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Garen Build ?

Creator: yup821 September 25, 2011 11:31am
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yup821's Forum Avatar
Sep 25th, 2011
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So, i'm a new comer...
i came from a forum full of trolls telling me wrong things and making me lose,
i would like to know if this is a good build:

Dorans Blade
Boots of speed
Dorans Blade X2
B.F sowrd
Boots of swiftness
Infinity Edge
Frozen Malet
Last Wishper
Doran's Blade x3 (300 health/30 ad/9% lifesteal) > The Brutalizer.
Youmuu's Ghostblade would have a place, because the CDR would make sense. I would need the CDR and the Youmuu's Ghostblade active. But it is an ATS build. Its not reliant on CDR, so there's simply no room for Youmuu's Ghostblade. Infinity Edge, Frozen Mallet, and Phantom Dancerare core to my build. Atma's Impaler can be swapped out for Force of Nature and Stark's Fervor can be swapped out for The Bloodthirster, but that's it. There's no way I would give up lifesteal.
As for the CDR, the initial Decisive Strike/ Judgment combo gets the job done early and mid game 9 times out of 10 with this build. By the time CDR would be an issue Im working on Phantom Dancer. There's no need for it. If you watch the videos you'll see that I have no issue with cooldowns. Even if you do have to cast twice, that's going to be right at the end of the fight. So what is that 10%/15% doing for you? Helping you cast a minimal amount faster. 10%/15% is nothing on skills that have short CDs to begin with."

I'm a level 12 nub, i started playing 3 weeks ago and i barely know anything about build,
People have been telling me :

1.AP garen is the best
2.get this:

doran shield
Boots of swift (Mercuries if you have CC)
Sun fire Cape
if you have AP casters ( Force of nature)
atmas implar
infinity edge
froze mallet

3.Garen needs to do spin to win in the middle of their team he must get tanky but he is off-tank with some ad with his OP shield

4.garen is the best with full tank , you need to get YOMMUS GHOST BLADE

What's true and what's not ?
sorry for the lame English i'm not an English speaker
yup821's Forum Avatar
Sep 25th, 2011
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No helpers?
maybe i should have opend it in an other section of the forum
Blowfeld's Forum Avatar
Jul 4th, 2011
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Never listen to trolls, telling you to build AP on Garen as his skills scale well with AD;

Garen can be played tanky or totally offensive as Courage is a nice "oh Sh*t" button.

About your build: You say it would be an attack speed build but I do not see much attack speed in it?! Please explain...

Can recommend Youmuu's Ghostblade because it gives you armor penetration (as most of your damage is of physical nature] and also grants you cooldown reduction. On cooldown based champs CDR is always a good thing so you can use your skills more often.
Frozen Mallet is a good item for him as it helps you staying close to your enemy and gives you some extra survivability.

Cannot recommend Sunfire Aegis as I believe there are better armor items out there because the bonus the extra gold grants you is just not worth it.

Hope this helps a little bit.

Check out some of the top rated Garen guides, read different opinions and built up your own.

Fox Rage wrote:
Blowfeld. Best Party Wrecker Worldwide.
BusDriver210's Forum Avatar
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Feb 28th, 2011
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I'm not a huge Garen player, but I do enjoy building him as Tanky-DPS. Try this if your having trouble and you might be able to snowball early.

With sunfire and you will provide strong AOE damage in fights. Crit works well with judgment, thats why I grab infinity edge. The problem with this build is that you'll need to farm. I take solo top because all those minions are yours!!! (If your lower than 30ty just play duo top lane and compete for farm)

You will be significantly tanky early game and start to bring the pain once you grab infinity edge. There are several ways to build garen, but I enjoy playing him as a Tanky role. Hope this helps in some way.
+Rep me if i'm useful!
Tsikinator's Forum Avatar
Aug 18th, 2011
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Hello fellow Garen summoner. As someone who mained Garen ( before my team needing me to go morgana mid -.- ) I can tell you that whatever you are looking for a successful Garen dps build is on Palthios' build, from which I assume you got the item order in your first post. Garen begins as an early game beast ( with a hard cc partner like Taric you score many kills ) and he curves off as late game approaches. Still, if you own early game, you become an incredible tanky dps with huge potential.
If you want, I am willing to send you some of my replays as Garen on TT ( of my earlier days, but still you will get alot of Garen stuff). Just pm me ;)

Best of luck in the fields of justice!
yup821's Forum Avatar
Sep 25th, 2011
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Thanks you , great forum , great community..
i'll stick with this place for a while [=

Tsikinator i would love that,

about tank garen, i have read here
the explnation why not to go tank garen, but AD garen...
(introduction part..)
looks pretty good to me?

thanks for the builds i will try them and decide...
i'm more of a "hard hitter" then a tank, if i would like to tank i would take a character that is meant to tank , and not something i will "build" into tanknig, my friend is taking annie up to 3500 Hp, doesn't mean he is a tank right?
but i will try

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