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Rammus Build Guide by Minerok

Support [14.10] A deep dive on Rammus Support

Support [14.10] A deep dive on Rammus Support

Updated on May 18, 2024
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Minerok Build Guide By Minerok 20 1 61,634 Views 3 Comments
20 1 61,634 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Minerok Rammus Build Guide By Minerok Updated on May 18, 2024
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Runes: Recommended runepage

1 2 3 4
Font of Life


+8 Ability Haste
+10-180 Bonus Health
+10-180 Bonus Health


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
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Champion Build Guide

[14.10] A deep dive on Rammus Support

By Minerok
Hello, my name is Minerok. I started playing league of legends in 2016 and i've been playing Rammus support pretty much from the get go. Trying out different builds has always been fun for me. So i've tested a lot of builds for Rammus support and this is the one i found to work best for me. This build is focused around roaming and using Rammus' speed to help the whole team and get important objectives. Personnally i think it's a pretty strong way to play Rammus. But i am no challenger, so try it and tell me what you think. You might even find better ways to play Rammus support.

Patch 14.10:

Legendary items:

- Anathemas Chains removed ;(
- Randuins changes seem decent. It loses 1 passive but gains a lot of armor. Also the increased slow in exchange for a longer cooldown is good imo. All in all i think the item gets a little better on Rammus support even though it loses rock solid.
- Abyssal Mask changes don't have a huge impact. It gets better against tanks who stack a lot of MR. Loses a bit of MR but gets less expensive. Still a good item on Rammus support though.
- Zekes and Knight Vow changes both seem pretty good.
- Banshees changes don't really matter.

- Kraken slayer loses its critical strike chance which will lead to less crit adcs building it. Since this item is pretty good against Rammus this is a good change.
- LDR chnges seem good on first glance since the increased armor pen can't make up for the loss of its passive if we are talking about tanks in general. The problem here is that as Rammus support you don't stack as much health as f.e. a toplane tank. So you will not have an exorpitant amount of health advantage over an adc which means the lost passive did not have the same impact on Rammus supp that it had on other tanks. The increased aromor pen hurts though. All in all this might make LDR stronger against Rammus support.


- Mobility Boots got replaced by Symbiotic Soles which are worse for Rammus support. They are still playable, the baron recall is nice to have, but overall Boots of Swiftness are better imo.
- ADCs got tear 3 boots. This makes them a lot stronger in lategame so don't overestimate yourself if you engage an ADC solo.


- Font of Life change makes it more straighforward. The heal not being tied to an ally attacking can be helpful in certain situations. Overall a good change.
The biggest problem with Rammus support and why i think it isn't played more is that it struggles in a lot of matchups. A lot of champions can cancel your roll or punish you hard for sharing minions in lane. Rammus also generally struggles against a lot of AP or true damage, so keep that in mind when deciding to pick him. I would advise to not completely blindpick Rammus since games can get really hard in bad matchups. Of course, you could just build full MR against a full AP team but always keep in mind that a full MR Rammus is way weaker than a full Armor Rammus because of his passive. So Rammus is best played when:
- they don't have too much AP.
- they don't have too much true damage.
- there's no hard counter pick in enemy team.
- first pick Rammus support is not advised.
The recommended runepage is focused on keeping you alive, helping you scale, and boosting your ability to roam.
- Aftershock is important to keep you alive, especially during the early game fights. It facilitates early roams and generally gives you a lot of survivability.
- Font of life is just really good. It allows your teammates to heal up during fights. Also, you don't really profit from the other options in this slot.
- Conditioning gives you some mid to late game coverage and more armor is always a good thing.
- Overgrowth might be a bit counterintuitive at first since you roam a lot, but it does give you a bit more of survivability which Rammus support sometimes lacks and scales to infinity which makes it good in long games. Revitalize is also just not really good on you since you don't heal or shield yourself. If the enemy team has some CC you wanna swap to unflinching here.
- Celerity cause you wanna go fast
- Waterwalking cause you wanna go fast
- Then for the bonuses you take 2x health scaling and i like to take ability haste but you can go for attack speed as well.
The situational rune options include:
- Bone plating, which you take against a team with a lot of true damage because its your only real option against it.
- Unflinching, which you take against a lot of CC. You can swap this in pretty often even if it's just 1 or 2 CC champs, because tenacity gives you more survivability.
- And lastly, some change ups with the bonuses. You can go for tenacity and slow resist if the enemy team has a lot of CC or you can go for the movement speed if you wanna go even faster.
As your preferred summoners you take flash and ignite.
- You need flash to get to enemies hiding behind minions or on the other side of a wall with your Q.
- Ignite gives you enough damage to 1v1 AD champs in mid-game and also provides anti-heal. Due to the aggressive playstile of rammus support it is almost always the best summoner to take after flash.
The recommended full build variant includes good stats, defensive options, speed, vision and anti heal.
- For the support item i like to go for celestial opposition or solstice sleigh. Both help you survive longer. Celestial opposition is almost always better. If the enemy team has low damage output or is full AD without a lot of armor penetration the sleigh might be better (and it's a lot of fun so go for it if you can).
- trailblazer provides you and your allies with speed and gives you some armor and health. It allows your teammates to follow your ultra-fast engages a little quicker and is pretty cheap. Since you want to build bramble vest early, the low cost of this item helps you to not delay your first item for too long.
- Thornmail is just plain and simple one of Rammus' best items to build. It gives you a lot of armor, lets you bounce back even more damage when you're attacked and even provides you with some anti-heal. It enhances your offense and your defense at the same time.
- Jak'Sho, the protean is a good item against any enemy composition. The passive is really good for Rammus and it provides a lot of stats as well. The item is pretty expensive though so you might want to build something else if you are behind. If the enemy team has a lot of AP you should consider swapping of of this item. Pure magic resistance options like kaenic rookern, abyssal mask or force of nature can be superior in certain cases.
- Vigilant wardstone is your second support item. Your whole team benefits from its bonus vision and it even grants a lot of stats for its price.
- Boots of swiftness provide you with a lot of movement speed which helps you with your roams. It also weakens slows against you.
Early in the game, you wanna go for these items:
- Bramble vest, which gives you a really good advantage early on, because as Rammus this doesn't just enhances your defense but also your offense. Its unique recoil passive adds to your w recoil and the high armor stat increases your on hit damage from your passive. You don't wanna build out thornmail first though because that would delay your mythic too much. Against teams with a lot of AP damage you might want to opt out of going for Bramble vest before your mythic, since it only increases armor.
- Boots, get these quickly and build them out to mobility boots as soon as possible after bramble vest. You want to be able to move across the whole map as fast as possible for your roams.
- and of course get oracle lens and pink wards to destroy enemy vision. You need to do this to make your roams possible.
The situational items give you options for full AP or AD teams and some fun items for unusual situations.
- Solstice sleigh is great against low damage compositions and is also really fun to play.
- Abyssal Mask. This item provides you with magic resist and increases your damage output as well as that of your AP-dealing teammates. It also is very cheap, which makes it even better.
- Kaenic rookern is a great item against a lot of AP or poke.
- Randuins omen is another good armor option. The slow helps your teammates follow up on your engages and it is generally good against a lot of crit damage.
- Force of nature provides you with a lot of magic resistance against continuous magic damage. It also gives you some bonus movement speed.
- Banshee's Veil. It grants magic resist as well as some AP. The spellshield from its passive ability blocks the first spell that hits you. Swap this for Thornmail when the enemy team is full AP and they have some long range CC spells. Banshee's is a fun item, not worth buying in most games though.
- Locket of the Iron solari helps to keep you and your whole team alive. It is hella cheap and a great option for games where you are behind.
- Zeke's Convergence is a good item overall. It gives you stats against AP and AD plus its passive is also really good on Rammus. It doesn't cost much but doesn't give a lot of stats in return. You can go for this item instead of Jak'Sho if you are on a thight budget.
- Knight's Vow is a good cheaper choice as well. It's really strong if you want to peel for one ally specifically.
You might wanna go for different boots depending on your situation. I almost never take the defensive or sorc boots though, just because i think that you need the speed provided by either boots of swiftness or symbiotic soles.
- Symbiotic Soles take a while to activate which makes them worse than boots of swiftness imo. They are still playable though and the fast recall is really nice to have.
- Swap in one of the defensive boots if you notice that you are not tanky enough and you die a lot.
- If you want to be really aggressive, then you can go for sorcerer's shoes. Ult, Q and most importantly your passive profit from its magic penetration.
- Another great aggressive option are Berserker's Greaves. Attack speed synergises with your passive and your W. You can even build them out to tier 3 boots now.

Ingame Item set:
{"title":"Rammus supp","associatedMaps":[11],"associatedChampions":[33],"blocks":[{"items":[{"id":"3865","count":1},{"id":"2003","count":1},{"id":"3340","count":1}],"type":"Start"},{"items":[{"id":"3076","count":1},{"id":"1001","count":1},{"id":"2055","count":1}],"type":"Early (1st Back)"},{"items":[{"id":"3869","count":1},{"id":"3002","count":1},{"id":"3075","count":1},{"id":"6665","count":1},{"id":"4643","count":1},{"id":"3009","count":1},{"id":"2055","count":1},{"id":"2138","count":1},{"id":"3364","count":1}],"type":"Standard Full-Build"},{"items":[{"id":"3876","count":1},{"id":"8020","count":1},{"id":"2504","count":1},{"id":"3143","count":1},{"id":"4401","count":1},{"id":"3102","count":1},{"id":"3190","count":1},{"id":"3050","count":1},{"id":"3109","count":1}],"type":"Situational"},{"items":[{"id":"3009","count":1},{"id":"3010","count":1},{"id":"3047","count":1},{"id":"3111","count":1},{"id":"3020","count":1},{"id":"3006","count":1}],"type":"Good Boots"}]}
Skill and Max in the following order:
- Skill and Max Q first. Q is your best spell in an early fight. It can do AOE CC and lets you chase down enemies or flee if you are losing. Maxing it gives it more damage increases its slow and most importantly reduces its cooldown. On level one, Q has a relatively high cooldown, so you want to max it for frequent roams.
- Skill and Max E second. Skilling E second allows you to already roam on level 2 and help your jungler contest camps if needed. Maxing it increases the received attack speed and the taunt duration. The increase of the taunt duration is really important, so you definitely wanna max it second.
- Skill and Max W last. Maxing it isn't theoretically bad, but the other 2 are more important.
Rammus generally struggles in Matchups against champions who can cancel his Q, deal a lot of AP damage or deal a lot of true damage. When you play Rammus support for a bit you are going to notice pretty fast which champions are bad matchups. I've listed some of the worst in the threats and synergies chapter. Keep in mind that the list is not complete, so you may encounter picks you struggle against that are not listed on there.
Start of game

Rammus is pretty strong for invading the enemy jungler at the start of the game. When your whole team moves with you getting a kill or at least bating out a free flash with your Q is really easy.


In the lanephase you want to get your level up quickly and push out the lane to facilitate your roams. If your adc gets engaged you can use your taunt on the enemy adc. This makes it possible to turn around fights even if they look bad at first. As Rammus there are many matchups in which you can't really do a lot in lane. So instead of standing around, getting damaged and doing nothing, use that time to roam. If you want to engage in lane, you need to play around the enemy vision. Your engages through Q are pretty obvious, so you need to charge it up out of vision and then roll in once it is fast enough.


As Rammus support you wanna roam a lot. Your speed and CC makes roaming really strong and it is further facilitated by this build. Roaming really early is possible and good, you can even already start on level 2 if you see a good opportunity. Rammus support is at its strongest when you coordinate with your jungler. This makes strong ganks possible and often gives you an advantage in numbers at small and big objectives. While roaming you wanna build up your and destroy enemy vision. That way you can find out where your enemy jungler is and your opponents don't see your ganks coming. After successful ganks you want to use your sharing support item to help your teammates push out their lanes, so they have a good window to back and the enemy laner loses CS.


You will want to hover in the jungle near lanes, so you can get easy picks on enemy champions who overstep just a little bit. Always keep drake- and herold timers on your radar. During your midgame you are often strong enough to 1v1 AD dealing champions, especially if you have ignite ready. Keep in mind that true damage is really dangerous for you, not just ap damage.


Lategame your task is to focus on key enemy targets and seek opportunities to catch them of guard and kill them with your jungler. You will want to position yourself for possible Flanks to facilitate Team-Fights. It's also very important to uphold the vision around objectives and inside enemy jungle.


In team-fights you want to single out and taunt the most important enemy AD dealing carry. Because as long as they are taunted they first of all get damaged by you but more importantly they can't attack the rest of your team, which gives them enough time to win the fight.


- You wanna use your Q right before you gank a lane. The goal is for the Q to just not cancel out automatically before you hit the enemy. Just before the end of the channel you are the fastest. You wanna start it out of vision so that you aren't seen yet when your Q is at its slowest. If the enemy you want to engage has non point and click abilities that cancel your Q, you want to bait out and sidestep them before rolling into them. Otherwise they can cancel your Q before you hit them. You can do thise during your Q channel, because it has a long duration and gets faster over time
- W you want to always cast after your E. It provides you with tankines after your engage and also enhances your damage.
- After you hit your Q or your ultimate enhanced Q you wanna taunt the target. You don't have to cast this instantly after your Q, you can delay it just a little bit to get max CC duration.
- Your ultimate is a very versatile spell. It's important to not just use it whenever you roll to an enemy, so that you have it at the times you need it the most. R is used best in these situations:
- as a disengage tool to save your life once you're low.
- to counter incoming CC spells because it makes you unstoppable. When used like this you can CC enemies even through their own CC spells.
- In Team-fights if you see an opportunity to knock up multiple enemies.
- to get over minions or walls that enemies are hiding behind.

Premade teammates

As Rammus support you want to coordinate with your jungler the most. So if your playing with friends the jungler position is best for your duo-que partner. Of course queing with an adc is also a possibility but be warned that you are roaming a lot and in bad machups seldomly stay in lane, so it might not be that fun for your adc duo-que partner.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Minerok
Minerok Rammus Guide
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[14.10] A deep dive on Rammus Support

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