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Team Guide by Jimbo Finelay

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jimbo Finelay

Your team, compisition and tasks

Jimbo Finelay Last updated on January 5, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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This is a guide for people who want to know how to get a good working team up and ready,
note these are not the exact people to play I am just giving a example and will explain in the following chapters. Im sorry if there are missing letter "B's" in this as my "B" key doesn't respond all the time But I will correct such things in updates

please note that none of the above builds are mine except the Warwick one
IF you don't like the build or masteries and such, then don't hate me
I will put links below to the guides I got them from:

Brand Build and guides:

Masteries: Brand - high Burst damage, very Detailed guide
Build and runes: Is it hot in here or is it just Brand?


Build, runes and masteries: Grimm's Solo-Top-Croc

Warwick: Myself, look at my builds for it

Caitlyn, build, runes and masteries: Hit hard and fast

Sona, build, runes and masteries: Sona - Faceroll Support


ss: the proper way to say Mia but no one knows it so don't use is
mia: the non-proper way to say someone is missing from lane
Bot: bottom lane
ks: stealing someone's kill
NooB: ^_^
AD: attack damage
AP: ability power
AS: attack speed
MP: Magic pen
MM: mana?

Guide Top

Why pick these champions?

Brand : Brand is a very good mid fighter and will devastate the enemy if they can't dodge your Pillar of Flame , Now Brand represents a AP champion, AP stands for ability power champions. Brand isn't the only one you should choose to go mid with, pick any good AP champion that is good mid, why not pick a AD (attack damage) champion mid like Caitlyn ? Well AP champions need the levels more and need the gold a tiny bit more, that isn't to say AD is bad mid but if you are in a Ranked game and want a good team it is best putting a AP champion mid.

Renekton : Ren is a great fighter if you stick him up in top lane because, since you will probably have a jungler, it will get him good farm and levels and with his ult he can't really be tower dived because he will get extra health from the ult and won't be pushed out of the lane, of course Nidalee and Malphite and others are also good top and renekton is just a example. A solo top fighter must be tanky or have a good heal, but also must to a far bit of damage and be that guy that takes hits and returns them.

Warwick : You should always have a jungler on your team, more XP for solo top and if you are good the jungler will have decent levels as well, and the ability to gank any lane possible. Warwick is a exceptional jungler will lifesteal to keep him going and fairly good ganking with his ultimate, Infinite Duress .
Other good junglers are Amumu , Lee Sin and Shaco and others. A jungler is anyone that can easily take on dragon at a decent level solo and be good at taking hits from creeps, and also having a great way to jump on lanes and kill unsuspecting enemies with a level of success that will kill them

Caitlyn and Sona : I put these to characters together because they go in the same lane, bottom lane. Sona is a support and isn't meant to get all that many minion kills but let caitlyn get farmed from minions but this doesn't mean don't attack them, also to heal caitlyn when she is in trouble and so and so. Remember I will explain what each character does in his/her role in the next chapter. Caitlyn should farm and harass the enemy and sona should harass with her Hymn of Valor and if any kills are going to taken sona should let caitlyn get them, note that you won't get as many kills but assists will be high and if you thing you are let down then think that you played a major part in the fight and if you weren't there you wouldn't have won. Other good AD champs are: Jax (hybrid), Ashe , Graves , Kog'Maw if you are going AD as Kog can be played AP and Corki and others. Other good supports are: Taric , Soraka , Karma yes karma, stop playing her like noobs she isn't bad and Janna and also others

This concludes the segment and in the next chapter it will talk about roles.

Guide Top

Roles of a: Support

I wanted to start in this role as it is the role that has a lot to do in it,
First in early game you:

1. support and heal, give mana if possible, speed up if possible and such in good times,
Healing should be done a lot and if you don't have the mana to keep your AD carry in lane and farming minions then you might consider: Clarity

2. Wards, almost the most important thing, wards win games. First get one or two wards at about 8 minutes in and ward dragon, don't ward right on top of dragon but ward a little out from its entrance so that you will get a good view of both dragon and enemy gankers. Second, If they have a jungler Then ward to bushes around with several wards early about 5 minutes in and after, if it is a jungle Shaco then buy Vision Ward which senses invisible units, if they have a Teemo player then buy Oracle's Extract which mobafire hasn't changed its name to oracle's elixir yet which is weird.

Why do you have to ward and buy Oracle's Extract ? Well you AD carry and AP mid need all their gold on core items and such, you don't really need items as badly as they do and even a little amount of gold to buy a ward every now and then will amount up to a lot of gold in the end, why not solo lane puts up wards? Well your AD carry can do without you in lane for a little while you place wards, But a solo has to stay in his lane to keep the enemy from taking the tower

And last of all in the wards section is Baron, always keep Baron warded, and if they are trying to kill Baron ping it and charge in, in this case Sona can stun all the enemies at once and make it even harder to defeat your team, being momentarily stunned and having Baron breathing down their necks.

3. Team fights, Always heal and throw out at much as possible, if you heal is target, don't heal the tank unless he will die, heal your squishy AD and AP carries unless the tank is the only one getting hit as healing every one else will be relatively pointless if they don't need it.

4. When fighting Baron, always keep four or so wards in your inventory after 20 minutes in
as if your team decides to fight baron, ward the nearby bushes and entrances in the section of the jungle near baron so your team will have an easy way to know when the enemy comes, and get out.

Guide Top

Roles of a: Mid laning AP caster

I choose this role next because of how many AP casters I play:

1. Farm, Farm and Farm and Farm. Your goal is the get more minions and more gold then the enemy mid player, the example AP caster in this build, Brand is more then capable of doing this, to check if you are doing better than the enemy mid, press tab and look under the minion kills section to see how many minion kills you have and how many they have, the more the better, but do not suicide just for minion and do not stay in lane at low health unless you have a heal as if you die it is like 15 or so minions in a go as minions give around 20 gold and is 20 gold times 15 to make three hundred, and if you are first blood its like 20 minions, I probably confused you to pieces with my numbers

2. Be responsible and push hard. If you are pushing then make sure you know you can't be ganked, mia's aren't called for nothing, if a mia is called and you are pushing then get out, don't just sit there like most players and keep on pushing just back away a little and make sure you can escape easy, its your mistake if you get ganked when pushing, not your team, be careful, be responsible, I sound like a police man now don't I, no offence to the police

If they have I jungler then do not push hard without warding, a support can ward dragon and such but they can't go way out of there role to ward all three lanes, if they have the time they might ward your lane if they are good supports but normally if you are playing with public players and not with friends you can't really trust them to ward.

In general if you are playing someone like Karthus you don't overcommitte thinking you will just suicide bomb them, that is feeding, I used Karthus as a example because everyone, that isn't good, will suicide bomb and feed.

3. Be a general pain in the neck. You pushed your lane all the way up and killed the mid laner, then get back to your turret so the enemy minions won't see you in your line of sight and go top or bottom to help your team and gank them for a kill.

In your lane be a total pain in the neck and use every sensible chance that won't result in your death to poke at the enemy and get a few spells of the harass them and annoy them, even if you don't kill them getting them out of the lane will make sure you get many more minion kills then them and even if you seem to be to same level, the minion count will tell the true tale.

4. team fighting. Put out as much damage as possible and try not to be in the thick of it, let your tank take the damage and just sit back and AoE and stun and damage them until they are dead or pleading to be. Baron fight, you should not be tanking Baron, you are as squishy as anything except if you are the kind of AP caster that isn't so squishy, like a fed Ryze who has RoA's and Frozen Heart

5. Be that guy on your team that makes a difference and turns around fights, be the guy that will make your team proud, You can do this! And don't make speeches of support as bad as this above one

Guide Top

Roles of a: Solo top fighter

I choose this one next to get it out of the way:

1. Don't die. Don't feed the enemy, stay by your tower if you are against two and if they have a jungler bash them about and don't feed them, even one kill will give them the advantage and make the rest of the game harder for you, if you kill them, yayyyy freebies. But feeding is bad and you will want to be a character that can get good minion kills at your turret which can be quite hard at times

2. don't-play-shaco, now I was just playing with a teammate that wanted to solo top Shaco that sucked. Maybe some solo top shaco's are good, but not against high damage ranged champions, But I only play him in the jungle and wouldn't thing about laning solo

3. Don't complain and always want your jungler to help, your jungler needs farm and gold from creeps and a lot of the time, I spend early to mid game as Warwick just getting madreds because of teammates who don't like the fact that I’m not helping. Your Jungler will get around to ganking your lane, but good junglers will gank all lanes. If you need help then ping and someone from bot lane or the jungler if he is ready will come. As a solo top fighter you are meant to take hits and meant to hug you turret somewhat but getting minion kills, if the jungler does gank, then don't give it away by letting the enemy push more then usual and don't aggress them so that they will suspect a gank, but still remain ready for when you jungler goes for it and e in decent range to help the gank.

4. Late game. Push turrets and such with your team or backdoor, late game there are lots of team fights in mid and near baron so while pushing around turrets stay in mid or top preferable but you can push bot, also remember to check your map, late game there aren't so many "Bot, top or Mid, mia" because the enemy are probably pushing random lanes and sticking together, don't push too far without a few members of your team, and look at your map to see and check, 1. Are there more than 3 to 5 people missing? If they are they can gank you while you are pushing and slaughter you 2. If one enemy is really fed, is he/she mia? If so they can do to same, especially if they are invisible characters 3. Buy an oracle’s elixir, so any wards will be destroyed and it will keep your team save

5. Warding, yes ward your lane to stop junglers, as support can't do it from down there,
that is all

Guide Top

The role of a: Jungler

I choose this to talk about next as it is fairly important

1. Don't die to creeps. If you are trying to get a buff, aka. blue or red, then don't try to kill it just hoping that you will kill it before it kills you if you are at low health. they will see you die and if it is Baron or dragon then they will come and destroy your team. And it's generally bad to be laughed at or called a noob

2. Gank lanes that the enemy have pushed. Don't gank any lanes that your team have pushed, the reason is its kinda stupid to gank the enemy if they are sitting under their tower. Gank a lane that the enemy has pushed and catch them near your turret, you can gank lanes that are evenly pushed but the chance of success is less, in the case of Warwick you can supress them and easily destroy them.

3. buffs and counter jungling. Counter Jungling is when you see a good jungle character with smite on the enemy team and you hide in their jungle and kill them or steal their red or blue buff and get away unharmed. For example if a Lee Sin jungler was taking blue buff, you can wait until he gets it to low enough health to smite it and steal it, then flash away to avoid damage. With buffs check if they aren't in a near bush ready to steal it before taking it. If your team in latish game needs it then give it to them unless you need it more, and if they still try to take it if you need it more then you have a advantage, smite. With some Junglers especially Warwick you can solo baron with enough farm and items, so you team can distract the enemy making baron much easier to grab.

4. wards, now some of you might be saying "I thought the support did that?" well yes, but as a jungler you are relatively good access to Dragon and Baron, and all lanes at that as there is no lane that you would be leaving and is easy for you to do.
Anti-wards, The solo top get oracles if he wants to get ride of wards, but as a jungler you aren't in a lane and have less chance of dyeing so oracles will be better with you and it will help you ganking if you get ride of all the wards, if you find a ward at baron when you are killing it or going to, don't stick around and say "we can still get it" famous last words as you are possible aced. But still don't leave and let it get taken by the enemy, go away from baron so it stops attacking you and wait for them to come, if they start getting baron then jump on them and teach them a lesson by killing them all.

5. Changes to the jungle. by the time this guide comes out the jungle would have probably changed by the patch and making it easier, as a good jungler I don't mind it, I know some people have been practising jungling for a while and hate that it is changed, but if you had to practise so much at one class you must not be good, or just unsure of jungle routes, in which case it will be easier to practise more with less harder creeps, and lets face it, most junglers can't keep up to lane characters and this will mean more people will jungle and a lot of games I don't have a jungler because not everyone likes it and it will mean more people jungling and more people that are noobs learning the game so that the game will have less noobs because they learn more at playing different roles and such, I personally would like a slight buff to the jungle, after all I clear out all the jungle in no time and have to wait for things to respawn if I can't gank, so the respawn time will help, if you don't like my opinion then don't hate, your here for learning roles, not my personal opinion

6. late game, a few jungle types aren't good late game but are really good early game and in result win early, if these types that aren't good late games don't get some serious kills early game then they might not go well late and might lose, but if they gank a lot and succeed and help your AD carry get kills then you have a much better chance late game, through such junglers that aren't good late game are fairly rare.

Guide Top

The role of a: AD carry, mellee and ranged

This is the last role and character in the team

1. You get the good amount of kills, when farming minions get as many as possible and the best way to do this is by pushing the enemy out of the lane and getting kills while they are gone, you might take Teleport just to get back in the action and get more minion kills. When kills are up for grabs you and the AP carry are the most important ones to be fed, sure the Jungler and solo should get a few decent kills as well, and if needed maybe the support get a kill sometime or another, but you are the main ones to be fed, which means while they shouldn't ks from you should let them take kills as well, and if they for sure have the kill then don't ks, sometimes people say to me "it doesn't matter its a team game" but they said it themselves, the word "game" and game means a have fun, and if your ks all the time how is it fun? And in any event, think and say, "Who needs the kill more?" but if they are feeding the enemy and are doing badly, they won't be able to do as much as you could if you got it, and think about it.

2. Don't let your team down, I could say this for every champion in this build but especially for a AD carry, if your feeding, consider your minion count, if may seem as if your doing badly, but 15 or so minion kills makes up for a kill, so if they have 20 or so kills, but you have 400 minions or so then you still have around the same amount of money and maybe more, consider this if someone is feeding, but do remember, can the enemy that is fed do more with it then the person with more minion kills, for example a Sona can have 300 minions but she can't really do all that much damage, but a Ryze or a Karthus with 26 or so kills can do massive damage to your team.

There isn't much to say here else then be a total beast and rule your team and practically destroy the enemy, this concludes this chapter

Guide Top

General play and organisation

This is for all classes to look at and will help a heap.

At the start of the game bot lane should go agressive and top fairly defensive, if you are mid lanning then sum up your oponit, if he is beating you in minions early, he probably is going to continue to beat you through out the game. If its a bad match up in mid then act against it, if its Brand, Lux or Karthus you generally want boots to dodge their spells (note that boots are normaly recommended but it isn't bad not to get them, just more wize but that doesn't mean you won't fail if you don't) there are more such other of these characters but these are the ones I’m most familiar to.

In general, if you are playing against someone who does too much damage or who can counter you then don't go aggressive. If someone pings a target, that means attack that target and not go chasing after someone else but still if a teammate pings that target and the target is strong or able to take a lot of hits then its not good to attack him, but that doesn't mean abandoning a team mate, unless of course if its unable to save or help them

In team fighting always consider if they have more than you, also consider if they have blue, red or baron buff, or all three. Baron buff doesn't look much but it considerably buffs champions and makes them hard to battle. if a team mate jumps in on three then don't save him unless you have two more friends to back you up, the reason I say two is that he will probably be at low health from jumping in and will be useless so bring you and two others to match the enemy.

Inhibitors and towers, sure your solo top can tank them, but it will wound him so I don't recommend doing this if the enemy team is missing, as a team fight just after your tank is wounded isn't going to help at all, if you are tanking towers then make sure that the tank can heal up fast from you support or make sure the enemy isn't near and you know were all of them are.
Inhibitors are useful but don't die to get them down, if you do the rest of your team is 4v5 in the enemy team's favour. This might result in an ace and then you’re stuffed

Skype or other communication is very helpful, as you don't have to spend a few valuable seconds of you time typing everything down, but this is only recommended with your friends.

Even if you don't have Skype or such you can still communicate well, don't spam the chat and say things clearly, don't rage out and call everyone a noob, thing about why you are losing and work to solve it, if someone is bad then take steps to make sure he isn't killed

So generally have fun and try to have easy games with each other, sometimes I win games just because my team has a good attitude

This concludes this section, if you want me to add anything useful then comment and let me know

Guide Top

Why these summoner spells?

Please note that some people have said Flash should be used with everyone, yes, it is very good but were below have I not put flash? If you want to comment do your reaserch

AP mid lane Carry: Flash is important as even after the nerf it will still save you, and if you give a kill the the enemy it will make your lane harder.
Teleport this will keep you in lane if you go back and will get your farm consistent, if you are facing someone without teleport and they go back but you still want to farm, then port back anyway to buy items so they won't be ahead of you and Teleport back and you will still beat them on minions as they don't have the ability to stay in battle as much as you do

Support: Clairvoyance that was hard to spell, now this is the ultimate support spell, at the start you can see which lanes the enemies are going to, and see if people are going to be ganked with it, great spell and pretty good even after nerf
Flash same as above no one likes to feed and its good to get you out

AD carry: Ignite and Exhaust are both great, for slowing and disabling their carry with Exhaust and picking off early game kills and wounding people late game with Ignite pick one of them and see if it suits you
Flash same as above

Solo top: Teleport if you don't take this you won't stay in lane and will have your turret pushed hard and it will make your live horrible, but with it you can always defend your lane
Flash same as above except much more important, to avoid ganks from enemy junglers and such nasty situations

Jungler: Smite if you don't take this as jungler I have to say "you mad bro?" except if there is a very, very good reason, it will get you buffs easier and help farm better, DO NOT take this in a lane, it will get you minion kills but does bugger all after that, Smite is only really useful in a jungle
Flash you can avoid counter jungler with this or ganks gone wrong

Guide Top

Why do I have to pick this team composition?

Well, I have nothing against you not choosing these roles, you might win more with a different team composition, I am just putting together the best roles in a team, you will find that such a group of a AP mid laner, a AD carry, a support, a solo top, and a jungler works well together, when I do lose, its because of a weird team composition.

One person on your team could be slaughtering everything, but the rest of your team doesn't organise there laning and champions and loses the game for them. Always pick something good and that works in you team.
For example if you do see a solo top fighter, as if he is willing to solo and play a jungler if one of your team hasn't already.

If someone hasn't picked a AP caster mid laner, then pick one and ask for mid lane, note that if a AD carry is going mid it may or may not go well for them
I once played Karthus mid against a AD Twitch and killed him several times,
he could just have been a noob, but I don't think so as he ganked the other lanes to well, but that may be because my team didn't respond to mia's

Guide Top


Now you may be asking,"Why should I listen to him?"
well I have a lot of experienceof NooB teams and weirdo team comps, that I hate, and people that get their jobs wrong and such
I'm not a pro and have had my bad days, but I have learnt a lot in the past 6 months and have learnt so much from pro guides and such, I can still say I'm not a pro by any means, but I'm willing to learn from them and teach others with this guide,
My name is Jimbo, from TheGopherGamming,
Please rate comment and do what the heck you want,
I'll see you next time


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