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Rex's Journey: Getting Carried To Gold

Creator: Re4XN July 30, 2015 3:59am
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May 31st, 2015
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Silver IV (81 LP)

I obviously played more games than these three by now, but most of them (4, to be precise) were promotion matches and don't really matter. I got placed in Silver IV, 0 LP. The first 2 games were a disaster and I lost them, though did not get demoted. I then won a game, lost the next one, then won 3 in a row (the ones above).

Game 1 ( Gangplank):

This was a complete cancer of a game: got camped super hard by Evelynn early game, resulting in 3 consecutive deaths on my behalf (though all of these occurred after disemboweling Teemo which, I must say, was a great satisfaction, since the matchup itself is a pain). Being camped was not my issue, however, the thing that **triggered** me the most was that Olaf neither counter-ganked nor seized opportunities to counter-jungle / gank the other side of the map, leading to Eve becoming pretty strong. Good news was that I was able to snipe Ezreal 3 times with Cannon Barrage, although that did not stop him from snowballing either.

Enter late game, random sh`t keeps happening, Evelynn manages to pick people off at random spots on the map (myself included), but at this point I am able to completely 100-0 her (and her team). Teamfights are a complete clown fiesta, no one knows what the hell is going on and I get absolutely no peel, dying rather easily. We win some fights here and there (barely), but nothing significant enough to push onwards.

This goes on and on, we win some, we lose some, until the timer hits 40 minutes and we decide to see if the enemy was doing Baron Nashor . No one is there apparently, and Blitzcrank uses his R to kill the Scuttle Crab. What I notice is that when he ulted, a silhouette of Evelynn appeared right on the edge!! I immediately place two Powder Kegs and blow her to bits! Lady Luck is smiling. We proceed to 5v4 the enemy (since their main damage dealer was gone) and steamroll their base to Victory!

Game 2 ( Sion):

Son of a gun enemy Top Laner picked Gangplank!!! Such daring! Being the GP main that I claim to be, I couldn't help but teach him a lesson, lol. Laning phase was as smooth as silk, I made some avoidable mistakes, but all-in-all I managed to play on Gangplank's weak points and completely obliterated him. My biggest mistake by far was not warding around 4-5 minutes in (I thought I could kill him and back off, but in the end I didn't have enough time), resulting in a successful Nidalee gank. I killed Gangplank as soon as I Teleported back and the next time Nidalee came, they both died, lol.

Zz'Rot Portal is placed down, Gangplank's Tier 1 tower is gone and I am free to roam everywhere! Mid lane gets ganked, bot lane gets ganked. People start dying like flies, all while GP is still trying to recover from the shock. Rather quick game that was an unavoidable Victory!

Game 3 ( Sion):

Very funny game, I must admit. Tahm Kench is definitely an annoying ars`, but he is also pretty immobile, so I decided to go 2x Doran's Ring to see what I could get out of it. Never managed to kill the guy on my own (I'll give him that, but when Tryndamere came, he almost always died), though poked him out of lane 3 or 4 times, making him miss a ****ton of farm. Got ganked a couple times but never died. Top Lane was pretty much secured as a won lane for me. Lux wasn't doing too well, she was trading kills with Katarina which was pretty bad. Bot lane was okay, neither Draven nor Miss Fortune got ahead of each other, they were farming for the most part.

The funny part of the game starts when Tahm Kench started copying my build. My first three items ( Zz'Rot Portal, Spirit Visage and Mercury's Treads) were also his exact first items. Most likely he got his own portal to counter my splitpush strategy (which, I must add, did not work) and the rest is probably coincidence, but it's still funny. Anyway, this was one of those rare games where the enemy had three AP champions, so I decided to cheese a bit and bought myself a Banner of Command, since the only person who could effectively kill the promoted minion was Draven. Worked pretty well, Portal and Promoted Cannon in one lane was very effective in splitting their team up, allowing us to take every, single, objective, uncontested!

Game went pretty one-sided for us for a while, since I managed to do an exemplary job at frontlining and peeling off that Katarina, managing to cancel her ult a few times. With all the MR I was building, Draven started to become a real issue, so I went for Randuin's Omen as a last item and it was a fantastic choice. Also tried out the new Knight's Vow, which I must say is ridiculous when coupled with either Miss Fortune's Bullet Time or Lux's Final Spark, lol. Speaking of those, our team comp was fantastic: one fight I managed to pull off a four-man knock-up and that was pretty much the end of it, since the enemy got destroyed! What ultimately won us the game though, was Katarina getting caught out in the open by my Flash > Unstoppable Onslaught. With their main damage dealer gone, it was a smooth journey to Victory!
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