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This build has been archived and is for historical display only

This build has been archived by the author. They are no longer supporting nor updating this build and it may have become outdated. As such, voting and commenting have been disabled and it no longer appears in regular search results.

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Akshan Build Guide by King Turtle

Middle [11.23] Menace To LoL Akshan

Middle [11.23] Menace To LoL Akshan

Updated on November 25, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author King Turtle Build Guide By King Turtle 3 3 12,678 Views 7 Comments
3 3 12,678 Views 7 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author King Turtle Akshan Build Guide By King Turtle Updated on November 25, 2021
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Runes: Pew Pew Action Man

Press the Attack
Legend: Bloodline
Coup de Grace

Eyeball Collection
Ultimate Hunter

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Champion Build Guide

[11.23] Menace To LoL Akshan

By King Turtle
Build Introduction
This guide focuses on a more sustain focused build for akshan, as he uses it extremely well and his E applies lifesteal per shot, allowing for some great plays where you can heal mid fight and completely gap the enemy team. There's also a build for Kraken lovers if you feel like the straight damage is more useful than the sustain train. We'll go over every aspect of the build in the guide chapters below.
-Good Wave clear: After the mid-patch buffs in 11.15 Akshan's Q became an incredible wave clear tool for mid game farming. With buffed Q you can get some insane CS numbers as long as you keep up on farm into late game.

-Amazing Healing: This build is great for healing because with shieldbow, bloodthirster, and a stacked Legend: Bloodline you get 39% lifesteal. Not only does the lifesteal make trades easier and allow you to stay healthy as you roam around the map, but E shots proc lifesteal so if you needed to you could E a minion wave and get back at least a couple hundred Health. This constant healing source can become insanely useful in fights and just being ready to take on anyone in your way.

-Shield Efficiency: Added on to the healing is the fact that you have multiple shielding sources as well. You get overheal shield for early game pairing with your passive hit shield, mid game gives you shieldbow shield for close fights and bonus survivability, and late game you get bloodthirster shield to pair with overheal. This constant source of shielding makes you surprisingly hard to kill, even as a marksman.
-Early Mana Costs: Before you get manamune, early mana costs can make it a bit difficult to trade depending on how aggressive you decide to play. Once you get a bit of stacks into tear it gets easier but before then you're going to run out of mana once or twice.

-Squishy: Despite this build amping your survivability and healing, in the time before you get shieldbow and start stacking bloodline, champions like Qiyana and Talon will be a massive problem as they can all in you as early as level 2 and since you're still a marksman there's a good chance they can beat you. This is why I made Qiyana my perma ban.

-Slightly expensive build: This build isn't too insane when it comes to item costs but considering we're getting the most expensive boots and we have 2 items at 3400 gold it may be a bit hard to get full build consistently.

  • Innate: Whenever Askhan auto attacks, he fires an additional shot after a slight delay that deals 50% physical damage. If akshan cancels the 2nd auto, he gains bonus move speed. The move speed scales with 100% of his attack speed. The additional shot applies on-hit and on-attack effects and can critically strike. The crit damage is able to be effected by Infinity Edge passive.

    Akshan's auto attacks and abilities apply a stack to an enemy for 5 seconds. Like Vayne W, Akshan can apply 3 stacks, with the 3rd dealing bonus damage. When the 3rd stack is triggered, Akshan also gains a shield. The shield scales with 40% bonus AD.

  • Active: Akshan throws a boomerang, dealing physical damage and revealing enemies hit for 1 second. Every time it hits an enemy it extends the range that the boomerang travels. If the boomerang hits an enemy champion, Akshan gains bonus movement speed for 1 second. Once the boomerang reaches the end of it's travel path, it will return to Akshan, hitting enemies on the way back will also add a stack and deal physical damage.

  • Passive: Enemy champions that kill your allies will be marked for 60 seconds, refreshing on each kill thereafter. While alive, and within a few seconds of damaging a marked enemy, every takedown will grant Akshan 100 bonus gold and revives all allies slain by the marked enemy.

    Active: Akshan enters camouflage, lasting infinitely when near terrain or in a bush. Otherwise it only lasts 2 seconds. While in Going Rogue Akshan gains vision to a trail that leads directly to any marked enemy, the trail goes through brush and fog of war. Once akshan is 5000 units or closer and moving towards a marked enemy, Akshan gains bonus movement speed and mana regeneration. Attacking and casting abilities will end Going Rogue and getting too close to an enemy will reveal Akshan until he walks out of that reveal radius.

  • First Swing: Akshan fires a hook into any nearby terrain and can be held there for 1.5 seconds before casting the second swing or cancelling the swing alltogether. If Akshan is immobilized or grounded while the hook is in the terrain, it will detach and the ability.

    Second Swing: Akshan swings around in a circle around the terrain, the direction of the swing can be decided by clicking on either side of Akshan or pressing E with your cursor on the side you want to swing towards. While swinging, Akshan fires a volley of bullets at nearby enemies, dealing physical damage and applying on-hit effects at 25% effectiveness per shot. Enemies marked by Dirty Fighting will be prioritized by your Swing bullets. If Akshan is hit with any immobilizing effects the swing will be cancelled. The second swing will also be cancelled if Akshan collides with any terrain or champions.

    Third Swing: Akshan detaches the rope, jumping a short distance and firing 1 final shot. This jump cannot go through terrain.

    scoring a takedown against an enemy champion reduces the cooldown to 0.5 seconds. Each shot on the 2nd and 3rd swing can crit and apply lifesteal at 100% effectiveness. Swing shots will not fire while Akshan's R is active mid swing.

  • Active: Akshan channels for 2.5 seconds, locking onto an enemy champion and increasing bullets fired over the duration of the channel. At any time during the channeling process, Akshan can recast Comeuppance to fire early. The amount of bullets fired will depend on how long the ability was channeled. If the channel is cancelled all-together, Comeuppance will be put on a 5 second cooldown.

    Recast: Akshan fires all stored bullets, dealing physical damage to the first enemy hits, this includes: Minions, Champions, Towers, Jungle Monsters, and Dragon/Baron. The damage is increased based on the targets missing health, and will execute minions. The damage is further increased by 0.5% per 1% crit chance and applies life steal at 100% effectiveness. Comeuppance can also be cast while using Heroic Swing. Finally, as you ramp up bullets stored, there will be a secondary bar put on the enemies HP bar that will show you how many bullets you need to kill the target. Once the bar lights up Red you will have enough bullets to kill the enemy, barring anything getting in the way.

  • Press The Attack is Akshan's best Keystone as he has a double shot system, and can use that system to get that 3rd hit easily. Press The Attack also applies on Heroic Swing's bullets, making it a popular Keystone not only for Akshan, but for his meta mythic, Kraken Slayer.

  • Overheal is going to be a nice rune for Akshan as both Heroic Swing and Comeuppance's bullets apply lifesteal at 100% effectiveness and we're getting 2 lifesteal items plus Legend: Bloodline for a total of 39% lifesteal as well as having Doran's Blade for the early game.

  • A rune mainly for scaling lifesteal into the late game so over the game we get more lifesteal between Shieldbow and Bloodthirster.

  • Coup De Grace is just for some bonus damage in fights and skirmishes. Not much else to it but it works so no reason to complicate it.

  • Eyeball Collection gives permanent AD so it's a pretty big no brainer why we're getting it.

  • Akshan's Ultimate is essentially a measured Execute that can absolutely demolish an enemy champion if used effectively, so it only makes sense that we want this ability up as soon and as often as possible.
Immortal Shieldbow
Immortal Shieldbow is Kraken Slayer's cooler brother-in-law that should be stealing the show but doesn't because Kraken Slayer is an attention hog. Don't get me wrong, Kraken Slayer is great on Akshan, but Immortal Shieldbow just has more value with the extra healing and the passive shield that's going to keep you alive in the event where you accidentally swing the wrong way into a group of angry Talon mains who seek carnage. Jokes aside, You gain tons of value with the shield because your ability cooldowns kinda suck and it's rare that you can get use of your abilities more than once in a fight unless you can chain a few kills together. Shieldbow allows that extra time to get Q and E back. It also helps that mythic passive gives AD per legendary which will stack up and scale with your kit.
Berserker Greaves
Even though his ratio isn't all that great, getting Berserker Greaves on Akshan isn't entirely useless, and I see it having the most value out of all the boots as long as you aren't going full lethality.
The Collector is another no brainer that bridges the gap between crit Akshan and Lethality Akshan. It also pairs nicely with his kit as Ultimate triggers Collector, making for easier kills considering the downsides the Ultimate comes with. The Lethality combines well with his abilities while still giving crit chance and a substantial amount of AD.
This is a no brainer. His mana issues are almost as bad as Ashe's so it only makes sense to get Manamune as it helps mitigate some of his mana woes mid game, and gives plenty of AD in the process, making for a much stronger champion in the mid game. The extra ability haste is also a nice touch that sometimes goes overlooked.
Bloodthirster is great because of its pairing with your runes and shieldbow, Additionally giving a bonus shield for healing past your Max HP, which is going to be a small but important feature in fights. Essentially you can have a shield at max hp and at a quarter of your HP for ultimate Survivability. Then it also gives crit chance, which keeps stacking on.
Lord Dominiks Regards
Lord Doms is going to work well not only for the crit chance and armor pen, but because the one issue I found with this build was killing high resistance bruisers and tanks, but Lord Dominiks relieves this issue a bit with your passive allowing you to deal up to 15% more physical damage to people with more max hp than you(which coincidentally is mostly tanks). This makes for a great late game power spike that'll have you commiting drive bys with ease.
Alternative Build
The alternative build is going to be more about blowing up the enemy champions before they can gang up on you. Generally Akshan is still a marksman even if hes a mid laner so hes a squishy champion that can be difficult to use efficiently because of how important his E mechanic is. Thus my main build helps solve that issue a little by giving you tons of healing and shields and making you hard to kill. On the other side is this build. It allows you to instead blow up everyone in your way and be a mega damage monster. Kraken Slayer is arguably his best mythic as his E triggers kraken passive and does tons of damage early game. For the Manamune explanation you can just go back up to the chapter for the main build as it will mostly apply to this build as well. Berserker's Greaves are also a no brainer since he's a marksman and you're not going lethality. Wit's End has become a widely abused item due to its interaction with Akshan and Kraken Slayer focused builds. Wits End is not only great attack speed and some decent base AD but it has an on-hit passive which applies to E and the MR is great for mages and ap supports who would normally make your game hell. Lord Dominik's Regards will be used for the same reasons as the main build too. Finally, it wouldn't be a proper damage build without Infinity Edge. Might as well go all out if you're gonna go kraken. Since this alternative build will be best for beating tank comps LDR is a must as Armor Pen is more effective against higher armored enemies than lethality. It also helps that you deal up to 15% bonus physical damage to champions with more max hp (which is going to be the case most of the time.) This build is a great tank shredder and keeps you out of CC purgatory against tank comps that can ruin your fun with their stuns and knockups.
Early Game
Early Game is going to be a great opportunity to force your dominance on your enemy laner. I prefer going E start because if you auto the enemy champion and then E around minion wave the marked champion will take priority over the minions. This allows for a surprise attack and with your passive shield you'll almost always be able to get them down to near half hp and only lose 100-200 hp because your shield took most of the damage. On first back be sure to buy a Tear and Noonquiver if you can afford both, if not just buy Tear. Most of early game after will be spent maxing Q and poking the enemy laner out of lane or to death. Sometimes you can get away with roaming to kill a scoundrel every now and then but for the most part you'll want to keep up on farm and gold because most champions won't be able to handle your lane pressure.
Mid Game
Mid Game is going to be when you start roaming more often and sneaking kills until you can solo anyone in the match. Of course, you'll still want to keep up on farm when you can but if you can get ahead while roaming around it won't be as punishing as if you skipped CS early game. At this point you should have tear/manamune close to or completely stacked. If you play the lane right you should be able to make the mid laner your ***** and force the side lanes to play more cautious when they can't see you on the minimap. With Fear comes mistakes, and with mistakes comes death.
Late Game
By late game you'll either be ahead and able to control the game, but if not you can still come back and scale up since Bloodthirster will give you 20% lifesteal, a shield that stacks with Overheal, and some solid AD gain. LDR will help kill bruisers and tanks in your way as well, so make sure you just get your gold up and transition to late game items ASAP because the interactions with your other items and runes will be key to holding a lead or making a comeback. Once you're full build just focus on positioning properly in teamfights and paying attention to how much CC they enemy comp has and if they can lock you down or not. Damage doesn't matter if you're stunned for the entire fight. If you can get around the CC of the comp you will be in a great spot to win the game.
Build Conclusion
This build is incredible for mid fight sustain and keeping yourself in the fight to get full combo as much as possible. Add on the move speed bonuses in your kit and you can essentially kite people while slowly getting back to full hp, so then you can go back in with E and commit more drive bys. This build also scales well with Ult so you'll be able to use it more often and more effectively by late game. Hopefully this build will still be as good as it is now or better by the time they start making changes to Akshan or his core items, but god knows with Riot's 200 years of experience. GLHF!
Excel Sheet
While making this build I decided to make an Excel sheet dedicated to collecting 40 games of information and stats based on this build to confirm if the stats reflect my writeup of this build. Personally, I believe it meets expectations and believe that it is a good reflection of the validity of my build. It will be posted below for those who want to read through it.
Note: I am not a mathematician so if there's any incorrect math or a number where it shouldn't be, notify me and I'll get around to fixing it as soon as possible.!AgTcr7-YsmDNlTq5HOIOcr79ekjx?e=NeXRpg <- Menace To LoL Akshan Excel

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