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Ornn Build Guide by Yuesefu

Jungle Yuesefu's New Runes Ornn Jungle Build

Jungle Yuesefu's New Runes Ornn Jungle Build

Updated on November 22, 2017
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Yuesefu Build Guide By Yuesefu 47 6 381,205 Views 5 Comments
47 6 381,205 Views 5 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Yuesefu Ornn Build Guide By Yuesefu Updated on November 22, 2017
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Font of Life
Iron Skin

Sudden Impact
Relentless Hunter


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


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Why Ornn?

What is up everybody! My name Is Yuesefu and I've been a jungle main since Season 5! My main now is Kayn and I've already made a guide for the updated runes for that! So if you haven't seen it here is the link for my Kayn guide:

So why Ornn you say? Since Ornn is a new champion there are little people who know how to play him. But since Ornn has a wide area knock-up and hard CC skills, plus add a new debuff called "Brittle" which lengthens its CC then you know that Ornn can be used as a jungler. Plus the new runes will surely give Ornn a boost!
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Since the new Runes are here, there have been many interesting changes to my gameplays. But really, that didn't hinder me to update this guide as soon as possible. So as a jungle Ornn I went for some tankiness and some decent amount of damage as well. Remember that Ornn will be a great jungler since he can buy items even when not in shop so he can pretty much gank almost intantly. So for my Key Rune, I chose Aftershock why you say? Because Ornn has impairing movement on almost every skill. So this will come handy with Volcanic Rupture, Searing Charge and Call of the Forge God. So that's that, next Font of Life comes in line. This is because of his skills as well. The 2 consecutive runes I mentioned Aftershock and Font of Life focuses well on his skills and ganks. Plus your allies will heal some health when you gank so Font of Life will decide the outcome of your ganks as well. Iron Skin will ensure you more survivability in the jungle and some of your ganks because it gives you armor, plus if you have a Health Potion you will get more Armor. Revitalize will increase the shield in your Bellows Breath plus it increases to 10% when you are low on health so you'll become even tankier. Well now we go to the Domination page. Sudden Impact will go well with your Searing Charge because you gain more Magic Pen. and Lethality so you'll have some damage to deal as well. Remember that you're a jungler and you need to deal some damage now just tank when you gank. Ornn is pretty slow so when he ganks and gets a kill, Relentless Hunter will provide you with more Movement Speed making you a lot more mobile. This will ensure that your future ganks will go faster and more efficient. So try to takedown many enemies as you can.
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I went Stalker's Blade - Runic Echoes because you need some damage with your Bellows Breath and the Chilling Smite is good for catching up to enemies. Infernal Mask also synergizes really well with Stalker's Blade - Runic Echoes because it lowers the enemies Magic Resist. The next few items will focus on more tanky stats. Thornmail will help Ornn bacause it not only gives you armor but reflects some of the damage so it will provide you with more survivability. Sunfire Aegis will help you with wave clear. Frozen Mallet will help your team because it slows the movement speed of enemies so you and your team can catch up. You can also substitute Frozen Mallet with Frozen Heart, Warmog's Armor or Gargoyle Stoneplate.
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Skill Sequence

So I max Bellows Breath first because the shield helps you with jungle clear and you become unstoppable for a short period of time. Not only that but it deals damage to a cone in front of Ornn so it is great at clearing camps. Then I alternately level up Volcanic Rupture and Searing Charge because they bot provide good damage and CC for my team. I level up Call of the Forge God whenever possible because it is a great ganking tool. So whenever ganking my skill order is R>Q>R>E>W. So I cast Call of the Forge God to the direction where my enemies are. Then I hit Volcanic Rupture to slow them and then recast Call of the Forge God to knock them up. I hit Searing Charge to the wall made by my Volcanic Rupture to knock then up again in the air giving my team lots of time to damage them. I cast Bellows Breath last because if my team has more CC (stuns,slows,roots or taunt) then the duration would be longer.
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So every jungler needs to take Smite to clear out jungle camps faster. I picked Flash second so that Ornn can position himself if he tries to gank or Flash can also be used as an escape tool.
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Pros / Cons

Ornn Pros and Cons:
-Tanky and has lots of CC
-New debuff called brittle which prolongs the duration of CC
-FREE RAM with his Ult
-Can detroy man-made terrain
-Can escape with his Searing Charge
-Can become immune to CC
-Can forge items and doesn't need to back to shop

-Relies mostly on brittle
-He can be tanky but if he gets pinned down then he's useless
-Useless if he misses Call of the Forge God
-Needs mana regeneration for spamming abilities

So Ornn is a great Vanguard champion but gets useless if your team doesn't back you up. So try to tell your team what you're gonna do before you engage. Try to engage with Call of the Forge God and re-cast it to the enemies direction. It can also be used as a zoning tool to predict your enemy's movements.
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Creeping / Jungling

So Ornn can start Blue Sentinel or Red Brambleback. Try to kite as much as possible. Also try to remember that he can buy items even when not in shop so use that at your advantage. Getting Stalker's Blade early is good for you since you need to look for possible ganks early on in the game. Try to buy your early items and then look for possible ganks in the Bot-lane, Mid-lane or Top-lane. If you see that the Bot-lane is empty then try a sneaky dragon take or try to go to the enemy jungle to counter-jungle them. Denying so much experience from the enemy team will provide your team with an advantage in gold and in experience so counter-jungle as much as possible but don't go too deep in enemy lines or it will end to your doom.
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Unique Skills

So we all know Ornn has a passive that lets him shop wherever he wants making him one of the greatest junglers in league based on my opinion. The fact that he can forge items without returning to shop is great because it will ensure maximum scaling during the early, mid and late games. Also, it's a great tool to keep on going in jungle, remember that other junglers tend to go back to upgrade their smite so they'd have an extra ganking tool. With Ornn, you can gank right away! This will ensure that your team can outscale the enemy team. This is not the only unique skill Ornn has, remember that you can UPGRADE your and your team's items too. Ornn is a real handy champion in the jungle because of these 2 passives. Also, an upgrade in an item will mean more outscaling potential for your team. You will provide additional stats for your team that the enemy team doesn't have. Unless they also have an Ornn but atleast you red this guide and you have more knowledge that the enemy Ornn.
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The Runes update really changed a lot of gameplay tactics for me. Some are negative while some are positive. After the update, I've been striving to find a build that will go gladly with my gameplay and this is what I came up. I just hoped to share this guide to all you people and hope that you'll have a better gameplay with Ornn. I hope this guide helped you and also:

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Yuesefu
Yuesefu Ornn Guide
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Yuesefu's New Runes Ornn Jungle Build

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