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Pyke Build Guide by Funkihunter

Top [8.15] - Pyke Pressure

By Funkihunter | Updated on August 5, 2018

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Grasp of the Undying
Second Wind

Presence of Mind
Legend: Tenacity


LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Explanation of Build

The objective of this build is to give you the tools to effectively push and roam, while also preparing you for your teams mid-late game where you can dive towers effectively with the resistances and mobility from Zz'Rot Portal and Frozen Heart.

The build gives you pushing pressure with Tiamat and Zz'Rot Portal.

Place the Zz'Rot Portal at your feet for instant movespeed when not near towers/dead towers.

Why are you building items and using runes that function off of Max Health?

Pyke has the 10th highest Max HP in the game at level 1. He also gains 100 Max HP per level, where he is in a 3-way tie in 4th place for the highest Max HP growth coefficient. He also has the 4th highest Max HP at level 18 in the game without HP items.

Although Zz'Rot Portal damage scales off of Maximum Health, which Pyke cannot build, he is one of few champions in the game who can build it and use it effectively without building HP items.

Also his unique kit lets him effectively push and roam to any lane in order to easily rack up kills with his ultimate, Death from Below. In addition, Demolish also scales off of Maximum Health, and the damage you can do to a tower is obscene considering how mobile you are and the havoc you wreak in team-fights with Death from Below.

You get 40% CDR with this build from the Black Cleaver and Frozen Heart which lets you always have either Ghostwater Dive or Phantom Undertow up for mobility. It also reduces Death from Below to a 72s/60s/48s cooldown as you rank it up. Presence of Mind also comes into play, giving you additional chances to reset Death from Below's cooldown.
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Heals you, gives you 1 AD every 3 times you hit an enemy champion with it, and deals bonus damage.


Take towers faster.


Heals based on missing health, the longer you wait to go into the FoW for Gift of the Drowned Ones - the better Second Wind works.


Get permanent AD from minions/monsters dying near you. What's not to love?


No mana problems in teamfights, get up to 50% refund on your ultimate per teamfight. This is all about getting those resets, and making sure your ultimate is up for the next teamfight ASAP.


With this you don't need Mercs, but together with Mercs you get 51% percent tenacity so you effectively cut any hard CC in half.
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Trades and Combos

Combo 1 - Shortest Trade #1: vs. Mobile Champ - QQ > AA > Tiamat
Why: Start with Q to slow them, then follow up with auto-attacks.
Combo 2 - Shortest Trade #2: vs. Immobile Champ - AA > Tiamat > QQ
Why: End with Q to get more auto-attacks.
Combo 3 - Short/Winning Trade - LQ > AA > Tiamat > E > AA > Walk away/W out if in danger
Combo 4 - All-In #1: Jungle/Short Distance - W > AA > QQ > Tiamat > E > AA > R
Combo 5 - All-In #2: Lane/Long Distance - LQ > AA > Tiamat > E > AA > R
Combo 6 - All-In #3: Lane/Super Long Distance - LQ > E > AA > Tiamat > R
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AA - Auto Attack

CC - Crowd Control

FoW - Fog of War (the area the enemy doesn't have warded and can't see)

LQ - Long Q (long-ranged Bone Skewer)

Mercs - Mercury's Treads

PoM - Presence of Mind

QQ - Quick Q (short-ranged Bone Skewer)

Swifties - Boots of Swiftness

Tiamat - Use the active of your Tiamat

Trade - Where you and your opponent mutually deal damage. You want to deal more damage, or sustain it back better than them. Or both.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Funkihunter
Funkihunter Pyke Guide

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[8.15] - Pyke Pressure
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