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Creator: Redfable September 5, 2011 9:20pm
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Feb 20th, 2011
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PsiGuard wrote:

I kinda wish sheen didn't build off a Sapphire crystal, a lot of manaless champs like Akali and Mordekaiser can really benefit from the passive but have absolutely no mana

C wat i did thar?

yes, this is the other downside of sheen, good job pointing this out.
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Jun 26th, 2011
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Xenasis wrote:

To two above posters -

Would be OP if it didn't.

We meant we'd rather change the base stats and have the component items be different. Neither of us meant we wanted to remove one of the components completely and make sheen super-cheap. It would be like dagger+sapphire crystal or amp tome + long sword or something. Some stats that wouldn't be completely unused on some champs. Not that it's a big deal, a little wasted mana or AP is hardly detrimental.
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Jan 14th, 2011
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Yeah, I know - but if it was, for example -

Sheen - 1.3k gold
+ 15 Damage
+ 20% AS
On Hit Effect

That would still make it super OP. The reason Mana and AP are on there is because the on hit is incredibly strong as it is. Champions like Lee Sin sometimes get it, even though he has no use for either of the stats. Imagine what it would be like with something else...

It would need to cost a LOT more, and if so, there's no point changing it.
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Feb 20th, 2011
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well I mean, there's clearly a theme going on with the "trinity" items:

Ruby Crystal (tier 1) + Long Sword => Phage + Giant's Belt (tier 2) = Frozen Mallet

Sapphire Crystal + Amplifying Tome (tier 1) => Sheen + Blasting Wand (tier 2) + Null-Magic Mantle = Lich Bane

Brawler's Gloves (tier 1) + Dagger => Zeal + Dagger + Cloak of Agility (tier 2) = Phantom Dancer

This set up probably made more sense when there weren't champions who could benefit from the effects of the trinity items but not necessarily the stats.
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