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Malphite Build Guide by The Rock Titan

Top diamond

[11.6] The Rock Titan's Master Malphite OTP Tank Top Guide

By The Rock Titan | Updated on March 20, 2021
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Runes: Standard

1 2 3 4 5
Arcane Comet
Manaflow Band

Biscuit Delivery
Time Warp Tonic

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Top Lane
Ranked #33 in
Top Lane
Win 52%
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Champion Build Guide

[11.6] The Rock Titan's Master Malphite OTP Tank Top Guide

By The Rock Titan
Hi, this is The Rock Titan and I am a Malphite OTP

I hit Master playing only Malphite and I am the Rank 1 Malphite NA!

This guide is intended to anyone that wants to learn Malphite at a High level.

This guide alone does not guarantee that you will get a high rank but will significantly raise your chances.

Other guides about top laning and general game knowledge will help you climb as well.

My main account: the rock titan

Why do you want to play Malphite? Back to Top
For anyone that wants to get to climb but don't have the mechanics to do so, Malphite is your champ!

Once in a while I get called, "dumb Malphite player" or "Must be boring being a Malphite one trick" but when you win and climb, you don't care what they say anymore!

Malphite mains are humble, they know they are bad at video games so instead of trying to see who clicks the fastest, they admit defeat and play Malphite!

This is me... a 24 year old boomer that can't compete with the 16 year old gaming prodigy at this game.
Thoughts about Malphite after hitting Master Back to Top
After hitting Master, I thought for a long time on how I got here... and I even thought about if I truely deserve it...

On the day I hit Master, I felt really happy and I had a big audience to share the moment with... But I also felt a bit of melancholy.

I look back at the games that got me Master and I feel like most of my games, my team carried me... All I did was I did my job as Malphite...

I tried ways of comforting myself, telling myself that I deserve it and that's when it hit me...


For some reason and I don't know when it started, but in high elo League of Legends, people look down on you if you play Malphite.

Its gotten so bad for my mental that even in games I did well in but my Lucian carried the game, I feel like I don't deserve the win...

I want to remind everyone that Malphite is a tank and tanks are not carries! The purpose of Malphite is he ENABLES your team to carry. He enables your team to do more damage!

So I think having the mentality of "you must carry your game or you don't deserve this win" is just not right! Everyone gets carried from time to time, a win is a win and without you, it's a 4v5!

I hope less people flame Malphite players for their pick, if you feel like we're looking to get carried, then well... that's the point! I'm a tank, I'm simply playing my ROLE as a tank and I'm suppose to get carried!

As long as you didn't int the game, you handled your match up correctly, and made plays with your ult, bro. You did you job! It may not look like it but you carried!

In high elo, I think Malphite is a really good pick and if you're with good players, They LOVE Malphites. If you're not mechanically gifted, you really should just play Malphite!
How to Become a Good Malphite Player? Back to Top
Lets get a few obvious things out of the way.

Everyone is going to tell you up front, don't worry, you're a tank, you'll be good in later on in teamfights.

That is true but you need to do a lot more than that to climb high!

1. You need to know your match ups. Know what to do vs the common match ups.

Things like Camille, Darius, Shen, Aatrox, Irelia, and Fiora you must know what to do against these Champs!

1.1 Laning and Trading

Many people think lane phase for Malphite is not important because Malphite excels in teamfights. However, this is not true for high elo.
Getting to Diamond relies heavily on properly handling your match up. There are about 50 of them and lucky for you, I made a match up guide for you :)
Getting to Master means you need to stomp or hard win your winning match ups. Exploit opponent's mistakes if you're against unfavored match ups.
Then doing all that while not dying to jungle ganks and looking for tp plays.

1.2 Against Tank Match ups

I always find it unrewarding winning lane against, Sion, Cho'Gath, Ornn and even Maokai...
First of all, you lose in all these match ups, any good Sion and Cho'Gath will win this lane easily.
Now lets say you do win against them, they made a big mistake and you get a kill on them...
The problem is, if their team is better, you're going to lose anyway because Sion and Cho'Gath is never going to be completely useless...
They are also playing hoping their team is going to carry them just like you...
So I find the best way to win the game (not your lane), is to have more Kill Participating than them.
If you helped your team thrive more than him, you'll most likely win the game.

Think about it, are you going to "excel" in teamfights when you fed a Darius or Mordekaiser 3 kills during lane phase? Camille, Nasus, Vlad is eventually going to outscale you, are you going to just go even? I don't think so...

2. By knowing your match ups, you'll need to know your lane Prios

Things like telling your jungler to start top side or push your lane to gain lane prio.
Do you win top/jg 2v2s? If not, tell your jungler to never gank top!

3. Get your TEAM fed!

If you are winning topside, transfer your lead to the rest of the team (also known as... Carrying)!
Carrying means you've contributed the most toward winning the game. If you're ahead, you must carry as a tank, one way or another!
Give your kills to your jungler, give your kills to your adc. You don't need it!

3.5 Map awareness is very important! It gets your team fed!

Since you only play one champ so you know this champ inside out, look at the mini map more!
Your post 6 roams, hovers and TP plays are very strong and if used well, you can win games just with Map awareness alone!

4. Know when to ult.

Your ult is a big decision!
If you hit a good ult, it can potentially win the game!
If you miss your ult, you can easily lose the fight and the game!
Don't engage when none of your teammates are around. You might see a 5 man ult opportinuty but if teammate is around, control urges!
If you can't find a 5 man ult, don't be greedy! Just ult the best available target!
Ideally you want your ult to always be on CD. Use it to roam all the time!
Don't forget to use your ult as an escape! If enemy jungler ganks top and you ult away? You've wasted his time! Hopefully your team can get Drake off that.
I find landing your ult more and more difficult now... So many dashes and jumps. It's so nuts...

5. How to use Granite shield?

Get your W and E off before your Granite shield is gone!
Farm around your Granite shield! You don't want to get too low in lane!

6. Wave control.

Know how to freeze and break freezes!

6.5 How to farm.

A lot of the time you are going to get bullied.
Is it worth it to trade half your HP bar for 1 range minion? NO!
Only get the CS that's worth getting! Don't take too much damage trying to get 14 gold!

7. Vision control

Ward more! It literally saves your life!
If your lane is pushed up to the enemy's turret, don't just walk back to lane... ward first. Chances are there is a jungler waiting for you to get back to lane...
Pinks are so important, guys literally watch your replays, sometimes you feel so stupid standing in a bush that is warded the whole time lol...

Any game knowledge is going to increase your chances of achieving a higher rank!

To make up for your lack of skill, you must have very deep game knowledge!

Good Luck!
My thoughts on Itemization and builds Back to Top

More Item Notes Above in the Items Section! Hover over "NOTES" on the top right hand corner to see!

At first, I didn't want to make a guide on items and builds. But due to popular request, I decided to try my best and make one.

Right now, I think stacking armor or MR (or any defensive stats for that matter) is not optimal.

There are too many champs that do true damage or mix damage in the game... For example, Yone, Katarina, Camille, Kraken Slayer(item) or other tank buster items...

So I think, we should build some damage or items that help us engage. I wouldn't underestimate Malphite's damage if you build damage.

Have you ever been in a situation late game where you do ZERO damage and if you didn't hit a good ult, people can just ignore you in teamfights and walk past you and go for your carries? Then after they kill your carries, they just turn around and kill you right after... This is why you build damage.

Be flexible with your builds, I try to do my best to make this item's guide 1+1=2 but every game is different, look at the enemy team and build what's good!

Bramble / Thornmail

Heal cut is almost mandatory now, there are too much heals in the game! I also like Thornmail because it actually does some damage for a defensive item. I would leave it at bramble and not upgrade it to Thornmail if against Heavy AP.

Turbo Chemtank

After the 11.2 patch update, I'm building Chemtank every game now... It got cheaper and only 5 MR and Armor less than Aegis.
I'm really liking Chemtank right now, definitely the item to go if you're playing from behind.

Force of Nature or Gargoyle Stoneplate

Even before the 11.3 patch, I've been getting Force of Nature more and more against AP... Not because I like FON on Malphite; But because Stoneplate doesn't give HP and should only be built later on as stoneplate scales with HP.

Verdant Barrier

Before the 11.3 buff, I'm already loving Verdant, after 11.3, I love it even more! This item gives you 40MR and it only costs 1000g. You don't have to immediately upgrade to Banshee's! Verdant is a really good item to hold onto! Get it Early!

Banshee's Veil

Right now I personally really like Banshee's Veil as a last item or a 5th item, it gives you 80 ap and 45MR (only 15 less than Abyssal Mask) with a spell shield that helps you engage. Also it's only 2600g, a really cheap legendary! I want to go back to my statement on building damage, You really don't want to build full tank and this is the best damage item you can go on Malphite.

Warmog's Armor

After the 11.3 nerf on Sterak's, I think I might start building Warmog's more. To be honest, Warmog's is a 5th or 6th so you're probably not going to complete it since games don't last that long. I think Warmog's is super good because of its passive and building anymore Armor or MR might just be over kill. Again, going back to my point on not stacking Armor or MR.

Spirit Visage

You can consider Spirit Visage if you have ocean soul.
Where to Find me? Back to Top


Check out my stream! I try to be informational on my stream and answer any questions you may have.

My stream usually starts everyday at 7pm EST.

For those of you that wants to read this guide on a Google sheet: CLICK HERE

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