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Kog'Maw Build Guide by EvilLurker

AD Carry [7.6] Diamond Stormraider Kog'maw [80% W/R]

By EvilLurker | Updated on March 28, 2017

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  • LoL Champion: Kog'Maw


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[March 27th 2017]
- Still valid for 7.6
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Welcome to my Kog'maw build guide!
I used to play a lot of Kog'maw back when he was OP, and even before that. Now I think he is in a very good state, between broken and somewhat manageable.

After playing a lot of Trinity kog, I played a game with Tabzz (Roccat's ADC), his name is currently 'hardstuck player' on EUW if you want to look him up. I realized that he was winning on master/challenger with the Stormraider mastery. After some digging, I tried it myself, and boy, it was a marvel.

So I decided to run this full guide for your personal freelo.
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Runes for Stormraider are standard except the extra Lifesteal Quint, which is used to compensate on the Lifesteal mastery that is instead used for extra AP/AD damage. It's actually genius because you still retain your 14% attack speed, and your lifesteal. You only extra benefit from those AP/AD bonuses for that extra damage.

Other runes are standard ad runes.
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So, here we are, at the question 'Why Stormraider?'

This actually sounds bad on paper, but in action it's broken! When you try it yourself, you realize that you're an insane mobile killing machine, capable of trading or doing all in's without having to worry about your mobility too much. Imagine being like Draven, with his W you can trade, but only with % health damage which is insane. Press W, focus a target, keep attacking it, and get an insane burst of move speed. I once killed a Tristana in high diamond that couldn't even escape after her flash because I chased her down. In reality, Stormraider kog also lets you kite insanely vs tanks in the late game, which is exactly what he needs. I was once chased by a Singed + Thresh, and StormRaider allowed me to kite Singed until I got him down to 30% hp by the time he flinged me, which by then, it was way too late for him. I could just finish him after with AA's and R's.

Masteries for highest winrate / frequent are really up to you and your playstyle. If its a hard matchup like zyra/ziggs, you can try the defensive tree, or the more Lifesteal tree. It really depends on matchups.
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I always like to rush Wit's end, especially with the current support mage meta. However, keep in mind that Tabzz rushes Berserker Greaves as first item for some reason, I guess because of the mobility. I like to add some MR + AS vs AP support mages, but its all about Trial and error. Once you get wit's end you can outtrade the enemy pretty hard with your R, so your goal is Wit's end + Level 6. I always rush QSS if the enemy has hard CC that can **** up my game. After all, if you die without dealing the most damage that you can, you have failed your role. Stay alive as much as possible!
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Skill Sequence

The usual Skill Sequence is maxing W and then Q. Tabzz by the way, never learns E until level 13. Quite useful, but I still think kog needs that extra slow. It depends I guess. Trial and error ladies and gentlemen. Trial and error.
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Pros / Cons

- ****ty early game vs some match ups.
- Depends on support to survive in lane until early items.
- No escapes
- Gets blown up by multiple assassins like Vi combo.

+ Tank shredder
+ Insane range with W
+ Crazy Execute potential with the latest R buffs
+ Can rush Wit's End to counter most support mages
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Gameplay coming soon.

League of Legends Build Guide Author EvilLurker
EvilLurker Kog'Maw Guide

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[7.6] Diamond Stormraider Kog'maw [80% W/R]
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