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Kled Build Guide by Feedaboi

Top [14.10] THE ULTIMATE S14 CHALLENGER Kled Guide!

Top [14.10] THE ULTIMATE S14 CHALLENGER Kled Guide!

Updated on May 16, 2024
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Feedaboi Build Guide By Feedaboi 1134 55 1,613,746 Views 28 Comments
1134 55 1,613,746 Views 28 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Feedaboi Kled Build Guide By Feedaboi Updated on May 16, 2024
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Runes: Statand Runes

1 2
Legend: Haste
Last Stand

Gathering Storm

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+65 Base Health


1 2
Agressive Top Summoners
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
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Champion Build Guide


By Feedaboi
What is up guys, my name is Feedaboi and i'm a CHALLENGER Kled main on the North American server bringing you this guide with over 2.7 Million mastery points on Kled!

I am a multi season Challenger Kled Main who has Peaked at 906LPChallenger during S12 otping Kled! I am known for my aggressive playstyle, and I will do what ever it takes to hit top 100 on the ladder this season!
-Highest base HP in the game.

-Very good sticking power with Q, E and R.

-One of the best steroids in the game (W).

-Can bait enemies with mini form into remounting into juicy doubles.

-Global ultimate that gives a huge MS boost to your allies for good engages.

-Best Voicelines.

-Very vulnerable in mini form if remounting is on CD, W is on CD or if you do not play aggressive (lowest base MS in the game when dismounted)

-Lower than average base AS.

-A relatively easy to miss skillshot (that is also your bread and butter ability).

-Can die very quickly if he doesnt stick to his target for whatever reason, you'll be mostly building a ****ton of HP with SOME resistances (not many) so if you get focused you'll be deleted in an instant and be completely useless.

-Passive playstyles can be bad, but playing aggressive without knowing how can be worse.

-His pocket pistol ability has ****ed me over many times, its not that easy to use, there is a small delay and it can push you to the wrong direction if you do not keep your coolness during a fight, or you can miss it completely (remember, every pellet counts).

-His W is automatically activated when you hit a minion, and goes on a long cooldown (14 seconds early game) whether or not you use the rest of the attacks, so enemy laners can abuse that.
Summoner Spells
Flash is one of the most essential summoner spell on Kled. It allows you to hard engages in team fights along with getting you out of sticky situations. You should always take this summoner spell.

Teleport is the best summoner spell for having impact both in lane and around the map throughout the whole game. Teleport also recently got a buff where you get move speed after you finish your teleport which can help you secure a kill. It is also a very safe option and good in lanes where you know you aren't going to be snowball in easily.

Ignite is a very aggressive early game summoner that can allow you to snowball your lead rapidly. It is a very greedy summoner though because if you don't get ahead with it early it falls off super hard compared to Teleport

Best Rune Page

The best choice of rune for currently is Conqueror. You gain up to 5 adaptive force (based on level) for 8 seconds, stacking to a max of 10. You gain 15% healing from all sources, which makes it great for prolonged trades, skirmishes and late game teamfights. You're strong early game, and have a decent scaling rune in late game.

can help you get a clutch kill, or a quick escape from an enemy thinking he's secured the kill on you in a 2v1. It works in teamfights very well and allows you to be the primary engage.

synergises well with kleds passive for remounting along with allowing you to proc your W a lot faster which will lead to greater dmg output.

works really well with when dismounted since you are under the 60% hp threshhold at all times when dismounted to apply bonus dmg with .

gives you cdr and ad which is really nice stats to have on . This will allow you to scale better into the mid/late game and will allow you to pressure leads a lot more efficiently since is cool-down reliant.

gives you scaling ad which feels really good on and negates some of weakness of falling off later on into a game.

Other Options

is a decent keystone into squishy matchups/comps but falls off super hard out of laning phase. I would only recommend taking it if they have 3 or more squishy targets: [marksmen/mages].

is good for getting early plates and applying pressure in side lane on turrets later on in the game.

is good against all in champs such as , this allows you to be able to play more aggressive in lane with less punishment early on. Make sure to not all in unless the rune is ready to be used.

is good against poke champs such as , this allows you to be able to walk up in lane to farm without getting perma poked out of lane.


Legend: Haste
Last Stand
Gathering Storm
9 Adaptive (5.4 AD Or 9 AP)
9 Adaptive (5.4 AD Or 9 AP)
65 Base Health
This Section Is a work in progess, Will hopefully have it complete asap

Best Mythic Options

Goredrinker Goredrinker is the best mythic on kled due to the fact that it gives you ad based off missing health which scales very well on kled while dismounted along side of a heal on its active that also heals more bassed off missing health. This allows kled to win close fights along with helping him remount easily. I would recommend taking this item every game.

Prowler's Claw Prowler's Claw is a good option into squishy/ranged matchups along with going any sort of assassin/full damage build paths. The active has a targeted dash which is useful for sticking on ranged targets and also applies an initial amount of burst along side of bonus damage over time. This is a very good item choice to go when hard snowballing against squishy comps alongside being a very cheesy item which can help finish off kills.

Best Legendary Options

Ravenous Hydra Ravenous Hydra is a really strong item on kled due to the fact that it has really high base stats which synergize well with kled's kit along side the necessary wave clear that kled is lacking in his kit along side a nice portion of sustain which can help in close fights. I would recommend building this item either as a first or second item on kled every game.

Black Cleaver Black Cleacer is a really strong item on kled due to the fact that it gives him good base stats (health,attack damage, ability haste) alongside the passive armour penetration which is essential for kled. This is due to the fact that kled doesn't have any armour penetration in his kit and needs the penetration in order to be effective later on in team fights, the added true damage/max health damage when cleaver is full stacked on an enemy is also a nice touch for kled.

Serylda's Grudge Serylda's Grudge is a really strong item on kled due to the fact that the item has good base stats (attack damage, ability haste, flat armour penetration) along with a slow when using abilities. I usually like taking this item into comps that don't tend to have to many tanky options 1 or less or when the enemy has a lot of tanks 3 or more as a 3rd item instead of going black cleaver.

Gargoyle Stoneplate Gargoyle Stoneplate is a really strong item on kled due to the fact that it gives you a ton of flat resistances (armor/magic resist) along with the added resistances when you get attacked by unique champions during a fight. The item active which is a shield scales insane well with kled due to the fact that it scales with bonus health which for kled is counted as all of skaarls health bar, this allows kled to have a 2k+ shield active on the item which can be used while dismounted which will allow you to remount alot easier.

Sterak's Gage Sterak's Gage is a pretty strong item on kled due to the fact that it gives decent base stats (attack damage, health) alongside having a shield when you drop below 30% health which scales on maximum health which is very good on kled due to his high base health, on top of this the item also has Phage passive where when you deal damage you heal for 2% of you maximum health over 6 seconds. This item can come in handy for remounting in close one versus one's and can help turn around close team fights. I would recommend building this as a fourth or fifth item.

Titanic Hydra Titanic Hydra is a decent option on kled against heavy health stacking team comps due to the fact that the item does maximum health damage each auto attack, the item also gives decent base stats (attack damage, health) and synergies well with kled's kit since kled has high base health and the item gives bonus ad based on maximum health. I wouldn't reccmond building this item unless you aren't going Ravenous Hydra and would build this item as a second or third item.

Situational Items

Death's Dance Death's Dance is a good option for kled when facing heavily attack damage focused comps, the item gives decent base stats (attack damage,armour,ability haste) along side a bleed passive where you soak up some of the initial burst from champions and have a bleed effect of the remaining damage over time which can allow you to stall enough time to sustain back the damage taken. The item also has a passive where if u get a takedown the bleed effect goes away which can be very helpful when trying to remount or just in close fights/scenarios.

Maw of Malmortius Maw of Malmortius is a decent option for kled into heavily focused magic damage comps and has decent base stats (attack damage, magic resistance, ability haste) alongside this the item also has a passive shield where when you get below 30% health you gain a magic shield based on you max health which scales really well with kled due to his high base health and double health bars, which can come in handy when you are looking to remount and can end up turing around fights.

Chempunk Chainsword Chempunk Chainsword is a decent option against comps that have a ton of healing in their kits alongside having pretty decent base stats (attack damage, health, ability haste, healing reduction) the item applies grevious wounds on enemies when you apply physical damage to them. This item is very handy into comps that have healers/enchanters along with champions that build ominvamp/life steal items. I would recommend building this as a fourth/fifth item if needed.


Plated Steelcaps Plated Steelcaps is a good option to go into heavy attack damage/ auto attack based comps, this is due to the fact that the base stats are really strong against attack damage characters and the passive reduces the damage taken by auto attacks by 12% which can come in handy in close one versus one's or in close team fights.

Mercury's Treads Mercury's Treads is a good option to go into heavy magic damage/heavy crowd control comps, this is due to the fact that the base stats are really strong against magic damage characters and the passive reduces the duration of crowd control actions which can come in handy in close one versus one's or in close team fights, also when you are looking to engage for your team during team fights.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity Ionian Boots of Lucidity is a decent option to go when you are hard snowballing early game and are looking to further pressure your early lead, the ability haste given to you from the item is very nice on kled early on since he has high base cool downs, this will allow you to be more aggressive in the early/mid game and be able to pressure your leads more effectively.

Passive While Mounted: Skaarl the Cowardly Lizard

INNATE: Kled rides his semi-trusty mount, Skaarl. While mounted, all damage dealt to the duo is suffered by Skaarl, who has 400 − 1420 (based on level) base health (+100% bonus health). Percent-health effects consider Kled & Skaarl's combined maximum health.

Being reduced to 0 health causes Skaarl to flee, forcing Kled to dismount dismount, with all damage in excess of Skaarl's health being ignored. Dismounting cleanses Kled of all crowd control and for 0.5 seconds, causes him to become untargetable, immune to crowd control, and gain 100% damage reduction. While Kled is dismounted, his base health and base movement speed are reduced, base attack range is increased, Bear Trap on a Rope Bear Trap on a Rope is replaced with Pocket Pistol Pocket Pistol, and Jousting Jousting and Chaaaaaaaarge!!! Chaaaaaaaarge!!! become unable to be used.

When Dismounted

INNATE: Kled is only vulnerable to death while dismounted. Kled has 340 − 1530 (based on level) base health, which is not improved by sources of bonus health, as well as reduced base movement speed and increased attack range. Percent-health effects consider Kled & Skaarl's combined maximum health, meaning that an unmounted Kled is always considered to be low health.

Kled gains 100 − 185 (based on level) bonus movement speed when moving towards enemy champions within 900 range, but his basic attacks against them are reduced to 80% AD damage. Additionally, he gains the ability to restore Skaarl's Courage Courage to reunite reunite again.

INNATE - COURAGE: Kled gains 15 Courage when basic attacking an enemy champion, 20 Courage whenever he scores an enemy champion takedown within 3 seconds, 4 Courage for minion kills, and 5 Courage when basic attacking a structure or epic monster. At 100 Courage, Skaarl returns with 50 / 60 / 70 / 80% (based on level) of Skaarl's maximum health after remounting over 0.7 seconds. Mounting up Mounting up resets the cooldowns of Bear Trap on a Rope Bear Trap on a Rope and Jousting Jousting.

While at the allied fountain, 25 Courage is generated every 0.25 seconds. Recalling Recalling fully restores Skaarl's Courage and health. If reuniting outside of base, Skaarl gets Frayed Nerves, which prevents him from gaining Courage for 30 seconds.

The current status of Kled's own health is preserved between subsequent dismounts. While mounted, Heal power.png healing will first affect Skaarl's health and will only restore Kled's health while Skaarl is at full health.

Q While Mounted: Bear Trap On A Rope

ACTIVE: Kled hurls a bear trap tied to a piece of rope in the target direction, dealing physical damage to all enemies it hits, increased by 50% against Minions and monsters.

30 / 55 / 80 / 105 / 130 (+ 60% bonus AD)
The bear trap stops at the first enemy champion or large monster hit, forming a tether between Kled and the target for 1.75 seconds, during which the target is revealed. The tether's radius slowly decreases over the duration.

If the tether is not broken by the end of its duration, Kled pulls the target 100-units towards him, deals them physical damage, inflicts them with 60% Grievous Wounds for 5 seconds, and slows them for 1.5 seconds.

60 / 110 / 160 / 210 / 260 (+ 120% bonus AD)
40 / 45 / 50 / 55 / 60%
Bear Trap on a Rope can be cast while Jousting Jousting.

Q While Dismounted: Pocket Pistol

PASSIVE: Kled periodically stocks an ammo charge, up to a maximum of 2. Kled will store ammo even while mounted mounted.

ACTIVE: Kled sprays a cone of five pellets in the target direction, dealing physical damage while recoiling 250 units in the opposite direction.

35 / 50 / 65 / 80 / 95 (+ 80% bonus AD)
Pellets collide into the first enemy champion they hit, and deal 20% damage per pellet beyond the first. Each pellet that hits an enemy champion or epic monster restores Courage Courage, by 5 and 2.5 respectively.

W: Violent Tendencies

PASSIVE: Kled periodically enters a frenzy that grants him 150% bonus attack speed on his next 4 basic attacks within 4 seconds after the first, with the final attack dealing bonus physical damage, capped against monsters.

20 / 30 / 40 / 50 / 60 (+ 4.5 / 5 / 5.5 / 6 / 6.5% (+ 5% per 100 bonus AD) of target's maximum health)
Turrets are only affected by the base damage.

E: Jousting

ACTIVE: Kled and Skaarl dash in the target direction, dealing physical damage to all enemies struck and pulling minions and small monsters towards him. This cannot cross terrain.

35 / 60 / 85 / 110 / 135 (+ 60% bonus AD)

Upon hitting an enemy champion or large monster Kled and Skaarl dash a fixed 200-units through them, marking them for 3 seconds and revealing them. At the end of the dash Kled and Skaarl gain 50% bonus movement speed for 1 second and the ability to recast Jousting after 0.5 seconds.

RECAST: Kled and Skaarl dash through the marked target. This subsequent pass can cross terrain.

The mark will remain even if the target dies.

R: Chaaaaaaaarge!!!

ACTIVE: Kled and Skaarl charge towards the target location, automatically navigating terrain along the way, during which they're ghosted and immune to crowd control. If the charge does not complete within 15 seconds, it will end prematurely. The charge is interrupted instantly if Kled dismounts dismounts during it.

While charging, the duo gain Movement speed icon.png bonus movement speed and a Hybrid resistances shield for every 0.25 seconds of traveling, up to 950 total movement speed over 3 seconds and 10% − 100% (based on time traveling) of the maximum shield amount over 2.25 seconds respectively. The shield lasts for 2 seconds upon finishing the charge. The duo trails a directional draft in their wake, lasting 9 seconds. Allied champions following the draft gain Mr. Kled's Wild Ride.

20 / 30 / 40 (+ 30% bonus AD)
MR. KLED'S WILD RIDE: Gain 650 total movement speed.

Skaarl homes in on the first enemy champion in range, colliding with the first visible enemy champion on the way, or the main target, to knock them back 100 units and deal physical damage, increased by 0% − 200% (based on time traveling).

4 / 5 / 6% (+ 4% per 100 bonus AD) of target's maximum health
Item Set
{"title":"Kled Build","associatedMaps":[11],"associatedChampions":[240],"blocks":[{"items":[{"id":"1055","count":1},{"id":"2003","count":1},{"id":"1036","count":1},{"id":"2003","count":3},{"id":"1054","count":1},{"id":"2003","count":1}],"type":"Starting Items"},{"items":[{"id":"6630","count":1},{"id":"6693","count":1},{"id":"3068","count":1}],"type":"Mythic Options"},{"items":[{"id":"3074","count":1},{"id":"3047","count":1},{"id":"3111","count":1},{"id":"6630","count":1},{"id":"3071","count":1},{"id":"3193","count":1},{"id":"6333","count":1}],"type":"Standard Build"},{"items":[{"id":"6693","count":1},{"id":"3047","count":1},{"id":"3074","count":1},{"id":"6694","count":1},{"id":"6333","count":1},{"id":"3193","count":1}],"type":"ranged/squishy matchups"},{"items":[{"id":"3068","count":1},{"id":"3047","count":1},{"id":"3111","count":1},{"id":"3748","count":1},{"id":"3071","count":1},{"id":"3193","count":1},{"id":"3053","count":1}],"type":"Tank Build"},{"items":[{"id":"3156","count":1},{"id":"3143","count":1},{"id":"6609","count":1},{"id":"6333","count":1},{"id":"3071","count":1},{"id":"6694","count":1}],"type":"Situational Items"}]}
+ + Combo: Your text to link here...

This is a very effective combo to get on the enemy's carries in team fights along with being able to catch your laner off guard when the opportunity for a kill presents itself.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Feedaboi
Feedaboi Kled Guide
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