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Swain Build Guide by Yordleimpregnator

Top 3 lane Swain guide with all matchups(still UPDATING )

Top 3 lane Swain guide with all matchups(still UPDATING )

Updated on October 31, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Yordleimpregnator Build Guide By Yordleimpregnator 8,128 Views 0 Comments
8,128 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Yordleimpregnator Swain Build Guide By Yordleimpregnator Updated on October 31, 2023
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Runes: top into tank

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Presence of Mind
Legend: Tenacity
Coup de Grace

Manaflow Band

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3 4 5
mid 1
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

3 lane Swain guide with all matchups(still UPDATING )

By Yordleimpregnator
Matchup guide 3 lane
aatrox oblivion orb rush everfrost aery scorch perfect timed stopwatch
akali oblivion orb rush liandry aery scorch perfect timed stopwatch
alista grasp mr shard tp farm
camile lost chapter rylai perfect timed stopwatch
cass merc rush perfect timed stopwatch (force of nature 2nd
cho aery scorch oblivion rush *dont waste after you hit lv6 go help your team
darius aery nimbus swift rush liandry hourglass *ignore sidelane
mundo first strike oblivion rush swift boots liandry deadman
fiora aey sorch bramble rush liandry thronmail
gp ward bush aery scorch
garen first strike FH rush/lost chapter rylai
gnar grasp swiftness boots
gragas merc rush *ignore sidelane
gwen aey sorch oblivion rush perfect timed stopwatch
hemier spellbook lv6 exhaust all in merc rush
illaoi aey sorch oblivion rush perfect timed stopwatch
irelia exhaust bramble rush liandry thron,ao;
jax exhaust bramble rush liandry thronmail
jayce FH rush aery scorch
ksante aery scorch swift boots rush
kayle lost chapter cdr boots rylai aery scorch perfect timed stopwatch
kayn farm ignore lane after hitting lv6
kennen merc rush lost chapter rylai
kled bone plating swiftness boots rush lost chapter rylai/FH rush
lee bramble everfrost conqueror setup/grasp
lilia lost chapter rylai perfect timed stopwatch
malphite first strike ignite sideline if he rushes abysal
mord whatever rune he doesnt beats you in 1v1 both ulting if you have some mr
nasus aery scorch oblivion orb rush swiftness boots
nida grasp 2nd wind biscuit refill just sustain in lane and outscale that bitxh with liandry
olaf swiftness perfect timed stopwatch bramble rush conqueror nimbus cloak celerity
ornn grasp set up dont heavy trade he wont die
pantheon boneplating aery scorch tabi*optional
poppy grasp farm matchup
quinn aery nimbus cloak exhasut lost chapter rush
renec boneplating unflinching brumble rush grasp setup crown*optional
rengar grasp setup
riven FH rush grasp setup
rumble aery scorch 2nd wind roa setup
sejuani spellbook setup pig too fat to be killed
sett boneplating unflinching oblivion orb rush
shen boneplating demolish probbly only matchup you can sidelane
shyvana dodge or lane swap you cant side lane against this creature
singed dodge or lane swap
sion conqueror setup freeest matchup ever
Thamkench oblivion orb rush, kinda free
taric oblivion orb rush aery scorch
teemo aery scorch rylai rush with swiftness
trumdle swiftness boots rush boneplating grasp setup
trynd FH rush/warden tabi grasp setup
udry swiftness boots lost chapter rylai grasp setup/spellbook
urgot swiftness boots rush perfecttimed stopwatch *warden against urgot is a bait he'll just build cleaver
varus dodge
vayne aery socrch cdr boots lostchapter rush
voli boneplating unflinching perfecttimed stopwatch grasp setup
ww aery scorch oblivion orb rush tabi boots
yone boneplating lost chapter into rylai setup
xinzhao boneplating tabi rush grasp setup
yorick aery scorch flash tp everfrost
zac oblivion orb rush aery scorch perfecttimed stopwatch

ahri merc rush everfrost grasp demolish boneplating unflinching manaflow scorch(ahri would lost all auto w trade)
akshan tabi rush everfrost grasp boneplating perfectimed stopwatch
anivia electro boneplating unflinching rylai rush rod seraph setup
annie grasp merc rush
a sol rod set up with comet farm lane perma push wave to pressure him and use w e to cancel his q
azir merc rush 2nd wind liandry rylai abysal *let him engage first
cass merc rush perfect timed stopwatch liandry/everfrost force of nature
cho spellbook set up lost chapter merc lv6 barrier all in
corki electro liandry force of nature
diana comet roa set up
ekko play weakside andy farm undertower ping your bot off
fizz crown rush
galio conq manaflow transce roa setup
gragas merc rush oblivion *optional
hemier roa set up
kassadin lost chapter rylai liandry cosmicdrive *anathemath chain later on
katarina aery scorch/electricute perfectimed stopwatch
LB man idk i really dont know maybe roa setup and dont match her in side lane
lissandra lost chapter rylai liandry cosmic drive/roa setup
malza roa setup with merc
nafiri boneplating tabi rush steelguard liandry hourglass
neeko merc rush roa set up
oriana aery scorch biscuit ghost tp
pantheon boneplating grasp taste of blood relentless hunter
qiyana spellbook setup
ryze only few match ups you might wanna try phase rush roa setup/everfrost
sylas phase rush null orb ignite boneplating unflinching
syndra honestly whatever you can choose to anehemath her on 3rd item shes pretty weak in lane
taliya merc rush
talon roa setup spellbook recommended
tristana boneplating aery scorch roa setup
TF roa setup tenacity stack
veigar merc rush spellbook recommended
vex merc rush spellbook recommended
viktor 2nd wind aery sorch roa setup
vlad whatever if fed go forceof nature 2nd
xerath 2nd wind spellbook merc rush
yasuo lost chapter rylai setup
yone boneplating perfect timed stopwatch exhaust*optional
zed roa setup only assassin you can bully aery scorch
ziggs roa setup
zilean i hate zilean i dodge or ban
zoe cleanese recommended

alista nothing speical
amumu unflinching
aphelios lost chapter tabi rylai first
ashe dodge period
bliz crown rush
brand 2nd wind merc rush
braum need tenacity
cait lost chapter rylai with tp
draven frozen heart rush
jenna nothing special afk farm just dont engage in youself
jhin bone plating unflinching lost chapter rylai
jinx aery/DH luden/FH rush
kaisa FH rush/lost chapter into rylai
kalista FH rush into rylai then rocketbelt
karma merc boots rush*optional
karthus DH luden merc
kogmaw lost chapter rylai FH*if he first item BoRK
leona merc boots
lucian FH rush/lost chapter rylai
lulu swiftness boots/merc
lux merc boots
maokai merc boots*optional
milios merc boots*optional
mf perfecttimedstopwatch
morgana ban/pick
nami some mr*optional
nauti whatever
nekko boneplating merc*optional
nilah exhaust tabi*optional
pyke some tenacity in rune
rakan some tenacity in rune rylai rush
rell build hourglass2nd for her engage
renata she has too many disengage tool,consider dodge or hourglass 2nd
samira perfected timed stopwatch if you confident go elec if you aint go aery
senna lost chapter rylaisetup
seraphine merc
sivir 2nd wind*optional lost chapter rylai setup/luden
sona as usual
soraka ignite *optional
taric some tenactiy
thresh some tenactiy
tristana boneplating tabi rush recommended
twtich as usual if hes fed choose FH over hourglass on 3rd
varus cleanese nimbus cloak
xayah aery scorch 2nd wind unflinching lost chapter rylai setup
xerath 2nd wind merc
yuumi swiftness
ziggs TP ghost lost chapter rylai setup
zilean I hate zilean i dodge or ban
zyra merc boots
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Yordleimpregnator
Yordleimpregnator Swain Guide
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