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Briar Build Guide by PrestigeGalaxy

Jungle [13.20] PrestigeGalaxy's Simple Guide to Briar!🩸

Jungle [13.20] PrestigeGalaxy's Simple Guide to Briar!🩸

Updated on October 14, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author PrestigeGalaxy Build Guide By PrestigeGalaxy 62 9 185,407 Views 10 Comments
62 9 185,407 Views 10 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author PrestigeGalaxy Briar Build Guide By PrestigeGalaxy Updated on October 14, 2023
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Runes: CONQUEROR (1)

1 2 3
Legend: Tenacity
Last Stand


+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+65 Base Health


1 2
Flash + Smite
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
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Champion Build Guide

[13.20] PrestigeGalaxy's Simple Guide to Briar!🩸

By PrestigeGalaxy

★ Hey! My name is PrestigeGalaxy and I'm a League of Legends content creator/streamer! I've played League of Legends since season 2 and started to main Katarina in season 8 and have accumulated 4M+ Mastery Points being one of the most played Katarinas in the world. My peak rank is Grandmaster Eune and Master Euw. Having playing this game for so long, I have gained a lot of valuable knowledge and experience with most champions and thus have a good understanding of the game. ★

★ My goal for this guide is to help the community get a basic understanding of Briar looking at her abilities , rune setup as well as itemization. ★

★ I've been streaming my journey at for around 4 years and have been trying to create a community out of it as well! If you enjoyed my guide or found it useful in any way, consider upvoting it and leaving a comment! ★


Briar gains increased Healing based on her missing health and her attacks and abilities apply a bleed for short duration that stacks.

The bleed deals physical damage based on the number of stacks and Heals Briar for a percentage of the pre-mitigation damage. Briar has no base health regeneration and her abilities cost health to cast.


Briar leaps to a target, Stunning them for a short duration, dealing physical damage, and reducing their armor.

Briar will stop prioritizing champions if she casts this Ability on a minion or monster during Blood Frenzy.


Briar leaps to a location and enters a Blood Frenzy, self taunting to the nearest enemy (prioritizing champions) for a period of time. While in Blood Frenzy she gains Attack Speed and Move Speed and her attacks now deal physical damage around the main target.

Briar can Recast this ability to empower her next attack. It deals missing health physical damage and heals Briar for a large percentage of the damage dealt.


Begin Charging: Briar removes Blood Frenzy and gathers energy, gaining damage reduction and restoring health

Release: Briar unleashes a scream that deals damage based on time charged and Slows for a short duration. When fully charged, the scream knocks back, dealing additional damage to enemies that hit a wall and Stunning them.


Briar kicks a hemolith and flies to the location of the first champion hit, marking them as her prey. On landing, she deals a large amount of physical damage to everything nearby and causes nearby enemies to Flee.

She then enters an empowered Blood Frenzy and will pursue her prey until one of them dies. During this time she gains Armor, Magic Resist, and additional Move Speed.


+ Good Mobility
+ Strong Fighting
+ Good CC
+ Good Gap Closers
+ Great Engage/Disengage
+ Fun Kit


- No Base Health Regeneration
- Abilities Cost Health
- Vulnerable to CC
- W Ability can't be cancelled without E
- Can be baited due to her W


Conqueror will be your main choice of keystone. Conqueror will help you with extended fights dealing more damage to the enemies while also healing you. Briar is a champion that has no base health regen which means she has to either use her abilities & auto attacks on enemies or have to recall. This is where Conqueror will be beneficial.
Triumph synergizes well with the heal you get from Conqueror. Since you don't have any base healing getting a small health boost will help you in combat and might actully save you if you manage to kill an openent under their tower with your W.
Legend: Tenacity will help minimalize any cc thrown at you allowing you to auto attack and use abilities more often in fights/teamfights whcih ultimately will increase your sustain in fights.
Last Stand is the most optimal rune of choice as Briar will almost always be below 60% and even 30% health. This means you will be able to deal increased damage when low surprising your opponents.
Taking the attack speed rune will allow you to clear camps faster and trade more effectively in the early game. The health rune is also a good choice as you will have more base hp as the game progresses thus allowing you to have more hp to burn when fighting.


Conditioning will allow you to become more tanky once you enter the teamfighting stage of the game thus allowing you to sustain more while also reducing the likeliness of you getting oneshot.
Revitalize will increase the ammount of healing/shielding recieved thus allowing for even more sustain!


Cheap Shot will allow you to deal more damage to enemies that you CC. Since you have multiple abilities that can CC enemies, this is the most optimal rune for skirmishes.
Ultimate Hunter will lower the cooldown of your R - Certain Death allowing you to be able to use your ultimate ability more frequently. This will result in more potential picks allowing you to snowball harder!

Before you leave fountain make sure you make the decision that all junglers have to make. Do you want to have more damage? Go for Scorchclaw Pup. Do you want more movement speed? Go for Gustwalker Hatchling. Do you want to be tankier? Go for Mosstomper Seedling. Don't forget to take a Health Potion as well as your Stealth Ward.

When taking your camps, start with your W - Blood Frenzy for increased attack speed. As you take your first camp your W - Blood Frenzy should be off cooldown for you to use again. At level 2, start by using W - Blood Frenzy into Q - Head Rush for increased damage. Once you clear your 3rd camp you will have your E - Chilling Scream available.

Make sure you get to level 3 as soon as possible. You'll be able to carry out ganks with ease and get an early advantage over the enemy. This is mainly due to the fact that you will have your gap closing abilities and CC abilities. You can either do 3 camps into a gank or if the opportunity doesn't arrise just full clear and back as soon as possible to get one of the componetns to your first item such as Vampiric Scepter, Pickaxe or Recurve Bow for Blade of the Ruined King.

If you continue to clear make sure to not use your E - Chilling Scream too early as you will be cancelling your W - Blood Frenzy.

Once you reach level 6 you unlock your R - Certain Death. You can start looking for ganks all around the map since your ultimate is a global ability. Make sure to not taunt yourself under tower without having your E - Chilling Scream otherwise you'll be giving a free kill to the enemy laners.

Once you manage to purchase your first item you should look to fight the enemy jungler or gank enemy laners as you have a big spike in damage.

At this point in the game you should constantly look for picks with your R - Certain Death. The enemy laners will lane swap, probably sending the mid laner to a side lane allowing you to get free picks. The enemies could all be grouped in a single lane making it a lot easier for you to land you R - Certain Death.

Make sure you keep clearing your camps as well as looking for picks otherwise you'll fall behind. You should also have your core items by now making you really strong in skirmishes. Once you do get your core items such as Blade of the Ruined King and Black Cleaver you'll be able to deal solid damage as well sustain enough to dominate fights.

Make sure to also prioritize jungle objectives such as Dragon, Rift Herald or Baron. You don't want to go solely for kills and completely ignore objectives giving your team unnecessary disadvantages. Rift Herald can be really useful when wanting to secure turret plates and even getting first towers. It can also be a distraction to a greater objective such as dragon by being put in a lane before contesting.

If an early teamfight breaks out try aim your R - Certain Death for the squishier enemies as they are usually the biggest damage dealers. Once they are out the picture you should be able to deal with any bruiser/tanks with the sustain in your kit and the help of your teammates.

As an assassin with really strong 1v1 potential your general late game plan should be to catch enemies out of position or assassinate squishies in fights with your R - Certain Death.

At this stage in the game you will probably be able to assassinate most enemies. Start to look out for mispositioned enemies with the use of your R - Certain Death more than before as death timers increase as the game goes on. If you manage to assassinate an enemy that was overextending or out of position and take them out of the game for 30-40 seconds that could guarentee your team a major objective such as baron or elder dragon thus giving your team a very big lead.

If the enemy team doesn't have any split pushers make sure to ask your team for deep vision with the use of control wards in order to maybe catch someone walking alone in the river or jungle. Even if the enemy groups it's still not bad as more gouped targets will make it a lot easier to land your ultimate. If however the squishies/high priority targets are standing too far in the backline you can always try to flank they enemies.

To recap, your role late game is to look out for any ispositioned enemies, assassinate squishies/high priority targets and secure major game winning objectives.

In conclusion, Briar is a very unique fighter/assasin champion that excells in catching enemies out of position with the use of her R - Certain Death. She has really strong 1v1 despite having no base hp regen, her main source of regen/sustain is by using abilities and auto attacks. Additionally she has a decent amount of CC in her kit as well as a unique ability that self taunts onto enemies. Her main gameplan/objective is to catch enemies that are out of possition or overextending and focus the high priority/squishies in teamfights.

I hope you found this guide useful and I wish you the best of luck on the rift! If you learned something or enjoyed reading this guide and want to help me out leave a like rating and a comment! In addition I will be updating this guide regularly! If you want to contact me go to the following links:







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League of Legends Build Guide Author PrestigeGalaxy
PrestigeGalaxy Briar Guide
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[13.20] PrestigeGalaxy's Simple Guide to Briar!🩸

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