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Sett Build Guide by Kranidi1989

Top 10.9 Sett - New Boss in Town

By Kranidi1989 | Updated on May 1, 2020
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Runes: Conditioning

1 2 3 4
Legend: Bloodline
Last Stand


+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3 4
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Top Lane
Ranked # in
Top Lane
Win 51%
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Ability Order Conqueror Abilities

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Champion Build Guide

10.9 Sett - New Boss in Town

By Kranidi1989
Pros / Cons Back to Top
+Great Teamfighter
+Strong in every phase of the game
+Easy to farm under turret
+Lane Bully
+Easy to learn
+Super fun champion

-Low mobility
-Easily kited
Runes Back to Top
The best Keystone for Sett as he makes 100% use of it.
This Keystone is for pure fun!!! I really love this one!!!
This Keystone is also for pure fun, but it's also a decent pick in case you have to play in Mid Lane and not top. You can be the assassin of your team as Sett.

Health restoration and extra gold. Suits every champion, so Sett is no exception on this one. This can also save the day as Sett when you dive with your The Show Stopper in the enemy team.

This is my go to option with my build. Huge sustain.
Sett is very vunerable to CCs, so this the best choice against teams with lots of CC.
I wouldn't say no to some more Att.Speed.

As Sett is probably going to be kited a lot and your Health Bar is going to be low in the most part of the game, this rune is the best in my opinion.
If the enemy team is full of squishies, you can melt them with this one.

Sett is an incredible split-pusher, so this one is probably a go-to rune, hands down.

+ Conqueror + Legend: Bloodline + Death's Dance + Spirit Visage = HUGE SUSTAIN.
Try this one and thank me later.
If you are against a heavy poking opponent in lane, this could save the day for you.

Great synergy with your Facebreaker.
Heal is always welcome.

Extra Att.Damage. Viable.

Tons of Heal.
Hunt them down all day long. Sett lacks mobility, so this one is a super solid choice.
Spells Back to Top
The most famous spell of all times. 99% of the players make use of it and Sett is no exception. It can work either offensively or defensively.
The most common pick for a Top Laner. Use it wisely to apply pressure everywhere.
In a long lane like Top, Ghost can make the difference for a champion like Sett. This will help you win the lane but it's not going to be that effective later on in the game for you.
If you are against a Tryndamere or a Dr. Mundo.
This is not a very common option for Top Lane, but it can surely make a difference against Jax etc.
Macro Play Back to Top
How good use of Teleport and Demolish in late game can win a game.
1)Use Demolish to melt Turret (s). 0:05
2)Destroy / lower the health of Inhibitor (s). 0:30
3)Leave a deep Stealth Ward. 0:45
4)Tell your team mates to lure the enemies so that they leave their base unprotected. 1:25
5)Time to Teleport in the Stealth Ward to break the Inhibitor . 1:38
6)Victory in 2 minutes.
Start Items Back to Top
Pick 3 of theese, a Health Potion and Second Wind if you are against a Teemo to help you stay healthy from his poison darts. They are also the best defence against Ignite. Use the first one to upgrade to your
Tiamat and later sell the other two in a very cost efficient price. Worth, Worth, Worth.
The most common pick to start your game as Sett + a Health Potion. Health, Health Restoration, Health Regeneration after taking damage from enemies and it also provides some extra damage against minions to help with your early game.
This one + a Health Potion is the strongest start. If you are confident enough, use it to dominate your lane.
Boots Back to Top
Buy these whenever you can. Along with your first item, or after your first item. Upgrade when you feel to.
Pick these to outrun Slow effects or just if you are fed.
The most common pick for a Top Laner as most of the times your opponent will be AD.
Pick these if the enemy team has lots of CC.
Pick these if you feel like a boxxer.
First Item to Choose Back to Top
This is a very strong pick for Sett. If you are going to have lots of trades early on in your lane, this could be a game changer. Att. Damage, Att. Speed, lots of Life Steal, extra damage that depends on your opponent's health and a very strong Active that is going to give you a damage burst, slow your opponent and give you wings.
Huge waveclear, Att.Damage, Health, Health Regeneration. Super solid pick. If you need to push waves fast, this should be your first choice, hands down.
Core Item Back to Top
20%CDR, Att.Damage, Health. Armor Shred and Movementspeed. Damn. This should always be picked if you play Sett.
Twin Picks (Choose between the two) Back to Top
This is OP at the moment. Combine it with (fully stacked)
Conqueror + Conditioning + Legend: Bloodline + Spirit Visage and thank me later. HUGE SUSTAIN.
10%CDR, Health, Base Health Regeneration, Magic Resist and extra 30%Drain Effect.
Combine it with (fully stacked)
Conqueror + Conditioning + Legend: Bloodline + Death's Dance and thank me later. HUGE SUSTAIN.

10%CDR, Armor, Health, Health Regeneration and (Active) Movement Speed.
Combine it with Second Wind and Warmog's Armor to live forever.
10%CDR, Tons of Health, Tons of Base Health Regeneration.
Combine it with Second Wind and Turbo Chemtank to live forever.
Last Items to Choose Back to Top
In case you need to have a little bit of wave clear later on in your game as a boxxer, a little bit more of Att.Speed and some Critical.
If you are against a heavy AP team comp.
Great item against magic damage auto-attacking champions like
Rumble, Corki, Cassiopeia, Ryze.
If you think having a second chance in a team-fight could change the tide to your favour.
Super efficient against AA opponents like Jax, Tryndamere, Master Yi, Kalista etc.
Super efficient against critical based builds like Yasuo or most of the ADCs.
Run like the wind and apply pressure to the whole map.
Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. "Get Over Here".
Pick this one as a survival pick in the late game or earlier against Darius.
In case you like to feel like a boxxer!
Elixirs Back to Top
Some extra Att.Damage and Extra Drain. More suitable if you're fed.
A big chunk of Health, Tenacity and a Speed buff for allies following your path. More suitable if you need sustain.
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