It has finally come to this moment, one entire year together with Mobafire, filled with all kinds of different events. Some of them were astonishing, some were just completely shocking & i’m happy about every single bit of it.

It all started back in January 5th of 2018. I was regularly playing League & using Mobafire as a mere tool to find quick information, this because at the time that’s all I thought the site was, I had no clue there was an entire community within it. It wasn’t until October 20th of 2018 where I first set out to write my own guide with the goal of having a guide that I can be proud of, is helpful towards others & shows my dedication towards wanting to write (since I love writing about anything). It was also because I wanted to write something about my favorite champions that I had in the game, I just didn’t know where, which is why I came to MobaFire. This happened after I discovered that there was a lot of other guides that was actually out there, apart from just the builds & fast information I was using before.

Of course, during my time of playing League I’ve had friends here & there that was a fan of League along with those that weren’t. When I explained to them that I wanted to write a guide for League, some were happy for me while the others had a great laugh (they were big fans of World of Warcraft ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ so anyone that played League was their worst enemy, although they were still great friends & of course I liked the guys). However, yeah I do admit that at the time, my statement of “writing a guide” was pretty bold & I really didn’t think it’d go that far anyways to be fair.

I started looking around on the site to see if there was a possibility for me to be able to use the coding that we now call “BBCoding” since I saw it being used in a lot of the other guides on the site. Later on after lurking through some peoples guides I managed to find one that fit that criteria, Making a Guide by Jhoijhoi, this was the perfect guide, I thought, maybe I can actually learn something from it. A few weeks later on November 4th of 2018, the first iteration of How to be a Purple Peach was published onto MobaFire.

A few months passed after that time, I dropped by the site a few times to make some updates to the guide but at the time I wasn’t even close to what you’d call a “dedicated author”. The guide received some views, comments & votes, and soon enough, I reached the milestone of 10.000 views! I started to pay a bit more attention to the guide at that point. I also decided to make another guide which was for Xayah that was started & published along with my
Kai'Sa one, since then Xayah is now currently my favorite ADC in the game.

I looked through the “Artist Corner” if there was a possibility to be able to find someone that could make some good banners for me since I needed some but didn’t know how to make them myself at the time. Soon enough I found a signature shop, made by Jovy who was a moderator at the time, never heard of her before. I then went on to make a quick post, asking if I could get a few banners, few days passed & I got a response. I saw the banners & they were absolutely gorgeous, exactly what I needed for my guides. I was really happy with them so I ended it off with just a “Thank you so much!”, before going back to my guides once more.

The banners were put into both guides along with some more coding & a really nice color theme for both that I discovered which really fit with the banners, or at least they did to me. More views came & the votes just kept on going up on both guides. Funnily enough, I realised that there is actually people that cares about wanting to read the dumb stuff that I write on my guides. One thing that was incredible which happened was the Season 9 Guide Contest, where I got an Honorable mention for my Kai'Sa guide out of nowhere. I was really happy to be able to participate in that contest.

Fast forward to January 8th 2019, the Xayah guide had around 160k views & the Kai'Sa one 140k views, and I promised myself to update them at least once a week, keeping new patches up to date. Along with that I also made a guide for Vi & one for Ahri, which started its journey on the site as well. On top of that I made myself my own Review Service where I wanted to dedicate time into being able to help other people with their guides.

Then, completely out of nowhere on August 13th of 2019, I got my Discord spammed (I was talking on the MobaFire discord, together with people the day before). The messages said: “Congrats on Vet”, “Wow you got vet?!”, “Good job reaching Veteran Fruxo!”. I was confused, was this just a simple april fools joke? This ain’t April, and of course it wasn’t a joke. I soon went onto the site & realised that I really was a Veteran, my name was green & I now had access to some other new things. I checked the thread where my promotion was which was made by PsiGuard, whom I did actually know for once, not like the face to face know him but we’ve talked from time to time. Long story short, the promotion text really touched me & I was so happy to be a Veteran of this divine site & community.

Later on I also got an email from MobaFire: Congratulations on winning an Honorable Mention in our Season 9 Midseason Guide Contest. Signed by Hades4u, no idea who that was to be fully honest, I mean now I do. Regardless of my ignorance when it comes to the annual guide contests & the sorry state of the guides I thought I’d never be able to win a prize with, How to be a Charm had managed to actually pull in a prize for once. I got my 50$ RP and I was already super pleased with what had just happened during those couple of days.

As of writing this, my Xayah guide has reached 240k views & 106 votes. The Kai'Sa guide made it to 205k views with 105 votes. The Ahri guide which was the guide with the smallest notice, had reached 42k views with 53 votes. My Vi guide, just broke 150k views & 100 votes, being my first ever guide to reach that amount in less than 5 months & I still want to make a few more guides. I finally reached above 100 reputation which to me is a really big achievement to be fully honest, I got a great review shop as well which I absolutely love. I’ve gotten my guides featured 3 times, with beautiful & lovable texts for all of them & today, I’ve said to myself that this community, this single site, is the place I want to stay in for a long time to come. Now, i’m a really dedicated author, wanting my guides to be updated & improved if possible as much as I can.

I’ll never forget the day I started on this site, the first Guide I ever read, Haunt The Jungle by PsiGuard, the guide that introduced me to everything, the Jungle, the role, what it can do, Nocturne (even though I don’t play him) and much more & it was the one that inspired me to make a guide of my own in the first place. I’ll never forget the people that helped me, the ones that has now made my guides into the beauty that they are.

All I have left to say is a big special thanks to some people that I adore &
that I really enjoy to talk with, those will be down below:
  • Maintained - For helping me all the time with guide advice & reviews, especially for my guide on Vi.
  • Janitsu - For making me the adorable Ahri profile picture that I absolutely love.
  • Chromuro - For wanting to spend his time helping me with coding when I needed it, also with another Ahri banner. <3
  • Wicked Cherry - For being one of my closest friends, thank you.
  • Katasandra - For wanting to help me with spelling errors & reviews when I needed some, can't believe you went through with that for me.
  • Silverman43 - Made me realise that anything is possible when it comes to guide making & playing the game, you're astonishing dude!
  • Jovy - For putting up with me continually asking for new banners, you’re amazing and I love everything you’ve made for me.
  • PsiGuard - No words can describe how breathtaking you are.
  • Mowen - Even though we haven’t talked that much, you’re a really kind soul and you’re really enjoyable to talk with when we do, so thank you so much for that!
  • Hades4u - You're wonderful, thanks for being you!

I also want to specifically thank all of the staffs of this site, every Administrator & every Moderator, you’re absolutely amazing in everything you’ve done for this site and I’m so happy to be a part of something you’ve all helped to create.

I do also want to thank you, whoever manages to read this random blog about some guy talking about his one year dedication to a site on the internet he first never knew was a thing. Whether you know me or not, I want to thank you for reading this. I thank you for taking any part of your time to read, it means a lot to me.

With all of that out of the way, I hope you’ll all have a marvelous day & let all the future years that comes on MobaFire be as prodigious as this one has been. (✿◠‿◠)