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Shen Build Guide by Lolbuildeextr

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lolbuildeextr

(3.01)update -->(Inprogress) Shen lovers/ and all that HA

Lolbuildeextr Last updated on February 1, 2013
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Hello peeps/ and welcome to my shen guide/i build my shen in a unique way and it isnt a bad build and allows you to contrubute to the team much more. sure you can be a tank and deal some damage at the same time so duringteam fights you can kick *** and with the 35% cool down reduction which greatly affects your ultimate youc an easly teliport aroundthe map assisting your comrades.

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Pros / Cons


+ Amazing survivability
+ Nice gank with taunt
+ Great ulti for teamfights
+ Nice harass early game
+ Stronger shields than pure tank
+great initiato mid and late game


-If u miss tant you are screwed
-Vulnrable to CC
-WHEN u kill a champ you have to lissen to how OP shen is they should nerf him how playrs have no skill..........................

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Locket of the Iron Solari- A great item for its cost it gives u nice sustain and hp early game and a shield which stacks with shens own shield and it gives all your allies the shield so i think for 2000 gold its a keeper.
Warmog's Armor - even with the nurf increasing its price by 165g it isstill a great item for shen and i recement getting it becuz it boosts his ki strike by 100 dam and its just makes u tanky
Nashor's Tooth now i know people will argue about this with me but it gives you attack speed it gives you ability power which scales well on your skills overall and and it gives you CD reduction which affects your ult big time and with the boost to the item its cost is now only 2295 its worth the price.(also procs ki strike faster >.>)
Void Staff the only reaon i pick this item up is for the magic pen and the extra AP it, as you see ki strike scales magic dam and peple who stack magic pen well it lowers it damage by alot so penetrating that defence doesint hurt and 70AP is helpfull to you any way and its only 2200 g
Aegis of the Legion i really dont think shen needs this item early game hes already tanky with this skill build becuz his Shadow Dash skill already blocks 50% of all damage recived and he has fient which with the AP it helps
Frozen Mallet good pick for shen if you want the extra hp and attack damage but i dont think its good for cost 3300 is expensive and there are better items and the passive shen doesint rly need.
Liandry's Torment i have tested this item and i will say it is funny as hell watching people rage when i use it you see when you use Vorpal Blade it burns them for 10% of there health instead of 5% aparently that life steal counts as a debuff its pritty sweet lol same when you use Shadow Dash when you proc Ki Strike it does 5% of there current health
Atma's Impaler good item but it depends you could give him some crit and attack dam and see how it ends up he would become more dps then instead of skill reliant . getting them 320 dam crits with 1.78 atk speed XDXD. i suppose if you get Frozen Mallet it would make shen a pritty dam op dps :P
Randuin's Omen honestly this item extreamly overratedits expensive as hell and i dont think its worth it unless you get Atma's Impaler

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I go down a very diffrent way then most people on my mastries with a 12/18/0 way becuz it best fits shen. He gains health and sustain and it also gives him power and AP which he needs so theres really nothing else to say about it.

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Skill sequence

Vorpal Blade i max this first because early game its a great haras and it restors health if u throw at minion and hit it
fient i max this second because its shens best friend it blocks damage and has a short CD as well if u use it with Shadow Dash its effective.
Shadow Dash i max this last because it gives you its main use at lvl 1 and theres no need to rank it up more.

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usefull on shen for simply escaping ganks thats about it
great spell early and late game it deals good damage especialy when you want to kill somthing but it escapes with 10% health u gO FAWK!!!!! you Flash then Ignite then use Shadow Dash to get away
can be useful but theres not really any point for using ghost unless you need to chase down an opponent but i would rather take [exhaust] since you can flash and then use it
well what i said above rly
for the most part you all know all the other summoner spells are useless ussaly heh

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Seal of Scaling Health effective on shen becuz the higher your health more your ki strike is do i have to say more? and plus seals scale great with hp
Mark of Scaling Attack Damage mostly just for the extra damage and it helps last hitting minions and simply killing things.
Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist do i have to tell you why? i you dont wana be nuked to death in late game >.> thats why.
quint of percent health Usefull becuz it scales more hp in the end and it stacks with your mastrys.

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i am not fully done my guild will be back to finish and i will update items if you give me reasons i should change =D