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Nautilus Build Guide by UrbOld

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author UrbOld

20.000 Leagues Under the sea, Nautilus JUNGLE guide

UrbOld Last updated on February 27, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello summoners,
this will be my first guide for a champion so be please lenient.

I'd like to introduce you Nautilus, The Titan of the Depths. I consider him some kind of a mutant between Maokai and Lee Sin. Combining those two you get a perfect jungler with great ganking abilities.

So if you like jungling tank with ability to deal some damage a CC a lot, this is champion for you.

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Who is Nautilus

Once, Nautilus was a sailor commissioned by the Institute of War to explore the uncharted reaches of the Guardian's Sea. This expedition took him deep into unknown waters where he and his crew found a vast section of black oozing liquid that none of the crew could identify. Though their job was to investigate anything new that they found, no man aboard was willing to brave the murk except Nautilus. Only moments after he donned the hulking diver's suit and climbed over the ship's rail, something lurking in the muck grabbed hold of him. He clung to the side of the ship, but the thing below pulled him fiercely, rocking the entire ship. The other sailors grew afraid and made a terrible decision. As he stared and pled for help, they wrenched his grip free of the rail. He tumbled into the ink, grabbing the anchor in futile desperation. Dark tendrils enveloped him and he could do nothing but watch as the dimming outline of his ship faded away. Then everything went black.

When Nautilus awoke, he was something... different. The great iron suit had become a seamless shell around him, concealing whatever awful truth lay inside. All the details of his memory seemed fuzzy and indistinct but one fact remained clear: he was left here, alone in the sunless depths, to die. In his hands he still clutched the anchor that belonged to the men who had condemned him. Having no other purpose, he took this clue and trudged - too heavy to swim or run - in search of answers. He wandered without direction or sense of passing time in what felt like an eternal dream. By the time he stumbled upon the shores of Bilgewater, he could find no traces of the man he was. No house, no family, no life to which he could return. Terrified sailors who'd heard his tale directed Nautilus back to the Institute, but the summoners refused to relinquish the names of the others they commissioned. By then Nautilus had learned about the League of Legends and there he saw an opportunity to discover and punish those responsible for the time and life he lost.

''When consumed by utter darkness, there is nothing left but forward.'' -- Nautilus.


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Pros / Cons


  • Great ganking abilities
  • Lot of CC
  • Stamina
  • Can escape without Flash using

  • Lack of tuns of damage
  • Item dependant
  • Hard to master
  • No crazy tons of damage
  • He was left to die (he will keep reminding you that)
  • Really slow champion

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As said before, this champion is pretty tanky with lack of damage but with great CC possibilities. I like to play him as a jungling tank so I use:
Marks: 9x Greater Mark of Desolation
Seals: 9x Greater Seal of Desolation
Glyphs: 9x
Quintessences: 3x

Some description why:
You are melee tank which deals physical damage so armor pene marks can help you do some damage althrough your damage is not very high and in the early game quints will help you (at first in the jungle and then when ganking). As a jungler, you need some extra armor so flat armor seals will do with as a start item. As usual, your magic resist won't help you in jungle but mid and late game so scaling magic resist glyphs works better for me than flat ones.

If you find yourself lack of gold or HP, you can also use or

Some tips from comments:

Dobry Den wrote:

Attack Speed Marks
I've been going with AttackSpeed Reds (15%) over Armor Penetration with great success. The majority of my damage in the jungle comes from my (W) and the DoT is refreshed upon each strike. In PvP, W also is greatly enhanced with the Attack Speed, and it helps tremendously with keeping up with fleeing enemies that's your auto-attacking.

Movement Speed Quintessences
To make up for Nautilus' slow base speed.

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Nautilus is really slow champion so you need all possible boost from masteries, thats why you go for and .

Thanks to scaling Magic Resist runes you don't need , instead of these I pick 1/3 and .

will help you stay in jungle a little while longer thanks to regen while moving towards to next camp or gank.
can help your team destroy towers lately in teamfights around tower or if you need to fast push. It's not significant boost, but can help a little.

The rest of masteries are pretty common for junglers. As or +

Your decision comes to or . As I said in PROS/CONS, Nautilus is mana sucking champion so I see bonus mana as better option. In addition, you don't want to die too much and as a tank you won't die too much (I hope).

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Summoner Spells

I choose Smite (it's jungler guide so this is obvious) and Ghost but Flash can be used as well instead of Ghost but your give you option to escape from range pretty easily when chased plus you have which slows enemies in AoE.

Another alternative for Ghost could be Heal if you want to support your team in teamfights and it can help you keep yourself in jungle again little longer but you will loose escape/chasing tool.

Definitely do NOT take any of these - Clairvoyance Surge Promote or Clarity.

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Passive - Staggering Blow

Target you hit with autoattack will be immobilized and get additional damage. Can affect same target only once per 14 seconds.

Q - Dredge Line

Nautilus throws his anchor towards chosen location, if you hit enemy, you will be pulled together and enemy will be stunned shortly and get some damage. Can be also used to pull yourself towards to terrain, if succesful, cooldown is reduced. ATTENTION: You cannot pull enemies through walls/trees/terrain.

W - Titan's Wrath

Nautilus gets shield which absorbs damage, and while active, enemies around you gets damage over time.

E - Riptide

As Nautilus stomps, water explodes of the ground in circle around you and diameter is being increased. Who is hit by water gets damage and slow effect.

R - Depth Charge

Nautilus locks up a target and sends water wave after him. Water explodes of the ground on the way to the target. Everything hit is knocked up in the air and gets damage. When wave reaches target, it's also knocked up but gets more damage and gets stunned.

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As a tank jungler, start with and 5 . Next depends on how you were succesfull ganking. If you have enough money go for and else just buy boots and save your money for another trip home. Then go for if you don't have it yet and buy mana crystal. Now its just up to you when you buy what you buy but i consider these items as core:

It's your choice if you want to play snowball (lot of HP) or you preffer defensive stats. I like to play something between because your W profits from bonus HP, more it holds, more bonus AoE damage you deal. About 3.000 HP mid game is great (at the end 4k is enough).

But back to the core. After finishing previously mentioned core items, I usually go for and then for which greatly profits from HP you got from Warmog.

If you still find yourself not having much HP, you can buy , you got additional slow, damage from item + damage for passive of but for me building as next item worked better -> you'll get magic resist and bonus movement speed which I appreciate more because Nautilus is really slow champion.

Now you can finish and as last finish . You want to keep passive gold generation from as long as possible.

Final build:
if you built , don't build , you will need to sell to make some space in inventory (again... keep it as long as possible).

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Creeping / Jungling

Nautilus does not require special route in jungle. Start at BLUE buff or at wolves (if someone can help you kill them before BLUE spawns, be sure you are only one who get XP from them). After that do wolves (if you didnt kill them yet), then wraiths, RED buff, golems. Now you can gank if possible or continue jungling (if you have enough HP), wraiths should respawn by this time, then go wolves again -> first time back (if there is ganking possibility, go for it if you have enough HP).

Nautilus is pretty mana sucking champion so be sure you have blue or high mana when ganking. Keep in mind you are also really slow champion (only 388 speed with 2nd rank boots and <80% HP) so missing is not good.

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When you find yourself ganking, keep in mind you can immobilize your opponent with autoattack but just once in 14 seconds. Ability has 14 sec CD per target so you can switch targets to immobilize them all.

Open with pull you and your target together (target is stunned for a while) -> autoattack to immobilize him -> every enemy around you will be damaged and slowed -> time to deal some damage and avoid getting some counter damage to you (your attacks deals damage AoE in 180° angle in front of you) -> use only in need when target is escaping, better safe cooldown for team fights where this can interrupt casting (use only if you are sure you are getting the kill/assist, this can save you or your teammates later and CD is not the lowest).

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Remember, you are tank, you are not supposed to get kills, you have to help your team to get kills and upset your enemy so bad, they will attack you instead of your carries. (In my case, I got stupid teammates so I had to win these games just by myself with help of Udyr)^ 5th game as Nautilus
^ 2nd game as Nautilus

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As I said in the beginning, this is my first guide so any advice or tips how to improve will be nice. Also if you have some tips for me how to play Nautilus, I'll be glad to read them.

Hope you liked my guide, found some inspiration or help.

See you in the Fields of Justice!

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16.2.2012 - First version (waiting for mobafire add Nautilus into database)
17.2.2012 - Added some parts of guide (still waiting for database update)
24.2.2012 - Nautilus finally added and guide at version 1.0 published
24.2.2012 - Some minnor changes (v. 1.1)
25.2.2012 - Added reasonable tip from Dobry den into runes (v 1.2)


  • add videos to spell descriptions
  • add gameplay video