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Shen Build Guide by Laughmyassout

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Laughmyassout


Laughmyassout Last updated on April 8, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Im retiring this guide..I disagree with ridiculous buffs that has been made to Shen. BUT REMEMBER THIS: I made him op b4 he was buffed :P Thx for ur support :) Sincerely, LMAO

Hello, this is LMAO´s guide for Shen, the Eye of Twilight. Its tested and adjusted for Twisted Treeline (3v3) map. My goal is to change widespread rumour that Shen is useless in 3v3.
This guide isnt for LoL begginers. Im not goin to explain how to use every ability / summoner spell or zoning. There r plenty other guides for this. Be sure to check them out.

With new masteries, there is no point in making two builds for laning. The difference between jungler and laner is very small, since I think that Juggernaut is a must for every tank, so we dont have enough spare points to put somewhere else.

First build is for laning Shen.

Second is for those who wanna start in jungle. Shen is imho not bad jungler at all (however, Ive tested him as jungler only in 3v3). For more info check Jungling section.

Item purchase section is explained with more details below. Generally, first item build is against casters and second against ADs.

Just few more things before we start. Honestly, if u wont get urselves good teammates, u can say bb to 3v3 Shen.
Ofc the best way to play him is with teamspeak. If u do it that way, there is only small chance u gonna lose, even ranked games.
If u rly want to try him solo queue 3v3, then pick him and wait for reactions. Mostly u gonna get negative feedback like "omfg no shen 3v3". Then I strongly recommend to pick something else or u gonna screw team´s morale even before game starts.
And the last, but most important thing: If u cant keep good map awareness, this isnt champ for u either.

Just for info, our team setup for ranked 3v3 is:
- magic carry - high burst dmg and escape mechanism Kassadin
- offtank - ability to disable one or more enemies Jarvan IV
- tank Shen

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Summoner Spells

With season 2 summoner spells changes, I personally go for Heal and Exhaust as laner.
Jungler - Smite (o rly?) and Exhaust.

Heal got a nice buff so its rly usefull now, from early till late game. Ppl still underestimate this spell, but it can rly change the outcome of teamfight.

Upper lane is dying and screams for help - Stand United + Heal (+ Exhaust) = problem solved.

Flash gives u better ganking opportunities and escape mechanism, but ur team wont benefit from it much and ur role is tank..

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Shen skills r no rocket science.
Skilling priorities: Stand United > Vorpal Blade > Shadow Dash > Feint

Why Feint last? this build Im not using much AP (the only AP source is Trinity Force). However, I recommend u putting one point in Feint as soon as u get Sheen to trigger its passive for better early turret pushing. Its not necessary tho.

Use Vorpal Blade to heal urself and ur teammate during early laning, not just for last hitting!

Stand United. This ability means being Shen. Map awareness is all!
Use it for ambushes, saving dying teammates ***, getting an assist (Only if ur teammate isnt strong enough to pick kill by himself!), secret dragon slaying.
Also, u can use it as a shield for dying teammate, even if u r standing next to him. I dont recommend it for escaping. If u do so, care for cc, which cancels ur ulti.

Use Shadow Dash to drag opponents into turrets, stopping enemies from chasing ur teammate, initiating fights and moving through walls (might need a bit of practice).

Shen´s passive is Ki Strike. In early game, dont waste it on ur minions! Shadow Dash + Vorpal Blade + Ki Strike is pretty powerful combo.
U can 1v1 any AD/AS champion with it. The faster they hit, the faster its rdy. Just sweet passive.

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Start with Doran's Shield.

For boots u got two options
- against cc / mage team Mercury's Treads
- against AD team Ninja Tabi (lets see how will riot change these, since dodge is being removed)

After boots get Sheen. U need it for its passive. Ur Vorpal Blade got 3s cd. Sheen´s proc cd is 2s. Provides u strong early-mid game dps boost. If u complain about getting mana item for energy char...all I can say to u while not being rude - u r short sighted.

Then start building ur Warmog's Armor. Get Giant's Belt first, then Ruby Crystal. Skip Regrowth Pendant so u have free space in inventory for wards! Build Warmog as soon u got enough gold for it. Dont stay in lane just to farm "a little more" - u want to start feeding ur Warmog fast!

When Warmog's Armor is completed build ur Sheen into Trinity Force (start building it with Phage taking
Ruby Crystal first).

After Trinity Force has been built u should have around 3,8k hp. Build Atma's Impaler to boost ur dps to make urself useful as dmg dealer for late game. U should have around 250 AD with 35% crit chance. Not mentioning Trinity Force´s passive proccing almost everytime it can, again thx to ur Vorpal Blade.

Majority of games end right after uve built Atma's Impaler.

As next take Zeke's Harbinger if u r doing well. If not or facing fed caster Force of Nature is what u want.

Replace Doran's Shield with situational defensive item like Thornmail or Quicksilver Sash

Replace boots with Phantom Dancer.

Dont forget to buy wards! U should split this burden with ur offtank. Carry needs gold for its build.

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9x Greater mark of desolation - Helps u in early game and with jungling. Most of ur dmg output is physical. Nuff said.

9x Greater Seal of Armor - Provides u early armor. (dodge runes will be killed soon and u r getting hp items quite early, but armor laters)

9x Greater Glyph of Magic Resist - Provides u early MR.

3x Greater Quintessence of Health - This is a must! Early game survivability and bonus dmg to ur Ki Strike.

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Ive made a record using LoL Recorder. Its custom 3v3 game with me as Shen alone. Ull find there the right mob order and some pro tips aswell. Lenghth 16 mins 28 secs. Worth watching if u r new to 3v3 jungling. In fact just watch it. Shen isnt Lee Sin or Nocturne.

Link to the official LoL Recorder website is HERE.
Download the record HERE.

Ofc, when playing normal game its a bit different. U might wanna slay dragon faster. U and ur carry should be enough strong to kill it at lvl 5 if u tank it first and then run away when low on hp, so dragon switch focus to ur teammate. U both gotta b after cause this early dragon will leave u almost dead. Remember to watch out for enemy gank. U r very vulnerable during this action.

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Laning partners

To maximize Shen´s usefulness, I recommend to lane with AD dps, the more cc it has the better it is.

Sion - His stun + ur taunt = win

Nocturne - Fear, Ulti combo

Pantheon - Stun, Even better ulti combo. If u start to cast ulti at the same time as he does u r goin to arrive a little sooner than him! So u can taunt enemies and he safely finish em off. This tactic means a lot of fun :D

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Pro moves - video examples (gathering material)

In this section Im planning to post some videos of particular pro moves. I hope u understand that getting perfect examples takes some time. Be patient please.

No, I didnt forget about this :D But, meh, I cant bring myself to cut those examples and make few vids..I GOTTA PLAY ALL THE TIME @_@ yes..feel free to call me no-life

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At bottom right side of every SS is link to download the replay file.

Link to the official LoL Recorder website is HERE.

Watch if u wanna learn something or just bored enough x)

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Did u know that?

Frozen Shen skin has exactly same color as Twisted Treeline ground? Woot!?! :O Invisible ninja

Yellow Jacket Shen skin refers to Scorpion character from Mortal Kombat as Frozen Shen skin refers to Subzero character.

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Well..Im happy I could share this imho very well working build. And again: teamwork is all!
See u ingame, LMAO.

P.S.: Dont worry, this is just beta version of this guide ;) Im goin to add more content. Because I <3 Shen.

P.P.S.: I appreciate any feedback! Doesnt matter if positive or negative :) Lets make this guide better together!

P.P.P.S.: Please, forgive me if I made any grammatical or other mistakes in english. Im czech ;)

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Guide creation

Gotta rework jungling section due to volibear patch changes.

Now im struggling with 9x Greater Seal of Evasion OR 9x Greater Seal of Armor @_@
try both options and report ur findings..

Riot decided to remove dodge runes - problem solved :D

Will be adding 3v3 ap Shen build soon! It works pretty well atm..but I couldnt test it late game yet..those cowards keep surrenderin all the time :/

After a bit more testing Ive realised that AP build isnt that good. Ill add it anyways, but Im recommending to use original one.