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Udyr Build Guide by GoLeon

Jungle [7.15] Udyr in the Tank Jungle Meta - Phoenix Udyr

Jungle [7.15] Udyr in the Tank Jungle Meta - Phoenix Udyr

Updated on August 2, 2017
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League of Legends Build Guide Author GoLeon Build Guide By GoLeon 55,952 Views 1 Comments
55,952 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author GoLeon Udyr Build Guide By GoLeon Updated on August 2, 2017
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Hey Guys! I'm GoLéon and this is my first guide. I'm a Platin Udyr Jungle Main.

I'm playing League since the start of Season 4 and since mid Season 5 I started to play Udyr and eventually main him. Currently I have around 300.000 mastery points on Udyr.

With the start of Season 6 I started to play ranked seriously and went on a 24 game winning streak.
After the Runic Echoes nerfs, I switched back to Devourer.
With the nerfs on Udyr, the removal of Devourer and a relative weak replacement with Bloodrazor, Phoenix Udyr couldnt get nearly to the strenght he once had.

This build provides the highest efficiency with the lowest amount of cost to make Udyr useful.

Pros | Cons


+ Really versatile Jungler/Champion
+ Good Objective Control
+ Natural tankiness
+ Great ganks against mostly all champions
+ Great Splitpusher
+ Really hard to chase
+ Played right, one of the best Jungler in the game
+ Nice Scaling

+ No Gapcloser
+ Useless against Sieges [needs to go melee to clear wave]
+ No Ult
+ Bad Teamfighter, needs to be played right to be useful
+ Mana problems, if not conserved.

Runes and Masteries

Attack Speed increases our clear speed, because we get more third hit Wingborne Storm procs off. Also playing Udyr just feels way more smooth when played with Attack speed.
I like a bit of scaling health because you really wont get any HP from items, because your shield gives free HP.
Because Udyr scales so well with Flat Resistanceso scaling Armor is pretty nice. If you don't have them just go for Flat Armor.
Some Flat Armor to make the clear a bit healthier and have a bit of armor when ganking lanes.
Most people would say, that CDR is a must on Udyr. But this isn't completly right. I don't have any problems playing with 0% CDR. You can go 10% CDR if you really want, but for me this setup works.
3x Flat MR and 6x scaling MR is the most effective MR setup. 6x Flat MR and 3x scaling would work too, but im not a laner so my setup looks like this.
Three MS Quints help our ganks and repositiong. This is needed, because Udyr has no gap closers like Gragas or Rek'Sai has.


Fury vs Sorcery

Fury gives us AS for faster and smoother attacks and more Wingborne Storm procs. Just the best option here.

Fresh Blood vs Feast vs Expose Weakness

Fresh Blood and Expose Weakness are both viable options.
Fresh Blood gives you a bit more damage and Expose Weakness your teammates, which will mostly be on the entire enemy team, because of Wingborne Storm AOE and Enchantment: Cinderhulk burn.
Feast is in jungle.


Recovery vs Unyielding

Recovery brings us more health regen, which is pretty nice after the regen nerfs a while ago and I prefer it over Unyielding , because it will only be really effective in the late game.

Explorer vs Tough Skin vs Siegemaster

This is also personal preferance. I like Tough Skin more, because if i'm getting chased, the extra MS kicks in. I use every bush possible to get that boost and I will get out.
Tough Skin will be used more often, because you are fighting in the jungle and when ganking, some AA will be fired. I would switch to Tough Skin if they have alot of Auto Attackers. Combined with Tabi's, alot of the damage dealt will be tanked.
Siegemaster is more for losing lanes, like Nasus vs Jayce where you are getting pushed in most of the time and poked under the turret. Not worth picking up.

Runic Armor vs Veteran's Scars

Runic Armor is after a few uses of Iron Mantle way more effective than Veteran's Scars . Also the missing HP heal and health regen is getting a boost, which is pretty nice too.

Insight vs Perseverance vs Fearless

I always was a fan of Insight , because of the lower Flash cooldown.
The health regen boost from Perseverance is nice, but not needed at all. Udyr has enough sustain and doesnt need it.
Fearless works great and is an option too to be more tankier.
You can decide between this one and Insight .

Swiftness vs Legendary Guardian

Swiftness is more than welcome, because Udyr does'nt have any gap closers. Less slows and CC is one of the best Masteries you can get on Udyr. Combined with Merc's, CC's duration is nearly halfed.

Keystone: Courage of the Colossus

The last point goes into the Keystone Courage of the Colossus , which is the best option for Udyr in general, because he has a point and click stun to proc it easily.

More Builds (NOT UPDATED)



- Changed build
- Changed chapters "Introduction", "Pros|Cons", "Runes and Masteries".
- Added "More Builds" linking to my reddit thread.

- Getting some stuff Up to Date after a long time

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League of Legends Build Guide Author GoLeon
GoLeon Udyr Guide
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