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Veigar Build Guide by Veigarv2



Updated on October 28, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Veigarv2 Build Guide By Veigarv2 1141 81 3,159,760 Views 23 Comments
1141 81 3,159,760 Views 23 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Veigarv2 Veigar Build Guide By Veigarv2 Updated on October 28, 2020
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Runes: VS Hard poke

1 2 3 4 5
Taste of Blood
Eyeball Collection
Ravenous Hunter

Time Warp Tonic
Biscuit Delivery

+8 ability haste
+8 Magic Resist
+8 Magic Resist


1 2 3 4
Standard setup
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Hello! My name is Marius, but mostly known as Véigâr v2 in game, on the EUW server and this is my Mobafire guide!

My current rank as of writing this guide:

I am a Challenger Main and ranked as the #1 best in the world on multiple websites. I have been playing in most of my games since i started playing in Season 3. I have over 5000 Games of
My peak LP in season 8 is 512 LP, and in season 9 im currently around 1000 LP

In this guide i will show you the runepages i use, combos and mechanics, matchups and different phases of the game and some more!

If you're interested in watching me play and midlane in general head over to my STREAM

Click here for my Youtube

Click here for my League Accounts


- Good pick potential

- Great midgame

- Good zone control with his and

- Oneshot potential

- Decent/Good lategame (depending on enemy comp and your comp)

- Evil!



- Won't get mid priority in 95% of matchups

- Very telegraphed

- Easy to abuse and play vs

- Immobile

- Bad to first pick

I explain some mechanics and combos in my youtube guide :

But ill cover some here aswell:

Your Gives vision while it is falling down, use this to check bushes or fog of war!

You can cast your spells into bushes / fog of war and if you got 1 ap that means you hit someone so therefore someone is in the bush. If you got 2 ap, or 3 ap etc that means theres more than 1 person, but be careful, if you have you may get 2 ap even though you only hit 1 person. This is also useful to see if your target got stunned, lets say you chase someone into fog of war and you cast your cage, keep an eye on your ap. If it got higher they got stunned!

Your and is an AUTO ATTACK Reset. Meaning you can cancel your auto attack animation with your or This is useful for farming with auto > or getting alot of auto attacks off in a combo early game like auto > auto .

You can use then 0.5 seconds later to give your enemies less chance to react, instead of doing then . (similar to > )

You have to learn interactions such as being able to interrupt with your , or setting up your for to hook into it and things like that.

You can then into the enemy to make your hit before your . Making your deal more damage.

Usual oneshot combo : > > > > .

Long range oneshot combo: > > >

Early/Midgame combo: > > > AUTO > > AUTO >

Lane harass combo: > > AUTO > > AUTO or a quick trade like AUTO > > AUTO

First thing to do before thinking about the laning phase is understanding the jungle matchup and how it will affect you, is enemy jungler a ? Be careful of level 2 ganks. Is your jungler an early game jungler such as ? if yes see if you can get him mid priority so he can invade or fight. Knowing how jungle matchups plays out will help you understand how to play your lane.

For every lane your goal is to FARM, A good will ALWAYS have 8 cs per minute or more. this is GUARANTEED gold, that you will get every game. There is no point poking enemy permanently just to MAYBE get a kill, when you can get more gold and ap by consistantly farming well, and that way kill him guaranteed later on.

Now, this doesn't mean never attack the enemy. If the enemy is zoning you off farm, or walking up like a monkey then sure go ahead use on him.

You should value your like this: best case: Last hit minion with while hitting enemy with it too > cannon + a minion with > 2 minions with > Hitting enemy with > 1 minion with .

Before first base do not spam your > > combo, you will go out of mana fast. Focus on not being under tower too hard by using and to farm. Vs matchups like / you could look to setup a slowpush towards them while harassing them with auto attacks and .

While something push heavy like just try and match their push as good as you can.

Do not try and roam just because enemy mid is roaming, this is a big mistake alot of does. try and get tower plates meanwhile, or enemy raptors. Make sure you call the SS and spam your botlane/toplane to back off. and have a control / normal ward placed where enemy mid will roam, so they can see him. If your midlaner gets a kill its okay, you are getting more XP and if you get a plate and enemy raptors its still a fine trade.

A good indicator of when midgame has started is when people have completed 1-2 items, some turrets are gone and people have started to group up a bit. Your items at this point should be , if going build: , , and a preferably. If going build you should have and completed. with the build vs you should have one of these 3 completed / / and completed.

Look to catch sidelane farm and jungle camps here and there, this is key to achieving a high CS per minute. This makes you scale faster and have a consistant way of getting farm. If enemy has assassins or invisible champions like , , , , you should consider only catching sidelane farm if its under your turret. If nobody can really kill you in sidelane you can keep pushing as you take towers quite fast with spike. or you can just push and go rotate to your team afterwards. You need to make sure u have up if something important will happen.

Your goal in midgame is to close out the game or to stall the game ( if behind )

When is the lategame? The late game is when objectives such as baron is up, more turrets start to fall. People are grouped as 4-5 alot more. 4 or more items are usually completed at this point and death timers start to be very long. 30 minutes is a good indicator of game time that lategame usually starts.
By this point, if going Electrocute you should have , , , and completed. , , instead of if the magic pen isnt needed yet. For the build you should have , , , and completed. With the build vs Zed you should have one of these 3 or , , , and completed.

With build you want your finished by 22-25 minutes. If you have it later than that you messed up something.

With build you want your finished around 25-28 minutes.

With build vs around 26-29 and vs 27-30 minutes.

In lategame you want to be grouped 95% of the time, getting caught out matters too much and at this point you should have enough items where farm dont matter as much anymore.
Look to siege turrets with your stun to zone enemy, or set up fights / look for picks.
Remember at this point you deal alot of damage and you are the primary carry, it is super important that you stay alive and dont get caught out.

Create yourself a priority list ( A list of who to target in a teamfight, and then target the person you are safe to damage based on the priority )

See if you can maybe catch someone out with a > > > combo.

Why do you use instead of ?
has a bit longer range than your , which means you can > to catch people super easy. Is also alot cheaper than , so in an even lane you will have before they have .

is 10 AP less than , but 10 ap is nothing for veigar. gives same amounts of CDR as . counts as a spell for , meaning that if you hit you only need to do 2 spells to procc . instead of 3 if you were to have .

If you go or you can go if you really want to since you dont have the combo, but or is still better in my opinion.

is good because loves movespeed. movement speed is super important on , if you are faster than the enemy you can land your really easily. It also gives good survivability. Just dont use your auto attacks unless its needed, because if you auto you lose your movespeed.

is good when you need the cdr and have combo. You heal so much with your Combo and your .

Is really good when enemy has alot of Ap champions and divers on enemy team. you have to be vs divers such as , , for this item to be good. Reason for this is because of the short range the aura has. It boosts all magic damage by 15%, not just yours but your teams damage too. So if enemy has something like Jgl, mid, top it's a very good item to make you tanky, but also deal alot of damage.

Is good vs suppressions such as or

Is a good scaling item due to the amount of AP it gives, and the shield gives you some more tankiness. The issue with this item is that its super weak early on hence why i dont get it for my build, since with i want to have an impact in early game. I only get this item with or .

is a great counter to AP champions that has damage over time spells or low cooldowns such as and so if the enemy has 2-3 Damage over time champs or low cd magic damage spells, this is a really good item to go later on. A composition such as is a good scenario to build this item.

every other item i go should be self explanatory.

Thank you so much for reading my guide! I hope it was helpful. Veigar is a really fun champion once you get to know how to play your matchups so you don't int laning phase. My social media and content is linked below, if you want to become a VEIGOD go watch my stream ;) " Join me, or die! - Final boss Veigar "

Make sure to follow me on twitch :
on twitter too:
and youtube!:

Guide will get updated regularly and worked on !

League of Legends Build Guide Author Veigarv2
Veigarv2 Veigar Guide
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