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Kai'Sa Build Guide by Fruxo

ADC ✔️ How to be a Purple Peach

ADC ✔️ How to be a Purple Peach

Updated on October 14, 2019
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Fruxo Build Guide By Fruxo 98 5 215,834 Views 17 Comments
98 5 215,834 Views 17 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Fruxo Kai'Sa Build Guide By Fruxo Updated on October 14, 2019
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Press the Attack
Legend: Bloodline
Coup de Grace

Magical Footwear
Biscuit Delivery

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


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Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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Hello Summoner! and welcome to my guide to Kai'Sa. Whether you are new to League of Legends or a knowledgeable veteran, if you have come to learn about Kai'Sa then you have come to the right place! I have poured all of the knowledge i’ve experienced over time and I always keep trying to put in some more.

I’ll be trying to keep this guide along with my other guides constantly updated over time with any changes that comes to Kai'Sa, and I'm always trying to make it look as visually tempting as I can to help with reading for you viewers out there. If you have any questions about the guide or about Kai'Sa in general, then feel free to ask in the discussion section and if you like the guide, giving this guide an up-vote or giving me a +Rep will help greatly.

My Fruxo02

My Summoner name is Smoking Bone and this is my hopefully detailed enough guide to one of my favorite ADCs ever in this game, Kai'Sa. I started playing League on the EU West server around the middle of Season 3 and very quickly became addicted to the game. Before League, I primarily played other games that fit my interests, however, League was my first ever experience with a MOBA, which is why I became addicted very heavily towards it.

Sadly I wasn’t playing the game during Season 1 or 2 so I have missed out on a lot of things that were in the game at that point, but during Season 3 is where I started to play and quickly fell in love with the game. I mainly played normals either alone or in most cases together with friends as I found that more enjoyable, it wasn’t until the start of Season 4 that I even bothered touching ranked.

When I started playing League I didn’t really play many champions and in most cases i’d just pick randoms so that I could learn new ones in hopes to find one I like. I started playing Kai'Sa at her release because she seemed very fun, I decided to buy her right as she was released because she got popular and I liked her Void theme that she had. That's where I instantly found a love for the champion. I used to be a good ol’ Ahri main because at the time I was either switching between Ahri or Vi, one for Mid and one for Jungle, both of them was equally as enjoyable to play. During the seasons after Season 4 I only really played for fun and it was mostly just to get a grasp of the game.

It wasn’t until Season 6 where I actually started to pick up ranked which is where I ended up at Silver 1, which to me seemed like a pretty bad elo to be in, however at the time I didn’t know that I was actually roughly as average as almost every other player in this game. During Season 7 is where I peaked Gold 3 though, which was a really big accomplishment for me at the time, and as of right now i’m mainly playing for fun in Gold, trying to push myself to new heights.

Many people think I'm an OTP or “one trick pony” because of the fact that I used to only play Ahri, and yes that is pretty true, I mostly only play Ahri, but it's actually not the case. Other champions that I can play to an identical, or to an average standard are definitely Kai'Sa but it's also Xayah, Vi, Irelia and Lux.

So that's a bit of my background and who I am, now it's time for you to dig deep into the treasure of knowledge I have poured into this guide. Good luck, and I hope you find something useful!

You may be asking the question "why should I even trust this guide?" and yes, that's a completely reasonable statement. While I don't really have all that much to back up my words, I've been Gold every Season since Season 5 where I peaked Gold 3 during the time I was playing a lot during that season, and yet i’m still trying to reach new heights myself to get further with one of the champions that I love the most. I've been playing Kai'Sa since her release with almost all of my games with just her or Xayah. That makes one whole year of Kai'Sa experience from her release all the way to where we are right now. So even though i'm pretty low in a ranked state, I still hope i'm able to help you in some way!

Now you might be wondering, why should I even bother playing Kai'Sa in the first place? And that's fine. There's a few champions that's hard for her to beat as she's very squishy during the early game and doesn't really ramp up that much until later stages of the game. But there's also a few that she can beat easily as long as they doesn't have heavy CC Supports like Braum for example. This alone is going to make the early game much harder because you can't really poke all to much because of your low range. There's always going to be champions that either Kai'Sa can easily win against, or that counters her, but that's still what makes the game enjoyable.

Kai'Sa's main weakness though is her early-game as it's one of her main weakpoints that can be abused. If you aren't able to get a good early game, because you either got ganked or killed in lane, then your Mid- and Late-game is going to be much harder because you won't have all that many items. During the Late game is where she shines the best though, but she needs to be able to farm well Early to get to that point.

Like said, Kai'Sa's late-game is very strong as she can easily kill opponents when she's grouped with her team, siege towers as well as splitpush. She can also engage / disengage thanks to her Killer Instinct from a really long distance as long as she has some sort of Plasma stack on the opponent already. Her Icathian Rain + the passive does a lot of damage and she can really burst down targets at any given moment. Void Seeker is also one of the most enjoyable abilities for sniping down targets from afar. I think these factors alone is good enough to make up for her early-game weakness, which in itself isn't actually all that weak.

But above all, the biggest reason to play Kai'Sa is because she's such a fun champion, and she'll always be.

+ Very Strong Snowball
+ Hybrid Ratios on Q, W and R
+ High Scaling
+ Really Good Engage / Escape
+ High Mobility
+ Good Duelist
+ Amazing Shield Throughout the Game
Kai'Sa is able to dash in-and out from combat thanks to her Killer Instinct which gives her a lot of different options. She can also peel for herself with her shields coming from her ultimate. This alone makes her a great carry champion during all phases of the game.

One of the biggest weaknesses when playing Kai'Sa is if she gets a bad early game, because of the fact that she isn't able to get her items in time for important events like an objective or teamfights. It'll also be harder to be able to carry if you're facing a lot of hard CC as most of the times they'll be focusing you first during teamfights.
- Doesn't have any CC in her kit
- Very weak against CC
- Needs Good Positioning
- Low Attack Range
- R won't deal any damage
- Learning to use her E properly can be hard
- Mediocre when behind

FLASH: This is a great spell if you're in deep trouble and in need of a fast way to get out of it. Like for example, the enemy Jungler is about to gank your lane and you have to avoid dying to the enemy team.
HEAL: This spell is one of your most important spells in almost all kinds of matchups. It's awesome to have when you're really low or your Support is about to die, then you can use your Heal in order to save them or yourself.
BARRIER: You can use this spell if you're Support already has Heal. It's great because it gives you a shield so that you can survive in case of emergencies. While your Support can heal you if you need it (like Yuumi or Soraka for a few examples).

Press the Attack is as of this patch, one of the best runes for Kai'Sa. This because of the extra burst potential especially after you proc the rune. It really makes Kai'Sa a very dangerous treat as having this rune together with her Second Skin passove will be able to make it so that you can burst down opponents super fast. After the proc of the rune it'll also make opponents easier to kill, both by you and your team.

Triumph is extremely good for you as it's basically health in itself. Everytime you kill an enemy champion you'll get some missing health back, this is great because it gives you the ability to survive trades when you're going aggressive as long as you get the kill. It does also give some gold after takedowns which is good for getting your items a bit faster.

Legend: Bloodline is great because life steal is really beneficial when playing Marksmen . It can also really help you out in a lot of different situations as long as you can stack it up to max throughout the game in order to make use of it to it's fullest potential.

Coup de Grace is also a great option for one reason. It gives you a lot more damage as you burst down low health targets which is great to have during teamfights. But it also synergizes well with your Killer Instinct as you can use your ultimate to engage onto enemies and burst them down faster thanks to this rune.

Magical Footwear: This rune is a great secondary option because it'll help you to be able to use your gold on getting other items instead of worrying about boots. Picking this rune is essentially free gold in itself, the only downside is that you have to wait 12 minutes in order to achieve it, and you can't buy any boots before that. However, the time does get reduced whenever you get takedowns so that's really nice.

Biscuit Delivery: This rune will help you a lot with giving sustain in lane as it's especially good to have for heavy poke or rough matchups like for example Draven and Braum.

These runes are really great to take because it gives you more attack speed and damage while you're in lane. The armor is also really handy because you're playing against other AD champions, if they aren't APC because then you'll be exchanging this rune shard for Magic Resist instead, otherwise always the armor rune shard.

Second Skin

Kai'Sa's basic attacks, Void Seeker and nearby allies immobilizing effects mark enemies with Plasma for 4 seconds, stacking up to 4 times. At 4 Plasma stacks, Kai'Sa's next attack ruptures the target, dealing damage based on target's missing health as bonus magic damage, capped at 400 against monsters.

My Thoughts
Kai'Sa's passive is Second Skin which allows you to do some bonus damage on hit and also allows you to upgrade your abilities. This bonus damage on hit is magic damage and it does scale with your ability power and your plasma stack so it does have the potential of doing a lot of damage.

After you get four plasma stacks on the enemy champion, the fifth attack will rupture this into a bunch of damage based on the target's missing health and your ability power. That means you want to attack the enemy champion as much as you can with your abilities and your auto attacks to get those plasma's on the target quickly so that you can proc a bunch of extra damage, which can sometimes lead to executing your target.

Now as said this passive also lets you upgrade your abilities, this is based on your stats from your items and your stat growth so you need to be getting your core items as quickly as possible so you can upgrade your abilities and become even stronger.

Icathian Rain

Kai'Sa shoots a swarm of missiles that seek out nearby targets. Non-minions take 30% damage from missiles beyond their first.

LIVING WEAPON: Requires 100 bonus attack damage – Icathian Rain fires 10 missiles and deals 100% increased damage against minions below 35% health.

My Thoughts
This is one of your main sources of damage outside of your auto attacks and passive. Because it's your main damage ability, you'll be maxing it first for that exact reason. It's a great ability otherwise but you can't really control where the rain hits other than just standing near your target/targets.

This ability gets much stronger when you upgrade it because the bonus AD and AP Ratio goes through the roof, it'll also release even more missiles which is great for being able to do a lot more damage.

So of course this is a great ability for single target damage because it'll do a big chunk of damage onto that target, and it's also great for last hitting minons, you'll therefore want to use it to harrass the enemy champion as much as you can in the laning phase, and to last hit minions. You can do this by first auto attacking your opponent and then releasing your missiles in order to hit as many as possible, while also being able to use this if you don't have the time to last hit minions.

Void Seeker

Kai'Sa shoots a long range missile, marking enemies with her passive, stopping at the first enemy hit, and applying 2 Plasma stacks.

LIVING WEAPON: Requires 100 ability power – Void Seeker applies 3 Plasma and refunds 50% of the cooldown against enemy champions.

My Thoughts
this ability is great for you because it has a really long range, does some nice damage and reveals the target as well. This does have a 3.000 range, 150% AD ratio and a 60% AP ratio which gives you some really nice damage from a very long distance.

The ability does also apply Plasma stacks so it's great to get off that passive damage really really quickly. Since this ability does apply plasma it's great when combo'd with your Killer Instinct to engage from a very long distance. You can't actually use your ultimate unless there is a champion that is affected by plasma so this is a great way to do it.

Another way you can use this ability to it's fullest to make sure that it hits a target is when an opponent is CC'd. This can either be from a Thresh hook, that way you can easily hit your W along with extra damage to burst that target down as fast as possible.


Kai'Sa briefly increases her movement speed, then increases her attack speed.

LIVING WEAPON: Requires 100% bonus attack speed - Supercharge is upgraded to briefly grant Invisibility when charging.

My Thoughts
This ability in particular is amazing, just beautiful because it gives you some increased mobility and attack speed. It's great because you can easily dodge spells like a Blitzcrank in order to reposition with your Support to get a kill instead depending if they have CC or not.

Your basic attacks will also reduce the cooldown of Supercharge which means you can use it rather often as long as you're able to auto attack all the time.

When you use this ability properly you'll be a lot harder to keep track of because of the invisibility, it's almost gonna be like keeping track of Vayne's Tumble when she has her ultimate, except you can't use it quite as often. Either way it's a great way to reposition yourself in duels, trades or in teamfights so that the enemy team won't be able to lock you down and delete you.

Killer Instinct

Kai'Sa dashes to a target location near an enemy champion with Plasma and shields herself for 3 seconds on cast.

My Thoughts
This is the ability which allows you to dash onto any target to burst them down, but it also gets you a free shield while doing so. Now this shield is actually pretty damn strong because it's gonna give you some nice extra durability in duels and teamfights.

The better part of the ability however is the fact that you can dash onto a target location near an enemy that was recently affected by your plasma, this does have a a scaling target range so it's great to combo this with your Void Seeker. This because if you land it from a long distance you can jump in from a pretty long range.

Of course if you're in the middle of a teamfight, you can always use this to reposition onto squishier targets to try and get them out of the game to put the teamfight into your favor. But it can also be to just get that amazing shield so that you can survive the fight.

> > >

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

> >
First you'll be maxing Icathian Rain out of your basic abilities as it deals a ton of damage and it's your main source of damage out of all your abilities. Second you'll max Supercharge for more attack speed so you can increase your DPS and maximize your damage potential. Lastly max your Void Seeker for the increased damage from long range and of course take those points on your Killer Instinct whenever it's possible.

Doran's Blade is one of the two items you'll be going when playing Kai'Sa. If you're going for a really aggressive lane, then this item is the way to go. It'll give you a decent amount of AD, Health but also Life steal, which is enough to sustain you in lane as well. It's usually against a matchup that should be significally easy for you to win, that way together with this item you'll do way more damage in the early game. Buying this item, will only leave a spot for one Health Potion and that's it, if you play safe, then just having one potion will be enough.

This item is the other option you can go, mostly used if you are facing a matchup that is really agressive and you need to go more defensive, also a really good item if you have a Support that isn't usually very aggressive either, like Lulu or Soraka etc. Doran's Shield is great for giving you sustain in lane so that you can survive until your first item spikes which will make it very great for laning and/or poking if it's possible. You'll not have the same poking damage as if you went with Doran's Blade but going Doran's Shield is great against matchups like Draven where he wins most trades.

Health Potions is a really good item for you, as a ranged ADC, you'll always be in danger every single time by the enemy teams ADC because they'll try to poke you down. Health Potions will give you the necessary health needed in order to survive and maybe get a really clutch kill in the end that you got from just being lucky, and that you can be proud of. It'll also make it easier for your Support if you're able to go in for trades whenever they do.

Stealth Wards is and will always be your first -starting- totem. You'll get this item together with your Doran's Blade or Doran's Shield together with the number one Health Potion at the very start of the game. This totem will let you place down wards all around the map, it can stock 2 wards. Try to use your Stealth Wards to place wards all around the botlane bushes, (that's if your Support hasn't done so already). That way you'll always be aware when the enemy teams Jungler is preparing to gank you.

Control Wards is really useful for you to be able to keep an eye out in bushes that the Jungler tends to go into in order to prepare a gank. It has five hits before it goes down and it'll show any hidden enemy wards while being in the bush. You can stock two Control Wards at a time of every buy in order to deny as much vision as possible.

You usually tend to buy Farsight Alteration when you enter the late game. Farsight Alteration is really useful to be able to ward places like the Baron pit, Dragon pit or bushes where the enemy team might go into along with other useful places. It has one use before going on cooldown and it has only one hit before going down so it's useful to place it around bushes as it's gonna take time before an enemy will spot it, giving you a lot of vision.

Pretty self-explanatory, you buy Elixir of Wrath lastly once you have maximum items and you're going for an AD build. it gives you 30 AD and a buff that'll heal you whenever you deal physical damage to a champion, will only last for 3 minutes so make sure to use it to it's fullest.

Also pretty self-explanatory, you buy Elixir of Sorcery lastly once you have maximum items and you're going for an AP build. It gives you 50 AP, some mana regeneration, and a buff that'll let you do 25 bonus true damage to an enemy champion or turret which'll last for 3 minutes. So make use of that!

Manamune has actually become a really good first item at the minute on Kai'Sa. It gives you AD and Mana which is good to have in the early game. However, the main important part about this item is that you'll get more AD the more maximum mana that you have, and since Kai'Sa actually doesn't use all that much, it's going to be a lot. It's also so much cheaper than the Infinity Edge and Stormrazor rush, which makes it a great starting item as you can still deal tons of damage with it. Plus, once it transforms into Muramana it becomes even better.

Pretty standard boots for ADCs. Gives you attack speed and movementspeed. In some cases you can substitute for Ninja Tabi if the team comp is really heavy on AD, but in my opinion this is more important for your DPS, especially in the early stages.

Very strong item on Kai'Sa after the changes to her on-hit passive. Allows you to get a lot of on-hit damage and it can also evolve your Supercharge really fast. It's a great item because you can get even more attack speed out of it. Kai'Sa becomes really strong with attack speed, so this item is a must have second.[/color]

I really like Nashor's Tooth because it gives you a ton of attack speed which is great for Kai'Sa. But it also gives you the AP needed to evolve Void Seeker. Because you'll be going for an AP build, then this is one of the best third items for you when it comes to attack speed.

Rabadon's Deathcap is a really good item overall but takes some time to build. It's great to go on Kai'Sa as a 4th item because it's just raw AP and it's really good to have during teamfights, and it'll help you be able to put out the damage needed during those fights.

Really good item for giving you the last bit of AP in your build and because Kai'Sa is a champion that scales both off AD and AP, this item becomes really useful. It's also able to give you an item active that can really help in teamfights if you're really getting focused a whole ton. It does also give you some AD protection as the Seeker's Armguard is built into the item to give you some armor against those pesky annoying Assassin champions like Zed.

This item is really good on Kai'Sa, as it's relatively cheap (2600g), gives her lot's of attack speed and overall increases your DPS a good amount since you are throwing 3 autos instead of 1. Also it gives you more damage, and the Crit chance is always great to have. Great item when you're going for an AD build as it's almost like a Nashor's Tooth because you get the evolved Void Seeker. Only difference is that it's for an AD build and not AP.

Infinity Edge is a good item to pick up 5th after Runaan's Hurricane when you're going for AD. You'll get AD and Crit Chance which is really good to have during fights, and it'll help you the most with getting the AD damage that you need, much like Rabadon's Deathcap.

Instead of going for a Zhonya's Hourglass like the AP build, you'll be going for Guardian Angel as it helps a lot especially if you're getting focused down in fights which in most cases happens all the time. It'll save you from death and revive you to fight again once more which is great as you need to stay alive for your team, after that it'll go back on cooldown though. Really helpful if you are insecure whether you'll die or not during a teamfight and it's a better choice then others because it also gives you AD.

Bloodthirster is a good item that you can pick up if you desperatively need some sort of lifesteal. It's a really good item to build if you're going for an AD build and you're against a team comp that doesn't have that many grievous wounds that can ruin the lifesteal for you, like for example Morellonomicon. The bloody shield from this item is also really good to have during fights.

Really decent item in my opinion. It gives you a one time use which'll remove all crowd control debuffs from you and it'll give you 50% movement speed for 1 second, then it'll go back on cooldown. Could be a complete life saver in a teamfight if you got hit by a stun in the start of the teamfight and you need a way to get out so that you won't get locked down and killed instead, your Mercurial Scimitar is there to be able to possibly save the day for you.

Beautiful item if the enemy team has a lot of AP in which you need some sort of magic resist although it isn't a lot, however, the extra damage and CDR that you get is really useful to have. Great to build in your AD Build if you need the Magic Resist and still need some damage to stay relevant throughout the game.

Banshee's Veil is the second magic resist option that you'll have. It gives more magic resist to you then for example Maw of Malmortius would. However, it's a great Magic Resist item to pick up if you're going for an AP Build and you really need it. The extra CDR is also great for you.

Void Staff is good against team comps that are stacking a lot of magic resist and it works well with your AP build. Instead of building the Zhonya's Hourglass you can build this item to ignore their magic resist while also giving you more AP for your build.

This is another good substitute for your AD Build if you don't need a Guardian Angel yet, and you want the Attack speed + Crit chance from this item. The lifeline passive is also quite handy to have. However, it's really situational so in most cases, Guardian Angel will be a much better option unless you're really ahead. Only build this if you know you can snowball the game with it.

In teamfights Kai'Sa should stay back and not be in the frontline, she needs to be in the backline or she'll get focused and may die early on, and we don't want that.
While being in the backline she should use her Void Seeker for the sneaky hit on the enemy ADC or even Jungler. After that when you see the best opportunity then use your Killer Instinct to dash towards the enemy teams ADC and quickly burst them down with your Icathian Rain. You can then use your Supercharge to dodge any possible treats that may come towards you.
Having a Mercurial Scimitar in a situation like this would be great since you'll have an insta mess up if you manage to get stunned somehow. By this time your team should hopefully have taken down the Jungler + Midlaner. Leaving only the Toplaner and the Support left since you took down their ADC very early on. If you managed to take down the Support too then that'll just secure the win or a Baron completely.
Guardian Angel would also be a great item for teamfights like these if you're very insecure about whether or not you'll die early on when trying to take down their carry or just to stick with your team.

To be blunt right of the bat, Kai'Sa's early game isn't anything special and can also be seen as her weakpoint. Her strength is in her ability to punish miss positions and isolation, in the early game there won't be that many opportunities for Kai'Sa to be able to capitalize on.
Kai'Sa is no exception to the universal ADC laning rules which is that you should never give up lane and always be ready to put up a fight. To recap on these rules, you should be looking to gain the level 2 powerspike and using it to gain some sort of advantage. Do this by putting a level on her Icathian Rain at level 1 to gain a quick edge in the minion wave push, but don't push too far in or else they'll be at the turret by the time you hit level 2.
Pushing the wave unintentionally is going to be a large reason you need to be careful using her Icathian Rain all early game long, also actively look to avoid unfavorable trades because if you're aggressed on you should quicky evaluate if you can return some damage back. Even if you're on low HP, putting some damage onto enemies puts them at risk of your Jungler to gank. Because you're playing Kai'Sa you'll have a pretty good follow-up to that as well.

In an ideal trade scenario you would want to land your Void Seeker to apply the plasma debuff and deal damage, the reveal effect of the spell also negates any bush advantage that your target will have. Follow-up with your Supercharge and attempt to reposition yourself to be able to use your Icathian Rain effectively and to dodge some skillshots. You'll want to be close enough to chain auto attacks with the buff as well.

The final part of the most ideal trade would be to use your Icathian Rain and land all of your missiles onto one target. You should be looking to farm up to get yourself ready for the Mid and Late game since most of your power will come in those stages of the game, when you have more items and your abilities are evolved. Don't just roll over in the Early game, you are fully capable of following up on good plays made by your Support with your abilities. You'll have to play a bunch of games with Kai'Sa to be able to learn her flow and to be able to apply all of your prior ADC knowledge to make the learning curve seemless.

After the Early game and when Kai'Sa has a few items she starts to become very deadly because of her ability to find isolated targets inside lanes and assasinate them. This means that you'll need to actively find fights where you can win, because you can force them. In these isolated fights it's very key to use your abilities in a particular way.

Your Icathian Rain should be used so that most of the missiles will hit one target. The Void Seeker should be ideally used to initiate and your Supercharge should be used to dodge abilities and to reposition. Of course you want to use your Killer Instinct so that you actually take advantage of the shield and possibly the mobility to dodge a spell as well.

Late game usually starts when the Marksmen can 4 shot people, Tank s never ever dies even though everyone is hitting them. and the Support becomes a heavy CC maniac. This is basically when champions has around 4-5 full items. This is the time when teamfights starts to break out all the time no matter where you are.
When both teams are grouped up, Kai'Sa doesn't lose a beam. Her passive and reliable damage allows her to shred trough any target she chooses to hit. She also has all the mobility in the world with her Supercharge and Killer Instinct. With these abilities you can outplay atleast two enemy spells which is usually all you need before you finish them off.
This being said, don't be that trigger-happy just because you can, you still need to follow the general ADC rules of hitting the closest target to you. The big difference that Kai'Sa has is that she has the option to go in whenever she wants, she's just like any other ADC in most regards. Players with the Killer Instinct (no pun intended), could take over games because she has an engage.

Once you're a little bit ahead in the game noone's safe at any range. So you must be ready to get into close range at any given moment. Your damage comes from a barrage of auto attacks and your Icathian Rain. Your passive is guaranteed to surprise you with just how much damage it actually provides you on that fifth hit, so prioritize procing that at all times.

Remember that the key to having this type of Mid and Late game is to be able to farm very well early on.

First things first, kiting is moving in between your auto attacks to keep distance from your opponent. This can also be called Stutter stepping or Blocking, but we'll call it Kiting for short. Every champion has a delay in which they can auto attack, during this time it's very efficient to keep on walking because you can't auto attack anyways and it keeps distance from the enemy player. While this can be used to create distance between you and your opponent it can also be used to stick onto someone while trying to deal damage.

For example if you're chasing someone and you want to be able to deal damage to be able to kill him, it might be better to fit in some auto attacks while you're chasing your opponent which is way more effecient and it'll have a higher chance of not letting him get away. This because the more time you waste, the more time your opponent is going to have to get away.

There is a spot during your auto attack animation that is not necessary to dealing damage as part of the animation is called the rewind animation, it's the ending animation of your auto attack. This is where your character sets up for the next upcoming Auto attack animation. It has to reset back to it's original attack animation state. So, you can use that little bit of time to walk away from your opponent while still dealing damage in the meantime.

The basic kite is that you auto attack and while the rewind animation is going, you proceed to walk away from your opponent. For an example lets say a random melee champion like Riven is going very aggressive on to you, you want to be able to deal damage to her while not letting her get close to you. You auto attack her and while the animation is about to rewind, you walk away from Riven to keep distance from her but also to be able to avoid her specific abilities. After that you'll start over again, so you continue to auto attack and move away from Riven until she either dies, or she catches up to you so you die instead.

The time you have to walk away is something you'll have to get used to, sometimes you got more movement speed so you can keep your distance by just taking one step, or you got less movement speed so it'll take longer for you when moving. Practice tool is something that is the best way in order to train on how to kite, just put in a dummy and train your auto attacks and movement onto it. It's only practice, practice and more practice in order to become better with it.

Fighting is one of the most important skills of any Marksmen in the ADC role to practice, because this is one of the core-mechanics of the role. Keeping distance from a bruiser that tries to chase you happens all the time, and being prepared for that is the key to winning the game for your team.

Before we go into anything else, I'm going to try to list and explain all possible Kai'Sa combos that i've experienced over time. However, if you want to skip this section then you can click Here to get to the Tips & Tricks section instead.

In this combo section, AA stands for auto attack and Q, W, E, and R are abilities and shows with icons. mW is Melee Void Seeker from a short distance like right next to someone and rQ is ranged Void Seeker from a long distance like hitting someone from afar. mR is Melee Killer Instinct from a short distance to get a fast shield and rR is ranged Killer Instinct from a long distance to catch up with someone, or engaging a fight.

NOTE: You'll always be able to fit in an Auto Attack in the beginning as well as the end of every combo that you do in order to effeciently proc your passive all the time.

ANOTHER NOTE: If this long list of combos confuses you, then just focus on the first combo from each variation as well as the full combo + chasing combo until you master them and get a hang of how Kai'Sa works, then you can move onto the rest.

Combo #1

AA > > m > AA

Combo #2

AA > > > AA

Combo #3

AA > > m > AA

Kai'Sa is able to move or cast another ability during the animation of her Icathian Rain. Kai'Sa's Icathian Rain determines the targets that'll be hit at the spot that it's casted. Therefore, Icathian Rain + Killer Instinct or Icathian Rain + Flash will still damage your current surrounding targets.

Combo #1

AA > m > > AA

Combo #2

AA > m > > AA

Combo #3

AA > m > > AA

You can cast an ability during the start of your Void Seeker's channel in order to shave off it's casting time. As long as you Flash or use any other ability before Void Seeker's channel ends. While using Flash you can also change the trajectory of Void Seeker towards your target.

Combo #1

AA > m > r > > AA

Combo #2

AA > m > > m > AA

Your Killer Instinct is technically an instant cast so even if you're in the super speed animation, the next skill can already be casted. By using Killer Instinct + Void Seeker, you'll guarantee that the Void Seeker will land on the desired target.

Combo #1
NOTE: Start with an AA to proc your first passive stack, which is also linked to your Killer Instinct's usage. Cast your Void Seeker, then use your Killer Instinct at the end of the channel of your Void Seeker. Use your Icathian Rain during the super speed animation of Killer Instinct to start dealing damage ASAP, follow up with your Supercharge to reposition yourself. End it all off with an AA to proc your passive.
AA > m > m > > > AA

Combo #2
Full Combo
NOTE: The highest amount of damage that you can put out at once.

AA > > AA > m > AA > > AA > m > AA

Combo #3
NOTE: This is a great combo when you're trying to catch up with someone running away. Start by casting your Void Seeker and once it hits, you'll use your Killer Instinct so that you can easily get to them in order to burst them down.

r > r

Your Icathian Rain doesn't reset your auto attack, so you can use it and auto attack at the same time.

Whenever you're trading[/color], or when an enemy ADC is walking up to CS/color], walk up a bit and Q+auto them. Do the same for enemy Supports walking too close as well.
To poke enemies off guard, use your Icathian Rain or auto to kill the minions and then quickly Void Seeker after it dies.

Whenever an enemy gets CC'd, it's the perfect time to use your Void Seeker for a free shot.

When you are walking back to lane and a minion is about to die under your turret, use your Void Seeker to snipe it. You can also use Void Seeker over walls for vision and use Q+auto for a free poke.
Remember that your Void Seeker applies 2 passive stacks, so if you already have 3 of them on the target, then hit your Void Seeker and it'll proc your passive. Try to use your Void Seeker from time to time in order to check the Baron pit if you're at Top side as well as the Dragon Pit incase the enemy team is doing it and you don't have any vision there yet. Always try to use your Void Seeker in bushes whenever you think enemies are hiding there before you walk near it. You can also stop enemies trying to recall with your Void Seeker as well.

If an enemy recently used Summon Aery, you can follow it when it's going back and then use your Void Seeker for a really free poke. Try to save your Supercharge for dodging skillshots, chasing enemies, or when you're trying to juke. To juke with Supercharge's invisibility, you can pretend you are walking straight, and when you cast Supercharge, you walk the other way while you are invisible. This way you can quickly reposition yourself without the enemy team noticing.

When you use Flash during invisibility, enemies can't tell which direction you flashed until your invisibility is over, great for escaping fights you don't want to get caught in. The sneak attack move you have is to use Supercharge when you're out of vision, then cast Icathian Rain + AA + Void Seeker. Since your auto attacks reduces the cooldown of your Supercharge, it's a good idea to auto attack as much as possible while kiting to be able to use Supercharge as soon as you have it up again.

Before you use Killer Instinct into a risky situation, make sure you have your Supercharge so you can reposition or disengage if needs be. Keep in mind that you can use your Killer Instinct to dodge skillshots as well and not just Supercharge. Having a lot of CC on your team is really helpful because you can immediately turn a fight around by ulting in from afar without having to land your Void Seeker first.

If you leash and you think the enemy team is cheesing tri-bush, you can move to lane from the Krugs instead to avoid dying or having to waste a spell thanks to the cheese. Try to always save your Heal until the last second, that way you don't risk wasting any health and you can also surprise your enemies in order to get a clutch kill if needs be. If the Rift Scuttler is up after pushing a wave, you can take it really quick if the next wave is taking a while to get to lane.

Infernal Drake
Infernal Drake is by far the best drake because of it's strong power boost. If you see the chance, then contest for the dragon at all cost. In the early game the increased damage from the buff won't do much, but the Infernal Drake 's late game power is massive, especially together with Aspect of The Dragon .

Ocean Drake
Ocean Drake is very strong during the laning phase, it'll make it even harder for poke lanes, forcing the enemy team to spend much more mana then usually and could prevent potential ganks from happening.

Mountain Drake
Mountain Drake is really strong during the late game, and it'll make it much easier to take down the Baron for your team if needs be. Mountain Drake will also help out and make it easier whenever you are pushing down turrets.

Cloud Drake
Cloud Drake will be useful for both teams, the leading team can both create pressure, split push, or rotate around the map faster for positioning, while teams that are behind can still use it to expand vision, respond to split pushing, or position defensively.

Elder Drake
The Elder Dragon 's buff, called Aspect of The Dragon will boost all other dragon buffs for your team, meaning the more drakes you have, the more effective this buff will be.

So to end it off shortly, there are four types of dragons, when you kill them it'll give a permanent Dragon buff as well as a Dragon stack which can be stacked up depending on the drakes you kill of the same sort, which'll grant different effects based on the dragon that you have killed. Elder Dragon however, will only grant a temporary buff called Aspect of The Dragon . Elder Dragon 's after the first one on the same team will grant the buff called Empowered Aspect of The Dragon instead, which is twice as strong, and lasts longer.

Best way to take any type of drake during a game is to either sneak it if your wave is pushed and the enemy botlane hasn't gotten back to lane yet. Or if the enemy team's jungler is dead you may be able to see a chance to take drake out with your Support and your Jungler .

Baron Nashor is the most powerful neutral monster in the game. Killing Baron will grant a buff called Hand of Baron . Best way to take out Baron is when your team manages to get an Ace on the enemy team, or if you are trying to force it, although forcing it could go wrong because your Jungler might miss Smite etc. and you could lose it, so it's a very risky choice but if it works out it'll be a very valuable asset to your team.

Hand of Baron lasts for a maximum of 3 minutes so take advantage of that early on to take objectives or to get a few kills here and there before you lose it. The buff massively increases attack damage and ability power but it also has an aura that affects nearby minions in order to make them very strong. As well as a recall time decrease.

Never try to solo Baron since most of the times it won't work, the only times you can really solo a Baron is only if there is a really fed Master Yi, Nasus or other related champions with either massive tankiness, outrageous attack speed or massive damage capabilities which doesn't happen very often. So, if you want to take Baron because you've seen a great opportunity to do so, then tell your whole team since it's significally easier to take it if you'e five or four people instead of one or two. If you or your team knows that you're able to get Baron for free, then set up someone to be able to splitpush another lane and take use of the Hand of Baron buff so that you can manage to both get the Baron buff, but also to make a massive dent into the enemy teams base while they're putting all their focus down in the Baron pit.

As said, taking down the Baron with a full team of either five or four is really simple, especially if there is a Tank or Bruiser etc. that'll be able to take most of the damage.

It has been a blast making this guide and i've enjoyed it completely, and I hope you've had a good time reading it too! I also hope that you've been able to learn atleast something new from one of my most favorite ADCs out there!

If you enjoyed the guide like I mentioned before, an Up-vote will always help me greatly, but if you don't agree with something i've mentioned or you feel like you're confused about something then don't hesitate to leave a Comment down in the Discussion section or PM me about it! I try to respond whenever I can.


Continue to have fun out there in the rift, and I hope you'll be as successful with Kai'Sa as I have been! :)

First a big thanks to YOU ! Writing guides is meaningless without a reader.

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