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Sejuani Build Guide by Elresser

Top [12.16] Elresser's Sejuani Top Guide

Top [12.16] Elresser's Sejuani Top Guide

Updated on August 27, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Elresser Build Guide By Elresser 45 2 47,450 Views 5 Comments
45 2 47,450 Views 5 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Elresser Sejuani Build Guide By Elresser Updated on August 27, 2022
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Runes: Standard

1 2 3
Grasp of the Undying

Manaflow Band

+10% Attack Speed
+6 Armor
+15-140 HP (lvls 1-18)


1 2
Into most melee matchups
LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
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Champion Build Guide

[12.16] Elresser's Sejuani Top Guide

By Elresser
Hi there. My name is Elresser. I've picked up Sejuani during 2021, after seeing a video of ap Sejuani. After some games, her kit felt very fun to use, but the ap playstyle didn't fit me. Later that year I heard about Sejuani top in another video, and I saw the potential it had. I've been mostly playing Sejuani top since then, and she has become one of my most played champions of all time. In this guide I will share all the information I gained from many months of consistent play and experimentation.
Why should I play Sejuani top?

1. Sejuani is surprisingly a very strong dualist.
2. Sejuani scales very good scaling, so toplane being the island it is can help her reach that point more easily.
3. Sejuani has one of the best gank setups in the entire game, with 3 hard cc abilities and a slow on her W.
4. She has many good matchups, and not many bad ones.
5. She is a very safe champion, and killing her is not that easy.
6. Once she gets a few points into her W she can harass the enemy laner on a very low cd.
7. Her kit is very unique and if you're into learning new stuff you may find her fun to play.
8.She deals hybrid damage so resistances are weaker against her.
Sejuani's Ability Rundown

Enemies stunned by Sejuani's Permafrost or Glacial Prison are marked Frozen for the disable's duration. Sejuani's next basic attack or ability against a Frozen enemy will consume the mark to deal bonus magic damage equal to 10% of their maximum health, capped at 300 against epic monsters.
In addition, Sejuani gains Frost Armor, which lingers for 3 seconds after taking damage from enemy Champion icon.png champions or Monster icon.png monsters. She restores it after 12 − 6 (based on level) without taking damage from them. The Frost armor gives her bonus armor and magic resist, and a slow/cripple immunity. Consuming the marks from Permafrost is key for winning trades in lane, and is usually the final blow to most combos (Combo section).

|Range: 650| Cooldown: 18/ 16.5/ 15/ 13.5/ 12| Cost: 70/ 75/ 80/ 85/ 90|
Sejuani charges in a target Direction, knocking up minions in the way and collides with the first enemy champion hit, knocking them up for 0.5 seconds and dealing magic damage. This ability can go over terrain. Sejuani can also cast any of her abilities during the dash, more on that in the other abilities. This ability is Sejuani's only form of mobility. and with's the long cd it has, misusing it can be very punishing. Flashing during Q will stop the dash but will redirect the knockup and damage unto the targer you flash on top of.

|Range: 600| Cooldown: 9/ 8/ 7/ 6/ 5| Cost: 65|
This ability has 2 parts. After 0.25 seconds into the cast time, Sejuani swings her flail in a cone in the target direction that deals physical damage to enemies hit and knocks back minions and monsters hit. After the cast time, Sejuani lashes out with her flail in a line in the same direction, dealing physical damage to enemies hit and slowing them by 75% for 0.25 seconds, dealing around triple the damage. Sejuani can cast this ability during Arctic Assault in order to redirect the 2nd part of her W, and this ability applies a stack of Permafrost on each hit, maxing at 2 stacks per cast. This ability is Sejuani's bread and butter, her main damage tool and main waveclear tool. the more consistent you are with landing the 2nd part the the more oppresive Sejuani becomes. You can flash to redirect the 2nd W as well. This ability's damage scales with Sejuani's max health.

|Active range: 600| Passive radius: 1100| Cooldown: 1.5| cost: 20|
This ability has both a passive and an active, so let's go over the passive first. Winter's Wrath and both Sejuani's and nearby allied melee champions' attacks on-hit apply stacks of Frost to enemy champions, medium/ large monsters and large minions for 5 seconds, which refreshes on subsequent hits and stacks up to 4 times. Enemies hit by Permafrost or Glacial Prison's bola have all of their Frost stacks consumed and cannot be affected by Frost for 10 seconds. This ability is the reason Sejuani works really well with Melee teammates who can help apply the Frost stacks on multiple champions in a fight. Let's go over the active now. Sejuani hurls a trap at the enemy with 4 stacks of Frost closest to the cursor, which upon arrival deals magic damage, knocks them down, and stuns them for 1 second. This stun applies the Frozen mark from her passive Fury of the North, and usually it is the setup for the final blow of the trade.

|Range: 1300| Cooldown: 120/ 100/ 80| Cost: 100|
Sejuani throws an ice bola in the target direction that stops upon hitting an enemy champion, dealing magic damage and stunning them for 1 second. If the bola travels over 400 units, it becomes empowered to detonate upon reaching maximum range or hitting an enemy champion, dealing increased damage and stunning for 1.5 seconds instead. For the same duration, a frost storm is created that slows enemies within by 30% and grants sight of the area in a smaller radius. Afterwards, the storm shatters to deal magic damage to enemies hit and slow them by 80% for 1 second, as well as revealing them and granting sight of the area for 0.5 seconds. Note, The enemy hit by the bola is not affected by the storm's effects. This ultimate is an amazingly strong pick tool, and is the reason Sejuani is known to have one of the biggest engage ranges in the game. You can throw your ultimate in the middle of Arctic Assault, or chain it right after your Permafrost.
Standard runes
Let's go over the runes now. There are currently 2 rune pages that I go on Sejuani, and their playstyles is very different. The first one is the Resolve tree.

Primary Runes
Grasp is known as the standard tank keystone, and for Sejuani it's no different.This rune will help her in the short trades Sejuani exelles at, adding even more %max health damage in addition to her passive Fury of the North and is overall a great keystone.

Demolish is one big reason you want to take the Resolve tree. It helps you get early turret plates in lane, and will be a very useful tool for splitpushing. It also scales with max health, which Sejuani gains a lot.

Out of the 3 options, Conditioning is the rune I take in most of my games. Scaling runes have a lot of value, especially on a scaling tank like Sejuani. The only times I don't take Conditioning are if I'm against a poke lane, in which I find the sustain from Second Wind to be more useful.

Overgrowth is by far my favourite rune to take on Sejuani. Sejuani scales well with health, so a permanent stacking rune of HP is very useful for her. As for the other 2, you will not gain much use from them.

Secondary Runes
Manaflow band can help Sejuani with mana sustain throughout the lane, which Sejuani struggles with early. This rune also works well with Fimbulwinter which is a core item Sejuani gets.

Recently I've been trying out the buffed Scorch and I gotta say it is really good with your W poke. On the other hand, Sejuani has surprisingly high AP ratios, so Gathering storm will give you more tools to dish out damage yourself, especially if you have Demonic Embrace which is a situational item. Scorch helps to win the lane more easily and gathering storm is helpful in lanes where you're just looking to scale.
Phase rush rune page
That was the standard rune page out of the 2. Now let's go over the less popular but in no way weak rune page, the Phase Rush page.


Primary Runes
Phase rush is not a rune you usually see on Sejuani, but after experimenting with it for a while, I found it to be quite promising into certain matchups like the Aatrox, Mordekaiser and helps you survive/ stick on ranged champions like Quinn or Lucian. the idea behind this rune is to take quick trades and leave immideatly before they have the chance to run you down.

Manaflow band can help Sejuani with mana sustain throughout the lane, which Sejuani struggles with early. This rune also works well with Fimbulwinter which is a core item Sejuani gets.

Sejuani is a tank with a lot of cc, so Transcendence helps her get these abilities out more often.

Recently I've been trying out the buffed Scorch and I gotta say it is really good with your W poke. On the other hand, Sejuani has surprisingly high AP ratios, so Gathering storm will give you more tools to dish out damage yourself, especially if you have Demonic Embrace which is a situational item. Scorch helps to win the lane more easily and gathering storm is helpful in lanes where you're just looking to scale.

Secondary Runes
Demolish is one big reason you want to take the Resolve tree. It helps you get early turret plates in lane, and will be a very useful tool for splitpushing. It also scales with max health, which Sejuani gains a lot. Second wind can be a good alternative into champions like Vayne where you probably will not get many plates.

Overgrowth is by far my favourite rune to take on Sejuani. Sejuani scales well with health, so a permanent stacking rune of HP is very useful for her.
Summoner spells
Sejuani doesn't have many rune options, so I'll keep this section short.

Flash is a very standard rune that almost many champions take. Take Flash into Vayne, Darius and Mordekaiser.

Teleport is a very good choice of runes. You can tp back to lane or to a fight laner on. It gives you many more opportunities on the map.

Ignite is a very good combination with Teleport, and it's helpful in getting solo kills in lane, plus the heal cut is useful.

Here are what it looks like all together:

Into most Matchups:

Into Vayne, Darius and Mordekaiser:
Sejuani has a variety of items she can go in many situations, but her core items will stay the same, so let's start with them.

Core items

Sejuani has 2 mythics she can go, each is suited for their situations and we will go over that right now. But before that, I want to say something about your first back. You should ALWAYS get a Tear of the Goddess on your first recall. Now the mythics.

The passive of Iceborn Gauntlet creates a zone that slows everyone standing in it, and deals a burst of damage. This item also grants 100 bonus hp per completed item, so you'll often have 4,600+ hp which Sejuani scales very well with. While this mythic does not deal as much damage as Sunfire Aegis, the utility from the zone can compensate and getting picks is much easier. if the enemies have a bunch of champions that can kite well, go this mythic.

Sunfire is the 2nd mythic choice, and unlike Iceborn Gauntlet it deals a lot more damage. It gives less health, but the damage compensates for it. There isn't much to say about what this item does. After dealing or taking damage it stacks and after 6 stacks you gain a burn on hit effect. Go this mythic into comps that like to go all in and lack kiting.

Let's talk about starting items as well. In most melee matchups Sejuani does really well with Corrupting Potion, but into ranged matchup, Darius and Mordekaiser a Doran's shield is recommended.

We went over the mythics, now what about the 2nd core item? Well, here it comes!

This item works really well as Sejuani's 2nd item, because it gives her anything she ever wants. It gives mana, health, cooldown reduction and a shield once it's upgraded. The shield can only be activated after the champion either slows or stuns the enemy, and Sejuani can active it with any of her 4 abilities.

That's about it for the core build. now what's next? That depends on the game you are in, so we will go over the items one by one.

Situational items

Thornmail is an item you see often on tanks, and there's a reason for it. It gives a good amount of armor, it deals damage to the enemy if they auto attack you while giving them healing reduction. Go this item into auto reliant AD comps with like a Yasuo Fiora Aatrox a team with a Soraka and the list goes on.

Randuin's by far gives the most armor out of any item, and it has a very strong active. This item's active can reduce the attack damage and crit damage of multiple enemies. get this item into comps that like to prioritize crit, for example a Tryndamere or the Yasuo Yone brothers, and most adc's.

This item is known for being cheap while providing great stats. mana armor and cooldown reduction is nothing to look down upon. On top of that it slows the attack speed of champions near you, so go this item into attack speed reliant comps. For exaple: a vayne, or one again the Yasuo Yone brothers, and so on.

This is a very strong item on Sejuani, and that is for multiple reasons. it gives a nice amout of resistances, and the active gives a shield of almost your entire health bar which decays after a few seconds. In games where you are getting shredded by the enemy adc, this item is recommended.

This item is Really good item to build when there is one fed hypercarry that if you focus you win the game. It makes you take reduced damage from them and you lower their tenacity as well, leaving the person at more risk.

While many magic resist exist, none work better than this item in taking consistent magic damage. After you take a few magic damage hits, you will gain magic damage reduction and move speed, on top of the resistances themselves.

While Force of Nature focuses on taking the least magic damage, Abyssal mask enables your magic damage carries to deal more damage than usual. If you have a fed mage on the team and the enemy has magic damage dealers, this item is a great choice.

Spirit visage is a very good magic resist item if you have an enchanter on your team. this item amplefies healing and shielding recived.

In many cases your team will have a carry champion who deals crazy damage, but there are games where you have none. In games like these, a demonic embrace can be very useful. This item converts bonus health into ability power, and Sejuani will have both a ton of health and strong AP ratios, so you can dish out the damage yourself.

Warmog's gives a lot of health and the passive lets you regen health back to full out of combat. In games where you are against heavy poke champions like Xerath Lux Ezreal you should consider it.
For this section, I've made a table featuring which matchups are favorable for Sejuani and which are not so favourable, but I want to make something clear. This table is not complete, far from it. I have NOT played all of Sejuani's matchups in the game, some champions are banned, others are barely played. But worry not, because this guide will be consistantly updated. If I find myself in a matchup that isn't here, as soon as the game ends I will Immideatly add it here. I also want to say that some matchups become much easier with certain runes/ item rushes which is why Aatrox and Darius are lower than they may seem, and these will be updated as well. Now without further ado, here you go:

Here are which runes you go in which matchups:

Starting certain abilities on level 1 can impact how the lane will go. Note, if you take Q lvl 1 use it as a disengage only. It's to prevent you from getting all inned lvl 1.

And last but not least, the item rushes:

Trading and Combos
Once you reach level 3 and get all 3 abilities, you unlock a unique trading pattern that once you practice it enough you will see success in lane. The combo goes like this:

Q -> auto -> W -> auto -> E -> auto and walk away.

This is Sejuani's main trading pattern in lane which you will use in most matchups, but let me point out exceptions: Into Darius and Mordekaiser you will be unable to use this combo if they have their E up, so a different combo is in order: W -> auto -> Q to proc phase rush and run out of there while he is in the knockup duration.

Into Jax you CANNOT use Q aggresively. Use it 1 second after Jax presses his Counter Strike to knock him away, avoiding the stun and damage.

From level 6 you unlock a new combo, which can kill most laners from 50% hp. It goes like this:

Q -> auto -> W -> auto -> E -> R -> auto (note try using R from 400 units so you get the double damage and can still make it to auto attack the frozen target.
Laning phase
Sejuani's level 1 is very weak, so you want to chill. That does not mean you should give up control of the wave. If you gain the push lead level 1 in most matchups you can go more aggressive in level 2 when you gain your Q or your W based on what you started with. From level 5 and onwards you have a few points in your W, and you probably already have tear at this point, you can start to harras the enemy laner with W poke on repeat. On level 9 your W will deal a lot of damage and your poke becomes much stronger. one playstyle you get access to is poking with W while the enemy is last hitting under tower.

So to recap, there are 2 playstyle Sejuani has in lane. The first playstyle is using the combo from the combo section on repeat, and the second is W poke while the enemy is under tower.
Mid-Late game
As Sejuani, if you are ahead you can put pressure on a side lane, using your demolish on towers, or pulling someone to defend and rotating to a fight with a numbers advantage, or you could look for picks with your ult Glacial Prison. When teamfighting, do your best to use your E on as many people as possible. If you are behind, try matching your opponent on side lanes catching waves under tower, and use teleport if they rotate to a fight and hope you can win with your cc. You should win a majority of your lane phases if you want to climb tho, so take the "behind" playstyle as a failsafe rather than an actual playstyle. Remember, you are the tank of the team, so try to make space for your team to manuver in as you are the frontline, and you can use your ult Glacial Prison on out of position targets if you think your team is in position to collapse.
In conclusion, Sejuani top is a very consistent pick with many good synergies, and the current meta favours her as well. If you are looking for a pick that many may not expect and to overall have fun practicing new picks, Sejuani is the one I would recommend. I put a lot of effort into this guide so I hope you liked it! I'm still learning new stuff the more I play, so I will keep you guys updated on any new discoveries I find! Take care, and thank you SO so much for taking the time to get to this point ^^

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