if played correctly. She has a gigantic 90% slow, a polymorph which consists both a silence and a slow, a decent shield with speed buff, and a mini-renekton ult. Lulu also has quite a lot of burst if she and her enemy. Lulu is an all-around support and Vayne can have many benefits when laning with her.


    Ideal Team

    An example of a team comp that has the damage to keep the focus on ,while can to reduce damage for the whole team. If all goes wrong, there is always a zilean or a lulu to make sure you stay alive long enough to deal alot of damage in the teamfight.

    This combo is just malphite into a into . All you have to do a clean-up whatever isn't finished. The team also provides great defenses as and combined with shyvana's gives a huge amount of armor and magic resist.

    What I love about a karthus on your team, all the eyes are off you and onto karthus. With and doing insane amount of aoe damage, you're the least of the other team's worries. Along with and to disrupt the enemy team from reaching you, this team is amazingly good since nobody would bother focusing you.