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Nautilus Build Guide by IenaLaurence

Jungle [14.12] Bring Nautilus Back to the Role He Was Born For, With GIFS!

Jungle [14.12] Bring Nautilus Back to the Role He Was Born For, With GIFS!

Updated on June 19, 2024
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League of Legends Build Guide Author IenaLaurence Build Guide By IenaLaurence 7 0 2,729 Views 0 Comments
7 0 2,729 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author IenaLaurence Nautilus Build Guide By IenaLaurence Updated on June 19, 2024
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Champion Build Guide

[14.12] Bring Nautilus Back to the Role He Was Born For, With GIFS!

By IenaLaurence

-June 19/06/2024 [Patch 14.12]: This Guide has been published. This is my 1st guide.
Table Of Contents
About Me
My name is IenaLaurence (formerly known as Laurence). I've been playing League of Legends since Season 3, although I’ve taken several extended breaks (typically alternating one year of playing with one year of break) because I enjoy exploring a variety of games. I recently returned to League five months ago after a five-year hiatus. My primary roles are jungle and mid, and I currently hold a Gold rank (last split Platinum). I main Shen and Nautilus because I favor tanky champions that provide substantial utility for their team, I like to let others shine. I have a passion for experimenting with off-meta builds and strategies, pushing them to their limits to see how effective they can be when fully optimized.
BE CAREFUL: My English could be really bad
Why Nautilus Jungle?
Nautilus is a tank with a lot of crowd control and significant early game damage that often catches enemies off guard.
His weakness was jungle clear, but with the new item Fated Ashes, he became much quicker and that's why you should buy this item on your first recall.
As a ganker, Nautilus excels and can effectively gank almost any champion in the game. However, be cautious against Illaoi, Mordekaiser, Gwen, Darius and Riven due to their strong level 6 power spikes.
The bot lane and the mid lane are particularly easy to gank because ADCs are generally squishy, and most mid laners (except for Ahri) lack sufficient mobility.
Don't hesitate to use your Dredge Line on terrain to navigate the map (cause it has a reduced cd on walls). Nautilus is slow, so targeting walls and enemies to pull yourself around the jungle is crucial. Every second counts for Nautilus, especially when making impactful plays.
As a general rule, avoid dueling as Nautilus unless you have lane priority, meaning your laners can quickly come to assist you. While you can win some duels, it should never be your main focus. Nautilus thrives as the frontline tank, initiating fights, and providing crowd control to protect your team and secure objectives.
Lastly, by going jungle, you will end up with more gold than playing support, allowing you to be really tanky and annoying for the enemy team.
Pros & Cons
+ Very Tanky
+ High Burst Damage in Early
+ High CC
+ Excellent Peeling
- His damage falls off in prolonged fights
- Lacks Mobility
- Slower First Clear than meta junglers
- Can't Solo early Drake
Primary Runes

I tested this rune, and it's not entirely bad, especially if you try to leverage it in the early game. The issue is that since your build doesn't include a rush for Heartsteel or Warmog's Armor, it will be quite suboptimal compared to Aftershock. This is because, in our kit, the only ability that scales with health is our W, but health isn't a primary source of damage for us, unlike for Skarner, who, in patch 14.12, uses Grasp even in the jungle because he rushes Warmog's Armor (or Heartsteel) as his first item. This rune is not recommended!

Aftershock is an excellent safe pick because it synergizes well with our entire kit and is easy to proc, providing a decent amount of damage and resistances.

Guardian can be an effective option if your team has reliable carries (and players). However, it is highly situational and should be selected based on specific team compositions. Therefore, it tends to be more valuable in a premade group. This rune is pretty meh.

Demolish is an excellent rune for the mid/late game as its tower damage boost can be game-changing. It also helps secure the first tower with your laner in the early game. However, since your primary role isn't to destroy towers, Shield Bash might provide more value. That said, I wouldn't completely discourage using Demolish; it's still a great rune that performs well. Give it a try and see if it suits your playstyle better!

This rune is designed to provide sustain in the lane. Since you're not a laner, you wouldn't benefit much from it. Simply put, it's not worth it.

This rune grants free resistances when you use your W, which is crucial for Nautilus since his kit lacks inherent resistances like Leona's W or Sejuani's passive. It also provides a significant damage boost that scales with both your health and your shield, and don't forget that your shield scales with your health as well. This makes it valuable throughout all stages of the game, especially in the early game where the additional damage can be the deciding factor in whether an enemy laner dies or survives during a gank, and also in duels against the enemy jungler.

Conditioning, much like Shield Bash, is a reliable rune choice for Nautilus, whose kit lacks inherent resistances against physical and magical damage. Since you're not a laner, going without an active minor rune for the first 12 minutes isn't a significant drawback. When you're not up against aggressive invading junglers like Nidalee, Warwick, Lee Sin, or Shaco, opting for Conditioning over Bone Plating is always the best choice.

Similar to Font of Life, this rune is designed to enhance sustain during laning phases, and because of this, its benefits may not be substantial enough to justify its use. This rune is not recommended!

Consider using Bone Plating if you expect frequent invasions in the early game, especially against champions with high early damage.

Overgrowth is a beneficial rune for Nautilus, steadily increasing his maximum health as minions and monsters die nearby, which makes him progressively tankier throughout the game. While the health gain may seem modest compared to purchasing health items, free stats are always beneficial, especially when they boost your W shield. If you are not building items that benefit from Revitalize (such as Locket of the Iron Solari and Unending Despair), this rune always provides more survivability to you.

Choose Revitalize if your build includes both Locket of the Iron Solari and Unending Despair. Otherwise, opt for Overgrowth instead.

This rune is not recommended as it provides little benefit when playing tanky and using Aftershock most of the time.
Secondary Runes

In this part of the guide, I will skip some rows since none of the three options given are recommended.


This rune is unexpectedly helpful on Nautilus, enhancing his ganking versatility and providing effective opportunities to catch opponents off guard from various angles.
Feel confident using Flash or Hexflash in every gank; this rune is tailored for such plays and is crucial for achieving successful ganks.

Magical Footwear is a safe pick for Nautilus because it not only grants 10 bonus movement speed (especially beneficial given his base speed of 325, which is among the lowest in the game,if we don't consider Kled and Rell when they are not in their mounts) but also saves you 300 golds, providing a significant tempo advantage

Just a worse Magical Footwear. This rune is not recommended!

Cosmic Insight is an evergreen rune as it allows you to use your Smite and Flash more often, especially when paired with Ionian Boots of Lucidity. Don't hesitate if you're not fully making use of the second part about item haste, as the first part alone makes the rune worthwhile!

This rune is excellent in matchups where you need to catch highly mobile champions like Lillia, or when your team has a good amount of crowd control, making easier both your ganks and engages in mid and late game team fights.

Nothing to say, not much value with our build. This rune is not recommended!


This is an excellent rune for Nautilus, dealing 10-45 true damage (based on level) to enemies affected by crowd control effects every 4 seconds. Given Nautilus’s , , , , are all CCs, he can consistently activate this rune. This makes it a highly effective choice for maximizing damage output and can make a difference in all phases of the game.

Like Font of Life this is a laning rune. This rune is not recommended!

Cheap Shot is just better on Nautilus. This rune is not recommended!

Treasure Hunter is a rune for champions that need their power spike item, such as Briar or Master Yi. You don't really need golds given by this rune. You are a champion that wants to make assists rather than kills because you are already good. This rune is not recommended!

Even though it was nerfed in patch 14.10, this rune still retains its potential, especially in the jungle. The choice between this and Ultimate Hunter comes down to personal preference.

Having your ultimate available more frequently, especially one with a relatively high cooldown, is always advantageous. This is particularly true for an ultimate that provides point-and-click crowd control and has the potential to hit multiple targets.

Let's break down the items in the guide to figure out when to build them and when to pass.

Must Buy
Fated Ashes has really shaken things up for AP champions like Nautilus, known for their slower clears than meta junglers. This item significantly boosts your jungle clear speed while also keeping your health high.
Liandry's gives all you need: health, hp and burning damage that can be easily AOE applied with . Most of games it will be the only source of damage you need.
This item is another source of damage that you can pick up for Nautilus, which is very useful against teams with melee champions and dealing AD damage. Of course, if you see that an AP carry on the opposing team has gotten excessively fed (such as Akali), delay this item to rush an Abyssal Mask or a Kaenic Rookern instead.
Useful against teams with champions relying on basic attacks like Yasuo or Yone who also build lifesteal. However, as Nautilus, you lack any form of taunt, making this item quite unreliable on him. Therefore, it's worth considering whether to opt for another armor item. Typically, you will end up building Bramble Vest alone for anti-heal, and completing this item as the second-to-last or last item is advisable due to its poor gold efficiency.
Thanks to patch 14.10, which buffed this item, if you build it after Sunfire Aegis and/or Abyssal Mask, and if the enemy team isn't too far ahead, you'll find yourself tanking a lot of hits thanks to the healing it provides.
You build this item only in matchups where you need movement speed to catch people. For instance, if the enemy is playing Vayne Top or there is a Lillia on their team.
With crit damage being so strong in the game right now, this is a solid choice to reduce the damage you take from crit users.
After the repeated nerfs in recent patches, this item has gone from a must-buy to an incredibly situational choice. Only build it if your team has a highly fed ADC or bruiser. Otherwise, you're just wasting gold.
Magic Resist
This item is a budget-friendly MR choice for Nautilus. It cuts the MR of nearby enemies, which is handy if your team packs a lot of AP damage. Plus, it amps up the damage on your Liandry's Torment, Sunfire Aegis, and Unending Despair.
It's an incredible item that gives you a magic shield scaling with 18% of your maximum health! It's a must-buy in many games.
If the enemy team has AP champions that deal magic damage over time, such as Lillia, this is always the best choice.
If your team isn't heavily AP-oriented and/or the enemy team lacks tanks to justify Abyssal Mask, there are no AP threats to justify Kaenic Rookern, and there's no magic damage over time to warrant Force of Nature, nor do you need Sunfire Aegis, then build this instead. It at least offers better lane pushing power.
Mixed Resistances
This item is a go-to for almost any situation you encounter. It enhances your tankiness with essential stats, increasing both Armor and Magic Resist further when engaged in combat. It synergizes perfectly with Aftershock as well.
A versatile cheap item that's always valuable, regardless of the game. It provides essential stats like Armor, Magic Resist, Ability Haste for more frequent abilities, and HP. The active also grants a 360 shield to each teammate in late game, equivalent to over 2 Ruby Crystal per ally, translating to a decaying gold value of 960 gold per affected ally (4800 gold if all allies are shielded) for 2.5 seconds. It becomes even stronger with Revitalize, increasing the shield to 396.
An affordable item offering a wide range of valuable stats for Nautilus, along with an AoE aura that slows and deals damage after landing your R. While not as powerful as other item choices, it's still worth considering.
Choose these if the enemy team has a strong auto-attacker other than the ADC (e.g., Master Yi, Viego, Yone, Yasuo). You won't build it solely for armor because Nautilus already has high base armor.
Opt for these if the enemy team has a lot of crowd control (CC). Note that Airborne, Drowsy and Suppression are not reduced by Tenacity.
If neither of the above conditions apply, Ionian Boots are one of the most gold-efficient boots in the game. They provide 12 Summoner Spell Haste (more Smite and Flash) and 15 Ability Haste for just 600 gold. If you are considering Plated Steelcaps or Mercury's Treads solely for their resistances, it’s often not worth it; you will be building other items for resistances anyway.
Tips & Tricks

Despite Nautilus having a straightforward and older kit, there are mechanics that differentiate a Nautilus main from an average Nautilus player. In this section of the guide, we will delve into the combos I am familiar with and analyze them. You will find GIFs accompanying the explanations to aid your understanding.



Description: This combo cancels the casting time of the animation, resulting in a smoother execution and making it harder for opponents to react.


This combo is useful in situations where the target is not too far away, but you want to avoid the risk of missing your . By performing this combo, you can cancel the animation of your while quickly closing the distance to the target, dealing damage, and slowing them simultaneously.



Description: You typically use to cancel the animation of your basic attack so you can do another one. Therefore, the primary situations where you'll employ this combo are when you're the first to engage in a team fight, before the enemy team can use their crowd control on you.


Description: This combo allows you to cancel the animation, resulting in an almost uncounterable chain CC. It should be used in situations where you're confident your team can eliminate the target during this CC window. Without this combo, the target might easily escape using or other abilities.


Description: This combo has limited practical applications but can be valuable in situations where you need a greater knockup range than alone provides. It is primarily used in specific team fights under certain conditions. The combo involves positioning yourself within range of a nearby target while also having a more distant target within range. Execute the combo by casting on the distant target, then immediately using on the nearby target at the start of the cast time.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author IenaLaurence
IenaLaurence Nautilus Guide
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[14.12] Bring Nautilus Back to the Role He Was Born For, With GIFS!

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