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League of Legends (LoL) Question: Evelynn items

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    Evelynn items

    So, after changes to her, I want to know what's the most optimal build right now...Some go full ap others go hybrid. What are your thoughts?
  • Answers (5)

    Pluckin Penguin (117) | March 18, 2014 4:14pm
    The typical jungle item for Evelynn right now is the Spirit of the Elder Lizard. From this point, you have a lot of options.

    If you want some tankiness against a balanced team, then you should grab these: Warden's Mail + Negatron Cloak. If the enemy team is mostly magic damage, you also have the option to pick up an early Hexdrinker. In terms of defensive items in general on Evelynn, it is usually best to prioritize resistances over health because the shield from her ultimate provides her with a large amount of effective health.

    If you want some damage, then you should grab a Bilgewater Cutlass which you can upgrade into a Blade of the Ruined King whenever.

    So a late game build could look something like this:

    Spirit of the Elder Lizard + Mercury's Treads + Randuin's Omen + Banshee's Veil + Blade of the Ruined King + Maw of Malmortius
    utopus (313) | March 21, 2014 3:47pm
    PP's got it right. The best way to take advantage of that shield from her ult, is to build tanky with a little bit of damage
    Embracing (353) | March 20, 2014 6:24am
    The build is correct. Eve serves as a flank tank now, with her ult completely startling people in teamfights as she appears from some weird *** angle.

    Eve is extremely potent in playing against people's expectations.
    Nera (27) | March 19, 2014 3:03am
    Pretty much this. Ap Evelynn is still strong... but not as much, with this kind of tanky/ad build you can deal constant damage while being able to be offtank-ish. You still get focused alot though since people expect you to be ap and rather squishy. But then they notice you don't blow up like eve should!:D
    SLASHARR | September 30, 2014 1:41pm
    Hey guys!
    Im new here on MOBAFire, and it's a really good website for guides and help!

    I have played Evelynn recently, as i bought her last month or something. I am currently going jungle Evelynn. Ofcourse i start with Smite and Flash, go for a quick Spirit of the Elder Lizard, a Randuin's Omen, but after that i dont really know. Should i go for AP or AD, and what items? I have read all the posts here, but i get so confused! Please help?
    Dychronius (7) | March 20, 2014 7:40am
    The current style is either ad/tank or straight ap, but I think that ad/tank may be better.

    Of course, you could just go onto ultimate bravery and it'll probably give you a pretty viable build for eve.
    RottedApples (57) | March 18, 2014 12:30pm
    I personally prefer building tons of ap and a Lich Bane on eve. Personal preference is Spirit of the Spectral Wraith

    The build that surfaced recently is much more tanky. I have yet to try it out but as far as i know it is a Blade of the Ruined King into tons of tank items, someone can correct me if i'm wrong.
    utopus (313) | March 21, 2014 3:47pm
    That'd deal a lot of damage, but i don't think that'd easily prevent ev from getting melted in team fights.
    shooter | March 21, 2014 7:19am
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    Graypozo (10) | March 27, 2014 8:04pm
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