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Neeko Build Guide by Neeko Neeko Niii

[11.23] All things Neeko [s9/s10 Diamond 1.9m Mastery Points

[11.23] All things Neeko [s9/s10 Diamond 1.9m Mastery Points

Updated on November 18, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Neeko Neeko Niii Build Guide By Neeko Neeko Niii 177 9 289,618 Views 19 Comments
177 9 289,618 Views 19 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Neeko Neeko Niii Neeko Build Guide By Neeko Neeko Niii Updated on November 18, 2021
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Runes: Most Matchups

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Taste of Blood
Eyeball Collection
Ravenous Hunter

Manaflow Band

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+8 Magic Resist


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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Middle Lane Ranked #105 in
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Champion Build Guide

[11.23] All things Neeko [s9/s10 Diamond 1.9m Mastery Points

By Neeko Neeko Niii

Eto mina watashi Neeko chan

I am a Diamond Neeko OTP with 1.6 million mastery points. I will be explaining how to play Neeko, along with providing different options for you to try and play on her.

Original Neeko bible:


M-F 9:00am-12pm central

My Discord Server:
Pro's and cons


  • Gamechanging ult
  • Easy to pick up
  • Good at roaming
  • Great waveclear
  • High outplay potential
  • Good cc
  • High burst
  • Great at Sidelaning safely


  • Falls off
  • Delayed ult
  • Squishy
  • Low range
  • Struggles when behind

Summoner spells


Flash enables Neeko to engage with her ult and to help gap close or run away. This summoner is a must take on Neeko.


Ignite gives Neeko a very strong laning phase as well as kill pressure which pairs well with the poke she can dish out. This is a very standard summoner to take.


Cleanse is very core into champions such as Veigar, Ahri, Syndra and other champions that have cc which could get you killed in a gank. If both the enemy laner and jungler have CC, it is recommended that you take this.


Good into farming matchups, or when you know that your team will heavily depend on you being there. You have enormous teamfight potential with the added advantage of being able to TP in, throw your cc, and get a free ultimate on the majority of the enemy team. This is a good idea if you are queued up with friends, as you can TP and CC the enemy team to death in dragon/baron pit while your team cuts them down. Take this summoner if you intend to play for teamfight over the lane.


Good into burst champs: Yas, Zed, and Kat


Good into burst champs Yas, Zed, and Kat.
Starting item

Doran's Ring
Doran's Ring is good because it offers hp and mana regen. Hp is very good into burst champs. This item is generally the go to starting item Neeko will buy.


Sorcerer’s shoes
Sorcs shoes are very good because they offer more burst potential to Neeko and her 1 shot combos.

Mercury Treads
This is very good to take into champions that have reliable cc such as ahri or twisted fate. If you get hit by a charm or a yellow card you will most likely die

Berserker's Greaves
This item is the best item to rush on ad Neeko because it lets her hit an early power spike and start really bullying other champions with her empowered w’s.

AP Items

Hextech rocketbelt
Hextech Rocketbelt is a core item on Neeko and is a must on Neeko regardless of match up it is way too valuable to ever not take on AP Neeko. Rocketbelt allows Neeko to have more survivability, burst and wave clear. Tangle-Barbs(E)> Hextech Rocketbelt will kill the 3 melee minions, then the casters will be very low in range for 1 Blooming Burst(Q) to finish them off. This item allows Neeko to be a little bit beefy with the hp gained from it and also the 10% cooldown is very nice. It also pairs well with her Pop Blossom(R).

Luden's tempest
Luden's Tempest is a good item that is bought in order to match the wave with champs that have very good wave clear such as anivia. It gives mana and some cdr. Luden's Tempest is a good item but it's not needed, it is basically taken to offer more mana and push power in order to roam if needed or keep lane priority by having the power to shove with its ap/passive paired up with Hextech Rocketbelt. Ludens paired with Protobelt does help Neeko reach 40% cooldown reduction if she takes Transcendence.

Morellonomicon is a very good item and usually is bought 3rd or 4th item depending on how the game goes. The magic pen that Morellonomicon offers makes the item valuable. The downside is cost efficiency with this item is not that great. Only the magic pen component is very valuable. It's a very good item for healing champions. It just costs a lot for how much the item gives you.

Honestly I would just get the Oblivion Orb and just continue with the build unless healing reduction is needed. The only reason to upgrade Oblivion Orb into Morellonomicon is for the Grievous Wounds.

Zhonya's Hourglass
Zhonya's Hourglass is very situational and is rarely built because Neeko should end a fight pretty much instantly if a good ult is landed and lose if a bad ult was used because of how fast fights go. Neeko wants to end the game asap because it starts to become difficult to get good engages later in the game without flash up. Other ap items are generally better to snowball the game and help end it sooner such as Rabadon's Deathcap or Spellbinder.

Void Staff
Void Staff is a very good item to make sure that Neeko can always deal damage to everyone even if they don’t have mr this item is still very good. If the enemies build magic resist then this item’s value just increases greatly.

Rabadon's Deathcap
Rabadon's Deathcap is core on Neeko because its used to increase Neeko’s ap massively which is very good paired up with Neeko’s high ap ratio ultimate and it helps Neeko with snowballing as well as getting off those game ending ultimates.

Demonic embrace
This item is a situational item that makes Neeko more tanky as well as helping her burn hp off of hp stacking champs such as tanks and bruisers.

Nashor's tooth
This item is great for split pushing as well as having extra dps for killing tankier champions. It has good base stats and the added onhit damage helps neeko deal more dps.

Horizon focus
This is a core item on neeko that has good amount of ap and gives her a 10% dmg amp when she lands her root or her ult

Banshee's Veil
This item is very good into champions with a lot of cc or heavy ap. It allows Neeko to take 1 skill shot such as some sort of cc and be able to get her ultimate off instead of just standing in place and ulting nothing.

AD Items

This is a core item on Neeko adc because it gives her mobility and allows her to dash forward for a root or land her ult.

Blade of the Ruined King
Bork gives Neeko a lot of sustain along with the %current health dmg to help Neeko kill those tanks.

Runaan's Hurricane
Runaan’s Hurricane is a core item for a bork based build on Neeko because it will allow her to proc her w every auto as long as the bolts are hitting other targets.
Abilities and combos


In this section I will explain Neeko’s combos for trading and engaging. I will also explain how to use these combos along with different items to make the combo even better! Learning all these combos will greatly aid in the fight on the rift. Some of these combos or ways of using Neeko may seem easy but it will take time to get used to some of them.

Standard Burst Combo (easy)

Tangle-Barbs(E)> Blooming Burst(Q)> auto attack
Neeko’s bread and butter combo in lane phase or any trading situation is using Tangle-Barbs (E) then throwing a Blooming Burst(Q) and lastly auto attacking to proc the electrocute. This basic combo is how Neeko will poke in lane and pick people out in the rift. Make sure that you walk forward when you land your Tangle-Barbs(E) because the range on that spell is 1000 while Neeko’s Blooming Burst(Q) has a range of 800.

Blast Cone Engage (easy)

Pop Blossom(R)>click blast cone.
This combo is very simple and great for attempting a dragon/baron steal or just simply engaging over walls. This combo catches people by surprise because your ult can activate in the air and look weird for the enemies and hit them. The first thing is to position yourself on the Blast Cone in the intended direction you want to go to. Next use your Pop Blossom(R) then click the Blast Cone and hop over.

Buffer E Combo (medium)

Tangle-Barbs(E)> Flash
This combo is quite important for Neeko as it allows her to set up her team or land quick kills on people not expecting it. This combo is also great for picking up kills early when people overstay when they are low from poke. The combo itself is quite easy but hitting it is the hard part. To do this combo first aim your Tangle-Barbs(E) at your opponent and then use it and flash right after. Some ways to catch people off guard is using your Shapesplitter(W) to become invisible for 0.5 seconds and use that time to buffer your Tangle-Barbs(E) and flash at them.

Engage Combo (medium)

Inherent Glamour(passive cloak)> Shapesplitter(W)> Pop Blossom(R)>( Flash> Hextech Rocketbelt) before the Pop Blossom(R) goes off.
This combo is generally used when you see a good opportunity to land a multiman ultimate in a teamfight. I personally think this combo is best coming from a flank rather than just running straight at them unless you know their flashes or mobility are down. The combo starts off with transforming into any champ that has some sort of engage or is melee because the thought process of people is that melees won’t really do damage unless they are close ranged which will sometimes catch people off guard. Then you would want to use Shapesplitter(W) at them to hide a part of your ultimate charge up if you get hit along the way. Then use Pop Blossom(R) and quickly flash Protobelt into as many people you can hit as possible. The timing with flash and Protobelt is about 1 second after you cast your ultimate to be on the safe side and not mess up because her ultimate Pop Blossom(R) has a charge up time of 1.25 seconds. Then after that just try and root multiple targets and Blooming Burst(Q) on top of the high priority targets such as the adc or the mid laner.

Surprise attack Combo (hard)

Pop Blossom(R1) > Tangle-Barbs> Hextech Rocketbelt(animation cancel)> Blooming Burst(Q)>auto attack> Pop Blossom(R2)>auto attack
This combo is pretty hard because it requires timing to get this all before your Pop Blossom(R) goes off. This combo is a quick 1 shot combo when people are walking into you. To do this combo you start it off by using Pop Blossom(R). Then you use Tangle-Barbs(E) to trap the person and not let them escape from you. Then you have to Protobelt to cancel the animation of the e to have time to throw your Blooming Burst(Q) down before your Pop Blossom(R) goes off. Then auto after

Hexflash Combo(hard)

Hexflash over wall > ShapesplitterW the moment you get over the wall > ult > Tangle-Barbs(E) > Hextech Rocketbelt(animation cancel) > Blooming Burst(Q) > auto attack
This combo in my opinion is the hardest combo on Neeko because it requires so many steps. This combo is very satisfying to land if you can properly land the Tangle-Barbs(E) once you get over the wall. This combo is great at turret sieges or contesting objectives such as baron or dragon.First use Spellbinder if you have it if not then channel hexflash over the wall. Then use w right away when you get over the wall then use Pop Blossom(R) and try to use Tangle-Barbs(E) and lock them down. After that use Protobelt to cancel Tangle-Barbs(E)’s animation. Lastly throw your Blooming Burst(Q)
General tips
  • Neeko can transform with shift+f1,f2,f3,f4,f5 by default. You can bind this to keys that are easier to press.
  • W clone does not materialize until the 0.5 sec of invis duration is over
  • W clone can block skills like ez q, cait ult , nunu snowball , or any skill that can target
  • If you get ganked send your clone to tower and run straight at a 90 degree angle to river
  • Neeko w can cause people to lose target such as darius ult, garen ult, heca e and auto attacks
  • When roaming transform into the jungler so when you walk over wards you create pressure
  • When looking to flank/engage transform into your engager/tank to create threat from another angle
  • Use your clone to face check for you when you don’t have vision
  • Using your ult to shove the wave in quickly is perfectly fine because of her low ult cdr
  • Transform into a melee champion when it’s safe for 20% more damage to turret platings
  • If you roam to a lane and your teammate is low communicate with them then transform into them to bait the other team
  • Constantly sending your clone while transformed as an engager at the other team can lower their guard
  • e>q combo instantly gives lane priority and clears the wave
  • Try and aim your e at your opponent when they are trying to cs
  • Transforming into someone allows Neeko to gain their range if its lower than hers along with their base move speed and regen
  • Use w into e Flash to catch low hp targets off guard for a free pick
  • Before using a spell while transformed in laning phase or wave clearing transform back to normal Neeko so the cooldown is much lower than breaking it while casting a spell
  • Sending your clone to the tower before a minion wave arrives to draw agro can create a slow push to your side because the minions will all focus 1 of your minions
  • Neeko can 1 shot as full ap at lvl 6 if you have double dorans ring and sorc boots paired with electrocute
  • You can use your clone to tank turret shots to either dive or safe your minions from 2 auto attacks
  • Transforming into your low hp ally and sending your clone through river and mislead the enemies
  • If your trying to juke in an open area send your clone in a straight path and run at them or into a wall and bounce off of it like your clone would if you sent it into a wall
  • You can transform during the w invis to trick people
  • You can send your clone through cait w to get her to auto it then get a free root in
    Runaans can proc Neeko’s empowered w every auto if the 2 bolts hit another target
Neeko in midlane
Early Game

Neeko has a fairly strong early game with her poke. She does struggle into champions that have long range or shields.
As Neeko you should be looking to root your opponents when they walk up to last hit. When they walk up, throw your Tangle-Barbs(E) through the minions and force them to either miss the minions or take a huge chunk of damage.

Once you get Hextech Rocketbelt first look around the map for potential roams. Then if there is a play or you need priority just use the wave clear combo and kill off the minions and move to help your team. You can also use your ultimate to wave clear if you don’t have Protobelt yet.

But you should only use the wave clear combo if you really need priority or the wave to crash into tower. For example a good time to use your ultimate for wave clear is when you kill your opponent and you need to back right away. You would just use your ult and Tangle-Barbs(E)+ Blooming Burst(Q) on the minions that are still alive.

If you ever get ganked as Neeko in the early game make sure to use Shapesplitter(W) aimed straight at your own turret. Then you should run at the river in a straight line. Running in a straight line is very important because the clone from Shapesplitter(W) only runs in a straight line unless it hits a wall. This trick will get you out of the gank 90% of the time.

When going for platings make sure to go transform into melee champion because you will deal more damage to the turret with the turret plating changes in this most recent patch. Range champions so Neeko’s normal form or any other ranged champion will deal reduced damage to the turret platings.

Mid Game

Neeko mid game should be in the side lane pressuring tower because Neeko has very good tower taking potential with her Shapesplitter(W). Neeko should be farming side waves and pressuring towers if objectives such as dragon or rift herald are not up.

When you are in the sidelane make sure to keep the jungle warded if you are on the enemies half of the rift.

Generally you would have your bot mid lane to defend the tower and move around the map according to the current objectives on the map. This is where I see a lot of Neeko mains start to slack on cs make sure you are catching side waves to keep up in cs.

Farm jungle camps that are on the opposite side of your jungler because this helps not only you but also your jungler too. The camp will respond later giving more exp which will help your jungler stay even or ahead in levels.

Remember Neeko is very strong in team fights with her ultimate so don't always try and split push. Try to look for opportunities to flank whenever you can if your team gets caught up in a fight or if your team wants to force a fight.

Late Game

Neeko’s late game is probably the worst part about her because it gets incredibly hard to find good Pop Blossom(R) on people. To find good Pop Blossom(R) you need to work with your team and get good vision behind the enemies so you can look for a flank opportunity if they don’t have a ton of peel.

If the other team does have a lot of peel then you will just need to stand by your other carries such as your adc and peel them from the other team. Then look for a good engage if the situation presents itself.

I like to get a Oracle Lens late game because walking over vision can mean death for Neeko and the sweepers greatly help with flanking and making sure you aren’t spotted. Sweepers also help Neeko with setting up death bushes and just 1 shotting people who walk blind into Neeko.

Neeko has a short range so you need to be very careful positioning late game because if you get hit by cc while trying to land a Tangle-Barbs(E) then that could mean your death and possibly throwing the game for your team.

A good trick to try and trick people is to constantly send your Neeko clone at them over and over until they let their guard down. After several times and if they begin to ignore your clone w backwards and run at them transformed and cast your Pop Blossom(R). This is a great way to be creative with your ultimates and engage for your team.
Neeko as support

Early Game

Neeko support has very good peel and poke potential Bot Lane. For starting items you would want to start probably Relic Shield so that you have the extra hp for later when you're trying to look for ultis. The other option is Spellthief's Edge which is more ap but in return you are more squishy.

To help leash your jungler AA>AA>empowered auto>AA>AA after doing that for the leash you will have your empowered auto up again. so when you're walking to lane you will have it charged and ready to auto the other adc.

With starting Shapesplitter(W) on Neeko you can aggressively trade with the other adc and take minimal damage in return because you can use your Shapesplitter(W) active to go invisible and cancel their auto attacks because they lose target of Neeko.

An important thing with Neeko is being able to help your adc auto the minions to make sure you either hit level 2 power spike first or at least match the other bot lane so you don’t get shoved out of lane.

As a support try and deny the other adc as much cs as possibly by poking and using your Tangle-Barbs(E). If you see that anyone on their team is low or your jungler is ganking you can go for the Tangle-Barbs(E)>flash combo to catch them off guard and set your team up for some free kills.

If you get a kill as Neeko and you are at least half hp consider maybe roaming mid and try and either root the mid laner or potentially even kill their mid.

Mid Game

During the midgame make sure to keep on warding properly so that your team can find picks and also you should be mid with your adc pressuring. When rotating through the river try to make sure you're transformed as your jungler to create pressure when you're walking over wards. When you are in lane with your adc, transform into them to confuse the other team and also help keep your adc safe and draw the focus of the other team to you.

Late Game

In the late game if you are ahead and there are no backline threats to your carries ward very well and make sure that your opponents does not have vision of you and look for a flank transformed as a tank or some engage champion so that you can draw out possible ults and spells and just cc with your ult and hourglass. If there are backline threats such as diver or assassins then just stand next to your adc and try to peel with your root or even ultimate. If the divers are dead or they are unable to dive, look for an engage combo into their team.
Neeko as ap (bot)

Early Game

Ap Neeko bot has a fairly strong early game which can be an advantage to your team with always having lane priority. When paired with a good cc support such as leona,alistar, thresh, and naut you can pretty much 100 to 0 the other adc at level 2. So as Neeko ap bot take Flash + Heal and start Doran's Ring+ 2 Health Potions and start with Blooming Burst(Q). Neeko has a very strong level 2 so you want to hit level 2 first don’t focus on trying to poke level 1 focus on trying to keep the wave in the middle for the first wave then use your spells if needed or autos to hit the level 2 power spike first and look to root the other bot laners through the minion wave for good poke and take control of the lane early. I would take electrocute page because your poke will be very good and if you land a full combo you can force the adc out of lane and get a level lead. At level 6 all you need is 2 dorans ring + Sorcs to be able to 1 shot the other adc with a full ult and e>q>auto combo.

Mid Game

Mid game for Neeko is where you need to focus the most on keeping your cs numbers up with all the rotations that could be going on. As Neeko at this point in the game you will most likely be rotated Mid Lane with your support to defend mid. Try and get a red trinket and keep the other team from getting vision control because Neeko can be very tricky with her passive which allows her to transform into other champions. If you can sweep out bushes and the other team can’t see you, look to go for a flank if you are not behind and this can catch people off guard.

Late Game

Late game for bot Neeko is very similar to Mid Lane Neeko so make sure you ward well. Then look for a good engage if the situation presents itself. I like to get a red trinket late game because walking over vision can mean death for Neeko and the sweepers greatly help with flanking and making sure you aren’t spotted. Sweepers also help Neeko with setting up death bushes and just 1 shotting people who walk blind into Neeko.
Neeko as ad (bot)

Early Game

Neeko’s early game isn’t as strong as it is on ap Neeko so remember not to play the same way as you would if you were ap. Ad Neeko scales much better into the late game compared to ap Neeko. Start w on Neeko bot and just farm for level 2 if you have a cc support you can look to trade aggressively by chain ccing the other bot lane. You are trying to just farm and get you Berserker’s Greaves which is a big power spike for ad Neeko because of the attack speed and movespeed you get from the item. After that, pretty much look at the other team and see if they have a lot of tanks or a lot of squishies. If they have a lot of tanks they go bork first item so you can shred them. If they are squishy then you can go stormrazor first item.

Mid Game

Once mid games hit, Neeko is quite strong now assuming you have some items whether it be bork ruunans or storm razor and rapidfire. With these items you can begin to duel the other adc and burst them quite quickly.

Late Game

Late game as Neeko adc you need to position well in the backline and just ult and e people who are trying to jump on you. Use w to reposition and get to safety transform into your support so that its hard for the other team to dive and kill you.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Neeko Neeko Niii
Neeko Neeko Niii Neeko Guide
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[11.23] All things Neeko [s9/s10 Diamond 1.9m Mastery Points

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