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Ezreal Build Guide by StriveHD79

ADC [10.18] The Prodigy|Diamond Guide With All Matchups

ADC [10.18] The Prodigy|Diamond Guide With All Matchups

Updated on September 16, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author StriveHD79 Build Guide By StriveHD79 10 0 21,338 Views 0 Comments
10 0 21,338 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author StriveHD79 Ezreal Build Guide By StriveHD79 Updated on September 16, 2020
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Lethal Tempo
Presence of Mind
Legend: Bloodline
Coup de Grace

Nimbus Cloak

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
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Champion Build Guide

[10.18] The Prodigy|Diamond Guide With All Matchups

By StriveHD79
How Good is Ezreal ?

Pros & Cons


• Great Scaling
• Great Itemisation ( & )
• High Mobility
• Strong Self-Peel With
• Long Range Poke

Ezreal is an excellent pick in the current meta. He is often played in pro play for a reason, his scaling is extremely good and he comes online very fast, much faster than most traditional marksman that requires 3 items. For Ezreal, he only needs the first two core item such as the & . For the many hard matchups he may have, you can safely farm out the laning phase with his Q from a safe distance, without getting too close.


• Weak Early Game
• High Mana Usage
• Skill Shot Reliant
• Has Unwinnable Matchups
• Hard To Comeback

Ezreal has probably one of the weakest laning phase out of all the marksman out there right now, this makes him very vulnerable to enemy jungle ganks, heavy CC supports like Leona and Nautilus. Who can even tower dive Ezreal in a 2v2 situation if you play poorly. Not only this, he has many hard matchups like Draven, Caitlyn, Tristana during the early laning phase, this may destroy your laning and make you completely useless for the rest of the game and it can be very hard to comeback unless you have other teammates who has been winning their lanes. Every ability on Ezreal's kit is also a skill shot, this means that in order to maximise your DPS you will need to hit those skill shots, and if you are not used to playing skill shot reliant champions you may have a very hard time doing damage.

Why and when should you pick Ezreal ?

Why Ezreal ?

Ezreal has a high skill ceiling due to his skill shot reliant kit. But this makes him even more fun when you are able to master him, making full use of his abilities. The outplay potential on Ezreal is very high, with his E ability which is almost like a free flash and the itemisation of this champion means that you can build in such a way that makes assassins useless against you, building defensive item early on will help you tremendously especially how weak every marksman are in the early game, and the lack of item choice they can go for, but Ezreal remains extremely versatile.

When to pick Ezreal ?

Ezreal is another good blind pick right now in the current meta. The main reason being that he is able to farm safely from a distance using his mystic shot, that is relatively low on cooldown and mana cost. Especially after he completed his first base and have purchased the . It is almost a given that you will be losing lane, and if you ever win lane that is even more problematic for the enemies because you will most likely outscale them by being far stronger in the later stages of the game. If an enemy tries to CC you, you can always use your E ability to get away to safety, another reason why he is such a safe pick. The main thing to watch out for when picking Ezreal is when the enemies pick something extremely aggressive in the early game, like a Pantheon paired up with a Draven(probably the strongest and most aggressive early game duo lane) can be a nightmare experience for you.

Lethal Tempo

Damaging an enemy champion begins a 1.5 second timer. Upon completion, you gain 40-110% (based on level) attack speed for 3 seconds. Attacking a champion while the effect is active will extend the duration to 6 seconds.
Lethal Tempo helps increase Ezreal's dps by increasing her attack speed for a short duration and this rune scales the best out of all the other ones. This is by far the best rune choice. Allowing us to maximise our DPS.

Presence of Mind

Takedowns restore 20% of your maximum mana or energy and increase your maximum mana by 100 (up to 500) or your maximum energy by 10 (up to 50). This scales extremely well and is by far the most broken rune at the moment, which will most likely be nerfed in the near future. Not only will it allow you to keep spamming your abilities, it scales well with manamune, once this item is stacked, every single bit of mana you gain from this rune will goes towards your increasing your damage. Very powerful.

Legend: Bloodline

Gain 0.6% life steal for every Legend stack (max 20 stacks) for a maximum of 12% life steal. This is by far the best out of the other 2 options, because it scales the best, providing the most value. We can have attack speed in our build but very rarely do we get to build life steal as an ADC(Unless you are really ahead). So it is very important to have some form of life steal to sustain during mid to late game.

Coup De Grace

Deal 8% increased damage to champions below 40% maximum health. This rune goes well with ADCs in general pick this over cut down when there are no tanks on the enemy team.

Cut Down

Deal 5%-15% bonus damage vs champions with 10%-100% more max health than you. I usually run this over coup de grace when there are any high HP opponents.

Nimbus Cloak

Casting a summoner spell grants the ability to pass through units and provides a bonus of 15 - 35% movement speed (based on summoner spell cooldown) for 2.5 seconds.
The extra movement speed whenever you use a summoners spell is massive, for example when you try to escape by flashing, sometimes the enemies can still catch up to you, but with nimbus cloak the extra movespeed you gain will ensure they do not catch up. Or when you are trying to flash forward to chase dow enemies, it will sure you secure the kill.


Gain 10% cooldown reduction‎ at Level 10.
Additionally, you gain either 1.2 bonus Attack Damage or 2 Ability Power (Adaptive) for every 1% Cooldown Reduction in excess of the cap.
Guaranteed 10% CDR when you need it, especially when you do not want to go lucidity boots. You can go for Ninja Tabi or Mercury's Treads without losing that 10% CDR which is extremely important on Ezreal.

Ezreal's Passive

Every time Ezreal hits an enemy unit with one of his abilities, he gains 10% bonus attack speed for 6 seconds, stacking up to 5 times for a maximum of 50%.

Ezreal's Q

Cooldown: 5.5 / 5.25 / 5 / 4.75 / 4.5 Cost: 28 / 31 / 34 / 37 / 40

Ezreal fires a bolt of energy in a line, dealing physical damage to the first enemy hit, applying on-hit and on-attack effects and healing off life steal.
If Mystic Shot successfully hits an enemy, Ezreal's abilities cooldowns are reduced by 1.5 seconds

Side Note:

You pretty much spam this ability all game, every game you play on ezreal, this will pretty much be the same as your autoattack but much longer range. This is the reason Ezreal is super strong when Ezreal does not die he will keep dashing out damage. You can be spamming this, dealing damage while keeping in safe distance.

Ezreal's W

Cooldown: 12 Cost: 50

Ezreal fires an orb that sticks to first enemy champion, epic monster, or structure hit for 4 seconds.
Hitting the target with a damaging ability or basic attack detonates the orb, dealing Magic damage magic damage.

The more damage you can pack in one go to activate this ability to higher the damage you can get out of this ability.

Side Note:

You can use this ability when you look to trade, it will go through minions, then E slightly forward to instantly activate essence flux for that high burst damage.

Ezreal's E

Cooldown: 28 / 25 / 22 / 19 / 16 Cost: 90

Ezreal blinks to the target location, firing a homing bolt that deals magic damage to the nearest enemy and briefly reveals them.
Arcane Shift prioritizes targets hit by Essence Flux Essence Flux.

Side Note:

A free flash essentially, allows you to play a little more forward and aggressive, but keep in mind that this does have a very low cooldown if you do use it and you may be punished by your opponents.

Ezreal's Ultimate

Cooldown: 120 Cost: 100 MANA

Ezreal fires a wide energy projectile in the target direction, which briefly reveals the area it flies through and deals magic damage to enemies it passes through.

Side Note:

The way you want to fully combo is, starting off with your ultimate in a brush so the enemies cannot react to your abilities. R > W > E > Q. You do more damage than anyone will expect.
In-depth Mechanics

In-depth Mechanics

Reduce Cooldown

This is your bread and butter damage ability, you almost always want to be spamming it, either on the minion wave, dragon, jungle camp or enemy players. One of the reason why you would want to do that is because whenever you hit your Q you are actually reducing the cooldown on all your other abilities, meaning that you are able to use multiple Arcane Shift in a single fight, or even, start off a teamfight with your ultimate and by the end of the teamfight you may even have it back up again. Allowing you to do insane damage, so get practising with hitting Ezreal's Q and you will be godlike !

Essence Flux Proc

is an ability that is very easy to land on your opponents, as it travels through minions and ignores them. During your games you will undoubtedly hit this many times but there are various of ways to activate it, first is by simply autoattacking the opponent. The second way is to arcane shift forward where it will automatically prioritise the target hit by your essence flux as long as you are within autoattack range. This is a great way to trade with your opponents as it is almost impossible to react to arcane shift. So it is an ability that can be proc by any of your other abilities/autoattack. Meaning you can also proc it with your mystic shot and trueshot barrage.

Ultimate Combo

This is the highest DPS you can do on Ezreal, and the best way to go about this is to start off being in a brush, hidden in vision so that you abilities are almost a guarantee hit and they will never see it coming, it goes like this; Trueshot Barrage > Essence Flux > Arcane Shift > AA > Mystic Shot > AA. This will almost guarantee a kill on anyone that is not a full tank. The reason you want to do this from a brush is so that you are out of vision, that means the enemy movements are extremely predictable, allowing you to hit your heavy skill-shot reliant abilities all in a very short amount of time, without them being able to react until your entire combo has landed on them, which by then they should either be dead or very low health that they have to burn flash and run away.

General Ultimate Usage

You may see in pro plays, they would use their ultimate on a minion wave, or start off a fight for dragon or baron even though the cooldown is relatively long and may not 100% be a hit. Well as I have explained with Mystic Shot, if you consistently hit this ability, it will drastically reduce the cooldown reduction on all your abilities, meaning that your ultimate actually has a shorter cooldown the better you are at hitting skill shots. You may want to use your ultimate on a minion wave for a few things, first, to get lane priority, especially in mid lane, when dragon/baron is up you want to be able to shove the wave faster than your opponents so that you and your team can then walk to the river/jungle together to secure vision control for the upcoming objective. So when you actually start the objective, you have full vision of where the enemies are at and you can plan against them. Secondly, you may want to use it when you do not have lane priority and there is a high chance the enemies are doing either baron or dragon, so that they are usually grouped up around the pit area, making the enemies location easy to predict and your ultimate a very easy ability to land, ensuring multiple hits, this alone will provide very high value if you team does proceed to fight them over that objective.
Laning Phase

Laning With Ezreal

Laning phase is usually the weakest stage for Ezreal, as he is weak overall in comparison to most of the other marksman in the early game and is quite reliant on mana, so before you reach your first item Manamune, you most likely want to play passive and focus solely on farming or if the matchup allows it you can obviously always look for plays but it may not always be advantageous make a play, as it is easy to lose a large chunk of farm when fighting too much. Usually, when going even or slightly behind, I will gladly take it as a win in my book, you come online much quicker compare to the other marksman with your first two item powerspike, Manamune & Iceborn Gauntlet, making you much more powerful than your counterpart if you are able to survive laning phase.
Out of Lane

Outside of Laning

Outside of laning phase, Ezreal is extremely strong if you were able to go somewhat even in lane. Assuming you have completed your first two core items. In teamfights you want to make sure you constantly spam your Q to poke the enemies as it will be your primary source of damage. If the situation allows it do not be afraid to Arcane Shift forward or Flash forward make a play. If you are able to hit your Q constantly, you can even force the enemies to concede an objective before any teamfight begins and they have to recall/base making it a guarantee that you get that objective. Knowing when you can Arcane Shift forward or not is also extremely important, this will be further explained in the map awareness guide chapter in the later section.
Map Awareness Guide

In the video above I talk about the following concepts:

- Respecting Fog of War

- Hitting/Starting Objectives without a Reason

- Dealing with Assassins

- Knowing what good fights to take and what bad fights to avoid

It is recommended that, you take one of those tips and attempt to apply it in your next game to reap its benefits. Make sure you only do one at a time if it is too overwhelming, otherwise you will not learn from it. Even playing in a normal game will help, it need not be ranked.

How to Solo Engage as ADC Level 2

In the video above I talk about the following concepts:

- Level 2 Power Spike

- How to punish your enemies with this power spike, or respect it and back off of it

- Knowing how many minions it takes to reach level 2 first in a duo lane

- 3 Clips of 3 Different ADCarry; Tristana, Caitlyn and Ezreal show casing what we have mentioned above.

Make sure you test this out in a normal game first before attempting it in ranked. It is okay to make mistakes, go all out and learn from your mistakes. Best to record with some sort of software so you can go back and watch your own replay to analyse what has happened.


This video is not owned by me but I think it is very well detailed on how to teamfight in general as a carry.

- Direct Initiate

• Create fight or flight response.
• Go in 1v5 if you have to.
• Carries DO NOT go in.

- Follow Up Initiate/Hit Tanks

• Tank pressure backline, or tankline.
• Forces everyone to use cooldowns/abilities
• Carries stay OUT until tank cooldowns/abilities are used.

- Hit Tanks

• Hit tanks after tank cooldowns/abilities are used.
• Forces out backline cooldowns/abilities
• Carries in range of 1 person.

- Kill Backline

• APC flash on backline or finish off tanks.
• ADC can dive if no enemy burst cooldowns/abilities are up.
• Tanks can make a flash play.

- Clean Up

• Flashes to kill fleeing enemies, this will ensure objectives are much easier to take without anyone contesting or the potential of throwing the game away.

I highly recommend you watch the video, not only just read the text on this guide. The video will include examples and instances where it very much make sense and will sink into you how it actually works. If you have to, make sure to rewatch the video a few times and in your next few games, to only focus working on these things for every teamfight. This may come across as overwhelming if you are a new player, but be patient it will become second nature.

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