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Zed General Guide by HollowsxD

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author HollowsxD

Zed - Balance Is A Lie [In-Depth] [S3 Update]

HollowsxD Last updated on January 19, 2013
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Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Honor Guard

Defense: 9


Utility: 0

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Hi there summoners, I'm HollowsxD from SG/SEA/Garena server playing on normal PvP and this is my Zed guide, It was my very first guide here on Mobafire, and I appreciated all any feedback that you guys may provide. :)

After buying Zed, I find him really fun to play when you have master it and of course it will take time to master.

Here Zed spotlight from Riot itself.

Zed's Playstyle

" Zed" is a melee assassin. He relies on sending out Living Shadow that mimic his basic abilities, allow him to re-position mid-fight and quickly strike down his foes.

When expertly played, Zed can kill their opponents before they even know what hit them."

-Taken from Zed spotlight

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A Little Note

  • - This guide is not yet finish, you will find some grammar error, image and info error.
  • - Chapter with the symbol [X] mean that the chapter not yet finish.
  • - Check out every chapter not just the build as it a guide not a build.
  • - Give your suggestion about my guide, so I can improve it :)
  • Please up vote my guide if you think its good :)

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Pros and Cons

As all of the champion in League Of Legends, Zed also has his strengths and also weaknesses which can be used to change fight if you abuse his strengths and avoid his weaknesses.


+ Energy user
+ High damage nuke
+ Ultimate make you untargetable
+ A Multi-use skill
+ Spammable Shadow Slash
+ High damage mid/late game
+ He's a Ninja Assasin

- Focused in teamfight
- Takes time to master him
- Low damage early game
- No hard CC

I could not think other Zed cons, sorry :P

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Spells of the Shadow

Spells of the Shadow

space Flash is useful for closing the gap on enemies if ther running away or for your escape if Living Shadow is on cooldown. space

space Ignite is extremely good for securing the kills if you burst won't make it, It also can counter those who have Heal and champion like Vladimir, Dr. Mundo. space

Other Useful Spell

space Heal is useful for Zed early game due of his weak early game, replace it with Flash. space

space Ghost if you think you need more speed on Zed, replace with Flash. space

space Exhaust was nerfed in S3 but still viable, good for countering AS champions. space

space Teleport is also good if you want go ganking with walk all the way to there, and good if you have a hard time in lane and you need recall often. space

Just No !

space You not jungling aren't you ? So obviously no, its for your jungler unless you jungling. space

space Zed use energy bro, energy. So no need to use this. Seriously no no no no. space
space You going to play Zed as a assassin, so role is just burst down their carry then they don't have a chance to throw CC at you, savvy ? space

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Damned Masteries [X]

Zed's Masteries


21 / 9 / 0

Zed's Masteries - Why I pick them ?

My mastery setup is normal with by taking all physical damage in offensive tree because all your abilities scale on AD and none of them scale on AP. And taking armor, magic resist and health in the defensive tree for making Zed able to stand the early game aggression.

Offensive Tree

Summoner's Wrath because you take Ignite.

Brute Force gave flat AD, any amount of AD is good on Zed.

Butcher again make your last hitting easier.

Alacrity to make hitting easier.

Deadliness Makes Zed AD higher and will procs Living Shadow passive.

Weapon Expertise Zed mostly deal physical damage which is good againt armor stacker.

Vampirism For lane sustain.

Sunder Same as Weapon Expertise .

Executioner Combined with Zed's passive, Contempt for the Weak for an epic finisher.

Defensive Tree

Resistance good for pesky AP Caster.

Hardiness most melee champion will focus on you in teamfight, so a little armor is good.

Durability for Zed survivability in teamfight.

Veteran's Scars to counters early game aggression.

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Lost Runes [X]

Runes For Zed


Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Lethality

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Zed's Abilities + The Order + Combo

Zed's Abilities

Contempt For The Weak: This passive is really good, you gonna hit like truck on tank with this passive and also could be your finisher after your combo.

Remember that it also works for minions and monster, so you can jungle fast and also farm easier.

Tips and Tricks
  • Abuse it, nuff' said.

Razor Shuriken : This ability is your bread and butter, and your poke ability in lane, you can do over 1k damage with this skill late game.

You're going to want to max out Razor Shuriken first, no exception.

Tips and Tricks
  • You can force enemy use his Health Potion by just using Razor Shuriken.
  • Try to get a direct hit when poking to get the full damage.
  • Even they behind their minion, just keep poking, you can farm while doing damage to them.
  • Keep in mind that Razor Shuriken cost is quite high, so try to save it for your burst combo.

Living Shadow : This ability is the signature of Zed playstyle and a epic ability that can be used in many ways.

You're going to want to max out Living Shadow after Shadow Slash and before Razor Shuriken.

Tips and Tricks
  • Even your enemy underneath their turret, you can use this ability to poke your enemy without the fear of counter attack.
  • Living Shadow is good for chasing and also escaping, when combine with Flash you can get an huge gap closer/huge gap.
  • Living Shadow's shadow give vision of the area, take advantage of this.

Shadow Slash : This is your spamming skill and also the core of your combo, it always there for you.

You're going to want to max out Shadow Slash after Razor Shuriken and before Living Shadow.

Tips and Tricks
  • Remember that Shadow Slash have slow.
  • Combine with Living Shadow to make the slow higher.
  • Spam it, because it cooldown is pretty low.
  • Be careful though it could empty your energy.
  • Make farming easier.
  • Don't use it too much as it can overpush your lane.

Death Mark: Your ultimate makes you untargetable for 1 seconds which is just cool, you could burst them before they even burst you down.

It also mark the opponent and deal damage base on your AD and the damage your deal in 3 seconds before the mark will detonate, so right after using your Death Mark use all your ability.

Don't forget that it also spawns a shadow behind the target which made you have 3 shadows and have 3x damage of your abilities.

You're going to take it whenever possible.

Tips and Tricks
  • If focused, use your Death Mark to make you untargetable for a second.
  • You can just kill a carry with Death Mark alone if they have low HP.

Zed's Abilities Order

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

The Combo

Full Combo

  1. Use your ultimate, Death Mark on the enemy, mostly their carry.
  2. Right after it finished, spawns a Living Shadow behind your enemy or the way they will run.
  3. Press Shadow Slash to slow them down and also damage them.
  4. Throw Razor Shuriken in their way and now ulti will take effect.
  5. One hit them to procs your passive Contempt for the Weak and Ignite if needed.
  6. They probably die at the fourth steps lol.
  7. "An enemy has been slain" you got yourself a kill :D


Chase / Escape
  • When chasing, use Living Shadow in the way of enemy then Shadow Slash to slow them down and lastly tap again to change place with your shadow.
  • When escaping, use Living Shadow infront of your way then tap again to change position and lastly use Shadow Slash to slow them down.

Tips and Tricks
  • If your enemy is really low on hp, you could just finish them off by Razor Shuriken
  • When escaping with really low hp, make sure to tap Living Shadow again to make they can't hit you first.

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Deathly Items + Gameplay + Team Fight [X]

Zed's Items

Early game

Item Sequence

The Brutalizer
  • - Because Zed will mostly deal damage from spells.
  • - All the stats is useful or Zed

Teamfight is being update, check later :)

Mid game

Item Sequence

The Bloodthirster
  • - Well BT is now popular and viable for Zed
  • - Here come your big damage items, your combo insta kill squishies.

Teamfight is being update, check later :)

Late game

Item Sequence

Mercurial Scimitar

Ravenous Hydra
  • - Enemy start to stacking armor ? No problem
  • - Give decent AD and MR and also give us a epic active, yeeha
  • - More AD and your skill damage the surrounding :O

Teamfight is being update, check later :)

Situational Item


Item Sequence

Ninja Tabi

Boots of Swiftness
  • - I often take this instead of Ninja Tabi because of the tenacity.
  • - Lower their AD damage output, good.


Item Sequence

Sword of the Occult

Frozen Mallet

  • - Go for a couple of doran's if your laning phase was bad, then sell these for The Brutalizer
  • - Well you can get this if you snowballing really hard, but just no when you think you not snowballing.
  • - Give Zed a lot of HP which will make Zed survive longer in teamfight.


Item Sequence


Quicksilver Sash


Maw of Malmortius
  • - You need a good team to take the advantage of the passive.
  • - with the biggest armor on single item, this will make fed Tryndamere a funny guy.
  • - Buy early and upgrade to Mercurial Scimitar
  • - Buy early and upgrade to Maw of Malmortius
  • - Decent MR and a cool passive.


  • Try to use your combo on their carry, or support or the main damage of their team.
  • If Death Mark is on cooldown, try to Living Shadow to their carry then Shadow Slash and lastly throw Razor Shuriken.
  • If the carry die then you have success on your role, help your team to clear the fight.
  • Your role is an assassin, so take down their carry and flee if you think you can't handle the teamfight.

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Change Log

Guide's Change Log

Spoiler: Click to view

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The Result

Here the result of this build, you could give yours too. :)

*Don't mind the custom game, it just my bro trying Zed. :)

Guide Top

Summary + Credits

Thanks for reading the guide, please comment if there any spell error or you want throw a suggestion.

It takes time to make a guide like this, So I hope there no trollers to down vote without any comments, again thanks.

Also thanks to Jhoihoi for let me using the link divider and for guide making a guide lol.
I miss someone ? PM me or comment and I will ofcourse put your name in the credits.

Enjoy the guide :)



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