There are several ways through the jungle this season. So far on any mana based junglers I've tried the smoothest place to start for a full clear is Blue Buff. If you go Blue - Gromp - Wolves, this usually lets you put two points in a damage ability which increases the efficiency of taking Raptors especially if you have any AoE to your clear.

So the entire clear looks like Blue Smite > Gromp > Wolves > Raptors > Red Smite > Krugs. Look to gank. If I break the route anywhere it is usually to skip Krugs, which can take quite a while for many junglers to finish. If my gank is successful I can just head back to Krugs for some additional gold an XP before backing for my first item purchase.

I haven't figured out a smooth route in reverse 1) because going to Krugs really isn't an efficient option and generally speaking if you go Red > Wolves > Blue your Smite isn't back up for blue so you will have burned through a ton of resources to take those camps down basically requiring you to chance scuttle crab to give Blue buff time to give you some mana back while you heal up from scuttle, but that can be sketchy if you met the enemy jungle an they are healthier than you, so care for that.

But that is the route in the other direction.

Red > Wolves > Blue > Scuttle Crab. Look to Gank.

Three junglers I've used primarily so far this season.

Hecarim - Should come out of a full clear from Blue side at about 3/4 health counting two shots from Refillable Potion. This should leave you with enough health for a gank if something on the map looks juicy. You can Top off on Scuttle Crab if you feel comfortable about your chances should you run into their jungler in the river. Hecarim's clear goes up a notch once he gets Sheen and then it basically goes to another level when he finishes Trinity Force.

Diana - I know she isn't considered Top Tier as a jungler, but her clear is super healthy if she starts with Blue. And if they don't itemize verses AP you will destroy their team. If I'm playing ADC and they have a fed Diana, I'm pretty much forced into buying a Maw of Malmortius if I want to have any chance of staying alive in a team fight.

Warwick - is a slow *** jungler if you don't run Attack Speed Quints along with Attack Speed Marks. However, having your ult up early and often is huge so I've been running scaling CDR Quints and glyphs with Spirit Visage as my only source of CDR outside of runes. I like using Warwick when their team is squishy and highly mobile. Warwick's ult negates the mobility. I find that if my team starts to fall behind in laning phase I can bring it back with some key ganks after hitting 6th and then keeping priority targets pinned down long enough for my team to follow-up come Mid game. Smarter teams will buy Quicksilver Sash and while it breaks the suppression it does not stop the damage from Warwick's ult.

Honorable mentions:

Vi is also a good choice though she seems to get banned more often than Hecarim.

Shyvana also feels strong though I feel like you need to have a good early game to keep it from going to late game where she struggles to have the same sort of impact. So farm, farm, farm to get your items and then look to to take over the Mid game so you don't have to deal with late game.