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Draven Build Guide by daudr9

ADC [14.4] Draven build to climb easily

ADC [14.4] Draven build to climb easily

Updated on February 23, 2024
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League of Legends Build Guide Author daudr9 Build Guide By daudr9 6 4 35,506 Views 2 Comments
6 4 35,506 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author daudr9 Draven Build Guide By daudr9 Updated on February 23, 2024
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Lethal Tempo
Presence of Mind
Legend: Bloodline
Coup de Grace

Eyeball Collection
Treasure Hunter

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3
Against usual matchups
LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
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Champion Build Guide

[14.4] Draven build to climb easily

By daudr9
About me

Hello, Im daudr - adc main with EUW rank 100 peak, the most stoic and composed league player you'll see.

Here i've included only what i considered most important while keeping it brief and short so you can quickly navigate and find what you need on the go.

For a lot, lot more game and bot lane related info feel free to visit my socials and i'll be glad to help you out :)
Summoner spells
Exhaust - My favourite and the one i take most often. It's necessary when you see that enemies have an assassin or engaging enemy bot lane champs.

Heal - You can manipulate health and movement speed of both you and your ally for engaging and retreating faster. It's kinda bad because it gets hard countered by Ignite with Grievous Wounds and loses significant portion of it's value.

Cleanse - You lose so much by taking cleanse in early laning phase if you want to play agressive, that you should consider taking it only in cases where enemy CCs pose a real threat.
Long Sword + Health Potions is good when you're trading a lot and want more dmg. Boots + Health Potions if you want to dodge more skillshots easily.

You will go Berserker's Greaves most of the time and Plated Steelcaps or Mercury's Treads if enemies have 4 or more AD or AP damage dealers.

The Collector for lot of early lethality and dmg.

Sheen into Essence Reaver and Vampiric Scepter into Bloodthirster in an order that you see fit or in-game situation demands.

Infinity Edge now sice you'll have some crit to increase crit damage.

Lord Dominik's Regards since by that time they'll build armor and get some too from leveling up.

Get Guardian Angel if you have high bounty and want to protect it.

Quicksilver Sash when you don't want to bring cleanse into the game and you're really scared of CCs.

Mortal Reminder when enemy team has mixed damage and strong healing champs like Vlad, Soraka, Samira, Red Kayn, Yuumi and no one except you is getting heal reduction.

After your build is completed you want to sell your Boots for Phantom Dancer . It's possible to instead get Dead Man's Plate or Force of Nature and that depends on enemies having more AD or AP damage.
Lethal Tempo is great for all-ins and prolonged trades. Provides a lot of AS so you can focus on AD only items.

Presence of Mind for solving mana issues before u get the Essence Reaver.

Legend: Bloodline because it's never enough lifesteal.

Coup de Grace for extra damage.

Eyeball Collection for more AD.

Treasure Hunter more gold in early, synergizes with Draven's passive.

Keep in mind when you verse 4 AP champions in enemy team or 2AP champions on botlane you should switch last small rune from Armour to Magic Resist.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author daudr9
daudr9 Draven Guide
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[14.4] Draven build to climb easily

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