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[Community Spotlight] - Luther3000

Creator: Jovy February 22, 2015 8:51am
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Nov 18th, 2011
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MOBAFire's February Community Spotlight!
Hey all and welcome to MOBAFire's monthly Community Spotlight. In January, we interviewed koksei, one of the older scouts, and this month we're interviewing Luther3000. Luther's both one of the most active and oldest members of MOBAFire, having joined the site in 2011. He's known for his top rated Caitlyn guide, actively taking part in discussions relating to League and for being the most consistently active player in the MOBAFire EUW Inhouses. Without further ado, on to the questions!

1. You're known as one of the older members of MOBAFire, however your activity on MOBAFire has declined over the years. What's changed between now and 3 years ago, when you posted more actively and almost every day?

Well I don't post as much as I used to, but I'm still around reading practically everything. I think the main reason is that I realized it's generally not a great idea to post on topics when you have no idea what you're talking about, which is something I'm pretty sure I used to do a lot. These days I prefer to only post when I'm confident that I'm right, or when I'm making a joke. Since I don't really have much left to learn there's no reason for me to post asking questions or trying to start discussions either, and I also don't like to respond to people who I already know aren't going to listen because it's a waste of time. I started avoiding most off-topic threads because they tend to result in a bunch of people arguing about pointless **** annoyingly often.

What keeps me interested is mostly the people that I know here as well as helping people with stuff when I can, as well as playing in the inhouses. Plus I just have nothing better to do. : ^)

2. Have you made many friends here on MOBAFire? Who would you say are your closest friends from MOBAFire?

Sure, quite a few. I originally came to the forums looking to make friends (because the two I'd been playing with previously had quit) and lurked around without making an account in the matchmaking forum for a month or two. Once I finally gathered up the confidence to join the chat and start talking to people my first friends were Wintermond, PotatisFarfar, Xenasis and Yukimaru and we played together regularly for about 6 months. Most of them don't play much anymore and we don't really talk now.

I'd say my closest friends are Maw and Wayne because they're gr8 and are the two people that I talk to literally every day, but I'm also friends with Khazem and GMD and I used to be close friends with Mowen. There's a few other people I like and play with quite a lot but haven't really talked with outside of games.

I actually had Khazem and GMD staying here for a few days in 2013 and I hung out with Wayne, GMD and two of their friends at Gamescom in 2014 which was a lot of fun.

3. A lot of people know you because of your top rated Caitlyn guide. Seeing as that guide has seen so much success, do you ever plan on writing another one?

Ehhh, yes and no. I'd like to make more but I'm very lazy and it takes a lot of effort to write a guide and having the eternal responsibility of keeping them up to date is a real pain too. I've begun several guides over the last few years but so far I've never gotten past the build and introduction. Most recently I started a Lucian one in January but it's not really going anywhere fast, especially since he feels pretty weak on this patch and I'm not playing him that much anymore. Basically I'm the kind of person who'll procrastinate forever unless I have a deadline.

4. You're also known for being an ADC main for several seasons now. What pushed you into maining the role? Did you ever consider maining another role?

It's mostly because I was maining mid lane in the middle of season 2 and got tired of everyone else wanting to play it - two of my friends at the time also mained it and it seemed as if every single random player was trying to instalock it in champion select. I'd already mained AD for while in season 1 and in fact I wrote my original (****py) guide then, so I decided screw playing mid I'm going home. At the time I was playing a lot with Mowen, who liked support, so it was fun to play and I was able to force her to duo with me. Since then I've never seriously considered swapping.

Considering how long I've been playing, I'm sure that at some point in time I've mained or strongly considered maining every role in the game. When I first started playing I mostly played tanks like Shen or Cho'Gath and AP champions like Annie, Lux and Karthus in any lane. After Shen was nerfed and the meta began to take hold I moved on to playing AD, mostly Caitlyn and Ashe - at the time there were very few viable AD carries. I mained support, mostly playing Sona, for a while after season 1 ended. I got tired of being forced into it though and I didn't want to be typcast as a support player, as my perception at the time was that it took less skill than other roles and couldn't carry at all.

In season 2 I decided to play top lane, which was probably influenced by how popular Dyrus' stream was at the time. My favorite champion was Wriggle's Lantern Udyr, which I played so much that he's still in my top 5 most played champions today. I moved on to playing Vladimir in both solos and Karthus mid when the double AP Will of the Ancients meta kicked in and I played my first ranked games with Vladimir, eventually deciding I preferred mid. Like I said above, that didn't quite work out and I ended up going back to AD forever.

5. What do you love about playing ADC and what do you hate about it?
I love AD because it's the role that requires and rewards mechanics and positioning more than any other. Nothing feels better than completely outplaying someone or playing a teamfight perfectly, and dealing tons of damage is a lot more fun for me than being tanky.
💔 I hate dying instantly to assassins, missing last hits, and when I completely screw up mechanically or positionally and end up spaghetti-ing all over my keyboard.

6. Who is the best Marksman at the moment? Who's your favourite?

I think Kalista is the best (although Graves comes close) and right now she's also my favorite. Her passive is absurd and being able to secure objectives from over 1k health is pretty dumb. She's also very fun to play, especially when you get to run around murdering people 1v5 as they uselessly miss all of their skillshots because you're dashing every half second. It's completely balanced no need to change anything.

I mostly like to play whatever's strong but I'll always have a soft spot for Ezreal and Lucian, they're my most played champions by far. Despite my only guide being for Caitlyn, I don't actually play her that often these days because she's not all that fun or interesting compared to my other mains.

7. Who do you think is a better ADC than you on MOBAFire?
No one. :^) There are definitely a couple of people who are better than me mechanically. Probably anyone who's diamond and mains AD and anyone who's mid-high diamond but doesn't play AD would be equal or better than I am ingame, though I definitely think on a good day I can pass for diamond. That said, and this might sound somewhat egotistical, but when it comes to knowledge and understanding of the role I don't think anyone on the site is "better" than I am. There are a few people whose opinions I respect enough to seriously consider what they're saying, but I don't fully trust anyone but myself.

8. Why did you start playing League in the first place and what keeps you interested?
Back in late 2010 one of my old school friends convinced me to buy Minecraft, which I guess at the time was still pretty new. Turned out that I didn't like Minecraft, but whilst I was still trying to figure it out I looked around for videos and found a series called "X's Adventures in Minecraft" which I watched in its' entirety. A few months later he uploaded some footage of himself streaming League (, which was the first time I'd ever heard of the game. I thought it looked kind of ****, but since wikipedia said it was free to play and I had nothing better to do I figured why not. 4 years and hundreds of pounds later here we are.

I'm not really sure what keeps me interested. I think that League is pretty much the best game I've ever played in terms of how competitive it is, as well as the requirements and rewards for having good mechanics and team strategy. I do sometimes feel a little burned-out and less motivated to play, but it never really sticks and I still find the game really fun when I'm playing well (or just winning).

9. Which was your favourite season to play League of Legends in? Do you think you'll continue playing through season 5 and continue even in season 6?
Probably season 2 just because of Ezreal being absolutely ridiculous, IPL4 and meeting most of my current friends. A fair amount of that is probably nostalgia though because in all honesty the game is in a far better state today than it ever has been before. There were some pretty dumb things back then.

I expect to continue playing as long as I still have people to play with and haven't gotten bored of the game. I figure if I was going to get bored of it then I already would've done by now.

10. How many hours of league would you estimate you play in a week?

It varies a lot depending on how active I am and how active my friends are, but generally I like to play at least 2 or 3 games per day. So I guess that's around 9-14 hours on average.

11. What made you decide to get more into team ranked vs SoloQ last season?

I have anxiety and I don't like dealing with idiots. I don't even play normal games on my own because of that, and ranked is much more intimidating because it actually "matters". I can just about get over it if I'm duoing with the right person but even then I feel like I tend to play considerably worse because of nerves.

Plus, team ranked is a lot more fun because you don't have to deal with most of the issues of solo queue and get to (potentially) enjoy the game on a whole different level with things like team compositions, strategy, rotations and communication.

12. Do you plan on playing much SoloQ this season and if so how do you plan to grind through that? Any recommendations you can give to fellow ADC mains trying to grind through the lower ranks?

I don't really have any plans for this season, so probably not unless I magically find some confidence and motivation plus a good support main who I enjoy duoing with and doesn't mind dealing with my ****. At this rate I'm thinking I'll be lucky if I make it back to platinum.

Pick Graves (or Kalista if you feel confident with it) and duo queue. If you both have decent mechanics you can practically 2v5 most games in silver.

13. Having participated in the inhouses so much, what's your opinion on the other players you play with and against? Are there any notable players?

Generally the games are pretty decent in terms of communication and it's rare that there's any issues with people, so I guess it's overall very positive. Some notable players for me:
  • Wayne - He tends to pick a wide variety of different champions and roles in inhouses. He's very consistent and one of the most communicative players.
  • Disturbed Fox - He rarely joins Teamspeak but he's strong mechanically and often becomes a big threat in games since he generally plays assassins. Fun to lane against.
  • Khazem - He doesn't play much anymore but deserves a mention after how much he's helped with inhouses. Like Wayne he tends to pick a lot of different champions and roles and still does well. Also he's 10/10 hillarious to listen to on Teamspeak.
  • Joxuu - Ban Teemo and don't let him use Paint.
  • Mejeje - Plays the most random things possible and seems to usually end up doing well anyway. I've seen him get fed with AP Gangplank and one shot me with on-hit TF. He once played support Tristana and went 15/0.
  • MissMaw - Doesn't play very often anymore but she was almost certainly the strongest support player in inhouses. She still gets a lot of Thresh/Morgana/Leona bans when she does play.
  • Vapora - Mechanically he's a very strong player and tends to dominate games if he's allowed to play Talon. His weakness is that he often tries to make crazy aggressive plays and 1v5, which actually works out for him sometimes but other times loses his team the game - especially since he doesn't join Teamspeak so you often have no idea he's going in. He has a very solo queue style of play and it's possible to predict what he's going to do if you're thinking ahead.
  • LevasK - He's been playing in almost every game ever since he started on EUW, likes to play whatever role's open. Tends to pick weird junglers and plays Sion a lot.
  • FalseoGod - SalteoGod
  • Latest Legend - Holmesian detective skills, has a creepy fetish for Blitzcrank.
  • Lady Amelyne - Constantly declining invites.

14. Do you listen to music when playing? What's your favourite music genre?

Usually I do. I have my own playlist which I (eventually) add everything I like to. Mostly it's rock music and music from games, movies or series as well as music I happen to hear while watching streams. The full list is too long to post here (there's 640 tracks), so if you really want it I guess you can PM me. My favorite thing on it is probably the Cowboy Bebop soundtrack, which is amazing, every single song on it is great and it has a range of different styles to it.

15. Would you say League was your favourite game? If not, what's your favourite game/genre?

It's definitely my favorite multiplayer game but it's a little difficult to compare League with a single-player experience. I like most types of games but my favorites are RPGs, strategy games (especially turn-based 4x style) and anything with a solid story and characters. I've played way too many games to list everything great but here's some I really like (or used to like when I was younger) off the top of my head:
  • Final Fantasy VI / VII / IX
  • Chrono Trigger
  • Civilization V
  • Bioshock Infinite
  • Valkyria Chronicles
  • To The Moon
  • Mass Effect
  • Star Ocean 3
  • Kingdom Hearts
  • Dark Cloud/Chronicle
  • Fire Emblem
  • Knights of the Old Republic
  • Dragon Age: Origins

16. How did you get into video games?

I was too young at the time to remember exactly what prompted it, I'd guess that I was around 6 or 7 years old. Most likely I'd heard about it from other kids in my class and wanted to get in on the action. I remember going to a big electronics store and picking up a PS1 with a copy of Crash Bandicoot 2 on a special offer because the sales guy told me it was good. I didn't own my own TV at the time so I brought it into my parents bedroom and played on theirs. Pretty sure I was terrible at it but my mind was still blown.

Not long after I was looking for a new game and found a copy of Final Fantasy VII at a car-boot sale. My dad pointed it out to me because he thought the picture of Midgar on the back of the box was a spaceship and at the time I was completely obsessed with everything related to space (I guess I still sort of am). I loved the game, although the first time I played it I thought that the entire game consisted of the first reactor and after it exploded the game was over. I didn't actually finish the game until I came back to it as a teenager, and in fact I don't think I ever made it past disc 1 despite playing it a lot. I can remember buying every installment after that and how it felt to play them for the first time, though sadly somewhere along the line it turned into a slow spiral of disappointment.

17. And outside of all of that? What are your hobbies? Do you cook, read, watch any interesting movies? Design pokemon?

I don't have many interesting hobbies really. I do enjoy cooking but I don't do it very often because it's difficult to set everything up from scratch with a good recipe and quality ingredients, plus actually cooking it can be fairly hard as there's 4 people in my family, most of us have different tastes and the kitchen is very small. I used to read every single day when I was younger but I very rarely do it now; I'm not entirely sure why I stopped. My favorite author is probably Iain Banks. I don't watch many movies but every now and again I'll watch an old favorite or one that I've heard is exceptionally good.

Most of the time when I'm not playing League or other games I'm watching streams, and I'll watch a few episodes of whatever series/anime/thing I'm currently watching every day. Right now I'm watching Legend of Korra. I sometimes make ****ty paint drawings when the mood strikes me (including pokemon). Here's some samples of my amazing artwork:

18. Lastly, your first impression of each of the currently active vets.

I can't remember quite a few but I'll try my best. I'm going to be fairly honest, hopefully I don't offend anyone but uhh you asked for it.
  • Astrolia - Don't remember the first time I saw her posting, but the earliest thing I can recall is her burning jhoijhoi and other people in one of those big discussion threads where everybody ends up arguing. She seems pretty smart and funny.
  • Bryun - I mostly remember him because I used to read and use his Akali guide way back in season 1 thinking he knew what he was talking about. Now I know he's just some random idiot. :^)
  • caucheka - I can remember arguing with him a lot, probably pointlessly, when I first joined the site back when I actually commented on off-topic threads. He's still around but very rarely posts.
  • Embracing - I remember his old name but don't remember much about my impressions of him from back then, other than that he generally seemed to know what he was talking about. He randomly got added to our skype chat and he seems cool. It's a shame he's a DIRTY EUROPEAN PICKER who's RUINING our fantasy league.
  • emoriam - Don't know much about him. I mostly see him commenting in off-topic and giving feedback on guides. I guess he seems okay?
  • FalseoGod - Equal parts funny and rage-inducing.
  • IceCreamy - "He looks like a hair gel advert on legs."
  • Janitsu - Initially thought he was an annoying kid posting memes and trolling everywhere. I was basically right. :^)
  • jhoijhoi - I had mixed impressions of jhoi because although it was obvious that she really cares about the site and has done a lot of good things, it can sometimes feel like maybe that's gone to her head a little. My first interaction with her that I can remember was when she downvoted my guide for starting Q first instead of traps and we had something of an argument. Never really stopped being a little salty over that one.
  • Joxuu - He can be a little quiet sometimes but when he's not he's a really funny and awesome person. Also he's a paint god and I guess he's not bad at videogames.
  • Luther3000 - Great guy, really like him, 10/10.
  • Mejeje - Initial reaction was "yeah, I'm not even going to try to pronounce that". He can be a little too le random xD sometimes but he seems like a nice guy.
  • MissMaw - I can't remember the first time I saw her around, but the first time we interacted was right after she got promoted to Editor and I posted in her welcome thread. I thought she seemed pretty cool and said that she should come play on EUW. I was probably being slightly creepy about it, but it worked anyway and we ended up becoming the best of friends. c:
  • Mowen - My first impression of Mowen was her warning me because I told someone to pull the rod out of their *** and me basically calling her a nazi mod. Fortunately we got to know each other a lot better (and also I stopped flaming people).
  • Nighthawk - I can't remember our first encounter but I do remember playing with him on EUW occasionally even back in season 1. He's kinda weird. Also responsible for putting the "4" in "legendary 4v5 win".
  • OTGBionicArm - I originally knew him as "that crazy Viktor guy". He seems like a cool person and I usually enjoy interacting with him, but I get a little worried by how much he seems to let League get to him sometimes.
  • Searz - O boy. When I first came to the site I used to really look up to Searz and think he was a genius, and I followed his guide and advice on runes almost religiously. Sadly as time passed and he stopped playing I began to realize that he was pretty damn arrogant and had a nasty habit of being unnecessarily vicious towards anyone who disagreed with him.
  • The_Nameless_Bard - I can't recall interacting with her too often, but she's one of the more prolific posters on the site. She seems like generally a nice person, but she can be very defensive and negative at times.
  • Toshabi - I don't even.
  • Vapora Dark - I first encountered Vapora during a top lane discussion back when he was a low silver nooblord. He was convinced Warwick top was OP and beat Udyr in lane and I was maining Udyr and convinced he was wrong, so after the discussion went nowhere we played 1v1s and naturally I beat him because he sucks. As his Elo grew, his ego grew faster.
  • Vynertje - My first impression of Vynertje was when he joined the inhouse with Roselight for the first time. I thought he was very arrogant, particularly for someone who was only plat 4 or 5, something which irritated me at the time. It still shows in his posts sometimes, but what he says is usually very accurate.
  • Wayne3100 - 3100? What kind of ****py numbers are those? When I first noticed him in the chatroom he ended up watching GMD and I play 1v1 Renekton vs Udyr to decide who won the matchup. He seemed like a friendly and cool person and we began talking and playing often, including the legendary 4v5 win. I knew he'd become a mod after I was arguing with someone and he told us both to shut up and I knew he'd become an admin as soon as I saw the job posting.
  • PsiGuard - He's nice.

check out my MF guide!
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Sep 30th, 2012
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep February 22, 2015 9:01am | Report
Great read, loving the choice in music as the cowboy bebop soundtrack is really good, the opinion part of each of the veterans was a fun read as well.

I'm really liking these community spotlights, are we having one each month now?
If you found me helpful give me some +Rep :)
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Oct 27th, 2012
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IPodPulse wrote:
Great read, loving the choice in music as the cowboy bebop soundtrack is really good, the opinion part of each of the veterans was a fun read as well.

I'm really liking these community spotlights, are we having one each month now?
We try to :3

Speaking of which you can nominate people again soon, so make sure your keyboardhands are ready when the time comes!

Interesting interview, it is nice seeing a different format for spotlights every once in a while :3

Mejeje - Initial reaction was "yeah, I'm not even going to try to pronounce that". He can be a little too le random xD sometimes but he seems like a nice guy.

I can die happy now
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Oct 16th, 2011
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep February 22, 2015 9:16am | Report
Luther3000 wrote:
His weakness is that he often tries to make crazy aggressive plays and 1v5, which actually works out for him sometimes but other times loses his team the game - especially since he doesn't join Teamspeak so you often have no idea he's going in.


Nice interview though, I think it's probably my favourite so far. c:
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Apr 7th, 2012
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep February 22, 2015 9:21am | Report
Wowzers, you have some paint skills. I have some contacts that can get you into the pokemon business.

"A person giving you advice isn't perfect and has their own shortcomings but they may give you the piece that you're missing."
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Jan 17th, 2011
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep February 22, 2015 9:27am | Report
Nice interview though, I think it's probably my favourite so far. c:
This pretty much sums up my opinion of this one. It was super fun to read.
Latest Legend
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Dec 7th, 2012
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep February 22, 2015 10:08am | Report
Great interview, really like it, 10/10. I totally agree on the disappointment spiral with FF by the way.
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Jul 3rd, 2011
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep February 22, 2015 10:54am | Report

Janitsu - Initially thought he was an annoying kid posting memes and trolling everywhere. I was basically right. :^)

wow I am never participating in these again

Thanks to OwenTheAwesomer for the signature =)
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Jan 31st, 2014
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep February 22, 2015 11:33am | Report
I hate you mejeje

Jokes aside, interesting Spotlight, they're getting better and better.
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Sep 26th, 2011
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep February 22, 2015 1:04pm | Report

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