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[Community Spotlight] - Wayne

Creator: Jovy December 30, 2014 10:52am
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Nov 18th, 2011
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||| Hello all and welcome to MOBAFire's monthly Community Spotlight!

Last Community Spotlight we interviewed Mowen, one of MOBAFire's most loyal and committed members, and everyone's favourite admin. This month's interview will feature Wayne3100, everyone's... other favourite admin!

Wayne is one of the most recognized people here on the site, as he's been here for well over three years now. He started out just like everyone else but over the course of a couple of years he became one of MOBAFire's most prominent moderators, and as of recently, he's become one of MOBAFire's most prominent site administrators as well. But even before receiving the prestigious blue and red name, he'd gained a lot of recognition for all the helpful things he'd done around the site; constantly updating the database, reviewing guides and, of course, successfully almost finishing numerous guides before deleting them.

- Well, first things first. What actually got you into MOBAFire? Why did you register?

I used MOBAFire for a while before actually registering, mostly to look up guides. Shortly after Vayne was released I joined MOBAFire to write a guide for her, because I was unhappy with the Vayne guides that were on MOBAFire at that time.

- But you never actually published a guide, right? Why is that?

Right, so... Not long after I started working on the Vayne guide (I was only a couple of chapters in), jhoijhoi released a Vayne guide. Since I was still pretty new to the site back then and she was a well known member / Veteran, my initial response to this was basically "welp, I'm done". Not only was I worried I might not be able to compete, but I also felt like there was less of a need for me to write a guide because hers was a lot better than the ones I had been unhappy about. Eventually, I decided to keep working on my guide anyway, but my efforts diminished over time as I started playing Vayne less and as such became less convinced about the information I was sharing in my guide.

I remember there was a huge debate going on at the time in regards to which skill Vayne should max first (whether it was Q max, E max or W max), with all three of the options being represented on MOBAFire. Jhoijhoi's guide had Q max first, I was a fan of Q max at first but then switched to E max (before the base values of it were nerfed), and Dufftime was telling everybody that "if you aren't doing W max, you're definitely doing it wrong". Because I wasn't entirely sure on what was optimal at the time while wanting everything in my guide to be perfect, I got really discouraged and decided that it wasn't worth the effort.

- What happened to your other guide projects? Do you have a list? Can we ever expect to see a guide from you?

Honestly, it pretty much came down to the same thing with (almost) all of my other guide attempts. In some cases, you could argue that I probably shouldn't even have created a guide to begin with, because I simply didn't play the champion well enough to write a guide for him/her. I would create guides for these champions because I felt like the existing ones weren't good enough, but eventually I'd always run into something which I couldn't explain properly, like why I would rush one specific item instead of another, or which matchups were good/bad for the champion I was writing a guide for, etc..... Above all, I hate not being able to explain something properly and I'd say that is a pretty big reason for a lot of my guides to fail (as well as general laziness).

But yes, I do have a list of champions I created a guide for at some point (though I should note that for some I never got past the point of making a cheatsheet): Vayne, Galio, Sejuani, Zyra, Yorick, Lee Sin (solo top), Lulu, Jax, Cassiopeia, Kayle, Olaf, Sivir, Rengar, Trundle, Zilean, Graves, Elise, Lissandra, Wukong (jungle), Alistar, Lucian, Ziggs, Zac, Kennen and Kog'Maw.

As far as me ever publishing a guide goes, well... I've learned from past experiences that it's definitely a good idea for me not to promise to ever release a guide. I can say, however, that if I were to work on and then release a guide now, it'd be for Irelia.

I've also considered writing a general guide about (top) laning, which would teach players the basics of important lane mechanics (farming, trading) before talking about them a little more in depth and adding information on what I would say is more "high end stuff", such as minion wave manipulation (how to force a freeze in an advantageous position, often with the use of an opening script). However, I feel like most of the information that would be included in this guide has already been given out elsewhere, so I'm not sure how useful this resource would be. I'm also not sure how much interest there'd be for a guide like that in the first place.

- Think back to when you first registered to the website. What were your first impressions of the website?

My first impression of MOBAFire came to be before I joined, actually, because as I said I'd used it for guides. What I remember stood out to me back then - what I really liked - was just how in-depth MOBAFire guides were. I remember reading an Anivia guide a really long time ago and learning, for example, that if you use her wall on a Nunu & Willump while he is channeling his ultimate, Nunu is moved and his ultimate is interrupted. That may not seem like much, but back then it really blew my mind. It's those kind of details and small bits of information that I felt I could only find in MOBAFire guides, while on other guide sites it was more like "okay use this, do this and do that" without providing in-depth explanations.

- MOBAFire has a bad reputation for guides in the LoL community (when compared to other similar/rival sites), why do you think that is the case?

I think one of the biggest factors is the philosophy of MOBAFire: guides are made for everyone and made by everyone, regardless of level and rank, which at the same time means every guide vote on MOBAFire is also equal regardless of the person's level or rank. That is not to say I disagree with this idea, because I don't, but I do feel it is a factor when it comes to quality control as there will inevitably be more low rank players voting on a guide and influencing its score.

To be fair, there are other guide sites which work in a similar way, like LoLKing. However, the difference between MOBAFire and LoLKing is that LoLKing originally didn't have the guide-making feature. The site got recognition for their other services and then added the option to make a guide, when the LoL scene was already established and the site already had a good reputation. As MOBAFire was one of the first guide sites around, it attracted a great deal of players while the game was still new and the reputation was yet to be built. A lot of guides were made by inexperienced players because of this, which - not surprisingly - turned out to be pretty bad. However, they were upvoted by other early LoL players and then stayed at the top as new players kept coming to the site, not realising that the information displayed may not be optimal. Not until the changes to the scoring system on MOBAFire were applied did this really change, but by then MOBAFire already had its current reputation.

- How do you feel about the overall quality of MOBAFire guides, at the moment? Do you think that guide authors focus too much on the aesthetics of their guides as opposed to the content?

The quality of guides on MOBAFire, in my opinion, is pretty mixed. As far as top rated guides go, I think the top rated guides that are written for the more popular champions tend to be pretty good, whereas the guides for less popular champions (think Urgot, Zilean) tend to be of lesser quality. This is mainly because there's only a small amount of people that play that said champion, which automatically means there are also less players who are actually capable of writing a guide good for said champions or judge how good a specific guide for the champion is.

There are definitely a few guides on MOBAFire that might have to focus a little more on their content than on making everything look good, but overall I see it as a positive. We have the tools for people to work with if they want to make their guides aesthetically pleasing, and the possibilities of it are shown in multiple guides all over the site. It's obviously not great if that leads to other users upvoting based on the looks rather than on the content of the guide, but I would say that the fault lies with the voters in that case, not the author. I should also add that I feel that most top rated guides (or at least most guides for the popular champions) deserve their spot based on content alone.

- What do you think is MOBAFire's best feature?

Probably the guide editor, it's very extensive. I also like MOBAFire's coding system, you can see a lot of amazing things being done with BBCode in MOBAFire guides (as I just mentioned).

- And what are things you think MOBAFire could improve on? Say if Matt and Flash were to retire tomorrow and the mantel of "owner" fell to your shoulders, what would you change about MOBAFire?

Assuming that we're talking about MOBAFire only (remember, Matt & Flash have a lot more to work on than just that), one of the first things I'd add to MOBAFire is the ability to swap build orders, which unfortunately isn't possible yet (trust me though, we've nagged to the devs about this change specifically quite often).

Another thing I'd do is remove the scout system. The scout system was introduced when MOBAFire still had the issue of bad/outdated top rated guides being "stuck" at the top as a consequence of getting a lot of upvotes early which weren't decaying. The scouts' purpose was to highlight guides that were better than the top rated guides so that they'd eventually get enough recognition to take over the top rated spot. Because of the changes to the scoring system, however, I personally feel like this is no longer necessary as ratings fluctuate more and the responsibility of ensuring that top rated guides are actually the best ones out there has fallen back into the hands of the community as a whole. I also feel like a proper scouting system should include scouts being promoted based on activity and in game rank, which would go against MOBAFire's general philosophy and in that sense might be better suited for other websites.

- Throughout the time you've spent on MOBAFire, you've gone from a regular member to site administrator. Between those two, editor, scout, veteran and moderator, which would you say was your favourite rank and why?

The rank I like the best is definitely admin. The simple reason for this is that being an admin gives me the most tools to work with (by far) to help out the community. I can do everything that I'd be able to do in any of the other ranks and more.

If I'd have to name one of those ranks based on possibilities/responsibilities alone, however, I would definitely say Editor is my (second) favourite rank. When I was still relatively new to the site, I posted in the Database/Bug Report thread about incorrect champion statistics, champion ability descriptions, cooldowns and so forth (some of you may remember this). However, all I could do back then was post about it, and then I'd have to wait for it to get fixed.

Once I was given the Editor and Scout rank (both at the same time, when the ranks were first introduced), I could finally change all those things myself and it felt great. As an admin, I now also have the ability to change ability/item names, or add entirely new items, champions and skins to the database, which are all things that Editors are not able to do, making it an even more enjoyable experience for me. I would definitely say keeping the database updated and adding new stuff is (still) one of my favourite things to do on MOBAFire.

- Let's talk a little bit about your most recent promotion, and your new responsibilities. What are your tasks as an admin and do you think it is fun being one?

It's definitely fun. I really like being able to see the progress on bugs being fixed, for example, from the thread being made in the Support forums all the way to the fix being applied and mentioned in a Weekly Report.

As for the responsibilities, the way it basically works is that both Psiguard and I were given a number of specific things that we are responsible for as we were promoted. For example, some of my responsibilities are the database (shocker, I know) and Riot news, including my own patch summaries. On the flip side, most MOBAFire related news (such as the weekly reports) will be posted by Psiguard and he has put way more effort into helping some of the C9 members in terms of coding for their guides.

This doesn't mean that we never help each other with stuff that's not technically our own responsibility (in fact, this happens quite often), but we both have our own things which we can focus on.

- There aren't as many admins as there are vets and scouts; how do the admins work together on mobafire?

There are a couple of different ways we can communicate with each other and with the developers.

First of all, we have a bunch of different Skype groups: one for MOBAFire's treasures (Psiguard, Mowen and me), one with the three of us + the moderators, one with a big group of developers, etc.

On top of that, the three of us have a weekly meeting together with the community managers of the Spanish MOBAFire and DOTAFire, in which we talk about what we did during the week and which tasks/projects we'll be focusing on in the near future. I suppose the basic idea of this is for us to report back to Mowen, who is the link between us and the developers. If there is anything (urgent) we need help with / we need to bring to the attention of the devs, she'll be the one to tell them "hey, this needs to be done".

Aside from that, we also have a system called Asana in which we can create tasks and communicate about them to the devs directly. This, for example, is where the developers can find a current overview of bugs that need fixing, ordered by urgency.

- Do you think being an admin means you have to be serious all the time and always have to behave like a paragon?

This is an interesting question, because I definitely feel like it is hard to find a balance where I'm still being seen as a part of the community (rather than one of the "watch dogs") while also being taken seriously when I tell someone to calm down / stop posting in a thread altogether.

This only becomes more difficult to do when taking into account that new members might look differently at my posts, too. If I make a joke about Luther being stupid, everyone who knows that we are friends will understand that I'm not being serious. To a new member, it might just look like the admins on this website are *******s, which is obviously something I'd like to avoid.

Generally, I feel like I tend to be pretty serious in my posts on the website, whether it's when warning someone or simply when responding to a discussion. I feel like it might be easier for members to make the switch between user Wayne and admin Wayne this way, but at the same time I definitely realise that it might give some users the wrong impression of me, too.

- You were a League of Legends player long before you became a MOBAFire member; how did you get into League? What keeps you interested?

I started playing League in December 2010, because I was a friend's LAN party and he had heard about it from others. In my first game, I played as Heimerdinger (we played a custom game, three players versus three bots) and I absolutely hated it. My other two friends didn't like the champions they picked out either, but instead of dropping the game immediately we decided to give it one more try. This time, I picked Kassadin (while the two of them picked Ashe and Shen) and we all liked our champions. I've kept playing ever since, which I suppose I have my friends to blame for.

What keeps me interested in playing now (even as some of my real life friends have quit the game) is the desire to get better. I want to make a serious attempt to reach Diamond in Season 5 and am looking forward to improving my gameplay in some of the roles I feel I'm mediocre at right now (mid, jungle).

- Tell us a little about your ranked team, what is it like playing with them?

Hard to say, because at the moment we're slacking, haha. Some of us have been focusing on other games during the preseason, the others still play regularly but are more focused on improving their individual play or just having fun than on climbing together.

Generally though, I think playing in a team is great. There's something about working together, seeing a call transform into proper execution and winning a teamfight because of it which is pretty much unrivaled by any other emotion that I experience while playing LoL.

I also think our current roster (Wayne3100 Top, Oxide Jungle, GMD Mid, Luther AD and Joxuu on Support) is the strongest I've ever been in, so I'm looking forward to see how high we can climb together.

- Who is your favourite champion? Which champion do you hate the most?

Right now I enjoy playing Irelia the most (though I should note that Rek'Sai has also made me a lot more interested in jungling as of late), but my favorite champion of all time has to be Zac. I love champions that are tanky but also able to win their lane and contribute in teamfights and he is (or was) a prime example. I haven't really played him in a while, but there's a good chance I'll be giving him a swing again after the 4.21 buffs.

The champion I hate the most is Teemo (obviously), he's the one champ I said I'd never own, but.... If only I had known that I could contact Riot Support and have him removed >.<

- Do you watch many streams? If so, why, and who is your favourite League of Legends streamer and why?

I used to watch streams in order to learn by comparing my own play to the play of a streamer. Now, I still watch them regularly, to improve but also because I simply enjoy the personality of the streamer. As far as League streams go, I'm currently subscribed to S***bagKrepo and SickMotionLoL on Twitch, because both of them are great at giving in-depth commentary on their respective roles (support/top) while streaming.

- All right, the last of set of questions will be regarding the actual community. Firstly, what do you, overall, think about the MOBAFire community?

It should really come as no surprise to anyone that I quite like the MOBAFire community overall. I think a big misconception which "the outside world" has about MOBAFire is that the members are all inexperienced (or simply "garbage"). I think we actually have a pretty decently sized group of people who know what they're talking about and are generally very helpful to newer players, too.

In terms of personalities, there's a pretty interesting mix of people on the site (which is also why it's no surprise to me that there are arguments from time to time *cough*). Whether you're looking for overly friendly or rather rude, confident or insecure, serious or troll, we pretty much have it all.

I would lie if I said I loved every individual member of it, but it is still a big part of why I have become so active on the site and why I still enjoy my time here now.

- Who is the first member that helped you out on Mobafire?

I'm honestly not sure.

I know that jhoijhoi was the first I interacted with (after I commented on her guide), but I'd say the first one who actually helped me - possibly without knowing - was Psiguard. When I commented on his Malphite guide and asked him a general question about how good he thought Malphite was vs certain champions, he gave me a really in-depth answer and then added my question + his answer to it as a chapter to his guide (which jhoi suggested he should do). Even though I realise that he did that to share his knowledge in response to a question which I suppose others had asked, too, back then I saw it as a huge sign of respect and it was then that I realised that I wanted to become more active in this community.

- As requested by the veterans themselves, what is your first impression of each of the veterans?

I don't honestly know all of the veterans well (especially those who were promoted before me), so I'm afraid I'll have to limit this to those I can actually talk about. Keep in mind that the first impression doesn't have to match what I think about a person now, so don't worry if I say something negative :P

Bryun & Vapora: This might look like a pretty random combination, but I'm putting them together because for some Veterans my first impression was heavily influenced by a specific champion (and a guide which those Veterans wrote for said champions). Bryun and Vapora are two prime examples. The way I looked at these two in my early days was basically "Akali God" and "Talon God". I didn't know back then how truly horrible they were at the game :^)

Embracing: My first interaction with him must've been as a result of him asking for a review for his Renekton guide, back when he still had his old name on MOBAFire (do you guys remember what it was?). I remember he was one of the people who responded by saying "Thanks, I'll edit my guide soon", without specifying which parts of my feedback he agreed or disagreed with. That always worried me a lot because I assumed that meant it might not happen. I still to this day do not know how much he changed back then.

IceCreamy: Always smiling. ALWAYS. SMILING.

Janitsu: My first encounter with Janitsu was when he asked me to review his terminology guide. After leaving my feedback, he said something along the lines of "thanks, but I'll be busy with school so I won't be updating this for a while", despite the fact that one of our requirements for requesting a review back then was that the author would actually end up investing time to make changes based on our review. It's safe to say I was not impressed :(

jhoijhoi: I remember one of my first interactions with her being when I responded to her Vayne guide to give her feedback and an upvote. It was pretty much a wall of text without any use of BBCode. I feel bad for her looking back at that now :P Anyway, her response was very positive and she made a good first impression on me with it. The second thing I remember about her from my early days is that I regularly saw her provide feedback to newly introduced / updated features and I thought to myself "wow, she must be a pain to deal with for the admins" because of how thorough she was (even though it's obviously a good thing in the end).

Joxuu: One of the earliest memories I have is that I used to get annoyed about his ranked thread because I felt like he only posted games whenever he won them, lol. Either that or he just won too much. Anyway, once I actually got to know him I realised he's a cool guy with a pretty decent idea of how this game should be played, but I got to know him before he became more active in the community and my thoughts weren't all positive :x

Luther3000: One of the first times I joined the MOBAFire chatroom, Luther was hating on me for having a higher number in my name. Great first impression. After that, I remember him playing 1v1s vs GMD top because they had differing opinions on the Renekton - Udyr matchup, and we started to play games together more regularly. Once we won a legendary 4v5 game together, we basically became best buddies for life.

MissMaw: One of the first times she contacted me, she asked me whether I could make a signature for her. I was more than a little surprised at the request, but decided to give it a go. I remember I was pretty nervous because I had no experience making sigs whatsoever, but I put my best effort into finding a champion and skin she liked, which ended up being Deep Sea Kog'Maw . Then, using some amazingly basic GIMP effects, I created something which I think turned out to be surprisingly decent considering I had no idea what I was doing (result). I never grew to become a great sig artist, but still remember it was fun to be introduced to some of the basics this way.

Meiyjhe: Hmm, my first interaction with him was probably when I had to make a valentine signature for this kid (click!). It was quite beautiful. I remember that I used to be annoyed by Meiyjhe because I felt like he abused the :D smiley too much, but luckily he has become better at it over time.

Mowen: As some of you may have read about before in her interview, I used to think that she hated me. I'm not sure why. I don't think I had a great reason. I'm sorry.

Nameless: This may make me sound like an awful person, but I used to have no respect for members who gained their rep mainly by making signatures. I thought at the time that making a signature was nothing compared to reviewing a guide (mainly because of how much time it'd take me to do that), but after I actually tried it myself (see: MissMaw) and found that it takes a lot of time and effort to create something which actually looks good, my thoughts on that changed quite significantly. I've also had some interesting discussions about the game (and mentality in particular) with her since then, so I wouldn't say I still see her as "just a sig artist".

Nighthawk: I wasn't sure why he was so obsessed about the Vavena thing. I don't know, I thought it was weird.

PsiGuard: Based on my answer to the last question, it should come as no surprise that my first impression of PsiGuard was pretty good. I admired his way of responding to questions and (later) dealing with arguments. His guide for Alistar also helped me out a lot back when that was still one of my main supports, though I also remember thinking it was stupid to include a Trinity Force in the build.

Searz: Ruthless in arguments. Good at applying common logic to a situation, even better at pointing it out when others don't do the same thing. Shame he feels the need to take it too far at times.

Toshabi: My first impression of Toshabi honestly isn't really all that different to the way I look at his posts now. I could and can not understand why someone who I am told is a pretty nice guy in real life feels the need to put up an act on a forum and write elaborate stories in an attempt at entertaining other forum members. On the flip side, however, I feel like his contributions to discussions are pretty great whenever he's being serious.

Zeprido: Nice guy. I've always liked him.

- Lastly, we can't end the interview before asking the hard-hitting questions... Who do you love more, Luther or MissMaw? How hot are you for bryun? Why won't you get rid of those numbers in your name? When will you get a new avatar?

  • Romantically, I'm going to have to choose MissMaw (no offense bud). I probably know more about Luther as a person though, so I suppose we're "closer" in that sense. Boy, this really is a hard-hitting question...

  • How do I even respond to this o_o Eeeh, I guess you're a pretty solid 8/10?

  • I don't know, when are you getting new material for your jokes, Tosh? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    On a more serious note, I've explained before that I don't see an issue in using numbers in a name (though people should avoid stuff like 1337 or the year they were born in, imo). I used it at the time because I didn't want my email address to be first name + last name, and I've stuck to the tag ever since. Having said that, I wouldn't mind changing my MOBAFire name to simply "Wayne" or to my current IGN ("Sereth") either, especially because that second option would avoid confusion when I'm running EUW Community Cups. I just don't really see the need for it.

  • I have used some other avatars in the past (like this one and this one) and I've also made a thread asking for something new before, but I am pretty used to the one I have now. I'm still open for suggestions, but I see no need to change it any time soon (even if Uncharted 3 was the worst game of the series).

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Jul 3rd, 2011
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Great read!

Though you should've been impressed by the amount of time I had put on the terminology guide and later on on the wiki >:^(

I think it was back then when jhoijhoi (or I think it was jhoijhoi) who asked if she could use my guide as a source for the wiki page so I pretty much like felt there was no need for the guide anymore >:^)
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Oct 27th, 2012
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep December 30, 2014 11:13am | Report
Must... resist... spamming.... smily... faces...

(awesome interview btw)
Change is gooooood
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Mar 15th, 2013
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep December 30, 2014 11:47am | Report
Meiyjhe wrote:
Must... resist... spamming.... smily... faces...

(awesome interview btw)

I don't even feel like you're doing this

just these cat smileys ...
Thanks to Ubnoxius for this sig!
Vapora Dark
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Oct 16th, 2011
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep December 30, 2014 11:54am | Report
Meiyjhe wrote:
Must... resist... spamming.... smily... faces...

(awesome interview btw)

Meiyjhe's daily struggle

I could and can not understand why someone who I am told is a pretty nice guy in real life feels the need to put up an act on a forum and write elaborate stories in an attempt at entertaining other forum members.

I find him entertaining. :(
<Altruistic Artist>
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Sep 30th, 2012
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep December 30, 2014 12:42pm | Report
Really nice read, I specifically loved the first thoughts on the Veterans and the final questions, I had a good laugh from those.
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Aug 14th, 2011
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep December 30, 2014 12:43pm | Report
I am honored that your opinion on me is the shortest, yet the most funny :D
What is life without smiling honestly... couple of weeks ago I asked a girl out, she said no and I laughed about it haha :D


DuffTime wrote:
ok ok plz carry me omg
i was only waiting for you to ask

Temzilla wrote:
Too hot to be icecream.

Luther3000 wrote:
He looks like a hair gel advert on legs

Toshabi wrote:
Icecreamy, with hair as slick and smooth as the ocean waves of Cocobana
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Sep 30th, 2012
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep December 30, 2014 1:01pm | Report
IceCreamy wrote:
couple of weeks ago I asked a girl out, she said no and I laughed about it haha :D

*cries in corner after*
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Jan 17th, 2011
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Oddly enough, being seen as "just a sig maker" initially was better than I was expecting. xD
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Jun 24th, 2011
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep December 30, 2014 2:47pm | Report
Hey man I saw her first, not cool...

I'm still gonna take that as a win though.
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