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Fiora Build Guide by clalobaciel

Top [12.4] Baguette Wrecked - Fiora Guide [870k+ Mastery]

Top [12.4] Baguette Wrecked - Fiora Guide [870k+ Mastery]

Updated on February 15, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author clalobaciel Build Guide By clalobaciel 140 18 560,029 Views 22 Comments
140 18 560,029 Views 22 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author clalobaciel Fiora Build Guide By clalobaciel Updated on February 15, 2022
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Runes: Conqueror/Sorcery

1 2
Legend: Bloodline
Coup de Grace

Gathering Storm

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Table of Contents
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Hi! I'm Clalobaciel, and I am a Fiora main. In this guide, I'll be taking you through all the tips, tricks, and giving you advice on how to learn and play Fiora! Fiora, The Grand Duelist, is a decently difficult fighter in the Top Lane.

Fiora has been my main for a long, long time. She was my favourite champion before her rework, and she has been a big reason for me to continue playing and she allowed me to be able to meet fantastic people while I was playing her. After her rework, I was not extremely impressed...but as time went on and some changes were made (SPLASH ART), I gradually began to accept her rework and started playing her in her new form. Over time I have grown to really love and enjoy playing Fiora, as I currently have over 870k+ champion mastery points with her. Even now after all these years, I still thoroughly enjoy playing Fiora and believe that she is still a top tier champion with a lot of potential.

-As of January 21, 2022-

Great Late Game Fighter
Great 1v1 ability
Good in Teamfights
High Mobility
Massive True Damage
Great Split Pusher
W Riposte blocks all abilities
Snowballs well
Has a good amount of pressure in lane with turret targeting abilities
Good at handling ganks/can 1v2 well
High damage with only 2 items
Fiora has some great positives to her as a champion. Her late game power is when she has her full build, when she's tanky, and when she is hard to kill; she can do massive amounts of damage and melt tanks with her ult and her passive. In her laning phase, when you have your ult ( Grand Challenge), its a huge power spike in your lane and you have to take advantage of it. With having 40% CDR, Fiora has amazing mobility. Her Q, Lunge (if you hit something) is on about a 2 second cooldown, and even if you don't hit something, it is a great tool for escaping or chasing. Fiora's ability to split push is fantastic, with her AA reset E, Bladework, allows for fast turret pushing combined with a Ravenous Hydra or even a Youmuu's Ghostblade.

Difficult early-game
Hesitation is costly
Requires high precision and good timing
Squishy for low levels
Very high cooldowns early
Requires a lot of skill
W Riposte has 24s CD Level 1
Can be awkward in team fights
Vitals not always as accurate as they should be
Can be weak against heavy CC
Can take a while to be tanky
Fiora, like all champions, has flaws and things that are not optimal when playing her. For example, Fiora is a bad early champion; she can only do somewhat good trades at level 3, but before that, she is almost useless in lane. Level 1 and 2 are the times where your opponent can almost always beat you, since your Riposte has an extremely high cooldown and they can take advantage of you if you use it. If you go on someone and hesitate, it can be very costly. One mistake in your combo if you either don't pull it off fast enough or you make a different mistake can possibly cost you your fight. Fiora requires a fairly high amount of precision (and grace) to pull off her combos, and without CDR she is very bad.

Flash is great on basically every champion, and on Fiora, you can pull off some great things. You can flash + Q Lunge for a good amount of distance and added chasing power. You can also use Flash to hit your Grand Challenge points or Duelist's Dance passive points faster and for an easier/smoother execution.

Teleport is my 2nd standard summoner spell I take on Fiora. She uses is effectively, either by teleporting somewhere to gank a lane or for objectives or saving it for when she is split pushing and uses it to go teamfight.

Ignite is an optional summoner spell on Fiora. In my experience and from what I've seen, its not as popular as Teleport, but it is still a viable option. Ignite can be good against tankier opponents (great example being Dr. Mundo, (though you can build Mortal Reminder and Black Cleaver against him as well) or taking Ignite could be a personal preference as well.


Legend: Bloodline
Coup de Grace
Gathering Storm
10% Attack Speed
9 Adaptive (5.4 AD Or 9 AP)
6 Armor

Passive - Duelist's Dance

Fiora's Passive, Duelist's Dance, displays Vital points on enemy champions. Fiora's damage against a Vital will trigger it to deal 3% (+ 5.5% per 100 bonus AD) of target's maximum health Hybrid penetration icon.png bonus true damage, Heal power icon.png heal Fiora for 40 − 115 (based on level) and grant her 20 / 30 / 40 / 50% (based on Fiora Grand Challenge.png Grand Challenge's Rank) Movement speed icon.png bonus movement speed that decays over 1.5 seconds. If Fiora does not hit a Vital after 13.25 seconds or the target disappears, a new Vital will appear in a different location. Example: If the Vital is shown on the bottom of a champion, the next that will appear is a Vital on the top. If a Vital appears on the left side of a champion, it will move to the right and vice versa. Fiora must work around these weak points/Vitals and she can break them with an Auto Attack, Q ( Lunge) or the stab from W ( Riposte).

Q - Lunge

Fiora's Q, Lunge, dashes Fiora in a target direction and primarily targets enemy champions. It tries to hit their Vitals and if the Lunge hits something, whether it be a minion/monster, champion, structures, or wards, it lowers its cooldown by 50%. During late game if Fiora has 40% cooldown reduction, the Lunge will go on an approximate 2 second cooldown if it strikes something. Lunge is a great tool for small trades/poking and its made easier to pull off with the movement speed boost from hitting a vital. It is also great for escaping and going over most walls.

W - Riposte

Fiora's W, Riposte, will parry all damage (except turret and fountain damage), debuffs, and crowd control abilities for the next 0.75 seconds. After the parry, she attacks in the direction and deals magic damage, and this can pop vitals, and it can slow champions. If she parries at least one crowd control effect and hits the stab damage, she will stun the first champion in the area of the W box, even if they are not the champion who dealt the CC. The Riposte has an extremely long cooldown early, and late game it is around 8 seconds with 40% CDR at max rank. It is a fantastic ability, and if you get the right timing, it can be an extreme game changer.

E - Bladework

Fiora's E, Bladework, gives fiora 50% starting bonus attack speed and 25 bonus range on her next 2 basic attacks. The first attack slows by 30% for 1 second, and the second attack is guaranteed to crit. This ability is great for AA resets while pushing or for skirmishing. In lane, you can activate it and hit the first auto on a minion, then attack your opponent with the 2nd auto which crits. Keep in mind you can Q ( Lunge) with your E still activated. Bladework can also be used while you're using your ult for quick Vital hits and a faster Grand Challenge execution.

R - Grand Challenge

Fiora's R, Grand Challenge, targets an enemy and displays all 4 vitals. If Fiora breaks all 4 or hits at least one before the target dies, she creates a large zone of healing. The length of healing depends on how many Vitals Fiora hits. Within the area of Fiora's ult, she gains movement speed and is able to hit points easier. A trick to executing the points fast requires precision, but Fiora can Lunge, immediately cast Bladework, and move around hitting the 4 points as fast as possible to deal true damage and get the AOE healing. Try getting AA resets with Bladework AND Ravenous Hydra active.

Starting Items

My normal start, good to have the extra health and life steal in lane.

First Back/Early

Always try to buy Ironspike Whip first. It is a core item that builds into Goredrinker and is a must when playing Fiora. I would also try to get either Caulfield's Warhammer or Kindlegem. Boots aren't necessary to buy first back, but make sure to get them early as usual.

Early/Mid Game

I much prefer Mercury's Treads over Lucidity boots, but it all depends on your matchup. Purchase a Tiamat and one or two Long Sword for your Ravenous Hydra.

Mid Game

Delay your full Ravenous Hydra a bit since most of the time, you will want to finish your Goredrinker first.


Maw of Malmortius - Good if you're up against a burst comp or an annoying ap top laner. Mercurial Scimitar - QSS is great to get against teams with lots of cc, and has some lifesteal to help sustain you. Spirit Visage - A lot of healing from ult and a good amount of magic resist and tankiness. Randuin's Omen - Armor and Health, and slows enemies so you are able to fight a bit easier; also good against heavy AD teams along with Dead Man's Plate. Bloodthirster - Sustained Lifesteal, a lot of damage; good for a more "Glass Cannon" build or if you would like more damage. Dead Man's Plate - Great for Fiora, gives a good amount of movement speed while not in combat, and has a good amount of Armor and Health; this is usually a core item. Youmuu's Ghostblade - Great passive to catch up with an enemy and grants a good amount of attack speed for pushing or skirmishes.

Example Final Build

This is a great standard final build on Fiora. It grants Fiora great damage and allows her to be tanky enough to not be easily killed. Most of the items usually stay the same within the build, but ALWAYS build your two core items, Ravenous Hydra and Goredrinker unless building something like Black Cleaver is more viable depending on the enemy's team comp.

Tips and Tricks
- If the enemy's vital point is undesirable and hard to get, get out of vision and get enough distance to reset the vital point in a new direction.
- When you're getting ganked, using Q to escape can be especially useful if you hit a target (such as a minion) on your way to safety to get a shorter cooldown to keep fleeing.
- An extremely quick combo with high damage output is doing the AA + E + AA + Q + Hydra + AA combo.

Early Game/Laning
Early game with Fiora is all about trading and poking pre-6 whenever possible but at the same time looking for kills and not being over aggressive. Level Q ( Lunge) first into W ( Riposte)level 2 for early defense and better trades. More aggressive Fiora players tend to get E ( Bladework) second, but W is a safer option which can allow you to be aggressive and poke with less damage taken. Trade by taking the enemy's vital spot whenever possible, DO NOT overextend and get punished by attempting to get a vital that is hard to get. Remember to always try to trade with your W up and be cautious when it is on cooldown.

I wanted to thank and give credit to all the artists that made the art for some of my thumbnails! Here are links to where you can find the individual pieces and the artists themselves.


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League of Legends Build Guide Author clalobaciel
clalobaciel Fiora Guide
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