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Miss Fortune Build Guide by Chaeha

ADC grandmaster

[11.2] Chaeha's Grandmaster ADC Miss Fortune Guide

By Chaeha | Updated on January 22, 2021
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Runes: Standard Miss Fortune

Arcane Comet
Manaflow Band
Absolute Focus

Cheap Shot
Ravenous Hunter

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


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ADC Role
Ranked #8 in
ADC Role
Win 52%
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Ability Order Q max, Lane Bully

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Champion Build Guide

[11.2] Chaeha's Grandmaster ADC Miss Fortune Guide

By Chaeha

Hey there, I’m Chaeha. I’m a season 9 challenger and current grandmaster ADC main and for the current preseason meta, it’s important that I picked up Miss Fortune in my champ pool and it’ll be important for you to. She is currently one of my favorite ADC’s to play in the preseason because of her high damage and also the cool interaction she has with galeforce.

If you have any questions or simply want to talk, I’m most active on my discord so come join the community

You can also check me out on where I will try and stream informative ADC gameplay and hopefully grow my stream to something worthwhile.
Why Miss Fortune? Back to Top
Miss Fortune is currently a lane bully with her Tear of the Goddess start and Make it Rain start. It’s super obnoxious to play against as Make it Rain, Arcane Comet, and Scorch does insane damage if the enemy laner doesn’t take Doran's Shield or Second Wind.

Miss Fortune is one of the easiest champions to play and also provides lots of impact in teamfights with her huge area of effect damage. In low elos, most people don’t respect Miss Fortune ultimate leading to crazy pentakill highlight 1v9 moments.

Miss Fortune is also very interesting in the pre season as she has two different build paths either the lethality Eclipse build which does insane damage to teams with little to no armor in their build paths. However, it’s important to note how viable this build is when your whole team is attack damage and it’s more important to have percent armor penetration rather than lethality. There is also the much more interesting Galeforce crit build that does more consistent damage and makes her ultimate cover a wider area of effect. Her ultimate can also apply critical hits meaning the passive on Infinity Edge won’t be wasted on her abilities.
Abilities Back to Top

Love Tap (Passive) INNATE: Miss Fortune’s next basic attack against an enemy unit (turrets included) that was not the target of her previous basic attack will deal 50% - 100% (based on level) AD bonus physical damage, halved to 25% - 50% (based on level) AD against minions.

Miss Fortune has quite a counterintuitive passive as to maximize damage, it forces you to target multiple enemies to constantly be applying love tap. However it’s important to note that you can utilize your Double Up to quickly apply love tap to another enemy and reapply love tap on the enemy you’re focusing.

It’s important to note that you can use love tap damage on the turrets which means to maximize both pushing power and turret taking power you switch autos between the turret and minions for the tier 3, 2, and 1 turrets. Although this is some situational information, it may win you some games, for the nexus turrets however, you can constantly apply love tap on both nexus turrets by alternating auto attacks to basically double your damage per second.

Double Up (Q)
RANGE: 550
COST: 43 / 46 / 49 / 52 / 55 mana
COOLDOWN: 7 / 6 / 5 / 4 / 3
ACTIVE: Miss Fortune fires a shot at the target enemy that deals physical damage, which then bounces to hit another enemy behind it. The shot applies on-hit effects at 100% effectiveness to both enemies hit, and applies on-attack effects to the first enemy hit.

Double Up’s bounce prioritizes units directly behind the primary target. Double Up’s bounce is affected by critical strike modifiers. If Double Up kills its primary target, the bounce will critically strike.

It’s necessary to keep an enemy minion at all times in execution range in order to have the threat of a critically striked Double Up. Miss Fortune’s Double Up is a great pressuring tool to get enemies not hiding behind the minion wave. It’s important to stand in a line with Miss Fortune, the enemy minion ready to die, and the enemy support or enemy ADC. Also after we completely stack Manamune to Muramana, Double Up can also apply stacks of Muramana leading to larger damage spikes.

Strut (W)
COST: 30 mana
PASSIVE: Miss Fortune gains 25 bonus movement speed if she has not taken non-persistent damage in the last 5 seconds. This bonus is increased to a greater amount after another 5 seconds.

ACTIVE: Miss Fortune gains bonus attack speed for 4 seconds and brings Strut’s passive effect to full power.

Marking a new target with Love Tap reduces Strut’s cooldown by 2 seconds.

Miss Fortune’s Strut ability is an insane passive movement speed buff which allows her to not have to buy tier 2 boots for much longer than other ADC’s allowing her to hit her 2 item power spike much sooner than the enemy ADC. The attack speed steroid also allows Miss Fortune to simply itemize into flat attack damage and armor penetration and not have to itemize into attack speed.

It’s important to always keep the increased movement speed passive up on strut as it allows you to easily dodge skillshots in lane like Thresh’s Death Sentence, Blitzcrank’s Rocket Grab, and Morgana’s Dark Binding. To always keep strut off cooldown, it’s important to auto attack different targets and apply Love Tap to reduce the cooldown, as the active of strut maximizes the movement speed.

Make It Rain (E)
RANGE: 1000
COST: 80 mana
COOLDOWN: 18 / 16 / 14 / 12 / 10
ACTIVE: Miss Fortune rains down hundreds of bullets onto the target area for 2 seconds, revealing it and dealing magic damage to all enemies within every 0.25 seconds and slowing them.

Miss Fortune’s Make it Rain is a great ability in lane to easily stack your Tear of the Goddess and to apply good poke damage with the use of Arcane Comet and Scorch to get the enemy duo to either take the full damage duration or to back off from the enemy minions. It’s also important to note that you can gain vision of bushes and fog of war with Make it Rain, so before entering choke point areas, it’s imperative to put down a Make It Rain if you don’t see anyone on the map for a while.

Bullet Time (R)
RANGE: 1450
COST: 100 mana
COOLDOWN: 120 / 110 / 100
ACTIVE: Miss Fortune channels for 3 seconds while firing several waves of bullets in a spread of 6 projectiles per wave in the target direction, with each wave dealing 75% AD (+ 20% AP) physical damage to enemies hit.

Each Wave can critically strike, dealing (20% + 7%) bonus physical damage.

Miss Fortune’s Bullet Time is great to combo with champions with hard crowd control like Leona and her Solar Flare. It’s important to notice the position and how early you cast Bullet Time, so it doesn’t get interrupted early and you can’t maximize your damage per second in this way. The range of Bullet Time is extremely large so it’s important to be in sync with your support and team and play off their crowd control as you can follow up on engage extremely easily.
Runes and Summoner Spells Back to Top

Arcane Comet is an extremely useful rune as it synergizes extremely well with Make it Rain and does very good poke damage. Arcane Comet combined with the slow from Make It Rain shot will make it so Arcane Comet should almost never miss and always provide extra damage with each cast. We look to win early game with the early game with the guaranteed poke damage from this keystone rune and then scale to win the game through winning laning phase as arcane comet isn’t the best rune late game. It's important to note that you can also take Press the Attack instead which allows you to take slightly longer trades and look for auto attack, Double Up, auto attack and chunk the enemies this way.
Manaflow Band synergizes extremely well with the Tear of the Goddess start that goes with this build and increases your max mana by 250 mana. At max stacks, it provides very nice mana regeneration so that Miss Fortune will never run out of mana and be able to spam her abilities.
Absolute Focus provides much needed adaptive force to maximize our poke damage when we’re healthy and synergizes well with Miss Fortune and her Strut keeping her typically healthy in the laning phase and keeping the uptime of the adaptive stats on absolute focus incredibly high.
Scorch is also an extremely useful rune when paired with Arcane Comet as it makes each make it rain chunk the enemies for tons of damage early game with little to no counterplay. It’s important to Make it Rain and poke the enemy duo when Scorch, Arcane Comet, Manaflow Band, and Cheap Shot are all up to maximize mana usage. However, if you prefer to scale a little better rather than putting all your marbles into winning lane, you can go Gathering Storm, it’s personal preference in my opinion.

Cheap Shot is another form of poke damage that always applies from your Make it Rain as the slow from make it rain counts as crowd control to do bonus damage. This is another rune that is essential to winning the game through winning the lane as this rune also doesn’t scale that well
Ravenous Hunter combined with constantly getting red buffs is a great way to get sustain in the mid to late game as you won’t itemize into life steal so the omnivamp from Ravenous Hunter is enough to sustain and keep you healthy enough to take more fights and not have to recall as much.
You will always go the offensive runes attack speed and adaptive force to maximize your damage per second but the defensive rune is quite fluid. Most times than not, you will go armor, but in terms of double Ability Power bot lane champions, then you can run magic resist.

FLASH: Flash is mandatory to take as the game has exclusively been balanced around Flash for the past 8 years. Flash can be used both offensively and defensively in the bot lane 2v2 and it’s important to track flash cooldowns to force plays onto players that don’t currently have flash up.
HEAL: Heal is the most frequently taken secondary summoner spell as it heals both you and your support and it also provides a small movement speed buff which can aid you in evading ganks and saving your flash. It’s important to remember to Heal before the enemy support ignites you because the grievous wounds on ignite reduces all incoming healing by 60%.
CLEANSE: Cleanse is a situational summoner spell depending on the enemy team composition, is necessary to take, if they have lots of crowd control effects and if you don’t dodge a single crowd control ability where you would be dead. Some champions you’d take Cleanse against are Ashe and her Enchanted Crystal Arrow with a Leona support, or Caitlyn Yordle Snap Trap and Morgana Dark Binding
EXHAUST: Exhaust is also a situational summoner spell when the enemy has very telegraphed damage and once they use their rotation are very vulnerable to dying. Some examples of ADCs in the bot lane are Tristana and her Explosive Charge combo and Samira and her Inferno Trigger. It’s also good against teams of assassins as exhaust reduces incoming damage from a single target by 40%.

Itemization Back to Top

It’s important to understand what type of playstyle we’ll be going for as we’re taking Arcane Comet for a poke build during the laning phase.

Our starting items are Tear of the Goddess and 2 Health Potions in order to apply pressure and constantly poke the enemies with our synergizing runes and also keep our mana topped off and not run the risk of going out of mana in this lane.

On our first back, it’s important to either get Caulfield's Warhammer or the components and a Refillable Potion if we have to gold to maximize our attack damage as strut provides all the attack speed we need. Also, there is some ability haste on Caulfield's Warhammer which lowers the cooldown of our abilities allowing us to whittle down the opponents more.

We then want to finish our Manamune as soon as possible so we can stack it as fast as possible and turn it into Muramana to provide extra damage per second on all of our auto attacks, Double Up, and Bullet Time.

At this point you can get tier 1 Boots and it’s not important to go tier 2 boots like Berserker's Greaves, Plated Steelcaps, or Mercury's Treads until after you finish your 2nd core item which will be your mythic item.

My personal preference is Galeforce on Miss Fortune because of the added mobility and agency it gives you but also Galeforce provides much more consistent damage on your auto attacks to all units as a whole and also can be used both offensively and defensively which allows it to be very versatile.

The other mythic you can go is Eclipse which is better for burst damage and for targets that don’t build much armor. I don’t recommend this build when the enemies have a few tanks and are going to armor stack against your team comp, but against a team comp full of squishies where it doesn’t matter even if they armor stack, Eclipse might be situationally better in those scenarios.

After your mythics you want to go The Collector as it synergizes extremely well with your Bullet Time as it executes all enemies below 5% health. Not only this but it gives both critical chance and lethality which works well with both build paths and sets up the Galeforce build for 60% crit to run Infinity Edge next item.

Like I said for the Galeforce build, you go Infinity Edge next because you will hit 60% crit and it will greatly increase your damage per second as the crit buff will also be applied to Double Up and Bullet Time.

For the Eclipse build after The Collector, you want to go Serylda's Grudge as damaging abilities slow the enemies by 30%. This means that after you press your Make it Rain and your Bullet Time, with the armor penetration and slow from Serylda's Grudge it will chunk the enemy team and make it extremely difficult to run out of your bullet time.

After finishing your core items for Miss Fortune. your last item should be a situational item depending on the enemy team composition. If there’s lots of unavoidable burst damage it might be best to go Guardian Angel, but if there’s lots of magic damage and crowd control abilities Maw of Malmortius or Mercurial Scimitar might be best.

Because it’s currently preseason and items are prone to buffs and nerfs, make sure to be flexible with your build and experiment things you think might work.
Early Game Back to Top
It’s necessary to understand how the laning phase will pan out during the draft phase of the game to incorporate a game plan into our early levels. It’s important that we not only look at the ADC matchup but also the support matchup as the support matchup is what dictates the lane state.

Our level 1 gameplan on Miss Fortune is not impacted by what our support picks.

We look to constantly poke with Make it Rain as we start Tear of the Goddess with our runes of Arcane Comet, Manaflow Band, Scorch, and Cheap Shot. We should only look to hit both the enemy ADC and support with our make it rain when all of our damaging and utility runes are up and off cooldown.

After getting level 1 priority in the lane with our constant poke, we look to push the wave in for a faster level 2 than the enemy duo. It’s important to note that the first 9 minions: 3 melee, 3 casters, and 3 melee lets the duo reach level 2. Another way to get level 2 is 10 minions: 3 melee, 3 casters, 2 melee, and 2 casters. It’s necessary to posture up against the enemy duo and exert kill pressure after getting this level 2 advantage over the enemy duo. If done correctly, this should get the enemy duo to either fall back, waste summoner spells, or get a kill or double kill.

We want to constantly look for opportunities to execute a minion with Double Up and get the crit damage on Double Up on the enemy duo. We want to slowly whittle down the enemy duo with our Make it Rain and Double Up.

Our next spike is at level 6 which is where the support matchup begins to matter. If we have a tanky engage support like Leona or Nautilus, we look to reach level 6 before the enemy duo and follow up on their ultimates with our own Bullet Time. This is because the amount of kill pressure that a level 6 Miss Fortune and a level 6 tanky engage support is unmatched if the enemy laner doesn’t have a Morgana or Cleanse to instant cleanse out of the hard crowd control. However, if done correctly, if the enemy doesn’t use summoners, then they should die 90-100% of the time.

When playing with an enchanter support after hitting our level 6 powerspike, we should still constantly look to poke the enemy duo with our Make it Rain combo and also Double Up. If our enchanter support has any form of crowd control like Lulu and her Whimsy or Nami and her Aqua Prison and Tidal Wave, then we have to remember to follow up immediately with our Bullet Time, however if not we should look to poke them down to a point where a Make it Rain and max range Bullet Time combo at around 300 hp would be enough to kill them if they don’t respect our damage.

TLDR: Constantly poke with make it rain when runes are up. Get level 2 powerspike and posture up and engage on them before they hit level 2. Either burn their summoners or they should die or miss cs. Constantly whittle them down with double up and make it rain in lane. With engage support, look for ultimates follw up on level 6 engage. With enchanter support, look for constant poke and if they have CC follow up on it with ultimate or poke to low enough you can execute with ult.
Mid Game Back to Top
If Miss Fortune and her duo take down the first turret before the enemy duo, then the next priority should be dragon or the solo lane turret depending on which enemy solo laner has less waveclear (the ability to quickly clear a minion wave without putting oneself in danger) if the dragon is down.

If the enemy duo takes the first turret however, Miss Fortune should send the support player to roam and make plays around the map and look to set up a freeze in the bot lane under the tier 2 inner turret if there are no objectives that the team is looking to fight for on the map. To set up a freeze, always make sure that there are 4-5 more enemy minions than allied minions, and make sure to simply last hit the minions and don’t let it exceed or go below 4-5 more enemy minions.

You can look to keep farming until you hit your Manamune mythic item spike. It’s important to note when you should start rotating for objectives, for dragon typically you want to reset when there’s 45 seconds to a minute left on the respawn because you will be there on time to get some vision around the dragon and then take dragon accordingly. This way you and your team will be able to try and catch the enemy rotating late for objectives and taking fights that you numerically should win.

TLDR: If MF gets first turret, rotate for other objectives: Drag first, other outer turret (lanes with less waveclear). If enemy duo gets first turret, tell support to roam and freeze minions under tier 2 turret. Rotate for objs 45 seconds before they spawn.
Late Game Back to Top
How do we play these fights late game and how do we close out these games?

Miss Fortune is a prime example of a teamfighting ADC however it’s important to know how and when to use your ultimate, Bullet Time. Most of the time Miss Fortune can’t initiate teamfights by herself however she’s pretty good at catching lone enemies by herself with Galeforce in my opinion. The combo auto attack, Double Up, Make it Rain, Galeforce, ultimate probably can 1 shot any squishy that is alone if you see an opportunity.

It’s important how to optimally use Bullet Time in teamfights which is to either wait for your team’s hard crowd control so the enemy cannot stop it or we use Bullet Time in the ladder parts of the fight when the enemy’s disrupting abilities are on cooldown. This is important as we can maximize our area of effect damage per second and have a large impact on the fight.

However, the more consistent way to impact the game and create winning situations is to first secure the vision around a set area typically over objectives as the enemies are inclined to face check into bushes where objectives will be. After we get a pick and creating a winning 5v4 situation we can either do the objective and completely finish, bait it out by starting the objective and pinging our teammates to engage a fight and then we can follow up immediately with our bullet time.

The gameplan with Miss Fortune late game is super simple as her kit is also super simple, but it’s important to remember how to play effectively and play with impact in these team fights. When these objectives are down, it’s important that we keep farming minions so we can get more item spikes and eventually become strong enough to just 5v5.

We should look to rinse and repeat the objectives method and the farming method until eventually your team is strong enough and has enough stats to the point where you can constantly look for teamfights and 5v5 out of a pure stat advantage. At this point you can pressure any objective you want after gaining vision control of the area and then look to follow up with your ultimate.

At this point it’s easiest to gain baron and either finish it or turn on the enemy and then we should siege towers with the team and look for favorable fights and then siege towers and end the game after a successful resulted fight.

TLDR: Look to catch lone enemies with combo: Auto, Q, E, Auto, Galeforce, Ult. Create deathbushes by putting control ward in bush and sitting in it with team in areas enemy team likely to walk through. Kill them without wasting ult and rotate to objs, finish if you can or turn on enemy 5v4 if you have to. Use ult later in fights so it doesn't get cancelled. Farm minions while objs are down and rinse and repeat and win.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Chaeha
Chaeha Miss Fortune Guide
[11.2] Chaeha's Grandmaster ADC Miss Fortune Guide

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