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Senna Build Guide by PR0M3T3O

500K Senna Full Guide

500K Senna Full Guide

Updated on July 19, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author PR0M3T3O Build Guide By PR0M3T3O 6 1 7,746 Views 0 Comments
6 1 7,746 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author PR0M3T3O Senna Build Guide By PR0M3T3O Updated on July 19, 2022
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Runes: I wanna shine

1 2 3 4 5 6
Fleet Footwork
Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Biscuit Delivery
Approach Velocity

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3 4
plz dont kill me
LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash



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Champion Build Guide

500K Senna Full Guide

Important (one-shot chapter)
Its doesnt affect the way you are building senna, its important to get as many souls as you can at any part of the game.

Only last-hit a minion if your ally recalled and cannot kill it by himself.
Early Game
As a ranged support, senna has the chance to domain the lane at the beggining of the game. There will be 3 big factors that can make u play passively or aggresively:
-The ADC
-The enemy Support
-Either the ally or enemy jungle.

At the very begging before that do affect you, try to keep poking the ADC, its not worth to hurt the enemy supp, by poking the ADC he either lose health and keep farming or stops farming preventing you to hurt him.

If the enemy supp its an ***sasin or a hook champion try to stay close to your minions, if they trade, wait until their CD to attack back, minions will attack him helping you win the trade.

If ur support its an early champion Star upgrading Q+W+Q, helping you to be more helpful by doing more damage or healig more. If your adc its a late game champion try then to going easy on poking the enemy bot lane, this is specially important by 2 things that can happen, if you go hard on attacking you can get involved into a 2v1, because your ally will be focused on farming, OR, by poking hard your ally will think your are going to do fight em, making you or both you and your ally die; this will make you lose your lane, even the game maybe.

The jungler its an important player on almost every lane (not really at Top lane, *cough* cough*). If its a Jungler that can easily engage into a teamfight expect him to gank your game early, by level 2 or 3. When its an engage jg or early jg, its important to not poke hard your lane, and more important not touching any minion, this will make the enemy bot lane push to your Tower, this will prevent an enemy gank or will help to get ganked easily, get ready your E on this situation letting you escape easily or help either your adc or jg to get into the fight.

Hiding on bush to get a better shot of your W will be really helpful, if you land a W use a Q and stand back, dont be greedy beacuse the trade has been won.
For those times you get an easily scared ADC stand close to the caster minions, just close enough to give a proper autoattack, get a soul and stand back.
If the lane is focusing on the adc and he recalls always try to stand on the lane the more time you can, getting levels advantage its always helpfull. If the enemy botlane keeps pushing use a W to stop the minions wave some seconds to help your adc be enough close to kill them and if he is not back lat-hit some minions, if the enemy botlane recalled push the lane!, if your ally is not back yet kill them all to get them under enemy tower making them lose experience, if your ally if landing soon try to reduce casters health enough to be killed with only an autoattack.

At early game bother on trying to heal your ally, at the beggining you cant really do heal him, your Q will always do more damage than heal, but at the early game the difference its really high, it is not worth your mana on heaing him 60 health points if you can do 80 or MORE damage and slow an enemy, do the math and proceed.

Senna doenst really get any good deep wounds (healn`t) items, if your team got them for you dont bother on buying one, it really affects your economy on getting you an unworthy item. It has to be said, and i said it.
Mid game
Heres where senna debuts (shine)
At this part of the game, if you played decently, senna will be helpful at any teamfight, because this is where you and everyone will see you have DAMAGE.

Stick to the player that are farming the most, it could be obvious to think that player will be the ADCarry, but many times at many games the one farming the most its the mid laner or the top laner, having a crazy amount of minions compared to your team. Doing this will help you to constantly get Experience, and SOULS, senna should have close to 80 souls at min 25-30, (not pretty sure because i always think im doing fina) you can be going neggative having close to 30-50 at min 25-30.

So, keep an eye on your souls amount, by poking on early game properly will get the most souls on the entire game on a small amount of time.

At this part of the game you should be constantly recalling to get more trinkets.
Buying red trinkets and placing them at objectives like drakes or baron will help your team to fight them, or if your team is behind maybe to stole it.
Late game
At this part of the game, if you played properly you should be doind A LOT OF DAMAGE, making the enemy team assasins to focus on killing you fast on teamfights, having ready the Exhaust or Flash only, hear it out, ONLY to escape, maybe to protect your ADC will be worth, but it doesnt if you use it to kill an enemy, except if its the jungler and it will help your team to get baron or the ancestral drake.

Stick to the tankier champion of your team, sometimes the toplaner or the jungler, if you have 2 or more tankish ally champs stick to the jungler (sometimes the ADC) to prevent the event that he dies, enemy does baron or ancestral and win the game.
Stick to the ADC if he is really capable of saving you on a teamfight, or only if you are capable of keeping him alive.
The ultimate (from now on R) does damage, that is kinf of obvious, but the fact that it does damage doesnt mean you have to use it to attack. The shield do is the most important part of this abbility.

There are (maybe more) 3 scenarios to use your R
-Teamgiht, it explain by itself, hurt many enemies and shiel many allies, try to hold the R for teamfights.
-Help, it really does help if you hold and shot the R to the top lane when they are 1v1 or 1v2, preventing your ally from dying of helping him survive and win the trade.
-Kill, you will only use your R to kill if its an important kill, killing the jungler is always worth, if you had a long trade and that kill should be yours go on, and killing the feed enemy champ also its important, sometimes the feeded one does all damage on the enemy team and having him on a break will help your team rest from him, also gives you a shoutdown, BUT ALWAYS THINK IF ITS WORTH, its not worth using it to kill someone and having it on CD on a objective teamfight, so.. DONT BE GREEDY, HOLD IT TO HELP YOUR TEAM, SPECIALLY THE ONE CARRYING YOUR TEAM.

For those times your team doesnt hold your back, use the R only to save yourself, its quite not the best tip, but i had to say it.
Tips and chips
Always try to have 1 trinket for personal use, it will help you to land Qs easily

Try to focus on the one killing your ADC, many times it is the jg or the midlaner the one killing your ADC the most

If you are going Eclipse and Lord Dominiks dont be shy at hit the enemy tank, you will teach him to be afraid of you

The E tells you if theres a Red Trinket, because it counters your E, it is helpfull knowlegde because there are some try-hard laners that has a Red trinket to prevent you from using this ability, try to change your play style enough to not be affected by this

Use senna if your ally is playing Lucian, its a nice couple, and by the range of both of your Qs will do enough damage to get an easy kill at the very beggining of the game, if he does play nice Lucian it will be a very easy lane.

Try not to use senna against Pantheon or pyke, a wrong move or bad positioning will be your dead
League of Legends Build Guide Author PR0M3T3O
PR0M3T3O Senna Guide
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500K Senna Full Guide

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