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Ashe Build Guide by poinears

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author poinears

2.5 Crits Per Second (Reposted due to Trolls)

poinears Last updated on April 23, 2012
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Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 27

Honor Guard

Defense: 1

Strength of Spirit

Utility: 2

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For those of you who I may have played with or against, you know this build works. For those of you that haven't seen me in action, PLEASE try this build FIRST. Then feel free to pass judgement.
I have had people doubt how well this build works, but come the end of any good game with this build, I can handle just about anyone on an opposing team. This includes tanks, supports, opposing carries, etc. This includes people like Brand, Morgana, Rammus, Malphite, Ezreal, Caitlyn, and many others. The only people that this cannot handle is the bruisers such as Master Yi, Warwick, and Xin Zhao.

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Ashe is a ranged DPS carry that excels in kiting and annoying enemies with massive slows. She is well suited to bottom lane with a support or tank. Also, for the lower level players that don't necessarily run a jungler and solo top lane, she can be played top with a lane partner.

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Language Used in This Guide

AA - auto-attacks
AD - attack damage
AS - attack speed
AOE - area of effect (affects every enemy in the area)
Crit - critical strike
CC - crowd control (refers to AOE stuns, slows, etc)
CD - cooldown (referring to spells, both champion and summoner)
DPS - damage per second
SS - summoner spells (D and F keys)
Ult - ultimate (champion spell - R)

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  • Focus - Ashe's passive increases her critical strike chance for a certain amount when she is out of combat.
  • Frost Shot - Your Q spell is a toggled slow on your auto-attacks. This does deplete your mana for each shot with it enabled.
  • Volley - This is your bread and butter besides your auto-attacks. Ashe fires several arrows in a cone in front of her. Each arrow strikes the nearest target in its path.
  • Hawkshot - Its passive grants Ashe 1-5 extra gold per kill depending on its level. Its active creates a no-cost scouting tool that reveals everything in its path until it reaches its destination.
  • Enchanted Crystal Arrow - Ashe fires an oversized arrow in the direction indicated, stunning the first enemy champion it encounters. All enemy champions and all enemy and neutral minions around the one struck are slowed.

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My Uses of Abilities

I play on this too much, but the build works so I am not changing it. I don't use this passive except for when I start and my first shot after I recall.

This thing can annoy any enemy. One of the most irritating things that can happen when you are running away from a lost teamfight is for the enemy Ashe to hit you with her Frost Shot and slow you so that you can't get away. This is exactly what I use it for: to keep enemies from getting away from me when I chase them down.

I love this ability. Not only does it apply Frost Shot, but it does nice damage and has a slightly longer range than Ashe's AA. Once a teamfight happens, all I do is sit there and AA, spamming this whenever it is off of CD.

This is a good spell. Don't get me wrong about that, particularly with my spell order, but after playing Ashe for so long, I can get by without this. Also, minion kills and champion kills will give you more gold than this can for a while. In addition, the scouting on it is great; I just don't put much stock into it.

I love this to death. This can be used as an initiation tool, as a 1v1 instant kill (with this build), or as an escape mechanism. The AOE slow is nice, but the stun is better. I use this to assassinate people, particularly late game when my AS and crit chance are so high that it doesn't matter what happens.

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These runes are pretty straightforward: all attack speed. This boosts your AS to over 1 per second to start the game, and are the icing on the cake to make sure you hit the 2.5 AS to finish.

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I was never one to put much stock in the 21-9-0 combinations in the first place, so it only seems fitting that I go with what I do.

These two are the two that might be exchanged,depending on what you want as you SS's. Depending on your SS's, take the right mastery points.

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Summoner Spells


  • Heal - Ashe is squishy and I don't take stock in pots
  • Clarity - Spam away, it's ok...clarity
  • Surge - Your AS is already through the roof
  • Cleanse - Makes sense, but you can kite like none other
  • Exhaust - You have a slow, but the damage reduction can help stop a Xin Zhao
Don't Try

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Early Game

Middle Game

Late Game
Q-W-AA-AA-AA-AA-W-AA-AA-AA-AA-W (trust me, it works 1v1)

If you noticed how many auto-attacks there are in there, well done. YOUR AUTO-ATTACKS ARE YOUR PRIMARY DAMAGE DEALER. Use them early and often.

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Early Game

Mobility. Mobility. Mobility.
You are agile, particularly with the boots pickup first. You have almost no health. Use your agility and stay in motion. Do not get caught standing in one place, because you will get DECIMATED that way. The first thing you should attack (if possible) is the enemy champion. Your crit does about 100 damage, which is A LOT. For the most part, just keep in motion, use volley as harass, and last-hit like none other because you need the farm.

Don't go back until you can grab your Berserker's Greaves if you can help it, then start and finish a Zeal. The attack speed boost is incredible early, when nobody has any armor. If you have a jungle, wait until your jungle shows up before you do this, but if not then feel free to do so once your partner has their ult. Use your ult to initiate a small fight on your lane and attempt to take a kill or at least deal enough damage to force your enemies to recall. Save up for a B.F. Sword. You need damage.

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Middle Game

The game has turned into a massive teamfight. Now what? A couple of things happen.
1) The team is raging at you for not doing anything
2) You can't really farm
3) Lanes break up completely in favor of ganking squads
4) You either a) start ganking or b) get ganked

The solutions:
1) Don't worry about it. You just need more farm and a little bit of time. Get into teamfights and get the gold and experience from kills and assists.

2) Kills and assists give more gold anyways. Just make sure to stick around long enough.

3) Join one. Your Enchanted Crystal Arrow and Frost Shot are invaluable tools for your team.

4) Choose option A. IF you see the opportunity to push a weak turret or go dragon or something along those lines, do it. Just do it very carefully and take a tank or bruiser with you.

Keep at your build. This is your weakest part, mostly because your damage and attack speed aren't high enough. Buy a Pickaxe and finish your Infinity Edge, then start finishing your first Phantom Dancer. This is where your presence starts to help majorly. Building directly into a second Phantom Dancer pretty much wins you the game. Your 3rd and final Zeal will come during the end of the middle game to the beginning of the late game, depending on your farm.

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End Game

zeke's herald
Now your team loves you and can't get enough of you in the teamfights. What do you do? Ditch them. With your 2 Phantom Dancers and another Zeal on top of that, you have become pretty much a ranged Master Yi that can outrun everyone on the map. You can kite like none other and can push turrets down in one or two minion waves. On top of that, even if a teamfight starts elsewhere, you can still be there in time to clean up, if nothing else. Throw your Enchanted Crystal Arrow when it is convenient and kite like a boss.

Build a Ruby Crystal into a Phage, then go Trinity Force. Finish off with a Zeke's Herald if you have both the time and the resources. That right there is the icing on the cake. Your sustainability is through the roof, your AS is fully blown and you are critting every shot.

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Some Random Explanations

This build is not like most builds. I have seen this time and again. People don't realize they're dying until it is too late to do anything. The most common reaction is to turn and run (really bad idea against an Ashe)Usually, I'm critting around 300-500 depending on armor, but that's 1500-2500 health in 2 seconds.

Trinity Force isn't really necessary on Ashe, but it provides AS, crit chance, and some extra damage. The Sheen is next to worthless, but sometimes the activation happens to come in handy.

Some people won't like this build. Please don't downvote just because you don't like it. You need to see it in action first. Also, for those of you who don't like the whole comment-to-vote thing, I'm sorry, but I had troll votes on this guide the first time.

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  • Feel free to comment
  • Try this before voting
  • Give suggestions for different builds
  • Tell me your variations on this build (I may add a section for that)
  • Let me know if I have any typos or grammatical errors in this