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Ryze Build Guide by Raf Rivens

Middle [10.25] RYZE NEVER LOSE | Preseason 11 /NEW ITEMS/

Middle [10.25] RYZE NEVER LOSE | Preseason 11 /NEW ITEMS/

Updated on December 14, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Raf Rivens Build Guide By Raf Rivens 3 7 27,293 Views 0 Comments
3 7 27,293 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Raf Rivens Ryze Build Guide By Raf Rivens Updated on December 14, 2020
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Champion Build Guide

[10.25] RYZE NEVER LOSE | Preseason 11 /NEW ITEMS/

By Raf Rivens
This Guide is current patch everytime but really fresh so it will take some time to build it up.
Leave feedback and check also ma old main champ guide
+Excellent at sustaining high damage, freezing enemy champions in place, and bursting enemies down.
+Ultimate provides mobility for allied champions and himself.
+Lots of outplay potential.
+Insane waveclear at all stages of the game.

Ryze is a real threat for any team comp because he has easy to land (actually unmissable) crowd control. He cannot miss his W. He has many different types of damage with all of the different combos he can use. Burst, sustained, etc. He has a lot of outplay potential with all of his different possible combos, and he has insane wave clear. He can force almost any enemy under their turret. Teamfighting with Ryze is really easy as long as he doesn't have any counters, because it's so easy to lock down an enemy carry or tank and burst them down quickly.

-Not a very strong early game.
-Susceptible to ganks if he can't get his ultimate off.
-Difficult to master his combos.
-Takes experience to know which combos to use in different situations.
-A strong counter will make your life really difficult all game, magnified in team fights.

Although Ryze has a lot of pros, we are forced to mention his cons. Before Ryze has enough CDR to quickly reset his Spell Flux, he's really weak. His combos are slow and easy to escape by getting out of range. This makes his early game very difficult. He's very susceptible to ganks from the enemy jungler, especially because of how often Ryze will push the wave because of his natural clear. His combos can be hard to master, and there's a lot of different combos you'll need in different situations to maximize your potential, and it does take a while to recognize which combo will be most useful in which situation, as well as how easy it will be to get it off.
Use your auto attacks as much as possible for last-hitting. This is vital. Just use a spell for CS when there is no way to get that CS by means of auto-attacking.

This will make sure you freeze/do not push the wave too hard aswell. You don't want the wave far away from your tower because if you run low on mana in that position you have a problem.

Dont be lazy, keep moving continously in lane (even if its just left-right-left-right), stay in auto-attack range when a minion is low. Move accordingly to the enemy laner, use your minions as shields. But dont forget watch map.

Just make sure you watch how your enemy laner is treating his wave. if he tries to shove you in hard, make sure to continously use your auto-attacks to counterpush a bit. you dont want to be pushed completly into your tower as you will have a tough time last-hitting there, and you will have to waste mana again. The ideal wave spot is a piece away for your tower, where you are not susceptible for getting ganked.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Raf Rivens
Raf Rivens Ryze Guide
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[10.25] RYZE NEVER LOSE | Preseason 11 /NEW ITEMS/

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