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League of Legends Build Guide Author ghost1313

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ghost1313 Last updated on April 6, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello guys....I'm a First-timer with build-making so i'll do my best here....Well,yeah...It's Another Kata guide.....It's hard to make the difference where there are so many guides here but i'll do my best to present u here...a complete different kata from the typical ones out there...(no offence on the other guides)...So...Here we go....

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-Insane damage dealer
-Great escaping mechanism(shunpo)
-Nice ganker
-Not Hard To Master
-Good pusher with the above items as u have nice AS and can bring down turrets
-Causes so many rage quits....

-Squishy as u already know early game
-Mainly focused usually
-Prone to disables
-Can't Find Anything Else...

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Summoner Spells

Flash=Personally i use this spell with most chars i play can escape from a deadly situation...or even get in the mid of a fight to spread chaos(if you want to save shunpo)...Well it's like havin' 2 flashes...I think that's enough of a help isn't it?

Ignite=You know...there are times when your combo of bouncing blades-shunpo-death lotus isn't enough and the enemy could get away with 50hp....I hate when that happens...with this spell the kill is assured....Also,reduces healing effects and along with the effect of killer insticts can really turn the tides in favor of u and your teammates....

Ghost=Another good spell for kata is ghost...the extra movement speed is a good thing helping u get to a fleeing Yi or Sivir...the thing is when u get CC'd..its kinda useless...but,anyway...the choice is yours..

Exhaust=I see this one in many guides and i gotta admit i'm a bit confused about it..surely u havent got a disable and it is useful for chasing some1 but imo u should leave the CC for ur teammates....both flash AND ignite are a must for her...again...i leave this to your choice..

Cleanse=Very Good Choice for kata especially in tight situations...sometimes i use it instead of ignite or flash...great when all CC drops on your face.

The rest of the summoner spells shouldn't even concern you...WHAT??DETAILS??pf.....ok...

Heal=ok...u r squishy...ur vulnerable sometimes...but check this guide's items...20% spell vamp and

Revive=The main purpose of the game is NOT to least often....really bad choice...

Smite=You are not a jungler and never will be with that champion pls!

Teleport=The point of this spell is mainly for defence when u are on the opposite lane...or to get back to your lane so not to lose your xp...but i don't like it at all...leave it for Karthus or Ryze....


Rally=The most underrated spell in-game...and guess what,i'm one of the under-raters.(xD)Next one...

Clairvoyance=It's not that bad...can reveal hiding enemies in bushes but you should leave it for supporters mainly....or a Gangplank...

Fortify=Last but not least the very useful's really nice to have one in team..but again,that's a tank's job....

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The reason i'm using 21 points in offence is because i like 2 squeeze the most out of both AD and AP...Some people put 21 in defence or smth like that but i prefer playing offensive...6 armor and 6 mr is nothing anyway...

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As for the runes...the Greater Mark of Magic Penetration gives you that extra MP u want...
The Greater Seal of Cooldown Reduction reduces slightly your cooldowns making spamming of Death Lotus and Shunpo more often...
Greater Glyph of Ability Power and Greater Quintessence of Ability Power give u a nice AP advantage early game...24 more AP IS something good....

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Skill Sequence

I begin with Shunpo so i can last-hit minions with it easily....BUT---->never steal all minions from your teammate cause u dont wanna be the only one building items fast...and off course because u hate flamming...get 2 lvls of Bouncing Blades and 1 level of Killer Instictsbefore u get your ulti...Now,with Death Lotus the slaughter can begin...At this point max out Shunpo as this skill is your nuke tool(except from Death Lotus)...Next one is Bouncing Blades maximizing as the extra bounces are a very good harassing technique....Leave Killer Insticts for last....

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Item Build

Begin with Boots of Speed and 3 Health Potions...Beginning with 24 AP u don't need a Doran's Ring and u need a little bit of speed...The Health Potions is quite of an insurance of staying to ur lane without having to go back all the time for healing....Complete Your Sorcerer's Shoes and if u have money the Hextech Revolver...The AP and extra spellvamp are very useful as they improve both your damage output and survivability...The next is the key-item of this build.. Guinsoo's Rageblade...It gives you everything...From damage and ability power to extra attack speed...That is going to improve your pushing capability...Now for Hextech Gunblade...I believe this is one of the most useful items for kata as she has low levels of hp so this item makes amends for it with spell vamp and lifesteal...REMEMBER

>If u need hp ASAP u can shunpo on a friendly creep to get some hp back...I'm not sure but i think when triggering Killer Insticts you get some health from there too...Not sure though... Rylai's Crystal Scepter boosts both your hp and AP so it's a must also for our red-head chick....At the point u build Rabadon's Deathcap the scales of battle seem to scale towards your team...+155 AP+ 30%AP...Now u can easily get triple kills (or maybe higher if you're good at it)...Usually the game is over at this point but if it doesn't u have 2 choices... Void Staff if you want the extra magic penetration which i usually prefer...or Abyssal Mask if the enemy team is stacking magic resistance....Both items are good enough for Katarina....To sum up with this section,as you have may noticed i have a Mejai's Soulstealer in my build....Well if you are sure that you will get stacks and don't die often u can trade it for Abyssal Mask...(If u have one instead of a Void Staff)..Oh,and never forget to buy Elixir of Brilliance often to boost your AP and reduce your cooldowns even more...

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As Katarina u can be an extreme pusher and let me explain why....You have the ability to spam yout skills without having any mana or hp to lose...It's completely free...Make sure you always use your Bouncing Blades on minion waves and u last hit them with Shunpo or even normal hits...When pushing close to an enemy turret here's a useful technique...Get a little closer to the turret and throw blades to the enemies then ASAP Shunpo back to ur ally or minions.....But remember...Do this only if the enemies are low on hp...theres no reason playing dangerously when they are on full health...Always prefer to engage when u are sure the enemies CC's are on CD...You really dont wanna tower dive and get snared by Morgana or try to throw yourself in the middle of a fight to get some kills and get silenced by Kassadin...So always remember to wait for the CC's to be unleashed until you get right in the middle of the fight...Sometimes it is just best to play safely as Kata is very prone to ganks...(enemies surely don't want her to get fed)...The use of Sight Wards and Vision Wards is highly recommended ESPECIALLY when you are on mid lane...

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Good Teammates for Kata

Good teammates

- Galio=Aoe taunt let's u use your death lotus undisturbed....

- Amumu=Stuns All champs caught in it's range also allowing you to act free in there and gettin some double kills....

- Kennen=Same as the above,kennen both stuns AND deals major dmg with his ulti making you two an extremely OP combo...

- Nunu & Willump=For the same reason as the rest....aoe slow and much dmg if plays AP...Along with Death Lotus=deadly!!

Generally,Katarina needs teammates with aoe stuns and disables like Ashe's Enchanted Crystal Arrow...

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This is the main build i use here but that doesn't mean i always use it exactly as it is...Sometimes a change o'plans is necessary i would say for example...

-There are times when u deal heavy damage and your opponents (the clever ones) build heavy MR...In times like this buying items for AD is necessary and the opposite...Always be smart and watch the other team's items...It may prove wise at the end of a match to be careful about your item selection...

-As many people have said in their guides,AP kata is surely more powerful...The difference though is in Bouncing Blades and Death Lotus where the damage is scaling from both AD and AP...That doesn't mean your Shunpo is going to be underpowered as your total AP endgame with the above items will be close to 700....Plus the ability that you will be able to push a little better with the extra AS from the Guinsoo's Rageblade...

-I'll update as soon as i have more notifications...For now,that's all...

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To conclude,as i said in the intro,i'm a newbie(in guide-building don't get me wrong)...So my guide may not be so good-looking...I'm always open for suggestions and thoughts on this build...Thanks for reading guys and i hope my build helps u get some more wins....I'll brb with a Malzahar or Ashe guide...Haven't decided yet....