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Draven Build Guide by Jackspektra

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jackspektra

(8.13) Draven Does It All - Challenger Guide (In-Depth)

Jackspektra Last updated on July 6, 2018
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The Classic/Best Build

Draven Build

LoL Path: Precision
LoL Rune: Conqueror
LoL Rune: Triumph
LoL Rune: Legend: Alacrity
Legend: Alacrity
LoL Rune: Coup de Grace
Coup de Grace

LoL Path: Sorcery
LoL Rune: Celerity
LoL Rune: Nullifying Orb
Nullifying Orb

+9% attack speed and +10 ability power or +6 attack damage, adaptive

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Threats to Draven with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Vayne Vayne, is also a very easy matchup for Draven, she has low range and low damage early game and she's also very squishy so she's easy to kill early game to start your snowballing. She does outscale you so you have to shut her down and you also have to be careful of walls, as her stunning you in is probably the only way she wins 1v1.
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I'm a Challenger Draven OTP and I'm recognized as one of the best Draven players in EUW. Lolskill has me ranked as the #1 Draven on EUW. I have been master since season 4 and peaked at 453 lp Challenger this season roughly top 100 on the server. I'm currently at 380 lp and have played against some of the best players in EU and won with my Draven.
I also stream over at I try to be very educational and explain everything im doing so if you want to learn more come check me out! :)

Basic Draven Guide
In-Depth Draven Guide

Feel free to join my discord if you have any questions!

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Pros & Cons


+ Ranged Champion
+ The only champion where its not rare for you to 2 shot all their carries
+ Most snowbally champion in the game
+ Extremely high damage
+ Very high skill ceilling
+ Global Ultimate with Whirling Death
+ Very rewarding
+ Huge outplay potential

- Squishy
- Can be shut down extremely easily
- Hard to master & to play
- One of the worst champions to play from behind
- Low waveclear
- No dash/repositioning tools like Lucian's Relentless Pursuit
- Easy to predict

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League of Draven is Draven's passive, for every minion you kill or Spinning Axe you catch you get 1 stack, every stack upon kill is worth 2 gold + 25 bonus gold. If you die however you lose 75% of your stacks, this makes Draven a very snowbally champion, if he gets a kill he gets a lot of extra gold, if he dies he loses a lot of gold. This is why even though Draven is a lanebully it can be good to play passive in lane aswell so you can get a high cashout, this is especially true if you're being camped. With this passive Draven is very vunerable to being camped. It can be smart if your confident in your abillity to tell your jungler to camp you cause you can solo carry so hard if you snowball. Spinning Axe This abillity is what you max first and is integral to Draven's kit. This abillity is where all your damage lies. Spinning Axe makes your next auto attack deal almost double damage and drops an axe that you can stand under to catch. Draven can hold 2 axes at once but you can have many more in the air. When I say juggling Spinning Axes that means that you are constantly throwing and catching Spinning Axes. You need to be able to juggle at atleast 3 Spinning Axes at all times. This is where most of Draven's high skill curve lies. Without Spinning Axes you wont deal any damage and will fall behind quickly. I'd recommend any new Draven players to first go into a practice tool game and just try to juggle as many Spinning Axes as possible. I usually do this for 5 minutes just to warm up before my ranked games. A trick you can do with Draven's Spinning Axe is if your leashing start your Spinning Axe at 1:36 then use Spinning Axe just before it runs out to keep 2 Spinning Axes once you arrive to lane. (Keep in mind you have to take the shortest path to lane for this to work.
Blood Rush is also a pretty big part of Draven's kit. Blood Rush gives you attack speed and movement speed decaying over a very short time. It's like a short burst. The thing that makes this abillity is so crucial is that every time you catch a Spinning Axe it resets. This makes this abillity very spammable and you can get a lot more attack speed and movement speed then you normally would have. You use this abillity to dodge skilshots, chase people, run away, and to get better dps. Stand Aside this abillity is extremely underrated and is probably one of the abillities that really distinguishes the good Dravens to the GOD Dravens. You can use stand aside for a lot of things, you can use it to cancel dashes, cancel auto attacks, chase people down with the slow, and as a self peel. A lot of low elo Draven players misuse Stand Aside and pretty much waste the abillity, its often smart to hold it to cancel a dash or an auto attack. You also have to remember to knock the enemy closer to your team, as it can knock them either right or left, if you want them closer to you then you Stand Aside them to the side thats closer to you.
This clip is from one of my montages

Here is another example of using Stand Aside to make space, in this clip I Stand Aside Alistar away so he can't Pulverize me, this results in a free kill on the overextending Sivir.

(Clip from my stream, and from my stream highlights video.) Whirling Death is Draven's ultimate, you throw your axes in a line infront of you and once the axes hit someone or if you reactivate it they come back. This deals damage on both the start and the return. The damage is mitigated after every unit hit, so using it through minions significantly reduces it's damage. An important technique to using Draven's Whirling Death is to reactivate it the second before it hits someone because if you dont they have time to dodge the return of the ult.
This clip is from another one of my montages

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Mentality of Draven

Draven is very different from every other adc, his entire damage lies in his axes, the first step to learning Draven is to make the axes muscle memory, being unable to juggle 2 axes 100% of the laning phase means you are not getting Draven's full potential in lane. This is intensified even more in teamfights as its much harder there. However it is also much more important to miss an axe than to get hit by a skillshot in a teamfight. You have to be willing to sometimes give up axes in order to dodge/or get more autos in. You also have to be very careful of ganks if you can not 3v2 as you lose a lot of stacks. However Draven is very strong early and if you play it correctly you can 3v2 a lot of junglers. If you dont have full control of Draven's axes you should go into practice tool and just practice, practice makes master. I usually practice my axes for around 5 minutes in practice tool before every session of games I do.

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Summoner Spells

Summoner Spells

Flash is mandatory because it is the best summoner spell in the game, has the most uses and is what you should take every game. You can use this summoner spell both offensively and defensively.

You should take this most of the time if you are going bottom lane. The only exception is taking Barrier if your support takes Heal but this is pretty rare.

I usually take this on Draven mid, as if I get autofilled midlane I usually play draven as he is pretty strong here and can definitely solo carry from here. Exhaust works well because you can suprise people lvl 1 and 2 with the slow and mr and armor reduction for early kills. It also works well as peel later on.

I usually take this summoner spell if my support takes Heal, this is because having double Heal is very inefficient. You can also take Barrier in solo lanes if they have a lot of burst, but I usually go Exhaust.

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So the runes I am currently running is Conqueror, I have made a video here theorycrafting PTA vs Aery vs Conqueror, where i found that Conqueror does way more DPS than any of the others. Conqueror currently is the best rune, in the Precision tree, taking Legend Alacrity or Legend Bloodline are optional, depending on if you want lifesteal or attack speed. In the Sorcery tree you can choose between Nullyfying orb or Gathering storm depending on if they have magic damage.

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The classic build is currently the one I use pretty much every game, although I sometimes swap out The Bloodthirster for Death's Dance if they have a alot of burst Death's Dance is better vs heavy bust comps and The Bloodthirster is better vs sustained damage comps.
Item priority
-> -> -> ->
B. F. Sword- Vampiric Scepter- Pickaxe- Long Sword- Boots of Speed This all depends on your gold. The situtional items also goes as follows. Mercurial Scimitar if they have a lot of cc and you feel like you need Quicksilver Sash. Statikk Shiv if you want waveclear, synergizes well with Rapid Firecannon aswell. Phantom Dancer for heavy dive teams. Essence Reaver if you want to always have 2 Spinning Axes up and dont feel the need for waveclear. Mortal Reminder if they have healing and tanks and Lord Dominik's Regards if they dont have a lot of healing but just a lot of tanky people. Guardian Angel if you're being dived a lot by AD Assassins, such as Kha'Zix and Zed. Maw of Malmortius if they have a lot of AP Burst but not that much CC.

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Teamfighting with Draven is crucial and he plays a bit differently than many other adc's in teamfights, a lot of times it is important to hit the backline as you can usually burst them down in 1-2 hits rather than hitting the frontline. This can be very risky however and i'd not recommend this to newer Draven players as you need to be very confident. Another part is his axes which is why Draven has such a high skill ceiling, as it's very hard to maintain all your Spinning Axes during teamfights. It can also be very important to give up Spinning Axes in teamfights as it can put you in a bad position if you focus too much on every Spinning Axe. There's a balance to it. It's almost never worth to get hit by a skillshot to catch an Spinning Axe. Here is an example of a teamfight with Draven where I first Kite backwards then Flash onto the Varus once I see he's out of position.

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Supports with Draven

Supports with Draven
I'd say every support is good in their own way, the only difference is how you play the lane, I feel like there's not much need to make a category for every support as you can categorize into three different categories.
Engage supports
Enchanting supports
Mage Supports
The Engage Supports goes as follows:
Tahm Kench
The Enchanting Supports goes as follows:
Some champs are also hybrids like Morgana & Taric are both engage and enchanting
The Mage Supports goes as follows:
Nunu & Willump
How you should play with Engage Supports:
With engage supports you should try and let your support do the work, you dont have a strong shield to save you if you lose a trade, or a healer to get you back to full health, so you have to make sure you win your trades. You have a lot more kill pressure in a lane with an engage supports but you also have more risk. It's very important to keep the lane warded because if you fall behind with an engage support the game can be very hard to come back.
How you should play with Enchanting Supports:
With Enchanting supports you do a lot more of the work. You have to trade a lot more and you have to be more comfortable poking and engaging. This is because even if a trade doesnt go all that well, a shielding support can make it even and a healing support can get you back up. This is why you need to play more agressive with for example a Soraka and play more of the lane on your own than with a Thresh.
How you should play with Mage Supports:
Mage supports are kind of different from these 2 categories, most of them have decent engage, not that much shielding/healing but a lot of damage. In most of these lanes you can burst the enemy bot lane down if the support lands their cc, however in most extended trades you will lose. This is because mage supports are very squishy and while they have high burst, they usually cant match the tankiness of engage supports or sustain from enchanting supports.

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To conclude, Draven is a very strong adc with a very high skill ceilling and a pretty high bar to entry. Draven is one of the most snowbally adc's and he's one of the best adc's to carry with in the game. I think Draven is the most fun adc as there is so much you can do with him and so much outplay potential. Thank you so much for reading my guide, this is my first ever mobafire guide so all feedback on any of the coding or layout or just the information in the guide in general is extremely appreciated :). Thanks.
Huge thanks to jhoijhoi for making this guide on how to make a guide

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If you want to check out my stuff, these are all my links :)
I also do have a youtube channel with a few draven guides

Basic Draven Guide
In-Depth Draven Guide

Feel free to join my discord if you have any questions!
Feel free to come on in the stream, it's very cozy :) Thank you so much for reading my guide, hope you liked it.