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Trundle Build Guide by RedNBlue

Jungle [13.3] #1 Trundle Rednblue's Ultimate Trundle Handbook

Jungle [13.3] #1 Trundle Rednblue's Ultimate Trundle Handbook

Updated on March 25, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author RedNBlue Build Guide By RedNBlue 392 33 956,068 Views 25 Comments
392 33 956,068 Views 25 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author RedNBlue Trundle Build Guide By RedNBlue Updated on March 25, 2023
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Runes: Whole Team is Feeding Runes

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Lethal Tempo
Legend: Tenacity
Coup de Grace


+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+8 Magic Resist


Usual Trundle Summoners
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Unleashed Smite

Unleashed Smite


Early Buys
Do not ever get refillables
First Back - depends on build

Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

[13.3] #1 Trundle Rednblue's Ultimate Trundle Handbook

By RedNBlue
About the Author

About the Author

I am a Mastery 7 Trundle veteran, with hundreds of hours played on Trundle. I have played nearly any scenario on Trundle imaginable, thus giving me a feeling as to which ones are easy and which ones require an out of the box type of thinking.This Trundle guide and build is all my best knowledge on Trundle, and I hope you appreciate the guide.
Basic Trundle Facts

Trundle Facts

As Trundle Trundle you want to make the enemy teams Jungler have a bad time, which means that your going to be clearing your camps from bottom side to top side usually. Starting red side you will take red and raptors then move to wolves, blue buff then invade their top side jungle. Starting blue side you take blue, gromp, wolves, go to red buff then invade their top side jungle.

As Trundle you have your Pillar of Ice which is your best ganking tool but its hard to hit perfectly and cause them to be knocked up so the best lanes to gank are the ones where your team has CC. Make sure to let your laner know your ganking so they save their CC.

My usual early game activities as Trundle goes like this - Get your leash clear your Jungle(You should have cleared a total of 4 camps including buffs), then after done with that clear you should rush your way to scuttle bug spawn area in the river and when you reach that the scuttle bug should not have spawned yet, if it has you are too slow, then after you reach that point you need to if they enemy Jungler is not a threat invade them and try to kill them. When you see them in the Jungle if you tracked them correctly they should be taking gromp or Blue buff then you just kill them.

Plus always try to get scuttle, don't make any big risk plays as you can just go to the opposite scuttle crab without dying to the enemy Hecarim.

Trundle will eventually late game become of no use in duels and you will just split push hoping your team doesn't die and yell at you for not helping.

Of course the classic Auto Attack Q reset. Make sure to always auto attack then immediately Chomp to get that extra damage in as it will help a lot in a lot of situations.

You're an early game duelist so don't duel anybody that is a problem later in the game without some help in which it's not a duel.

Trundle Routine: Trundle

So, at the start of the game as Trundle you just get your items, a hailblade or ember knife is fine but I would personally go with the hail blade. You ward their bottom side buff and if they are there you start on your bottom side too with a leash. You clear your jungle(not fully)
and then you want to end up getting done with your top side buff as scuttle spawns. It is vitally important that if you can duel the enemy Jungler, you do so as you have a very large amount of damage and survivability compared to other Junglers early game. Then pretty much for the rest of the game you are just taking drakes every 5 minutes and get a 20-27 minute soul(optimal).

First Clear

The optimal first back with Trundle Jungle will be sometime around 8-9 minutes. 7 Minutes is a good time to first back but you should try to extend that, a good way to do that is just steal enemy camps, obviously you will also spend a good portion of your early game tracking and hunting the enemy teams Jungler so that will contribute.

But, keep in mind, with the newer updates up to 11.10, you want to actually gank, a lot more instead of invading, I have tried it, and it will usually result in a happier team, you getting more kills with the tasty possibility of 6 health Brand giving it one w when your about to get first blood, who you have actually played with this Brand twice, months apart, realizing that it was the same Brand middle, same skin, same rank, recognized name, stole my kills again. No hate for you man if you look at this. Peace out, you did fine, we just lost both games. Just make sure you know which opponent to invade, one of my FAVORITE games is what I call, "The Hecarim Piggy Bank" this ranked anomaly occurs when the enemy Junger picks Hecarim, which causes an anti-polarmactic shift in the earth, causing Hecarim not to take flash and die to a pillar, even if they do take flash they are toast.

ANOTHER COOL FACT: With your Pillar of Ice you can smack it under someone who is channeling and it will stop them from channeling, so that includes canceling ultimates, VEL'KOZ ULT, MISS FORTUNE ULT, NUNU ULT, NUNU SNOWBALL CRASH INTO YOUR PILLAR, KATARINA ULT, ECT. SION ULT too ;( who forgot about him!!??

Trundle Team Comp:

Trundle works best with a team that has good engage, good follow up damage from the back line, a strong front line damage dealer, and always another tank/bruiser.

In my mind the best and most optimal team compositions including Trundle would be something like these:

Team Comp #1 - Top: Malphite, Middle: Fizz, ADC: Miss Fortune, Support: Zyra.

Team Comp #2 - Top: Fiora, Middle: Akali, ADC: Jhin, Support: Leona.

So if you were paying attention, you would see a pattern in the team composition styles. As I'm not going to list a million team compositions that will work out well I'm just going to say the basics for a team composition with Trundle included. Pretty much it works like this, as Trundle you are a Fighter type of champion but that means your able to do damage while also being able to be durable. Its a mix so your not full damage and your not full tank. So when you are in champion select and your picking Trundle you should hope or make sure that your team has the following, A tank with good engage, A Bruiser(Only if your tank with engage isn't in the top lane), an AP assassin(Middle), a non-early game ADC Marksman, and then that can pretty much get the team comp done but, if your last person is picking support you should hope they pick something that is just a good CC champ preferably AP too.
Whole Team Feeding Build

Whole Team is Feeding Deez Nuts, Better Not Be You

Playing Trundle you experience a lot of "Whole team is feeding, how do I get around this as its almost every game and it feels like you are winning your games, but you still lose anyways and you dont rank up." Big thoughts, but the Whole Team Feeding Build will help you around this problem.

When assessing what your going to need to turn around these games and carry hard on Trundle, you will want these words to be in your build.

Health, Magic Resistance, and Armour.
Attack Damage

Tenacity helps you in those worst case scenarios in which the enemy team is the most cheese composition, and just looks generally like a Trundle nightmare.

Brand, and pretty much every other annoying champion in the game that you as Trundle hate has crowd control. You will be unable to move if you dont max out your Tenacity.

Next, Health and defencive stats. You need health bad, as another thing you hate playing Trundle is true damage. Those disgusting champions like Samira, Sett, Ahri, Lee Sin, and Zed will just melt you if you first of all dont have your tenacity(Ahri, Sett, again crowd control and true damage), so keep your health and tenacity in your build.

Next is of course Attack Damage, and this one is pretty straight forwards. Dont turn yourself into Cho'Gath where you are so utterly tanky with no other real threat, that people just ignore you until your the last one alive, yes, you still need a few of your teamates to maybe backline for you just so your not actually 1 v 5ing which usually wont work.
Builds - Items Updated Builds Towards bottom


The Juggernaut-ish build This build is great for those situations where you think the game will last forever and you don't think you'll do much later game, this build will do a good deal for that problem by curving from tank into damage. You will want your regular early game kills, it will be hard, but it needs to be done to be full. Sunfire Aegis is great on Trundle as you can still have damage with the extra tank power. This build will include a lot of health, speed, and on-hit damage, you can take this with Press the Attack , which I prefer for this tank build, but you can also take Conqueror

The Very Big Trundle Build is pretty much the early game dominance build but it is more up to date with the stupid someone does half your health as true damage meta that is happening that is completely just stupid and you really don't even build resistances anymore with this complete bogus of everybody building Kraken Slayer and just giving you 2 knocks then your health bar just goes BOOM and your scream as you are dead to a Malphite third shot from Kraken Slayer

Then the ****py ADC Problem build is what is is, your bottom lane has made it difficult to not get kited or just shot down before you can reach them, this build includes a lot of speed, a lot of slows, and a lot of sustain. You will want to take Conqueror with this build as once you get in attack range, your going to want to stick with them and shred away, getting Conquerer stacks. Obviously you can build this without an ADC problem as it really is just good for anybody you can't ever reach due to never-ending problems. This build is not at best potential if you aren't 5/0/0 at 7 minutes which i'm not joking is my ideal ranked outcome while playing Trundle it happens quite a lot if the situation is good.

If you wanted to try another combination, my saintlike suggestion is to make sure you have some sort of defensive measure stat, Lifesteal , Omni vamp, shield, armor &/or magic resist, health, you know the jam as first, or second, plus maybe third in your build. You do NOT, NOT NOT NOT, want to start out with a lot of damage, and then build more tanky. This will lead to a complete disappointing loss. You will be losing the game for your team if you ever on really any champion build damage, then build full tank after, as it stops your growing power, and turns you to more tank. That is why there are items like, Zhonya's Hourglass or Banshee's Veil or the attack damage alternatives, Maw, or Death's Dance. It gives you damage, but also that good defensive situational stat. Keep in mind, Maw cannot be paired with Sterak's Gage as that would be two LIFELINE abilities.

The build is also just in general more carrying and less feed your teammates as a security to your usual late game problems.

The Tank Item Choices are choices for tankier item curves after your first and second item. If your building tanky you still need one of the two mythic options above and you still need Titanic Hydra depending on the build.

There are reasons why I didn't include some tank items. Most of the reasons for those are just as simple as they aren't on meta or they just don't fit Trundle well. I wouldn't build any super tank mythic items as they just don't provide the early damage Epic item power spikes for Trundle's early dueling. The tank items just aren't really viable for him in general as a first item/myhic.

The reason why you always get Titanic Hydra is due to the fact that you will be able to tank and do large sums of damage. I would not suggest going full tank after getting your mythic item and Titanic Hydra because eventually you will lose your edge and you will fall behind as you should try to keep up with your power spikes and not weaken them damage wise.

Now the Pentakill Build - The Pentakill build is a very very very fun build to build as it is probably a very cool Trundle item set carry wise and satisfaction wise that I have tested fun, damage, and tanking The Trinity Force allows for a lot more damage and dueling power and it is very fun to just bust someone down..

The Healing Build is really what it says it is, you just heal a lot and it is pretty great if you have the right opponents, it just works and you don't question it. The one thing that I love about this build is the double active items. You really feel like your in control of your champion when you have active items and people who don't use these items are dead fish in the water, these items are the best as you CAN control more of yourself in the game. Where if your playing someone like an Yasuo you go an Immortal Shieldbow and you can't control the lifeline on that thing and you sometimes don't want it. I mean that just is a ****py item in my opinion, if you know when your champion is going to die, you would want to be able to control it yourself. The item goes off at a certain percentage making it give you a boost that you don't need causing you to die in shame and complete embarrassment.

Long Game Build - This build is the build you think of when you are in the loading screen in a game with the opposing team having people that you know will be annoying and a problem. Usually bruisers and magic damage type deals. This build is just vulgar and it feels sickening building it. It is a crude build, blunt, but it will do that job pretty well when you get to a certain point.

The Special Build is pretty much just a way to kick butt. I use this build, which has proven to be quite the arsenal in games when you are going against these types of lots of health and damage comps: Draven or Jhin ADC, with a Bruiser jungle, with a Twisted Fate or Orianna middle, just those tanky or hard to get middles that are specialty picks, any support that is ignorably tanky like Shen who you dodge his taunt all day long, giving you free stats the whole game, top lane a bruiser. Yeah phew, that comp, the unusually larger health bars on the whole team that intimidates you. This build requires you to be fast on your feet an autos though so make sure your moving a lot.

The September 2022 Special Build, isnt really special for the time, its just a name so that its recognizable. The order for the buys is important as if you dont do it correctly you will be missing certain stats. First back, spend your hopefully 1k on a Hearthbound Axe then you will leave that as it is, and your first item will be a Ravenous Hydra, this allows you to have the attack speed from the axe, and the damage from the hydra, you will want the attack speed as you take the time to build into the Trinity Force as if you attack to slow you end up losing that really close fight where you just pound your desk when you lose it. Middle - Late game you will be really fast, just spam W and it will come back before the last one disappears, then you just shred whoever comes at you, obviously try not to die. This build is a little more expensive than my others, but its stronger early game against those assassin junglers, really anybody not tanky. I like to build this with Lethal Tempo, or Conqueror, never Press the Attack

Builds - Runes


You want to take Conqueror against Tankier matchups, bruisers, & juggernauts just to be able to survive their constant damage. This will allow you to have more survivability and more damage.

You will take Press the Attack when your against more assassins, mages, ADCs, and enchanter supports.

I would never go for any attack speed keystone's such as, Lethal Tempo, Hail of Blades or future runes due to the fact that its just not as great as Trundle can get that easily in the game without having trouble. Plus that will make his early dueling a bit less lethal.

With the extra bonuses you could change them all really, you can change your 10% bonus attack speed to some adaptive, or some armor to adaptive, obviously armor to magic resistance and the other way around. I would adapt these every game towards the enemy teams Jungler as it will help a lot in those early game duels.

Overall Rune Choices:

Lethal Tempo for this build on Trundle is not very great. Lethal Tempo on Trundle in general is not great due to it being really for people that want to attack very fast and Trundle unless your building full attack-speed which it would actually be pretty helpful later game.

Fleet Footwork on Trundle Jungle isn't really even a thing. I mean like it would be good for the first clear as you would be pretty much full health after your full clear but, Trundle already has a very healthy first clear so this keystone isn't really helpful.

Press the Attack is one of the better if not the best keystone rune for Trundle right now as it provides a lot of damage at all points of the game, it is great for early duels and big early plays. You can stack this incredibly fast with your auto-attack reset and you can dish out of lot of damage really fast with this rune.

Conqueror is another great rune for Trundle it is best utilized when used against a more bruiser/fighter like enemy team composition. It will provide a good amount of healing over extended fights and it will allow you to be able to live through those and also be able to 1 v 2 possibly even 1 v 3 depending on who your fighting.

Phase Rush is a great rune for Trundle when used correctly. This allows you to be able to stick with your opponent and be able to get those little rascal escapist champions that you attempt to kill but just speeds away when they get too low.

Dark Harvest could be a good rune on Trundle if you can get a lot of souls with it at a good rate. This will help a lot with your late game dueling capabilities as it will allow you to actually scale a decent amount.

Electrocute is not a very great rune for Trundle as it is more for burst damage as Trundle is just a constant damage type of champions. He will always be doing a great deal of damage to you so this rune is not very great.

Grasp of the Undying is not a good rune at all with Trundle jungle. This is mainly for tankier laners that get in a lot of extended trades and need the extra damage and healing to win. This is just not a great rune for junglers at all due to the rate at which most Junglers actually trade or fight.

Aftershock is a good rune for if you were going full tank Trundle but that really is just wrong. [Trundle] is not an MT and he will never be. If you build Trundle MT then you are playing and building him completely wrong and you should really switch to a bruiser type build and play style for Trundle .

Those are the all runes that come to mind when thinking about good runes and bad runes for Trundle

If you use any other runes that aren't even in the list above then you have either made a big mistake taking the wrong runes or you are just really not trying to win and/or do good.

You might also be thinking why not take Last Stand over Coup de Grace and the reason I say that is in my mind you don't want to be in that situation really. If your getting that low health to the point where you best utilize Last Stand I would think that that means your losing the fight or its a close one and that's just not the situation you want to be in as Trundle in my mind.
Trundle Fun

Trundle Fun

*You get to finish games fast if you are good at him
*You get to have fun
*You can smash and bash
*You have early power
*You can spike people with pillars

Trundle Sadness
*Trundle can't do much if he doesn't get some food(kills)
*Trundle has terrible engage
*Trundle... Can die
*Dumb Yuumi's say stuff like "Your only good against tanks"
*Trundle doesn't have any found music for his gameplay - post in comments if you have good trundle music.

Cool Trundle

Here are some cool Trundle strategies and in general good mechanics. As you know if you play Trundle your W Frozen Domain will give you a speed boost in the area so you can easily kite a short ranged champion allowing you to make your way to somewhere they can't fight you. Now your wondering where can't they find you, and the answer is in a bush that isn't warded. You can kite them allowing yourself to get to cover out of vision and face check them with a good free auto attack allowing you to turn the tides of the battle.
Trundles Abilities

Trundle's Abilities

Trundle has a 2 sided ability kit/moveset. He has two non-skill shots, Chomp & Subjugate and then the 2 placement type abilities Pillar of Ice & Frozen Domain.

Trundles Passive - King's Tribute makes it so that when enemies die near him he heals for a percentage of their maximum health.

Trundles Q, Chomp makes it so that your next auto attack after activating chomp makes you bite the target and you steal a portion of their attack damage and use it for yourself and you slow them for a little bit.

Trundles W, Frozen Domain is a giant circle where you can move faster, and attack faster. The circle will eventually dissipate and then you wait for the rest of the cool down if there is any. This is not a charge based move so you can't stack up the fields.

Trundles E, Pillar of Ice is a just a hold and place "skill shot" and basically if they are in the center they get shoved up in the air and around the pillar it slows them.

Trundles R, Subjugate is a point and click meaning you just press r hold and then click or release on who you want. After using it on someone you will steal 40% of the resistances over a bit of time plus their health, then over the next 4 seconds the amount of resistances and health is doubled.

So Trundles Ultimate is also just a possible longer ranged kill as you will steal their health like a vampire.

Another fun thing to do as Trundle is to Pillar someone and make them stuck in a little corner or just somewhere where they can't move. Your teammates can't move through the pillar either so you can maybe try that but I wouldn't if you don't want to get yelled at. Also keep in mind that your pillar could also kill one of your teammates if you block their path.

But This is a play to win type guide so don't have too much fun obviously, that's a joke if you can win and have fun then you get best of both worlds.

Jungle Information

Jungler Objective Basics

As a Jungler you are going to be focusing on one of these four Jungle Institute Activities or JIA - Farming - You try to get as much gold and cs as possible as fast as you can by any means Necessary. Dueling - You track down the enemy teams Jungler to fight them and kill them usually resulting in them not getting their powerspikes and you winning the game by any means necessary. Objective Taking - You take Drakes, the rift heralds, Barons you know which objectives to prioritize in any given situation. Ganking - You keep up in level while helping your team snowball and thrive as efficiently as possible, this is hard for a decent amount of people to do as it takes some experience to know how to be efficient.


When it comes to prioritizing Drakes sometimes it can be hard if you aren't experienced but this will help you get a good understanding of which drakes to take and which drakes you CAN give up if needed or if there is a better objective available.

[Infernal Drake]
The Infernal drake is the one and only drake that is great in any situation no matter the game,Infernal drake gives extra damage that is adaptive so it will change based on your champions damage type. This drake should be a no brainer to take and you should not try to give this up as it is a great powerspike and it will change the course of a game a good deal.

Mountain Drake
The Mountain Drake is a great drake to have when going against a team with a lot of close range bruiser damage dealers, these types of champions will usually take Conqeuror or something similar. This is a great drake to have when going against a team with champions like these, Yone, Darius, Sett, Yasuo, Fiora, Yorick, Nasus, ect.

Ocean Drake
The Ocean Drake is a great drake when the enemy team has a strong marksman and/or a longer range mage. What this drake will do is allow you to regenerate health faster from the poke that these types of champions will shoot at you. ultimately allowing you to maintain a good health and be able to Come back and fight without backing. Champions that this is great against are champions that will use Arcane Comet, Summon Aery,ect. Of course Marksman is an obvious role and is very definitive but for the long range mages those would consist of champions like these, Xerath, Zyra, Janna, Lux, ect.

Cloud Drake
The Cloud Drake is a great Drake to have when you have powerful ultimates on your team. Its really simple, champions that have powerful ultimates would be, Shen, Karthus, Xerath, Orianna, ect.

Other Buffs:

Rift Herald
Rift Herald is a good Epic Monster for pushing lanes and getting tower plating, I would make sure to get the first one pre-14 when tower plating falls.

Baron Nashor
Baron Nashor is a great buff for finishing off the losing enemy team by pushing the waves. You usually take this objective after getting an inhibitor allowing you to super power up your super minions for a strong push.

As Trundle your going to want to be dueling a lot early game with the enemy teams Jungler and hope to win the duels and get fed early. I would still go for drakes but if the enemy team has a high scaling late game Jungler, I would kill them in their Jungle and steal their camps and put them in a drought, and if you are a good Jungler you could take a Drake or a Rift Herald multitasking your responsibilities.

You as Trundle can take Rift Herald easily level 6, level 5 would still be easy. If your going to solo a drake, the minimum equipped you can be is level 4 and Red & Blue Buff plus starting it at full health. That would be risky but if you want to do it you can go ahead and do it. Just be aware that you will NEED the Red & Blue and I would say you should also have the Scuttle Speed & Vision circle behind you while you take drake to help with speed and being able to maneuver anything that might come your way while also being able to secure the drake.
Trundle Goofiness -

Trundle Knowledge To a Tee

Trundle Basics:

Trundle is a close quarters combat Fighter champion that has a powerful Siege Dueling Capacity(SDC) early game and a great auto-attack cancel. As Trundle your idea of what he is should be a strong tanky damage bruiser. Basically as a fighter, Trundle is a buff and beefy enforcer.

Trundle is not usually the Goofy Annoying Type(GAT). Trundle in best times is a Semi-Goofy-Serious type of guy or (SGS). Here are some pro Trundle tips:

As you Chomp someone to death you roar, "RAAAAAA" or "GRAAAAAWW"

As you kill someone with your ultimate, you hiss, "Ssssssssssssssssee yah later!"

Thats just the basics but if you really wan't to get into some deep stuff you got to get physical. This will require LEGO's so be prepared.

You first get a 2 x 4 block and stick it on a 2 x 6 block. Then you will get as much random pieces/blocks and you will put them on in a Storm Siege Air Raid Strategic Pattern or S.S.A.R.S.P(SSARSP) and then what you do when you are having fun is you throw it at a wall or something that will be able to shatter the LEGO that is very poorly constructed and will not cause any serious notable damage(to the target of the LEGO).

Trundle Basics:

Trundle is a close quarters combat Fighter champion that has a powerful Siege Dueling Capacity(SDC) early game and a great auto-attack cancel. As Trundle your idea of what he is should be a strong tanky damage bruiser. Basically as a fighter, Trundle is a buff and beefy enforcer.

Trundle is not usually the Goofy Annoying Type(GAT). Trundle in best times is a Semi-Goofy-Serious type of guy or (SGS). Here are some pro Trundle tips:

As you Chomp someone to death you roar, "RAAAAAA" or "GRAAAAAWW"

As you kill someone with your ultimate, you hiss, "Ssssssssssssssssee yah later!"

Thats just the basics but if you really wan't to get into some deep stuff you got to get physical. This will require LEGO's so be prepared.

You first get a 2 x 4 block and stick it on a 2 x 6 block. Then you will get as much random pieces/blocks and you will put them on in a Storm Siege Air Raid Strategic Pattern or S.S.A.R.S.P(SSARSP) and then what you do when you are having fun is you throw it at a wall or something that will be able to shatter the LEGO that is very poorly constructed and will not cause any serious notable damage(to the target of the LEGO).
Ranked Stuff

Ranked Stuff By Red

When it comes to ranked Trundle is a great way to win every single game. My ranked win rate with Trundle over a course of however much games you task me with will remain above 50%. I love Trundle as people don't respect him as much as they should making an easy win if you can do decent. Trundle currently has the 6th Lowest Win Rate in all of League of Legends which makes him have very little presence. But the new buff/nerf to the Jungle coming in patch 11.4 make Trundle a very good pick, Trundle wasn't buffed again this patch directly, but if you think about how they took xp and gold value away from the camps, this means that that lead you get when you invade the poor Hecarim it will be harder for him to catch up with you making your ranked games an easy win. The reason why I say ranked games is due to the fact that if your playing ranked you are hopefully trying to win some booty and get your LP so you won't be wanting to goof around.

So, pretty much you want to win and you don't want to die. Dying give people gold, but as a front line fighter player you really honestly don't care about dying as you usually will just die unless you have you team fully backing you which never really happens except for those few times, but if you just get fed you shouldn't worry about 5 deaths or above at all.

But, as some people may not think that way like I do(not caring about dying) and that is an unchangeable fact as someone who also can't change it, so pretty much, you just got to get fed as fast as possible, making your lead unbeatable so that you never die again, to also train this kind of thinking in being able to passively survive while also being aggressive is to choose an aggressive close quarters combat champion or ACQCC who uses AP and build a Dark Seal which you will want to get stacks but not lose them, you want to be bordering death every time but learn how to get away or how to just not lose your stacks which means not dying while also getting the most stacks possible.

You will eventually get into a habit of just being able to spread the fire and hit as much people as possible if your not doing so hot on the bordering death part and then you just get to the point where you just pick up the scrap assist stacks but you survived and now your able to go farm somewhere and not lose the gold you would lose if you had died.

In the end you should just be able to passively not die for some reason I don't know either you just don't die no matter how close you are to death, eventually it just gets funny to the point where you run at the enemy testing to see if they can pick you off leading to you just escaping again and having so much fun taunting the enemy team waving your candy in their face but never giving it to them. If you do this correctly, you will have a solid 5500 gold stacked up before you die for the first time about 12-15 minutes in. No joke that's my usual game pretty much as Trundle and its just funny as you come back and just destroy the enemy when they thought that 700g shut down was going to be their turn around but really they just gave you a free back that you have been not waiting for.

The last things I'm going to say about Trundle is to play the part, your playing Trundle and your teammates are going to think you are trolling and your bad and your playing an "off-meta" champion. Your whole game is to prove to them that they should just shut their mouth when they say trashy things about Trundle. You also have to just be downright the dominant player on the team, if someone tells you your sucking it you either down right admit you are and blame someone, or you just say that they should shut up before you pop their minion wave. IF your going to do something, you announce it to your team and make them watch you do whatever the hell you said come true. There is no losing as Trundle if you lose a ranked game its your teammates who gave the stupid Master Yi your gromp when you told them he was taking it, real life example, happened yesterday and Master Yi then had a good 2 level lead on me. Thats another thing to call out, just say stuff like where the enemy jungler is even if you have no clue, you will usually be correct and if your wrong you were using common sense and the enemy jungler is just getting lucky and is an absolute dumb head who gets away with doing stupid things.

Don't be surprised when your teammates tell you your trash or just mute you right off the bat and then say something absolutely stupid and just passively being a stupid ****py human.

Now as Trundle you have your cards that you can play, you have your usual card that allows you to win, you use your runes, you beat the **** out of the enemy teams jungler, and you win. But sometimes you lose due to your team feeding the 0/4/0 yi a double kill in bot lane after you were just done beating the brains out of him and then you lose because your teammates eat balls and now your upset. Now one thing to keep in mind is, you can't get too upset or stupid over things because that's not how your emergency card works.

Your emergency card is a Trundle play style that will work for at best 2 games in a row my best is one game in a row with the emergency card. Now this build(Card - definition of card is anything that will let you win and if your cards run out your toast which is why you don't run out of cards) will allow you do to something pretty stupid and im talking like im so upset about last game in going to troll but be a good troll and win us the game type of game. Now this card requires you to select support as your primary and middle as your secondary as you DONT want to bring back Trundle Jungle trauma after losing a game you were winning. Then your going to select Trundle and your going to play support Trundle AP, it may sound stupid but it works. Now this is very important that you read the rest of this because I don't display this secret build above.

You Build this:
Of course your AP support item for close combat champions
Moonstone Renewer
Mobility Boots
Then after that you build cheap tank items with health prominent and of course build an oblivion orb.

I did this twice one a win one not a win but the first one I stole a baron from a Nunu & Willump after shoving a pillar up his butt and giving it my auto q combo flashed out and we won POTG(Play of the game)
Wrap up
Please vote this guide as I will be happy to know its a decent to good guide.

Don't vote it up If you don't think its any good. Obviously if you think this won't help you win games don't vote it up. But please, vote this build/guide up if this works and helps.

Please also leave comments if you feel comfortable doing so and just leave a little note or message about what you think I could add or change. Like I said earlier votes are very much also appreciated by I just like to see that people like my builds.




You may hate taking Scuttle if your a newer Trundle player. But here's a secret fact of how you can dump that Scuttle shield off with one trick. That trick is to use your E Pillar of Ice and spike that stupid Scuttle right in its un-armoured belly. That will shred the shield off and you win.

You might have already figured that one out sorry...

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