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Lillia Build Guide by iSpextor

Jungle [12.23 PRESEASON] ⭐ Sniff on Dust ⭐MONSTER DEER

Jungle [12.23 PRESEASON] ⭐ Sniff on Dust ⭐MONSTER DEER

Updated on December 13, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author iSpextor Build Guide By iSpextor 299 21 833,470 Views 26 Comments
299 21 833,470 Views 26 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author iSpextor Lillia Build Guide By iSpextor Updated on December 13, 2022
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Runes: Monster Deer (Preseason)

1 2
Legend: Tenacity
Coup de Grace


+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

[12.23 PRESEASON] ⭐ Sniff on Dust ⭐MONSTER DEER

By iSpextor

Hello guys!

My name is iSpextor and I am an aspiring Lillia main. I have done my fair share of research and testing and want to share my results. As a guide enthusiast, I decided to give back to the MOBAfire community and provide everyone with a very early in-depth Lillia Guide. I will be updating this Guide over time.

Please leave a comment if you have some tips or changed I could include in my guide! Thanks <3


+ Fun to play

+ Very.. and I mean very fast

+ Great DPS Early-Mid Game

+ AOE True Damage with Blooming Blows

+ Sleep Debuff OP

+ Very large "I hate this deer" factor for enemies

+ Great Utility overall


- Requires Team follow-up

- Weak against Hard CC

- Long Ultimate Cooldown

- Decent Early Game


Dark Harvest is perhaps the most effective Rune for Lillia when it comes to DPS that carries over very well into the Late Game as well (where she would fall off). Lillia can stack it easily since, even if she leaves an enemy with low HP, he would still receive the DPS burn that would get Lillia the Dark Harvest stack. And seeing as she is moving around the entire map so quickly, she will farm these stacks with ease.

Conqueror is our go-to Rune for Tank Lillia and if you are expecting to be in extended fights lasting at least ~6 seconds. She fully stacks Conqueror with 3 Abilities and 4 Auto-Attacks inbetween, which happens in about 5 seconds if played correctly. Once you reached full stacks, you will be able to keep up Conqueror indefinitely as we are always damaging our opponents in some way while running circles around them. Overall great Keystone and potentially the main Keystone in the future.

Fleet Footwork is - surprisingly - quite the amazing rune for Lillia. If you are struggling with sustain in the jungle at all, this Keystone would eliminate all sustain worries. Thus, she ends her clear at 3:17 with almost full HP and can pressure the map instantly (or powerfarm). She also moves around a lot - and quick - which reload her Fleet Footwork just as fast, giving her even more Movement Speed and a Heal on-hit. Great rune, I enjoy picking it when I can see hard times coming for me.

Phase Rush is - honestly - one of the worst Keystones for Lillia. Having Sorcery in Primary is not exactly beneficial to Lillia in the first place since the lesser Runes in there are mostly Utility/Sustain ones that are not really needed as Jungle, let alone Lillia. Better to have them in Secondary Runes.
The extra Movement Speed from Phase Rush is also not as nice as imagined, since it gets quite excessive and in place of excessive Movement Speed you don't exactly need anymore it is much better to take one of the aforementioned Keystones instead.


If you're wondering where you get so much sustain from after playing Lillia Ravenous Hunter is mostly it. It provides loads of Healing from our DoT Dust and Items like Liandry's, providing great sustain.
Cheap Shot is really a no-brainer on DPS Lillia - a champion that is basically looking to slow you 24/7. This increases your damage and therefore the healing you get from Ravenous Hunter as well.
Taste of Blood is taken on Lillia when going for the recommended Tank build. Since you will most likely not be building Rylais + Liandry Combo but only one of them, you won't make much use of Cheap Shot. Taste of Blood amplifies your Healing even more and is a must-take when going for Conqueror.
Nimbus Cloak increases Lillia's ganking potential immensely and helps out with sticking to your victims a ton. The Movement Speed burst even allows you to gank a Midlaner through the side brush because you gap the Gap so easily with Nimbus Cloak + at least 3 Passive Stacks from clearing before ganking.
Our go-to Legend Rune. The other options we don't really have much of a use for, while Tenacity for a champion that is trying to jump around and never stop is simply the best.
The standard go-to Summoner Spell combo. Nothing wrong with using this, unfortunately there is no Flash Trick with Watch Out! Eep! but you can - similarly to Darius - use Q - Flash to apply your Passive quickly for a potential massive Lilting Lullaby.

Since Lillia doesn't have many worthwhile Flash combos, some people prefer Ghost. Ghost improves your ability to space enemies (your best quality) by a lot. And since we are Lillia, with this extra Movement Speed be dive in and out of fights as we please with ease. (not a rapper btw)
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Passive: Dream-Laden Bough

Lillia's abilities apply Dream Dust, dealing 5% of the target's Health icon maximum health as Magic damage magic damage over 3 seconds, capped at 40 − 100 (based on level) damage against Monster icon monsters.

Blooming Blows

Passive: Lillia gains a Prance stack for 5 seconds whenever she hits at least 1 enemy with her abilities, refreshing up to 5 stacks. Stacks are lost by one every 1 second. Each stack grants Lillia Movement speed icon bonus movement speed.
Active: Lillia swings her censer around her, dealing magic damage to nearby enemies. Enemies hit within the outer edge of the area additionally take the same amount as Hybrid penetration bonus true damage.

Watch Out! Eep!

Active: Lillia Dash rushes to 150 units in front of the target area over 0.75 seconds, though not through terrain, and winds up for a strike, dealing magic damage in an area. Enemies hit within the center are dealt Critical magic strike icon 200% increased damage.


Active: Lillia lobs a seed at the target area that rolls forward indefinitely. The seed detonates upon colliding with an enemy or terrain upon landing or while rolling, dealing magic damage to enemies in a cone, Slow icon slowing them for 3 seconds and Sight icon revealing them for 2 seconds.

Lilting Lullaby

Active: Lillia casts a magical lullaby over all targetable enemy Champion icon champions affected by Dream-Laden Bough Dream Dust, rendering them Drowsy icon drowsy for 1.5 seconds, which gradually Slow icon slows them, after which they fall Sleep icon asleep for a few seconds. The next non-Blaze persistent non-Minion icon minion damage taken by the Sleep icon sleeping targets consumes the debuff to deal additional magic damage.

As Lillia, we can do a perfect Full Clear within 3:17 minutes. This is just in time for the Rift Scuttler Scuttle Crab spawn at 3:15.


Red Buff > Krugs > Raptors > Wolves > Blue Buff > Gromp


Blue Buff > Gromp > Wolves > Raptors > Red Buff > Krugs

Basic Full Clear - since Lillia has 325 Attack Range she can kite most camps very effectively. Meaning, with 325 Attack Range she can also clear the Blue Buff without getting hit even once, if kited correctly.

Thanks everyone for reading my guide until the end! Obviously this is still a Work-In-Progress and I will be adjusting, adding and changing things over time, so make sure to check in later!

If you have any questions, remarks, etc. please leave a comment and we can talk about it! Any Upvotes are greatly appreciated as well. Thanks again and good luck on the Rift!

In Ionia Crest icon Ionia, magic is woven into the land. Forests spread vibrantly, and trees often boast nearly as many colors as leaves, touched by the wonders of the spirit realm.
But there is one forest, hidden away, that draws on a different kind of magic—a garden with a tree at its heart that gathers humanity’s dreams in its blooms.

The Dreaming Tree grew from a seed of the God-Willow, which towered over the ancient grove of Omikayalan. Cast loose when the God-Willow was tragically felled, the seed took root in what came to be known as the Garden of Forgetting. Nurtured by the Green Father, Ivern OriginalSquare Ivern—as many of the descendants of Omikayalan were—the Dreaming Tree spiraled up, spreading the magic of humanity’s desires each time the dream-laden buds bloomed.

Lillia was born when one of the tree’s own dreams was captured in a bud that fell to the ground before it could bloom—something that had never happened before. Sprouting into an awkward fawn creature with the flower bud still on her head, Lillia’s only company was her mother tree, and the dreams that drifted to the garden each night.

Lillia helped tend the buds, and learned about humanity through them. Enchanted by the people and places she glimpsed, she spent every waking moment experiencing a swirl of emotions and desires that mortals could only see when they closed their eyes.

In caring for the dreams, Lillia also cared for the dreamers. She came to consider each of them a new friend, wanting nothing more than to one day greet the people who imagined such wonders. Lillia wanted it so badly that her own desires eventually gathered in a bud on the tree.

But when Lillia finally did meet humans, it wasn’t like remembering a familiar dream. It was more like waking up.

Something was happening in the world outside Lillia’s forest. War blazed like a fire through the land, and in time, fewer dreams began to reach the garden. The tree itself grew sick, and became infected with burls—writhing tangles in its trunk, which oozed darkness.

Lillia did her best to nurture her mother tree and the dreams that remained in its buds, but it was not long before the garden became so weak that the violence of the world spilled in. One night, warriors entered the forest and chased a lone figure all the way to the Dreaming Tree. With a single errant blade’s slash, the branch containing Lillia’s unrealized dream came thudding to the ground.

Lillia panicked and forced them all to sleep, shocked at the difference between the mortals she thought she knew, and the ones she had found.

They were so afraid—more tangle than sparkle. They were like the burls…

But as the warriors slept and Lillia wept, a dream emerged from the lone figure the others had been chasing. Weakly, it floated toward the broken branch on the ground and moved into the bough’s bud.

Lillia picked it up. She could feel the dream. As she whispered to it and soothed it, it glowed ever brighter—and so did she. The bud upon her head unfurled, and magic swirled around like sparkling pollen. In that moment, swept up in possibility and wonder, Lillia herself bloomed… until, with a sneeze, she sent the magic curling into the surrounding forest.

The humans awoke one by one, unable to remember what had brought them to the forest, or what they had done. None noticed the timid fawn behind the tree. With relief, Lillia watched the humans go, still seeing only confusing tangles—but knowing now that there was still a sparkle beneath it all.

And if their dreams wouldn’t come to the tree, she would have to bring the tree to them.

Taking up her branch, Lillia left the garden and entered the world of humans—a world she had always wanted to know, but one that frightened her now more than anything. It was so unlike what she understood.

Hiding just out of sight, Lillia now helps people’s dreams be born, drawn forward by glimpses of who they could be, and by what may be trapped beneath their tangles. By helping humans realize their deepest wishes, Lillia realizes her own, the bud on her head blooming as she is filled with joy.

Though darkness may be encroaching on Ionia once more, it is but a mask, and beneath it lies the familiar sparkle of hope. Only by braving the world, and braving herself, can Lillia hope to untangle its burls.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author iSpextor
iSpextor Lillia Guide
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[12.23 PRESEASON] ⭐ Sniff on Dust ⭐MONSTER DEER

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