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Tristana Build Guide by StriveHD79

ADC ✔️[10.18] 1v9 Low Elo Stomper|Diamond Guide|All Matchups

ADC ✔️[10.18] 1v9 Low Elo Stomper|Diamond Guide|All Matchups

Updated on September 19, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author StriveHD79 Build Guide By StriveHD79 42 4 149,896 Views 3 Comments
42 4 149,896 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author StriveHD79 Tristana Build Guide By StriveHD79 Updated on September 19, 2020
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Press the Attack
Legend: Bloodline
Coup de Grace

Magical Footwear
Biscuit Delivery

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

✔️[10.18] 1v9 Low Elo Stomper|Diamond Guide|All Matchups

By StriveHD79

Strong Level 2 All-In
High Burst Damage
High Mobility
Great at snowballing
Great at 1v1s
Highest Attack Range at level 18

Tristana has a one of the strongest level 2 all in, in the entire game. Her W ability does incredible damage in the early levels, not only this, if you manage to land on your target, they will be slowed , so that even if they flash away, they will not be able to get away. Combine this with her E ability at level 2, she wins against almost everyone. Pair her up with an engage support like Nautilus, Leona and you can run the enemies down. This is why she can even be played in the solo lanes, due to her excellent mobility W ability that covers 2.2 flash distance.

- Low Attack Range Early to Mid Game
- Has Unwinnable Matchups
- Hard To Comeback
- Requires Strong Knowledge
- Single Target Focus
- High Skill Ceiling Due to Mobility Usage

Tristana may seem easy at first, but the more you play, you will realise the depth of Tristana. Whilst she is great at 1v1, she has certain matchups that are extremely unfavourable, like playing against Draven who will outdamage you, has higher burst, even if you hit and land everything you will not be able to kill him when he has his axes up and running. Or Caitlyn, who out ranges you for the majority of the game length. Who will undoubtedly bully you until you cry. Tristana also requires high game knowledge, such as abilities tracking, map checking before every fight so that you know if you can jump into a fight or just to stay back and hit the enemy tanks, and fight front to back.

Why Tristana ?

Well firstly, I think Tristana is extremely fun, her carry potential is unparalleled, especially when you are the better player, it will allow you to carry in ways that other marksman are never able to do with her high mobility. Unlocking the true potential to 1v9.

When to pick Tristana ?

I personally think blind picking Tristana is generally a really bad idea due to the fact that she has many matchups where it is almost impossible to win lane and when you cannot win lane with Tristana, there is no reason to really pick her over other marksman right now like Ashe and Caitlyn who simply has better comeback mechanics, teamfighting and scaling. With that being said, do not be afraid to pick Tristana whenever your support picks something like Nautilus or Leona which has a great synergy with Tristana because of the fact that they both want to all-in the enemies and blow them up, and they can easily do this due to their heavy CC kite that can lock down an opponent which will allow Tristana to jump in for the kill. In general, melee or mid range champions are great to pick Tristana into like Sivir and Twitch. However, you absolutely want to try to avoid champions that have long range CC with heavy area denial/control. Something like Zyra comes to mind, very oppressive both in lane and out of lane. Even if you are able to dodge her CC her plants will still do massive damage to you and it is something unavoidable if you intend to do DPS in teamfights. She can single-handedly keep you out of a teamfight and most likely for the duration of that entire teamfight.

  • Press the Attack: This has a very good synergy with our explosive charge ability. Allowing us to deal massive damage during the early game and potentially securing first blood.
  • Triumph: Having this rune allows you to have more room to work out, as you jump in and secure a kill you will most likely take a lot of damage, but you get the free healing from triumph that often times will save you from a slither of HP. Not to mention the extra 20G which can build up during a long game.
  • Legend: Bloodline: This is by far the best out of the other 2 options, because it scales the best, providing the most value. We can have attack speed in our build but very rarely do we get to build life steal as an ADC(Unless you are really ahead). So it is very important to have some form of life steal to sustain during mid to late game.
  • Coup de Grace: This rune goes well with ADCs in general and especially Tristana because this gives the most consistent damage in comparison to the other 2 options.

  • Magical Footwear: An excellent choice to help snowballing, especially on a champion like Tristana, gaining the free Magical Footwear that also gives you slightly more move speed than the normal boots, a essentially an early free 300G if you win early, helping you snowball even more.
  • Biscuit Delivery: The sustain provided by biscuits are extremely good for your laning phase, if you ever get into an engagement and pop your biscuits during the fight you get enough HP to tank another auto-attack which sometimes can mean the difference between winning and losing.




















Increases Tristana's attack range by 8 every time she levels. At level 18, Tristana has 136 bonus range on her autoattacks (661 total range).

| Cooldown: 20 / 19 / 18 / 17 / 16 | Cost: NONE |
Rapid Fire grants you attack speed, you combine this with your E ability to attack 4 times in a row on an enemy to blow the explosive charge up that deals extra damage.

| Range: 800 | Cooldown: 22 / 20 / 18 / 16 / 14 | Cost: 60 |
Rocket Jump's cooldown resets on kill or assist or whenever Explosive Charge detonates at maximum stacks on champions. This will allow for some high level mechanical outplay

A very good tool to use as an all in ability that slows the enemy or an escape ability from when you are getting ganked or need to escape.

| Range: 525 / 661 | Cooldown: 16 / 15.5 / 15 / 14.5 / 14 | Cost: 50 / 55 / 60 / 65 / 70 MANA |
Explosive Charge|Every basic attack, Rocket Jump or Buster Shot against a target with Explosive Charge adds an additional stack that increases Explosive Charge's final explosion damage by +30%, stacking up to 4 times (+120% damage). The Explosive Charge will detonate immediately upon reaching maximum stacks.

This is your main damage that will allow you to kill your opponents, without this you are very weak, in combination with your Q ability you win against most other ADCarrys in a 1v1.

| Range: 525 / 661 | Cooldown: 120 / 110 / 100 | Cost: 100 MANA |
Buster Shot deals 300 / 400 / 500 (+100% of ability power) magic damage and knocks surrounding units back (knockback scales with level)

This ability you can use it two ways, first way is to use it as a form of execution ( when you play enough to know your damage), you can combine your rapid fire & explosive charge ability where you can leave your explosive charge stack at 2 or 3 then use your buster shot to knock them away giving them no chance to retaliate and at the same time get them low enough that your will slowly tick until it explodes and kill your enemy. The other way is a form of self peel, as we know this ability allows us to knock enemies back, meaning we can use it when we are under threat, like being ganked by a jungler or midlaner we can use this as a way to ensure we are safe.

  • Stormrazor is one of your core(first) items. This item will give you that extra burst to help you kill an enemy, along with its slow that makes it even more difficult for enemies to escape ontop of your Rocket Jump's slow, or to use it to flee from an enemy.
  • Infinity Edge is another one of your core(first) items. An item that you can actually build first if you happen to build Pickaxe first and build Stormrazor second. This item will amplify your crit damage, making it a must item for a crit ADC, and help you scale extremely well.
  • Rapid Firecannon's another one of your core items. After completing both Stormrazor and Infinity Edge you definitely want to get this. This will increase your attack speed & crit chance, for a very cheap price. Not only this, this specific Zeal item will give you extra attack range every time your energise stack is at 100. Further amplifying your Stormrazor passive, allowing you to look for a play or escape if in danger.
  • Berserker's Greaves is an item I would try to complete as soon as possible. As soon as you get your Magical Footwear I would try to complete Berserker's Greaves after our first item. This item gives a lot of value because it essentially gives you the same amount of attack speed you would get from a normal Zeal item like Phantom Dancer & Rapid Firecannon, the only thing you miss out is the crit but you do not really need crit early, especially on boots that only cost 1100g.
  • Statikk Shiv is usually a situational 4th item. I really like this item because of the extra burst damage it provides, it will also apply the Stormrazor passive to anyone it damages, which can slow the entire enemy team if they group up the moment you get the passive off, however there are other better items like the Phantom Dancer which provides a shield for you. I usually go for Statikk Shiv if I know I will not be taking a lot of damage in fights and is able to free fire at all times or when I am super fed and ahead.
  • Phantom Dancer's an excellent 4th item choice if you are looking to get full 100% crit chance. You can never really go wrong with this item as it provides a shield when you reach low health and also the necessary stats you need as an marksman. This is especially useful against enemies who will undoubtedly be on top of you, every teamfight, like Talon, Kha'Zix, Zed etc. Be careful to not build this with a Hexdrinker or Maw of Malmortius as their passive overlaps each other.
  • Guardian Angel is one of my least favourite items as a marksman. The reason being that the cooldown on it is way too long, whilst it is cheap and gives decent stats, you really only buy it as a last item and then sell it later on once you make use of its passive. A decent item to consider when you are against AD Assassins, like Talon, Kha'Zix, Zed etc.
  • Blade of the Ruined King is a very situational item, that you may consider if you are against multiple high hp stacking tanks, like Dr. Mundo, Ornn where most of the teamfight, you are hitting the tanks. However I would not recommend this item if there is only one tank, as any Last Whisper item should usually get the job done.
  • Bloodthirster is also another situational item, I would say it is good if you are against enemies who has long range poke and pokes you out heavily, as the extra life steal and the shielding will be very useful. Also it is excellent against Assassins as the shield it provides will help you survive, like that extra tick of ignite or burst, allowing you to life steal more in the middle of combat to potentially survive their combos.
  • Death's Dance is a must have items if you are up against any opponents that can easily get on top of you, the passive to reduce the damage and turn it into bleeding is massive. It will give you that extra bit of survivability and life steal to continue fighting and survive. With this item, you will no longer get one shot and should be able to fight back against Assassins like Katarina, Zed, Talon, Evelynn etc.
  • Maw of Malmortius is a great item when up against an AP threat that you cannot avoid, something like Akali, Evelynn, Katarina comes to mind. Definitely consider building the Hexdrinker opponent first before completing this item, only complete the full item later on. Do not be afraid to buy Hexdrinker as 2nd or 3rd item. Keep in mind that this passive overlaps with the Phantom Dancer passive.
  • Wit's End is an okay item, and not particularly great for a marksman to purchase, it is only good when up against full AP enemies, even so only buy this after completing Maw of Malmortius

Rocket Jump's Interaction with Crowd-Control

Let us talk about the most important ability to understand in Tristana's kit, her rocket jump. There is a mechanic where you are actually able to tank the CC and still be able to jump away. CC types like roots, stuns and charms will not cancel your jump so you do not need to time it like you would need to with other CC type but once you land to your jump location you will still be affected by whenever CC hits you. However, you need to be mindful when you cast your jump as displacement CC types (hooks, knock-ups and knock-backs) like Alistar's Q and W and Thresh's Q and E as theses CC types will cancel your jump. You have a short casting time at the beginning of the spell, and this casting time will complete no matter what. This means that, during these few frames, you'll be able to get hit by CCs without canceling your jump. You have to time it perfectly, casting your W right before the CC hits you. This is extremely difficult to do I recommend asking a friend and going to practise tool to try it out until you are comfortable, otherwise you can limit test in normal games and do not be afraid to die.

Resetting Rocket Jump

There are quite few ways you can immediately use rocket jump again whilst it is on cooldown. Getting a kill or assist will reset the cooldown. Planting Explosive Charge E Ability on an enemy and autoattack that one target 4 times in a row and the bomb will explode, then immediately it will reset the cooldown. Getting a kill means you immediately have a free escape mobility ability to use. You can jump in, get your 4 stacks on the Explosive Charge and get another jump to gap close towards your enemy, finish him off and get a 3rd JUMP to get out ! So now you are able to plan ahead to make use of this double jump to outplay your enemies !

The Infamous Lee Sin insec kick, but with Tristana's ...

If you do not know already, Lee Sin love to ward hop behind enemies and kick them into his own team, making him unable to escape but only accept death as their fate. If Lee sin can do it so can Tristana BUT the main difference here is, Lee Sin can do it instantly whilst Tristana has a slight wind up time which the enemies can sometimes react to. The general idea is to get behind the enemy and then use your Buster Shot to knock your opponent towards your own team, blocking his only escape route. There are few times to go about this, you can either Rocket Jump behind your enemies then using Buster Shot to knock em towards your team. The other way, a little more difficult, is pretty much the exact same, you jump in but this time lets say you were in front of your enemies and not behind them, so you need to figure out a way to get even further deeper. You can cast Buster Shot and then immediately cast Flash behind your opponent so that the Buster Shot changes direction, making the enemies unable to react and knocking the enemy into your team.

Playing in lane as Tristana will require you have a very aggressive mindset, a mindset to dominate the lane, every single time. One thing that will help you do this, is tracking the enemy abilities. It is very important you do this, since what we want to do is jump in and blown the enemies up. So that when the enemies use a critical ability we are able to punish them and capitalise on it. A great example is when a Blitzcrank using his hook but missed, he then proceeds to not back off which is a mistake, without his hook he is practically useless as a champion. So, knowing his hook is on cooldown we can proceed to all-in the enemy marksman, which we will need to analyse whether we win the inherent 1v1 matchup to being with. Let us say we are against a Miss Fortune. We definitely will win in a 1v1 in the early game. So we ignore all else and jump in onto the MF whilst the Blitzcrank tries to panic run to you and block some damage, but by then it is already too late. You have secured first blood ! This is especially potent when you do it around the level 2 power spike ( will be explained in the later chapter ) , meaning you the enemies are level 1 whilst you and your support are level 2, you will simply run the enemies down if they do not back off.

Further Example;

You know you can kill the enemy ADC, but the support is stopping you from jumping in, so what are your though process when you try to dominate the lane ? Let us say, we are against Sivir and Lane. This is a lane that I would look to straight up 1v2, without the help of my support, because I heavily out damage Sivir in the early game. So all you care about is Thresh and how he intend to stop you. The way you win is if he hooks and misses and does not back off. This is where you punish Thresh's mistake by start attacking Sivir, who would have no way to protect herself other than to flash, and usually in low elo people do not respect Tristana's burst damage and will not flash until it is too late. In short, avoid being crowd-controlled AKA being hooked/rooted/grabbed/slowed etc and you can win and most importantly DOMINATE these matchups.
Hehe, after doing all of these crazy skillful calculations and you still end up dying, why ? Because you forgot about the jungler or midlaner coming to gank you ! :P

This will be further explained in greater details and examples in the later guide chapters.

Once you are out of the laning phase, it should be your top priority to not die and keep your farm up, but if we carry over our aggressive mindset over from laning phase it may prove problematic, as there are certain things we have to check each time before we even want to consider using our jump ability to look for a play, a common theme of Tristana players are, jumping in when they are not suppose to, throwing their lead and slowly lose the game because of it. You should always ask yourself a few questions; how many enemy members are missing from the map ? Where could they be right now ? Is there a possibility that they are waiting for me right behind this fog of war ? If all these questions leads to you not knowing exactly where the enemies are at then you should never jump in. Unless, you have a clear plan and strategy on how to outplay your opponents. Map awareness concepts will be further explained in the later chapters.


Difficulty: HARD

Jhin is a lane bully, his forth shot deals extra damage combined with his Q Ability that will deal extra damage by bouncing off dying minions. It will give you a very hard time. Especially Tristana's early game with very low auto-attack range, meaning you either all in or you stay back and farm. Everytime you walk up for an auto on the minion wave Jhin is in range to punish you and you lack the range to retaliate, making laning phase a very unpleasant time. But on the bright side, if you are going even and you see him on his own (ensuring this is a 1v1), you can all in him, jumping into him slowing him down then stack your E charges with R to finish him off.


Difficulty: HARD

Caitlyn is a lane bully, similar to Jhin, Caitlyn's 6th shot is a headshot that deals bonus damage, Caitlyn heavily outranges Tristana. Until level 16 Tristana will be outranged by Caitlyn. Meaning that you would not even be able to walk up to the minion wave without being punished with a few auto-attacks. Overtime it will lead to a potentially death. She also has her Traps W Ability that will prevent you from all-in(ing) her, along with her E Ability, which pushes her backwards and slowing whoever is hit by the net infront of her and granting a free headshot; this ability makes it possible for Tristana to do anything against Caitlyn. But on the off chance, that Caitlyn wastes her E Ability and you think Caitlyn is not too far ahead to burst you down you may W in onto her and burst her down.


Difficulty: HARD

Lucian is another lane bully. The main thing you need to understand is that every ability he uses it grants him his passive double shot allowing him to auto attack twice instead of once after an ability. In short he simply out damages you at all stages of the game even if Lucian is slightly behind he will still burst you down. If he goes full crit build, never let him get on top of you, you must play safe as if you are against an assassin. On the off chance he goes for the build you will out scale him during late game. Otherwise you have to play safe until you reach to later levels where you outranges him and play around your range advantage.


Difficulty: HARD

Aphelios is a late game hyper carry. He is weak early so this is when you must act, however, he will start off with the sniper gun, meaning he will out range you and try to poke you, you must try to avoid his poke while simultaneously try to push the wave so that you reach level 2 first. So try to go for early kills, especially at level 2 or level 3 spike where you will be a level up, so that you have additional ability and stats over your opponent. Making use of your E and W ability at level 2, W having one of the highest damage for any ability at rank 1. You want to avoid dueling him when he has the white gun as it is almost like a Darius passive stack, the more auto he hits the higher his attack speed goes and by the time you both reach 4 items he will destroy you in ways you'd never imagine. If you are unable to secure any early leads over aphelios, do not worry. Focus on your own gameplay and farm up.


Difficulty: MEDIUM

Ashe is a lane bully but nowhere near as oppressive as the other champions, you want to avoid her W at all cost, as it will slow you down and damage you, exposing you for another autoattack or a follow up engage by the enemy support or jungler. Stay near minions when possible and avoid trading with her. However, similar to many other ADCs, Tristana will have the upper hand in a 1v1, even when Ashe has her R ready you can outplay her by using your flash or QSS to dodge her R . If a situation ever arises that it is a clear 1v1, do not be afraid to jump in and go hard.


Difficulty: HARD

Unfortunately, this is one of those matchups where no matter what you do, you will lose, you lose any trade as he will simply heal back to full and if you try to all in him, you lack the damage to burst him whilst he will outdamage you. One common theme that Draven players do is that they will most likely int or have high deaths. So play safe, farm up during laning phase. And on the off chance that, you have a giga smurf support, landing sick engages, do not be afraid to jump in and follow up.


Difficulty: EASY

Ezreal is super weak early but he will try to poke you during laning phase and eventually out-scales you. Pre 3 items you should really be farming him, there is no way he would ever win, jump in and blow him up. Not much to say here. In the later stages, you have to fully commit onto him or do not bother hitting him at all as he will kite you and make you look like a fool.


Difficulty: EASY

Similar to Ezreal, Jinx will out-scale you if you are both at 3 items. Pre 3 items she is like a minion to you, jump in and blow her up at any chance you have, you will become giga fed if jinx does not respect you. But in late game, her auto attacks do so much more than your entire combo, so try to play with your team and not overly focus on jinx.


Difficulty: MEDIUM

Kai'sa is quite an even lane but ultimately she will outscale you in the very later stages of the game when she goes for the full ap build. The main way to outplay her is to dodge her W ability which is her highest damaging ability and you will come out on top. Also save your own W to reposition against her R. Later on in the game, try to play to your range advantage as she will dive on you and pop you quite easily.

Miss Fortune

Difficulty: EASY

Similar to Ezreal and Jinx, Miss Fortune is just another big minion for you in the early stages of the game, by landing ontop of her you will slow her down, combine it with the explosive charges you will blow her up as she cannot run away unless she has flash. After 3 items you may want to think twice before you jump into her, because it will be very close even if you land everything. She scales very well and does much better in teamfight due to her ultimate.


Difficulty: HARD

Kalista is similar to Draven, where at all stages of the game she will out damage you, there really isnt much to say, you can still win this if you have the better support matchup as this lane is not as oppressive as Draven. Focus on yourself and play slow during teamfights, do not put yourself in a situation where the Kalista can 1v1 you. And at the later stages of the game you will be able to outrange her enough to kill her before she reaches you.


Difficulty: HARD

Vayne is quite different from the rest, she is not particularly strong but with an enchanter support she is beyond broken. Pre-level 6 you will pop her as long as you avoid her E ability which pushes you back and if you stand close behind a wall it will stun you. So avoid that and you will win 100% of the time. Post-level 6 it becomes very tricky because she will now have invisibility which will make it difficult for you to stack your explosive charges. I would avoid her at all cost after level 6.


Difficulty: EASY

Sivir is another big minion for you, and she does not actually outscale you until she has 100% crit, meaning at full build will she then outscale you. A very straight forward matchup. You can blow her up at any stages of the game if you find yourself in a 1v1 against her.


Difficulty: EASY

Senna is a very easy matchup for you, do not be afraid to go all in and blow her up, she is very easy to kill for you. She will outscale you if you are not ahead early on, the moment her manamune finish stacking then it will become very difficult for you to kill her as she heavily outrange you with her passive stacks.


Difficulty: EASY

Similar to Senna, twitch has a weaker laning phase than senna and is very easy to burst down, until twitch finish stacking his manamune he will never actually outdamage you, if he decides to go for the standard blade of the ruined king build he will never beat you in a 1v1 until he has 6 items and he still needs to use his R. At late game wait for his R then you can kill him easily.


Difficulty: MEDIUM

Varus is very similar to Ashe, someone that will outtrade you without anyway for you to retaliate, avoid trading with him, and try your best to dodge his Q poke that he will charge up. You will however, win an all in when there is nobody around before level 6. After level 6, be more conserved due to his R that will instantly stack up his passive allowing for very high burst damage. Again you can flash or use QSS to completely negate his ultimate to outplay him.


Difficulty: MEDIUM

Xayah is another unique matchup, the main thing to watch out for is her feathers, whenever she uses an ability, all her autoattacks will leave behind a feather, and when there are 3 or more feathers stacked up she can root you in place and it does super high damage. During fights, save your W to dodge her feathers and if she uses her E early to retract all the feathers you can all in her as she will have no way to stop you.

In the video above I talk about the following concepts:

- Respecting Fog of War

- Hitting/Starting Objectives without a Reason

- Dealing with Assassins

- Knowing what good fights to take and what bad fights to avoid

It is recommended that, you take one of those tips and attempt to apply it in your next game to reap its benefits. Make sure you only do one at a time if it is too overwhelming, otherwise you will not learn from it. Even playing in a normal game will help, it need not be ranked.

In the video above I talk about the following concepts:

- Level 2 Power Spike

- How to punish your enemies with this power spike, or respect it and back off of it

- Knowing how many minions it takes to reach level 2 first in a duo lane

- 3 Clips of 3 Different ADCarry; Tristana, Caitlyn and Ezreal show casing what we have mentioned above.

Make sure you test this out in a normal game first before attempting it in ranked. It is okay to make mistakes, go all out and learn from your mistakes. Best to record with some sort of software so you can go back and watch your own replay to analyse what has happened.

This video is not owned by me but I think it is very well detailed on how to teamfight in general as a carry.

- Direct Initiate

• Create fight or flight response.
• Go in 1v5 if you have to.
• Carries DO NOT go in.

- Follow Up Initiate/Hit Tanks

• Tank pressure backline, or tankline.
• Forces everyone to use cooldowns/abilities
• Carries stay OUT until tank cooldowns/abilities are used.

- Hit Tanks

• Hit tanks after tank cooldowns/abilities are used.
• Forces out backline cooldowns/abilities
• Carries in range of 1 person.

- Kill Backline

• APC flash on backline or finish off tanks.
• ADC can dive if no enemy burst cooldowns/abilities are up.
• Tanks can make a flash play.

- Clean Up

• Flashes to kill fleeing enemies, this will ensure objectives are much easier to take without anyone contesting or the potential of throwing the game away.

I highly recommend you watch the video, not only just read the text on this guide. The video will include examples and instances where it very much make sense and will sink into you how it actually works. If you have to, make sure to rewatch the video a few times and in your next few games, to only focus working on these things for every teamfight. This may come across as overwhelming if you are a new player, but be patient it will become second nature.

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